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1. Hello! It’s time to do a little NECROS introduction. Some of my readers already heard your music, so we’ll take advantage of the fact I run a zine to kick them again with the hammer…

Hello to you GabriHELL!! So Necros was born in 2008 with Ludo (Bass and vocals), Ben (Guitars), and Jerome. We just released our first 4 tracks demo entitled "To An Endless Chaos..."


2. NECROS was born from the ashes of TORMENT PAIN and quite a lot of things apparently changed since then, the style is more brutal and obscure, and the playing is a bit more kicking! Why did you change the moniker and was it rather synonymous of a style change or an improvement of the same approach? (NECROS was a death metal band from my area, more than 10 years ago, but since their music wasn’t very good I have no bad feelings with you). Which bands would you quote as the strongest influences?

It’s true, quite a lot of things have changed… The name, we decided to go for NECROS for the recording of « To an endless chaos… ». We found TORMENT PAIN to simply suck, anyway we never really did anything under this moniker so we found no complain with a change, and so NECROS was born! It’s also true this name change quite strongly underlined a change of style. At the beginning we rather played a more old school Death metal, we had (And we still have) quite a lot of influences such as DEATH(old), AUTOPSY(old) and ASPHYX(All!!). Now we march towards a more tortured and obscure kind of Death metal to use blasphemous riffs or heavy and sickened parts. For the influences, we can quote big names such as IMMOLATION and INCANTATION or also MORBID ANGEL.


3. In which oozing way would you describe your music? « Death black » would fit quite well but it remains a bit short… Have you got a precise way to call your sound when you’re gathered in dominical sodomisthic ceremonies, something catchy like RAW SODOMIZING DEATH METAL THE SCORCHING WAY or GOAT SMASHING DETHRONING OCCULTO-PURULENCE? And are there particular slogans or deliriums linked to the band or the rehearsals?

Haha ! No we don’t have this kind of delirium linked to the style, but yours are great! Honestly speaking, it’s hard to find a precise sticker for what we do. It’s simply Death metal with a nice little black metal touch, so “Death/ Black” is short but nice! At the level of deliriums, no, we are there to work hard… Ah! In the rehearsal place there’s only the photo of a nude guy, some dead cigarettes and empty beer bottles lying on the floor… It’s just a rehearsal place.

4. How do you compose the songs? Is it rather each guy doing it separately by the force of the wrist, or you fornicate hard all together until the massive eruption takes place? Who is the grand ejaculator? Did you notice moments to be better for necromposition (Necro composition), such as for example the crushing and suffocating summers that would help to come with heavy truck riffings, or nicely cold winters leading to more nostalgic things? Is it hard to compose a song of NECROS? Does it take some time, or is it ejaculating freely when the necro is in an urge to escape?

At the level of compositions, first we do it separately at home and then meet each others for an orgasmic death metal group sex!!! There’s not really an ejaculation guru, it’s rather a good mixture of each musicians’ semen! There’s no particular moment for writing, but something is certain: When the weather is right such as during the summer it’s rather the beer bottles to rehearse! And we aren’t the kind of premature guys (Someone said: The longer the better!)


5. Are the tracks contained in the demo fully representative of NECROS’ style? Are you satisfied with the whole, or a little something can be improved? The new songs might be a bit different or might deepen some obscure angles? Where was this demo recorded? Was it rather home made with your own means (Microphone foot made of animal bones, recording on an old 4-tracker manipulated to record 6 instruments) or did you dirty a local studio?

Well for a first demo it’s ok, but it’s true few months after we would like to improve quite some things, so we aren’t totally satisfied. We’re currently working on the next demo, and don’t hesitate to re-do some things that doesn’t work. The new songs are coming quite well, it will remain the same NECROS than on the demo, but with a more blasphemous and unhealthy aspect. We are working on the oppressing atmospheres of some riffs, it will make the difference compared to the previous demo, even if it remains  the same style.
Rather than the cave, we preferred to soil a recording studio in the mountains. It was at the “Bon Home studio”, with a guy doing some good work!


6. How is a NECROS gig? Do you try and be like VENOM to let peoples think you all hate each others, simulating the guitar kicks (Some kind of EVIL CATCH METAL!) or has the visual side little importance for you? Because after all if it’s really putrid and oozing, the smell of death will catch the listeners by the throat and force them to headbang? Or should one make a little visual effort, as intense and evoking as his music might be?

You only have to feel the music, but you shouldn’t play the way you do during rehearsals, you’re on stage and you should play with the guts! Otherwise peoples will get bored. To play a showman game is useless, just show you’re there to play Death metal, not to be a poseur. Then if the guy doesn’t like the atmosphere and do not understand our trip, I don’t particularly care!

7. Peoples often talk about gigs, but I remember few years back, when I was going at the « Castle of death » in my area, some rehearsal places could be some kind of small concert places, you could go there and see small private gigs… So are the NECROS rehearsals good? The sound is cool? In which kind of rotten hovel do you rehearse?

The rehearsals are rather personal, without watchers, some peoples happen to come but it’s rare. To be honest the sound is bad, but we have the opportunity to rehearse when we want in a little room at Jerome’s parents.


8. NECROS comes from the Alsace area, more precisely Colmar… A putrid place where obscure bands such as BLOODY SIGN and other shameless chicken-robbers purulate… Tell us more about this area on a metallic point of view: There would apparently be a nice amount of gigs, and even a nice local scene with its promising bands, associations, local stars… Give us the feelings of someone living there…

Huh, you were apparently badly informed! Haha! No, it’s rather flat… Of course there are a few bands in this area, but the scene remains very soft or very much into the “core” shits, die hard metal maniacs are very rare... You have to search a bit farther for this. But despite of all one can find some good French bands such as RESISTANCE, RITUALIZATION, NECROWRETCH, AFFLICTION GATES, ABNORM, YAYETH CORPSE, BY THE SWORD... We have few associations, ORDALIES in the Bas-Rhin who imported few good bands, and in the Haut-Rhin there’s HELL’S ASS who did something with MANILLA ROAD, PENTACLE, RITUALIZATION...


9. You recorded an INCANTATION cover. Did you hope to get the attention of Mc Entee (IBEX MOON) and get a deal on his label? (After all, BLOODY SIGN aren’t very far on a geographical point of view, so one might dream). Oh well, so you failed because you only found a dirty looser from the dead north of France who releases only old rotten tapes that aren’t even pro pressed, and own a shirty English pronunciation… Seriously speaking, and without any pro-old-school taboo, do you think this kind of format still has a future or will it be maintained by only few hundreds of “survivors” whose numbers will decrease little by little? Speaking about it, do you all own a tape player, and do you occur to order some cassettes?

Not at all, we recorded this cover because we are huge fans of INCANTATION, we sent a demo to IBEX MOON, but absolutely not to suck the cock of Mc Entee hoping for a deal. We are conscious quite a lot of work remains before we could find a so big label.
Concerning tapes, a future remains, it’s certain! There are still peoples to search and order some. This format has less success than CDs, but some small independent labels release more and more, it’s cool!
We all own a tape player, and occur to listen to cassettes when we get some demos…

10. What’s your opinion about the current old school wave? On one hand it mystifies and sanctifies the 80/ 90’s, on the other hand it ransacks the tombs of death metal, sometimes reproducing as a carbon copy and without shame great compositions from the past… Sometimes it can have the putrid feeling of a serpent to strongly bite his end… What’s your position about this subject: It doesn’t matter too much, the most important is to please yourself and inject feeling? After all making original Death metal has became too hard? When you really want to be original, it becomes so brainstorming than the feeling is often lost? If the band inserts a lot of feeling, it will be quite personal anyway?

It’s clear making old school metal without a feeling of ever-heard is really hard… Today, you necessarily associate a band to another. But I think you shouldn’t shake your mind too much or try to absolutely remain in an old school trip or something when composing, you write as it comes with the feeling of the moment. It’s true you’re influenced by the bands you devour everyday at lunch time, it’s what brings the little personal touch of the band (Yet without being really personal), without abusing influences of course.


11. Your logo isn’t bad, it has a quite cryptic shape with an ancient touch… Who drew it? Apparently it wasn’t your first one, did you easily reach what was in mind?

It’s Daniel Desecrator who did it at the first try (His link: http://www.myspace.com/selfdesecrator), we were immediately fans. This said, thanks to Kalevi for giving us his contact.
Few peoples helped us before to find a logo, but nothing really similar to what we have now.


12. Give us your current playlist ! And what are your currently fave albums and demos for 2009? Are you anxiously waiting for some recordings?

I’m currently listening to quite a lot of EXCORIATE, NECROVATION, GRAVE DESECRATOR, BLASPHERIAN, DEAD CONGREGATION and the last ASPHYX, these are really cool! Concerning demos, RITUALIZATION crushes, it’s incredible really. Recently I could listen to OMINOUS CRUCIFIX (Their next demo should nicely smell Death metal) and also NECROWRETCH (Old school Death!) without forgetting the guys of ABNORM!! For the albums, the next BLOODY SIGN should come out quite soon and what I heard live is promising.

13. It’s Saturday morning, here we are in the vegetable market: Make a list of the merchandising you have for sale, and tell us if few more things are planned (Something like a T-shirt, badges or a kit called “How to make your own NECROS tattoo with henna”  Ahah)

We still have our « To an endless chaos… » demo for sale at the incredible price of 5 euros wholesale, and also a 4 way split Cd for the same price. As of now there’s nothing else, you’ll have to wait for the next release to get your NECROS anal tattoo!


14. Here we are at the end, the coffin is almost full, so I let you conclude telling us more about your future projects. KEEP IT MORBID!

We’re currently working on the new songs (To be recorded soon for another demo or Ep), once it’s done we’ll search for gigs a bit everywhere to spread our venom!! In any way, thank you for the work you did it’s really great, see you soon. DEATH METAL ETERNAAAAL!


  Web page: http://www.myspace.com/necrosband