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INSANE ORDER Interview - Grindcore from France


INSANE ORDER Interview - Grindcore from France

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1. Hello. To begin with, can you make a little introduction to the band?

Hello, so Insane Order is a Grind Death band from Valenciennes, North of France, that really took form at the beginning of 2015 with the arrival of Greg on vocals, until then we were slowly implementing things with Stooph behind the drums, Jé at the bass guitar, and myself, Max, at the guitar. We began with gigs on the 31st of October 2015 and since then we did a nice amount of gigs in the area and a bit in Belgium.


2. Concerning your influences one can find NAPALM DEATH, for the death grind as well as the grindcore epochs... But then, which other bands would you quote? At this level do you prefer the newer of old school bands? Concerning grindcore, do you prefer the 80's, 90's or post 2000's?

We are in fact very influenced by NAPALM DEATH (All times), we could also quote BRUTAL TRUTH, VENOMOUS CONCEPT, CRIPPLE BASTARDS, TERRORIZER, MAGRUDERGRIND NASUM... We like a lot the right-to-the-point and quite punk aspect of these bands. I think there is some good to be taken in all these epochs, we all began listening to grindcore and death metal in the 90's so we obviously were very influenced by bands such as CANNIBAL CORPSE, MORBID ANGEL, PESTILENCE ,DEATH... Then came a whole wave of grind bands at the end 90's/ beginning 2000's, they released excellent album on the Relapse label for example (PIG DESTROYER, REGURGITATE, AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, ANTIGAMA, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, FUCK THE FACTS), without speaking about the French scene that also was quite an influence with BLOCKHEADS, INHUMATE, TREPAN DEAD...


3. What does INSANE ORDER stand for? Is there a link with an obscure lodge of the illuminatis? (Are you Freemasons? Huhu)

Ah ah! No there's nothing very sectarian behind it. You can interpret the moniker in different ways, first our kind of music remains structured and thoughtful despite of the extreme, fast and noisy sides, but it is also a reflection of the world's state: Under very ordered and hierarchical appearances it can be totally senseless and abject.

INSANE ORDER Interview - Grindcore from France

4. I was able to see you live a couple of times, while at the beginning I found you were trying to play grindcore, your more recent tracks are more kicking and the playing of musicians is more intense... Would you say “by grinding one becomes a grinder”, or perhaps there were few changes at the level of the unmentionable chemical substances you consume? lol

Lol The more we progress, the more we tend to get to the point. The tracks are shorter, more incisive and finally perhaps more grindcore than at the beginning. 


5. If I play some quiet music, will you like it or will you fall asleep?

No problem at this level, it all depends on the mood of the moment, I enjoy extreme music as well as a Dead Can Dance album. The four of us, we all have very wide tastes in music and it's not limited to grind neither to metal.


6. You are currently preparing an album. Can you describe its content a bit? At the level of the music, what will be the differences with the tracks we were able to hear live?

We are working on the album since some time already. Nothing was released since our beginnings so we wanted to make it a summary of these last two years, it will essentially contain tracks we play since the creation of the band. It will be entitled «Love, Tenderness and a Whole lot more about Human Behaviour" and will contain 12 tracks. It is a self-produced album we are recording with Antoine (Guitarist of The Witch), and I find it to bring our raw and incisive live aspect in a good manner.

INSANE ORDER Interview - Grindcore from France     

7. If I tell you BRUTAL TRUTH, what do you think about? Do you prefer their more classical beginnings (Let's say the first two albums) or the more twisted and crazier following?

We are working on a BRUTAL TRUTH cover taken from the "Need to control" album.
I'm personally a fan of this band, and even if the two first albums were important for me, I also enjoy what they did later. They really pushed the limits further on each album, to a point you often need several listenings to enjoy and detect every subtleties.


8. In which other outfits did the members of the band play in the past? I think your drummer used to be in KRASS-T a good couple of years ago...

Yes you're right, Stooph was the drummer of KRASS-T, I joined this band as a bassist for the last 2 years, after being a part of CHILI CON CARNAGE. Greg was the singer in FALLOIDE, he is also currently bassist and vocalist in FRENCH KYSTE.


9. When you play your songs live or during rehearsals, what are you thinking about? Do you focus your mind on a pessimistic subject or someone in particular to warm up the energies, or are the thoughts free flowing?

I will more precisely think about a subject or someone during the composition, I noticed I was more inspired to find riffs just after watching a L214 video or a Marine le Pen speech for example. This music is before all an outlet, when playing we do not think about it anymore, we discharge from all this shit, it's  quite healthy at the end.

INSANE ORDER Interview - Grindcore from France

10. I think you have released a very limited CDr demo, or am I too misinformed?

No, until then we were only able to put our fingers on the recording of a live gig, it was used on the web or on the radio but it wasn't released. The album to come will really be our first release.


11. And the band TERRORIZER, do you enjoy their music? Some peoples like only the first one (World downfall) while some like all their records...

It's one more band we cover, we often used to play "Fear of napalm" during the first gigs. So yes it's a big influence, but indeed mostly "World downfall". I listened to a bit of "Darker Days Ahead " and it's far from being a bad album, but I didn't listen to the last one.


12. If the music of INSANE ORDER was transposed in a techno universe, which kind of electronic music would it turn into in your opinion? Rather hardcore techno, gabber, breakcore, house, acid?

I only have a vague idea of what these styles sound like, what is the faster: Hardcore? Gabber? Or perhaps something à la Atari Teenage Riot, but it's not really techno anymore...

INSANE ORDER Interview - Grindcore from France   INSANE ORDER Interview - Grindcore from France

13. What do you listen to lately? Which recordings often came back in the players?

We will not necessarily speak about grindcore so much anymore, except for the last SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION album. I rediscovered this band during their gig at the Red studio and I really loved it. Lately I listened to quite a lot of black metal in fact, the last ENSLAVED, DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT, WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, DISSECTION... In a more doom sludge genre I liked DVNE a lot as well as the new MASTODON.
For Stooph lately it is MAGRUDERGRIND, INHUMATE, NAPALM DEATH, WARNING, YOB and BOWIE. And Greg also listens to a lot of IGORRR and DEATH GRIPS.


14. What are your future projects? Something cool to announce for the following months?

We mostly focus on the release of the album for the beginning of 2018, we'll use this opportunity to release a bit of merchandising. Then we hope to play a couple of gigs, we'll already play at the Biplan/ Lille on the 18th January with The Witch.


Page web: https://www.facebook.com/InsaneOrder