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I was astonished when I listened to the KABBAL’s promo CDr at a friend’s home : I wasn’t awaiting this kind of brutal death with really apocalyptic parts in the MORBID ANGEL’s vein and some brutal riffs like SUFFOCATION used to play from a french band..
They has just signed on DIAMOND Prod and a little interview will make no evil no anybody to know them a little better!.


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1- Can you introduce KABBAL, his story and from which bands the actual musicians are coming from ?

I created KABBAL in 1999 and Ghimel joined me a few time later. At the beginning we were 3 and after a lot changes, we now have got a good line-up. Our guitarist, Trisophiliac, comes from PENOMBRIAL ORB and also plays in DEVILIUM. OUR bassist/singer, XZ officiates in a prog band called LORDS OF MUSHROOMS.


2- What are your influences ? Do you only listen to metal or are you attracted by other kinds of music, and if not  why aren’t you ?

My influences are brutal : SUFFOCATION are gods to me as well as MORBID ANGEL or DEATH. Ghimel is more into thrash and power stuff like SLAYER or TESTAMENT. Trisophiliac is into the technical death trip, like ATHEIST or NOCTURNUS… and into the brutal one as well : grind like DYING FETUS, PYAEMIA…  XZ is into prog metal (he’s a DREAM THEATER’s big fan) but he also likes SUFFOCATION. For my part, I listen to other kinds of music as irish folklore (the gigs), Alan STIVELL or still the fusion like Pat METHENY used to play. Above all, I like a style that could be defined as an ambiant electro-acoustic (besides, talking about that subject, there’ll be a surprise on the album). This is the same for the others, we’re brutal but we’ve so much more references…
I think that’s a plus in a band when it calls for other cultures.


3- How would you define KABBAL’s music ?

In fact, KABBAL simply plays a brutal death metal with melodic parts.
I can’t give a term on all the different parts we play, KABBAL is surgefull and unforseenable.

4- Your songs contain some parts with MORBID ANGEL styled apocalytical and infernal leads  that really left a mark on me. I’d like to know your opinion about their evolution and their last albums. What do you think about Steve TUCKER as a vocalist compared to David VINCENT ?

MORBID ANGEL is one of our influences and it’s not the smallest ! How can a Metal head not be interested in such a fantastic band ? I think there are two schools of MORBID ANGEL’s fans: the ones who like them from the beginning to the Domination period and those who like Morbid from « Domination » to the Gatesway period, and I find myself in the second ones. I prefer Steve TUCKER to David VINCENT because he’s more into the esoteric style that is the characteristic of MORBID ANGEL.


5- What are the KABBAL’s members doing beside the band ? Are you studying, working or unemployed. Do you succed in managing between the band and your girlfriends ? Do they make some anti-metallic crisis (that works with computers too !) ?

We’re working and studying. For example, I’ve an halftime job that allows me to work on my instrument all the afternoon long. XZ is currently doing some big marketing studies. But we manage it well. I’m the only one who is fiancé and that goes well, my girlfriend never makes me crisis… in fact she does but not because of the music.


6- Tell us more about your lyrics that are based on the occult side (the name KABBAL is linked to this too). Why that choice and why not having choosen some texts that would be more on the social side or describing  a more concrete reality ?

Indeed our lyrics are more on the occult side, this is a pasionnating subject ; it was already done before but it’s  passionating. KABBAL, which isn’t the original spelling, means : mystic conspiracy (that means everythings !). I feel obliged to turn towards the occult and the esoteric to escape from that shitty world, that’s a fantastic way out. We aren’t into the social texts, there would be nothing interesting to say ! Moreover, I believe I wasn ‘t born in the good period ! Having said that, it’s not impossible that other subjects influence KABBAL in the future.



7- Are your texts written seperatly from the music, compared with what the song inspires you  or do you start working out a song from what the lyrics means ?

That’s a good question, I can tell you that we’re working with both ways since a few months. The approach isn’t the same and that’s interesting to compose in several manners.



8- Who composes in the band and how does the elaboration of a song works ?

I was composing everythings before but everyone brings his own touch now. In general, that’s better. Someone comes with a main idea and we develop it together.


9- Aside the chronicles in the big medias such as Metallian or Hard Rock Mag, we don’t hear many news from you. Is this due to a lack of time or by the fact you haven’t got the good contacts ? Do you think one band can manage in a positive way the promotion and the music without any external help (as label, webmaster or manager…) ?

Neither of them. KABBAL is a young band and we were only looking for something until now : finding a contract, without neglecting everything we could find. I don’t think that a band can manage his future without any label. Having said that, I send a call to the other bands : don’t trust the labels which are managed by people who are only interested in money. Take the time to discuss before signing.
A good promotion, concerts, good albums are necessary to the development of a band, but this is an organization that needs a lot of time and a lot of money. That why a label is needed to manage it.



10- As musicians, have you ever tried to play some other musical styles ? Perhaps you have some side projects that hasn’t got any link with metal… (or you may have metal projects)

We all have a lot of ideas about various projects, metal or not… But we’ll see that later.


11- What do you think about the underground french scene ? Have you ever been impressed by a french band or are there some with which you have good relations ?

The underground french scene is good. I think the missing thing in France is ONE big band, the one that would represent it, you see ?


12- Taking into account the fact the metallic pulsions come from an accumulation of frustrations due to a crushing  societized life, do you think a totally free individual living on an desert island can enjoy extreme metal ?

You has not to be frustrated to listen to extreme metal, well I think.



13- When thinking to much to the occult and dark side of existence, asking questions on the why of the how and listening to your own negative pulsions, one can be stucked between the why and the why not. Have you experienced these kind of things? Have you ever though about both the positive and negative aspects of playing a music that would be negative by what it expresses but also positive by the fact it makes you able to free you from your demons. Developp this idea if you want to.

I’ve never been thinking about these questions. It was natural for me to play brutal stuffs, to express what I felt. I could have made other kinds of art but life is too short… Although…


14- Are you the same personn in KABBAL and in everydays life ? If not, have you ever had some problems to manage this form of ambiguity ?

I’m the same one in KABBAL and in the « normal » life. That is not a trick, it’s useless to take the skin of a given personnality, there’s nothing authentic in it. We are pure !


15- Has the more spiritual and thought side on the nature of the human being that develop bands as PESTILENCE on « Testimony of the Ancients » ever interested you ? Otherwise, I advise you to pay attention to their lyrics on this album (which is very rich and contains tons of little details that are inaudible at the first listening).

Trisophiliac is a fan of this album and  informed me of this infatuation. Well, it is a reference with a subject that is more than spiritual. Many bands are doing albums that deserve many deep listenings to appreciate all its aspects. We gonna try to do as well, and even better.


16- What are the future projects of KABBAL ?

Concretely, we have signed a deal for 2 albums on DIAMMOND Productions and we’re going to provide our ways up until there.


17- Those last words are yours, thank for your answers.

We’re going to try to be original, thank you !



WEBSITE: http://www.kabbal.com