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1. Hello ! Since MORLOK isn’t very known in the caves of the underground, make a little introduction that shall be quite vomiting and full of putrefied cadavers’ parts! Year of deglutition, important putrid facts, congenital diseases, necrographic manifestations…

Vorace (guitar/vocals) : Hello dude! MORLOK was born from a failed caesarean, after a gig my two associates Lurtz and Moloch did, when they were in the band named « Tears of flesh ». I purposed them to try something  together, with Moloch taking care of the forceps and Lurtz keeping busy with the epidural, and it showed to be successful, it was for both of us the best way to regurgitate our still hot sanies in the world of underground Death metal !

Lurtz (bass/vocals) : A gig night + 3 friends + few beers = a new band. Morlok was born !! Then the rehearsals, the gigs, the demo etc… And here we are with almost 3 years of existence !

Moloch (drums) : Well it began the way Vorace said, Lurtz and I were playing in Tears of Flesh, and at the end of the gig Vorace offered us to play in a faster and more brutal band, we gladly accepted, and everything began from this moment…


2. As a whole, how would you describe the style of the band ? Rather Death metal, rather brutal… Or rather both since we don’t give a fuck and have better things to do than dissecting music (One must choose between thinking and brutalizing ! Ah Ah)

Vorace : As you said, we don’t give a fuck about stinking a sticker on our sound! Our music is of course brutal and contains a really Death metallic violence ! Death metal is our main source of influence, with thrash metal and what deals with the brutal in general. Is it okey for an answer ?

Lurtz : Yes, Death metal with a big « D » that smells putrefaction ! Shit ! No keyboards, no girls who sing, no spandex trousers, no guitar masturbation, only real Death metal! All in all, the kind of Death that wasn’t corrupted!

Moloch : It’s a blend of thrash and death, the whole cooked our way, this is MORLOK.

3. I don’t know if it’s because of the raw production, but when I listen to your demo I don’t hear a lot of modern brutal death influences, one should search in the past with brutal stuffs à la ROTTING, a bit of REGURGITATION (The old demo of the Americans), maybe some GRAVE or eventually ROTTREVORE… You only listen to old brutal records, trapped in your caves and inchained to some old tape-players that smell death, or am I inserting a big thorny finger in my asshole ?  What are your influences and why is there so much of brutality ?

Vorace : Almost seems like it would be a crime to be influenced by « old » bands. Personally speaking I always felt close to the brutal death scene with bands like Lividity, Deicide, Unleashed or also Napalm death. Even if I don’t consider the past as the golden age. But I prefer to make a music that unwinds the crowd instead of seeing them looking carefully and saying « Wow shit it’s guitar masturbation ! ». I don’t shit on current technical death metal bands such as Nile or Krisiun for example. Let’s say for the composition of your first recording, the state of mind was rather to punch a big fist in your face than to create something very complicated. It’s one of the reasons why our first songs sound relatively « old school » and we wrote our tracks with the « feeling », with many « pouta pouta ».
One is small before being grown, it’s just a matter of doing things in the right order.

Lurtz :  When you want to have some impact, to send the energy without brainstorm… To be « In your face »… This is the old school spirit for me. And shit, there’s no need to think, just let the energy flow… At least, one has to try AhAh!! And I should say end 80s/ beginning 90s Death metal is fucking killer and each « current » Death metaller is necessarily influenced by this epoch…

Moloch : We don’t want our demos or future records to sound like famous bands on a recording or mixing point of view, so we went for the « raw » side. We don’t want to have a technical show with many solos everywhere, this thing is good for progressive metal… My drum patterns remain anyway relatively technical, without being too pretentious, it’s required by the style we play, ok it’s always changing between blat beats and « pouta pouta » à la Slayer, but we want peoples to headbang during gigs !


4.  What does MORLOK mean ? Why did you choose this word as a band’s name ? The only time I read it before, it was a song title on a SKINNY PUPPY album but I guess you’re not too fond of schizophrenic dark electro…

Vorace : The Morloks are some troglodytes taken from the book of H.G Wells entitled « The time machine ». These relatively primitive and bestial at wish creatures perfectly incarnate what we bring in your Death metal sausage. No embellishment, some in your face savagery as simple as that !

Lurtz : Well during the rehearsals the sound is ugly, this would explain quite a lot of things, and we worked a bit I must say (Laughs)

Moloch : Vorace introduced us the band name, I didn’t know at all what it could mean, so he briefly explained the meaning, and it pleased me.


5. Few years ago, I listened to the rehearsal songs you put on a website, and it seems that whole sounded a bit more like old school Death, while the « Escape from this womb » demo tends to a bit more brutality. Am I inserting again a finger in my ass, or is this a naturally putrid evolution resulting from hours of sanguineous rehearsals in the massive fridge of the local butcher’s shop ? (Yes, it’s an original rehearsal place, at least there’s no need to search for meat parts or hemoglobin when you’re thirsty !)… Is this the same tracks I heard, or was there some intestinal restoration since then ?

Vorace :  I will finally think you like to insert fingers in your ass.  An evolution took place since then, our drummer has really improved, we have incorporated more blasts and double kicks. The sound has also evolved thanks to Lurtz, it’s cleaner and tighter.

Moloch : In fact I have improved a lot at the levels of speed and blast technicality, I’m near of Georges Kollias’ ankle now (lol). It’s true this improvement has affected our music a lot, especially on the later tracks. But each member of the band constantly progresses, so we are able to compose faster and more technical songs.

6. This demo isn’t very new anymore, since it was released in 2007. Concretely speaking how many copies did you spread ? Mostly through orders, trades, gifts (Or even forced gifts ? lol). The feedbacks are generally cool or are the listeners too moronized by the plastic sound to deal with the purulence of a brutal sound ? How many reviews did you get ?

Vorace : We have sold a given numbers of demos. Most of the sales are done during the gigs we do, but also through some associations and webzines that support us. The feedbacks are in fact very positive and encouraging. Concerning the reviews we got some very positive ones made by webzines of cultural associations.

Moloch : The demos generally sell during gigs, and the comments peoples can make are positive, some critics can be a basis of work for improvement.


7. You might have composed new songs since then. Is it the same style than the demo or did an evolution took care a way or another ? (Maybe faster, more brutal, more symphonic (Ouch) or ambient (Ouch)…)

Vorace : Absolutely, there has been some new things since then. Our compositions gain speed and tightness, and we’ll insert some samples à la Septic flesh or also Vader (Without any pretension). All the more, there’s an evolution at the level of lyrics, the old trip of the girl whose pussy is shredded by tooth to finally be hung by the intestines is over. It’s too common in the Death metal world and we’re not too interested. Now, it will be deal with the Morloks, as simple as that, and other facts taken from the book of H.G Wells, as well as some analogies with the Mesopotamian myths.

Moloch : The last songs are faster, more worked up on matters of riffs and patterns. Lurtz and Vorace recently had the idea of using samples in our composition, it will enrich the songs and enlarge our working world, but we don’t say more for now. You’ll discover all of that soon.


8. I had listened to your previous band SLAUGHTERHOUSE and it seems to me the music was also less brutal, maybe a bit influenced by BOLT THROWER on the borders (But in this case, I wouldn’t bet my testicles on the chopper of the butcher… It’s quite vague remembrances…). For those who would know this one, what are the differences between this older band and MORLOK ? Is it the same motivations, or are there more mashed potatoes in the cooking pot ?

Lurtz : You’re right, I was a composer in this band, it’s nice to hear about it again !!! Moloch was also drumming in this band. It was less speed, rather something like old Sepultura, also slower… And maybe less complicated when I think about it… I say so as a comparison to our musicians’ level of this time.

Moloch : Differences are enormous ! Speaking for myself, I want to underline the fact I didn’t record the SLAUGHTERHOUSE demo, I joined the band later, after the departure of the drummer. It was less serious, we weren’t as motivated as today, and also less tight, but well there’s a beginning for everything !

9. What kind of brutal bands are there in your area ? Are you able to organize quite spiced up gigs that help the reek from the sewer to invade the streets, or do you need to make an effort and put some milk and honey in the crass to hope and represent your brutality live ? What do you think about the French scene in general, is there a good percentage of bands to brutalize your anus or is it rather flat ? (Which country do you prefer in this case ?)

Vorace : In our corner there’s a few nicely brutal bands that deserve the listener to put two hears on their records.
I especially think about Fatal, Stronghold, Underwash, DCA or also Architect of Seth and Kwashiorkor, who know how to shake the foundations of your house by themselves alone! For the French scene in general, I would quote bands like Kronos, Carnal lust and Benighted. France works very well in matters of Death metal compared to the rest of Europe. There’s not only Poland and Sweden ! Shit!

Moloch :  Oh in our area there’s really a good potential for brutal bands (Quoted before by Vorace) and in France there’s a lot of bands who would deserve to get it bigger.


10. Concretely speaking, how is a MORLOK gig ? I guess it should be quite brutal, but tell us more about it! Do you sometimes play covers during concerts ? If so I hope there’s no SIX FEET UNDER (Some peoples seem to think it’s good for purists, but I really am not a « fan ») or other kinds of flabby death metal bands.

Vorace : If you consider Sepultura as flabby Death metal, then I plead guilty. We occur to cover « Propaganda », even if it’s less of an habit. A concert of MORLOK, it’s 36 guys full of amphetamines who unleash and send the sausage ! Needless to say we do not have a broom (Neither a finger) in the ass! I sometimes move so much than I make incredible playing mistakes, and my physiotherapist is getting golden balls treating my cervicals (Laughs!)

Lurtz : We are totally into it, simple as that !

Moloch :  We cover « Propaganda » of Sepultura, but not much anymore, we prefer to insert a new song in our set.
I have a tendency to accelerate the old songs we usually play at the end… It’s kind of my specialty, but it’s breaking the balls of everyone ;-) At the end of the gig, I look like my head got into a big rain and the atmosphere is often very wet…


11. If you had to introduce MORLOK to a butcher/ pork butcher and try to catch his attention, how would you introduce the thing to him ? Which qualities would you underline (Maybe to try and make parallels with his nicely juicy professional skills or own tastes…)

Vorace : Hmmm, it would only be for our current demo then.  So I would tell him the band contains enough of potential to teach him how to tear a human being limb from limb and keep him alive as long as possible !

Lurtz : I would tell him that MORLOK, it’s the same than if he didn’t put strings on his roast meat, it’s dripping everywhere ahahah

12. If you had to introduce MORLOK to a serial killer and try to catch his attention, how would you introduce the thing to him ? Which qualities would you underline… Etc…

Vorace : No idea at all. A real serial killer listens to MORLOK and that’s all!

Lurtz : Or maybe, try to listen to a bit of Morlok, it will calm down your nerves in everyday’s life!

Moloch : I would tell him to run away asap, if he don’t want to be devoured.


13. What’s the slogan of MORLOK ? Come one, you certainly have something personal to scream altogether during the rehearsals, to motivated yourselves, something more personal than the usual « Keep it brutal » or « Only death is real »…

Vorace : Nothing of it, we always shout at Bobish !

Lurtz : BORIS !!!

Moloch : During the rehearsals, they always scream « Bobish stop playing !!!!!! », ok that’s all.


14. Prepare our brains to your future brutal projects : Concerts, recordings, brutal molestations and other defenestrations from the 5th floor minimum (No bullshit!). Use this opportunity to conclude and add whatever is needed to decently brutalize the reader.

Vorace : We have recordings to do, to finish our future release, and also concerts to book! Don’t hesitate to offer us a concert, gig exchange or something! And those who didn’t saw us, take off your fingers from your ass and come to see us live, headbanging and drinking beers with us!!!

Lurtz : Yes we want gigs, showing our new songs, drinking beers, in short same than everyone! Thanx for the interview, and well the readers can come on our myspace page to discover our music.

Moloch : Gigs will be scheduled and the recording of new songs already began in the studio of Lurtz.


  Webpage: http://www.myspace.com/morlokdeathmetal