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1-Hello Nathaniel! You are editor of the old school metal fanzine MUTILATING PROCESS ! Introduce yourself as well as your zine! Where you a part of other fanzines before this one ?  

Get naked my Gabooze ! ! !
Iím an hairy beast, immerged in the metallic maelstrom since now 10 years and I spend my time breaking my neck because of strong headbanging and I prepare a cirrhoses saving plan because of many pills drunk in homage to MANOWAR ! ARF ARF ARF
I am also a student in medieval archeology.

I like: the good old metal, to hate, all that is crude, to scratch my balls, to drink, movies and literature that kicks you in the lard (Bergman, Hulet, Gaspar Noť but not ę Irrťversible Ľ thatís too soft, Cioran, Camus, Lovecraft, Thomas Vinterberg, some Hitchcock, Antonin Artaud, Ptiluc, Gaudelette, ComŤs, and I forget many), to shit while reading zines, to make peoples shit, my girlfriends of BLOODY TSIGANESÖ hu I mean BLOODY SIGN/ SIFFLE CHOPES, real females with personality who arenít afraid to say what they think nor to do whatever they want, but without being bitches (itís a rare thing!), and long live RockíníRoll !

I shit on: peoples without personality nor strong character, big headed shit bands who cry because of my reviews (KRONOS, UNTAMED, SEARING SKULL, CIRCE, etc), nazi ideologies in metal, the pseudo pagan bitches who play the ę warriors Ľ while they know very few of real rituals from ancient polytheist religions, politic militants of all kinds, ricard (shit, I donít like anis), well thinking and too clean on themselves individuals, peoples who donít drink nor drug themselves for the principle, all thatís not RockíníRoll, objectivity, the fact of supporting the underground to support the underground (itís pathetic), nowadays grind and frog noise brutal death, Norway and all this package of fools who live there (except for rare exceptions), pop music, sympho gothic black metal bands and all what has something to do with strawberry milk, fools who wear as metallers to have an appearance while they only dream of cleanness and consensus (All die in your shit!). In short words, I shit on what has no substance nor identity.

MUTILATING PROCESS #1 : Released in July 2003, written in English for most, with interviews and few reviews in French. To the summary of the 72 pages: POSSESSED, PENTACLE, KAAMOS, OLD FUNERAL, DESASTER, ACT OF GODS, FUNEBRARUM, SLEEPLESS zine, UNHOLY TERROR zine, LEATHERíníSPIKES zine, DESECRATION of Virgin zine, DEVIL LEE ROT, SCARVENGER, BLOODY SIGN, DEMON 666, KUTTSTOCK festival, NECROMANIAC zine. It was quite focused on the zine editorsí interviews, to give another view of nowadays scene to the readers. Sometimes the layout is a bit shitty. Itís very chaotic, with ultra bloody reviews !

MUTILATING PROCESS #2 : released in march 2004, all fresh! All is in English except for the HACHOIR interview being in French. To the summary of the 104 pages: HACHOIR, HELLRAISERS, Martin Van Drunen, ASPHYX ; SLAUGHTER, DERKETA, FUNERUS, INCANTATION, THE CHASM, DESTRUCTION, CIANIDE, THRONEUM, HERALD, BLOOD OF THE ANCIENTS zine, BESTIAL INVAZINE zine, CANADIAN ASSAULT zine, DESASTER gig report from Sao Paulo, news about PENTACLE, VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE 10th anniversary festival report, GHOUL CULT, EMBALMED SOULS. With the zine comes 3 posters of ASPHYX, NUCLEAR ASSAULT and THE CHASM. Better lay out, more things to read, and some fucking long interviews. Itís as beautiful as a truck ! hahah!

The two issues are available against 5 euros/ 5 dollars each, post paid.

Yes I was a part of SKULLFUCKED zine http://www.skullfucked.ht.st that released two paper issues. This Strasbourg based zine developed in a label since the fanzine times, and it was always more brutal death/ grind than old school oriented. So there were incompatibilities and musical divergences. All the more the zine should have become a webzine, but it seems like it doesnít happen. And as I had a lot of interviews in stock, I decided to publish these in other webzines or paper zines such as VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE (I became a regularly contributor for this one) http://www.voicesfromthedarkside.de, BRUTALISM http://www.brutalism.com, NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST http://www.nihilistic.ca.tc (my old Gab, what could I do without your mule hair-cut and your brush in the ass ? hahah!), for the webzines, and AGONIA WAR zine (Poland), LEATHERíníSPIKES zine (Canada), PANZERFAUST zine (Pologne).
But MUTILATING PROCESS is my ę baby Ľ, Iím doi
ng almost everything alone, but I accept few contributions such as those of Laurent Ramadier, Frank StŲver, Bill Nocera from VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE, Jill mac Entee and yourself.


2- Why did you chose MUTILATING PROCESS as a zine name ?

Simply because itís the name of my fave gay bar ! hahaa ! No, Iím laughing.
In fact itís the name of the ASPHYX Ep released in 1990 on Gore recs, it was limited to 1000 copies. And as I am a big ASPHYX fan, and  I feel like this name sounds very extreme metal like, I hallowed myself to use it againÖ Itís cool because Bob Bagchus, Wannes Gubbels (who is also in PENTACLE) and Martin Van Drunen appreciate the zine. I consider that as an honor, since I know how these guys are.


3-How many copies of each issue do you release ? How does the distribution occur ?

Well, in fact I donít give a flying shit about releasing a limited amount of zines, since itís a Xeroxed one, the old school way. It doesnít bother me to release 12 copies limited issues. As long as there are peoples who want it, Iíll print the wanted copies, thatís all.  This said, I must have spread between 250 and 300 copies of the first issue (through trade, sells and promos), that isnít bad if you take in consideration it was the first issue and the name still wasnít established.
Concerning the second issue, Iíve just released it, so I have only 20 copies circulating.

At the level of distribution, I sell it directly, or I did that through some good distros such as TIME BEFORE TIME (Poland, maintained by Tomasz of THRONEUM), ESCORBUTO (Sweden, maintained by Johan from REPUGNANT and SCURVY), BANG OR BE BANGED (maintained by Manolis and Yves of BESTIAL INVAZINE), ORDEALIS Recs (France), NIHILISTIC distro (thanks my friend!), and I had the luck to catch the attention of Costa from IRON PEGASUS who took 10 copies! I also passed a nice amount of zines to Marl Kalvet , my Estonian friend who plays in the marvelous Heavy metal band HERALD, he sold it in Estonia for me. I often happen to give the zine or trade it against a beer bottle. I donít give a shit, I donít earn any money with it anyway, and all the more it helps to let peoples know about it. Iím in negotiations with NUCLEAR WAR NOW Recs (USA) to be distributed, and Iíll talk to Anastasis from NUCLEAR WAS Recs (Greece) to know if heíd be interested. With distros, Iím generally doing trades.


4-Your fanzine is very focused on old school metal, before all the obscure death metal and thrash metal from the beginnings, but the old heavy metal also has it place! Why, as well as a lot of other zines, donít you open your pages to other styles being more modern, original, differentÖ That could help to win a consequent amount of readers !

HAHAHAHAHA ! ! ! ! Can you do that one more time? Hahah Itís clear I donít give a damn shit about finding more readers. I prefer to have a minimum of readers who are really in the trip of my zine instead of everything and total bullshit. Itís a FANzine, not generalist press. Concerning the fact of opening my pages to more modern styles, I donít see the things that way. I publish what awakes an erection in my slip, thatís all, then itís possible that one day a ę modern Ľ band kicks my ass, it can happen, who knows, and then Iíd publish it. But itís sure my tastes are really clear and rather focused on old thrash, obscure death metal, and old heavy metal with balls, so the zine shows my tastes, and I absolutely donít care if it doesnít please anyone.

5-Why did you chose to create a fanzine ? What are your goals with this one?

To become a rockstar of the international press next to the Ďchained up duckí! Hahah! In fact, I think fanzines are a visceral nerve of the underground and, even if nowadays most of the zines (the ones on the Internet or the paper ones) are as tasteless as nowadays scene, remains the elder of the old ones, some die hard ones who keeps on perpetuating a kind of spirit in which I find myself (SLAYER mag, VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE, UNHOLY TERROR, THE SINISTER FLAME, DESECRATION OF VIRGIN, NECROMANIAC zine, etc). Metal is a passion, Iím burnt to the core by this music, and I bring my stone to this universe by publishing this zine I want to be compromiseless, and full of this good old rockín'Roll spirit.

Somewhere, itís always a bit megalomaniac and pretentious to release its zine, but it makes my cock grow as hell so I donít see why I would stop! Hahaha !
I only want the zine to fall in the hands of metallers who feel concerned by this state of mind I was talking about earlier. Then there are always peoples who wash their ass with zines, I donít care, as long as the 3 long haird bastards who read my zine have a good fun and contact the band I have interviewed.


6-Your second issue contained less bad reviews in which the bands were destructed! What is the reason for that? Did you get into troubles with some bands? Did you make some nice meetings that turned bad during gigs? Give us some anecdotes !

Hahahaa ! Yeah, the question that has its classy touch! ha!
Well, I crush less bands in my reviews because I received more promos that were in MUTILATING PROCESSí state of mind, than in the SKULL FUCKEDís one.
Peoples really send anything and everything, and mostly shit ! So I decided to be a bit more selective towards what Iíd review in my second issue, so that I wouldnít waste too much space for the bands who are absolutely not interesting. This said, even if it makes me less virulent in my speeches, I remain honest with myself and I say what I think without compromise. Iím not trying to reach objectivity, I only want to write the best way possible what procures me the listening of a CD or a demo. And I try to write that the best way possible to be informative. So if I hear shit, it will be clearly written. No mercy. But if I appreciate Iíll also say that, Iím not only giving bad reviews.

Some problems with bands ? hahha ! Oh fucking yes ! hahahaha: this said I piss on their ass! These guys dare sending shit to be reviewed, so I donít know why they cry when the feedback is negative. As Metalion from SLAYER mag once said: ę  I have the abit to feel as a personal aggression a band who play like shit Ľ. So I react strongly. And I do not regret anything from my aggressive and insulting tone. I hit the anthill, and it moves ! hahaha! The laughable thing is, everybody comes and cry because I should be more objective and I should support the ę scene Ľ ! They can all be fucked in the ass, in the deep way! I wonít play the smartass not to hurt the sensibility of a band, the most ę true underground Ľ one might it be.  

So the guys of CIRCE, the previous guitarist of KRONOS, the big Ďhard guysí of UNTAMED (actually second vocalist and singer in DEPRAVED), the teenagers of SEARING SKULL, between others, do hate me. Itís quite funny to see how they all take it with heart, itís almost touching! Hahaha!
The guys of UNTAMED did a big ę fuck finger Ľ to me during the last X-Mass festival in Strasbourg, but they didnít break my face coz they didnít want to be fired by the security... While I was waiting at the end of the gig, I didnít see anyone with their ę fuck fingers Ľ. But well, I donít care much in fact. I did crush them as fuck in my review, and they still can masturbate themselves if they hope Iíll pay them excuses. Fucking shit, itís a scene said to be ę extreme Ľ, and once you say something thatís a little bit irritating everybody runs around you and wants to take you from high!

I did an article that severely kicked the ass of FATE, for the KARNUL Website : http://www.karnul.fr.fm and I even donít tell you about the guestbookís face, while it was still working. Everybody was spitting in my face, but none opposed a valid argument.

Thatís to say it the same than all the forums on the web. Everyone agitates, masturbate his little cock and gets scandalized for nothing at all. It seems like they have nothing better to do in life. No, I canít consider metal as a big family because of all these fools. Seeing all these stupid pieces of shit masturbating while they dream of Ďunityí, objectivity, makes me vomit. Fuck hell, all the more when all these guys play the Ďmetal onesí and shit in your face because BOLT THROWER is death metal for Ďgrandfathersí or coz Peter Tšgtren is the best producer of all timesÖ Bullshits, go take some lessons and open your mouth when youíll have a bit digested what metal is. How many are there of these assholes who want to teach you what death metal is while they never listened to POSSESSED or SLAUGHTER?


7-Is beer a necessary element to the elaboration of a MUTILATING PROCESS issue ?

Itís a necessary element for RocníníRoll! Hell, Iíve just listened one of these rock bands from the 60ís with my friend Rachid, it was excellent, and we even didnít have a beer in the fridge! Argh! Total shit ! ! ! It remains cool to be able to drink a little one while hurting your cervicals ! hahaha ! Do yes, the culture of drunkenness if a motor of MUTILATING PROCESS. Then, itís not needed to be an alcoholic to enjoy the zine. I know some guys who donít like drinking, but who are excellent anyway. As long as they donít make you shit and they understand that exploding your head is vital, then I think theyíll be able to enjoy MUTILATING PROCESS! I think Iíll maybe release a collector series, 10 copies of the 2nd issue splashed with beer ! hahahaa ! !

8-Do you play in a band, in parallel to the zine? You was a part of BLOODY SIGN, did you compose or did you write some lyrics while you were in the band? If you were forming a new band, what kind of metal would it be dedicated to?
I presume the alcoholic and primal metal ŗ la SLAUGHTER, CELTIC FROST and GRAVE (old) would flow endlessly! But youíd maybe be tempted by a good old heavy metal in the early way?

Iím actually playing in a cover band with the guys of BLOODY SIGN, itís called SIFFLE CHOPES (The name comes from Rabelais!). We play when we have the time, so itís a quite irregularly project, but we ever did few gigs. We play covers of PESTILENCE, ASPHYX, CELTIC FROST, DARK ANGEL, SODOM, DEICIDE, we were also covering some INCANTATION, some DARKTHRONE, some MOTORHEAD a long time ago. In fact the very cool stuff is we had the opportunity to play two times with Martin Van Drunen these last months. One time during a festival that occurred for the 10 years of VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE (Photos online, the url is somewhere in this interview), while the last time occurred recently in Gand, Belgium, in this club called ę The frontline Ľ maintained by a fool! We did covers of PESTILENCE (ę Parricide Ľ and ę Out of the body Ľ), ASPHYX (ę The incarnation of lust Ľ (on which Bob Bagchus would have liked to be able to help us ! ! !) and ę Vermin Ľ) and CELTIC FROST (ę The usurper Ľ). Itís super cool to play covers, we donít shake our heads and we always have great fun. What is the crowd asking for ? Ha !

Yes, when I played in BLOODY SIGN I was writing the lyrics for the new tracks of the time, it began with those of the ę Estonian sessions Ľ. I was trying to follow the sylvestrian concept of the first singer, changing it my way. These lyrics deal with the absurd suffering that result from feelings such as frustration, incapacity, the consciousness of its humanity, and all this kind of bullshits. On the album ę Vana Vigala loits Ľ that should be released in June 2004, I wrote few lyrics dealing with our travel in Estonia, the fact of totally expressing your pulsions without the weight of the guilt the Judeo Christian society in which we live cherishes so much. I also wrote a text in homage to Richard Drune, what a beautiful thing that was to kill all these city council men in Nanterre ! Hahaha ! Itís beautiful to see where the frustration can lead man!
Musically speaking, I composed an only riff in BLOODY SIGN. Iím a total waste on the bass guitar, a big shit, and I donít compose often. Kalevi is the one who composes the most in BLOODY SIGN. But I still had my word to say about the tracksí organizations, in their structures. It was working when we did it all together.

I also play medieval music with Kalevi and Illmar (BLOODY SIGN). Our band is called TORMIS, we toured in Estonia with this line up, and we play with an amateurish theatre troop around Colmar as well. http://www.tormis.net

Holy shit, if I was creating a band, itís clear that would be more disjoncted than BLOODY SIGN ? Iíd like to do something in the ASPHYX/ SLAUGHTER/ POSSESSED/ PENTACLE/ DESTRUCTION spirit, but with an own identity. I also quite like SATHANAS. You see the kind of state of mind. Or something Really deep and dark in the vein of DEMIGOD, NUCLEAR DEATH, FUNERUS, GRAVEÖ Primitive, heavy and efficient, here is how I enjoy my death metal.
But itís true playing some good old Heavy metal would nicely kick my ass. Iíd like to play in a band such as HERALD from Estonia! http://eestimetal.ee/herald  or in the spirit of the old MAIDEN, PRIEST, MANOWAR (Battle Hymn), DIO releasesÖ with a touch of CANDLESMASS. I should do a NWOBHM session, I quite like this style but I donít know it  well enough at the moment.


9-You are a big ASPHYX fan! What does this cult band means in your eyes? Whatís your fave album of this band? What do you think about their ę Asphyx Ľ album on which the band had no member from the original line up, nor from its golden years ? And ę God cries Ľ that wasnít composed, as it seems to me, by the same guitarist than the two first Lps, but by an original member who put the pack of beer out of the fridge for one more time ? And what about their last album recorded before the split? What do you think about SOULBURN ?

For me, ASPHYX is the caress of an horseís sex on my fleshy lips ! hahaha!
Yes my friend, I love this band, to a so strong extent Iíve their logo tattooed on my shoulder (One of my numerous ę tattooed patchs Ľ! haha !). ASPHYX incarnate THE ultimate Death metal in my eyes. The darkened, insane side, the incredibly simple and efficient riffs, the ethereal leads, the insane and deaf moods, the vocals of Martin as well as the ones of Wannes ; even if I like Theo Loomansí ones. This band is unique. The guys arenít always tight while they perform their tracks, but this is so fucking good, the FEELING is here!
I strongly feel the influence of SLAUGHTER as well as DEATH/MASSACREís demos. Iíve soiled my slip ! Ha! Something cool is Iíve became a very good friend with Martin, and Iím in touch quite regularly with Wannes and Bob, these are all excellent guys who know where theyíre walking and who have a consequent metal culture, and they arenít pretentious.
My fave album? Itís hard to say, I like them all, but I have a little preference for ę Last one on earth Ľ ! This sound is enormous! Iím listening to this CD while answering this intie. The ę Asphyx Ľ album is a good one, but Ron Van Pol has no charism in his vocals. Itís not easy to replace Martin Van Drunen (fuck hell this guy is incredible, never heard such kind of vocals !). But the ASPHYX spirit is still there thanks to Eric Danielsí riffs. This guitarist really had genius towards compositions. Itís a shame he has totally left the scene. I like a lot the ę Initiation into the ossuary Ľ track in which the sausage progressively turns stronger and stronger ! Itís perfect for coupling! Hahaha ! ! !
ę God cries Ľ is an album being very different from the other ones, because in this case itís theo Loomans, the first Bassit/ vocalist of the band, who handles the guitar, as Eric Daniels had momentaneously stopped ASPHYX around 1996. I also like this album, I listen to it in a different way, thatís sure, but itís anyway a good one even if itís the one I like the less.
ę On the wings of inferno Ľ is a monumental album between ę The rack Ľ and ę Last one on earth Ľ ! ! ! ! ! I love this album, this is the one that made me discover ASPHYX, but also PENTACLE ! ! ! ! ! Fucking hell, Wannes Gubbels, (vocalist of PENTACLE and last voice of SOULBURN/ASPHYX, for those who are still able to follow in this line up bullshit) does it like a beast on this album. The songs are excellent, with some fucking good riffs, itís really a very beautiful farewell to their fans. Itís a shame the band finally didnít record this NECROVORE cover they had been talking about.
SOULBURN, itís the same line up than for ę On the wings of inferno Ľ, itís a bit more black metal like in the state of mine, but itís basically some ASPHYX with another name.
If someone is interested, I did some long interviews with Bob Bagchus (drummer) of ASPHYX and Martin Van Drunen in my issue of MUTILATING PROCESS, It can also be read on VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE (entitled ę Asphyx2 Ľ and Martin Van Drunen2 Ľ).

10-Do you own collector items or very particular ASPHYX objects youíre proud of ? Have you got the original releases of their first demos?

I have their ę Mutilating process Ľ Ep, very hard to find, a poster of the 1991 tour with ENTOMBED (even the guys of ASPHYX donít own it at home). Martin Van Drunen also gave me an original tape of ę The rack Ľ, itís still unused and wrapped in plastic. I have the Soulburn picture Lp, ę Last one on earth Ľ as a promo CD. I only lack the ę Crush the cenotaph Ľ on vinyl and mcd, as well as ę The last one on earth Ľ on vinyl. And I have THE supreme rarity Bob Bagchus taped to me : A 1989 rehearsal with Theo Loomans on bass and vocals, it includes an UNRELEASED track entitled ę The goat of mendes Ľ that kills everything ! And itís very original for an ASPHYX track! Only the guys of ASPHYX know this song. No, I donít have the demos in its original pressing, but Wannes did tapped me with the 1991 promo that marks the first studio recording of Van Drunnen with ASPHYX. I also have two live bootlegs from 91 and 99, as well as the copy of a bootleg vinyl entitled ę The way of samael Ľ that includes the demos.


11-What does Death metal means for you ? Gives us your own definition !

Yeah, the typical UNHOLY TERROR question! Thanks Hacker!hahaahaha ! ! ! !
I would say Death metal is a way of being. Without any compromise, With determination, efficient, dark, powerful, oppressing, its a full universe by itself, being very large and that gave birth to many interesting experimentation. In my eyes, Death metal is POSSESSED, SLAUGHTER, the demos as well as the first recordings of DEATH, MASSACRE, AUTOPSY, PESTILENCE, ASPHYX, SATHANAS, NIHILIST/ENTOMBED, GRAVE, DEMILICH, DEMIGOD, FUNEBRE, PENTACLE, ACROSTICHON, KAAMOS, REPUGNANT, SADISTIC INTENT, the demos of MORBID ANGEL, INCANTATION, IMMOLATION, GOREAPHOBIA, COMECON, PHLEGETON, MONSTROSITYÖ well, you see what I mean. In my opinion, Death metal isnít this ę frog noise Ľ feelingless soup with never-ending blast beats and ultra complex/ ununderstandable riffs, this shit being actually trendy. Death metal is also a music of peoples who donít shake their heads, usually. It shall be heavy, raw, dirty, with a syndicate minimum of gore, satanism (kitsch or serious), and insanity in the lyrics.


12- Old school death metal and thrash metal of the beginnings take a more and more important place in the underground ! Many bands at the origin or that was here at the beginning of the style to reform, while the newer bands that record total old school demos are legions ! What is your opinion about this enthusiasting phenomenon ?

Iíve mixed feelings towards this questions, because as well as many things, everything isnít totally white or absolutely black. Itís true Iím quite enthusiastic when I hear bands who have some metal roots and know how to digest these so that they offer something personal, while they perpetuate a long metallic tradition. But itís very difficult to find the right alchemy nowadays, because extreme metal has gone so far I think innovation is a really harder and harder thing to do, and when you see all these bands who know nothing at all to metal and play a vomit with all they can find as influences, so that they look originalÖ Itís quite making me shit. Nevertheless, I enjoy a lot the upright and intelligent bands who maintain a given state of mind that tends to disappear, bands such as PENTACLE, SADISTIC INTENT, INCANTATION, IMMOLATION, EVISCIUM, RAMMER, REPUGNANT, KAAMOS, FUNEBRARUM, THRONEUM, DESASTER, CIANIDE, THE CHASM, SERPENT OBSCENE, GHOUL CULT, MACABRE, DESTRUCTION, DEKAPITATOR, NECROVATION, SERPENS AEON, etc. But a band who wants to sound old school wonít find grace to my ears. I ask for punch, identity, a particular atmosphere, the fact one can feel the flame burning in the veins of the guy who play. Then there will always be the numerous clones of  SODOM, KREATOR, HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST, DESTRCUTION et SLAYER who wonít bring anything new at all.

13-We could see the appearance of a new trend with too many bands who donít take their music for serious while they record (involuntary or not !) rip off albums ! On the other hand, this style is quite new for quite a lot of new metallers forming bands, and we could expect some good ass kickings as well as a fresh enthusiasm from them ! In which way do you think that will evolve? Did you ever notice really disturbing aspects in this new old school wave?

Good question. Nowadays, the problem is too many bands literally rip off their influences, and they have problems to get out of it. For example think about Black metal. How many bands are still reheating (with more or less success) some Black metal ŗ la DARKTHRONE, or some HELLHAMMER? Shit, there are really other possibilities to exploit. Why not following the way of bands such as HAVOHEJ, INQUISITION, SARCOFAGO, VENOM, MALIGN, UNGOD ? All these bands are Black metal in its purest form but they all sound different.
Itís the same for Death metal, while everybody redoes again some MORBID ANGEL, or some CANNIBAL CORPSE, or some SUFFOCATION, or some DYING FETUSÖ Shit! It annoys me! I donít understand why not much bands think about developing more personality, or try to experiment, such as in the beginning of the 90ís. Think about bands such as NUCLEAR DEATH, COMECON, RIPPING CORPSE, PUNGENT STENCH, ASPHYX, PROTECTOR. They all offered something fresh, with its own identity. And when you listen to the old demos of these years, you realize the musical quality was largely more interesting than today while the technical aspect has taken over the feeling.
For example, in the thrash style, Iím not interested at all by bands ŗ la THE HAUNTED, CARNAL FORGE, etc. Fukking shit, they think theyíre giving life to thrash again while  they bring us ever done riffs, but hidden behind a super production to impress us, or what? The last decent thrash bands I heard are HYPNOSIA, DEKAPITATOR, GHOUL CULT, DESTRUCTION.
This said, Iím always happy to see few young bands perpetuate the veneration of the good old metal while they try to do the thing with their guts. Iím thinking about HELLRAISERS, HACHOIR, BYATIS, NECROVATION, GHOUL CULT, AUDIOPAIN, DIABOLIC FORCE, SCURVY, REPUGNANT, PYURIA.
On the other hand, bands ŗ la INFERNO from Norway makes me vomit, itís mediocre total musical rip off. I donít care if they want to play some rip off music, but they shouldnít release albums since it has no use but to engorge the market music thatís ever submerged.


14-I know you donít enjoy the evolution of MORGOTH and PESTILENCE on their last albums. Is it due to the fact the bands evolved too fast and too soon? Do you think itís possible to play old school death metal in an innovative way, but yet with the original spirit and feeling of the style?

Speaking about MORGOTH, even if this band has released some good stuffs, I have never really been a fan because I always thought they sound like a 2nd zone DEATH. I prefer to play ę Scream bloody gore Ľ or ę Leprozy Ľ than MORGOTH. But in my opinion these bands should have changed names for their last albums, because it didnít reflect at all the spirit of their previous productions? If you call ę evolution Ľ the fact of turning your jacket inside out and to spit in the face of the early daysí fans, I donít think I will agree. They took risks, and I respect that, but they finally failed as they werenít playing metal anymore.
Speaking about playing old school death metal with an innovative side, this isnít easy thatís sure, but some little geniuses can achieve that. Think about the last IMMOLATION album, or even KAAMOS, REPUGNANT, PENTACLE and SADISTIC INTENT or THRONEUMÖ All is said.


15-An album such as ę Cursed Ľ by MORGOTH had a bunch of new elements and feelings being different from old school death metal, while keeping a death metal or aggressive basis. Do you enjoy this album ?

As I told you before, I never really got into MORGOTH. So I didnít really try to get my hands on their albums. I might have heard this album, but I donít remind it, sorry.


16-What gets the most on your nerves in nowadays metal scene? You should regret you werenít born 15 years before ?

HAHAH ! Right! I think I was born too late, because all the metal that kicks my ass is quite dead and buried nowadays! Fucking shit I would have liked to see gigs of MERCYFUL FATE, SLAYER, IRON MAIDEN, CELTIC FROST around 1985 ! ARGH! What gets on my nerve in nowadaysí scene it the too my amount of pretentious fools Who try to give you lessons while they know nothing at all. What gets on my nerve is all those nu metallers who begin to play grind or deathcore to play the Ďbrutal guysí, the ultra fundamentalist nazis blocked on MUTIILATION or BLASPHEMY, the monopoly of touring agencies such as Metalysee who have too expensive prices, the tours with 15 bands on the flyer while most can play only 20 minutes, shitty gothic guys who play the black metal lords with their CRADLE OF PISS t-shirts, the fact not much peoples care about fanzines, editors of fanzines who releases generalist magazinesí ersatz and try to be nice with everybody, peoples who donít go and support local gigs, fools who spend their life on the Internet boards (pitiful!), those who say theyíve grown old and evolved to excuse the fact they started to listen to and/ or play shit music, and the list goes on. Ah, and the cruel lack of RockíníRoll spirit also makes me shit. Too many so called Ďmetallersí are too damn deadly serious because they impose themselves stupid barriers.


17-Do you think a guy who enjoy glam bands such as CINDERELLA might be able to play ass kicking metal?

HAHAHA ! The shitty question! At best this guy will be able to play a clean rock that would be a bit nervous, but certainly not the metal who stinks the sweat and motor oil! Haha !


18-Tell us everything about your adoration for VONDUR! How many times do you play their albums everyday, how many collector objects do you own ? Tell us everything !

HAHAHAHA ! ! ! I have no VONDUR album, but they are laughable, their album with the Star wars trip is quite nice. The fact of writing Icelandic lyrics to sound even more evil is quite funny. I like a lot their cover of Elvis ę Love me tender Ľ, this is what Iím listening when I rape children, grandmothers and poodles ! This is some fucking evil RockíníRoll to the bone ! hahaha ! ! !

19-If Black metal was a brevage, what would it be? Write a drink in front of all these Black metal styles :
Old school Black ŗ la BATHORY:
An old bourbon, 12 years old!
Norwegian Black metal:  Flat water, tasteless, only thirstquenching.
Melodic and symphonic black: Some strawberry milk.
NS Black: Some liquid excrements that turn you into a fool when you drink it.


20-As you have good relationships with the following bands or musicians : KAAMOS, REPUGNANT, Martin van DrunenÖ Give us their last news!

KAAMOS : They should have finished the recording of their next album. They should have done this a bit earlier, but they were late. I still havenít heard anything, but I think this will kill, knowing the guysÖ

REPUGNANT : Absolute desert. I still donít know when they will release their fucking ę Epitomy of darkness Ľ album. They had problems with their sound man. I donít know much in fact. Johan, the 2nd guitarist, also plays in SCURVY and he has a really good distro focused on old school death and grindcore, itís called ESCORBUTO recordings http://www.escorbuto.cjb.net

Martin: The man is once again involved in the scene, he plays once again time with the German guys of DEATH BY DAWN, a little sympathetic band, with excellent guys. http://www.death-by-dawn.de They recently released a demo : ęDedicated to the oppressed Ľ that is quite cool. This isnít extreme metal, but it nicely kicks the ass. EATH BY DAWN has just recruited a new guitarist, following the firing of the previous guitar-man, and Jens, the new one nicely kills, and heís definitely a fucking metalhead! Also Martin does some big green stuffs with his nose, when heís ill, itís almost collectors! ha !


21-what are your future projects with MUTILATING PROCESS ?

Well for the third issue I think Iíll do interviews with NECROVATION, DROWNED, ANCIENT GODS, INFINITUM OBSCURE, MACABRE, SERPENS AEON, CRUCIFIRE, HATE, and few others I must think about. There will be a PENTACLE poster, an other one of AUTOPSY and Iíll see whatís up for the third one. I think Iíll make press some MUTILATING PROCESS t-shirts one of these days. My goal is too have the same life length than SLAYER mag. Weíll see if I can keep the zine alive. Iíd also like to release a limited set of MUTILATING PROCESSí dildos, but it might cost too much to manufacture some dildos with razorsÖ weíll see ! ha !


22-The interview reaches its end. Thanks for your answer and fell free to conclude! Donít hesitate to spit your beer on those who deserve it !

No I keep my beer, Iíve talked shit enough in this interview. Thanks my old Gab for this unexpected interview! This is cool! Also thanks to those who read my lines until the end without sleeping. A little hello to Edouard Vergriete, excellent contributor to VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE !

To all those who want to get in touch with me, insult me, send me some spams, or photos of their slip, please send your requests here:

Sorry I have no fixed snail mail, as Iím a student of shit who regularly moves.

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