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1. Hello big Jean! What’s up in your caves? Is it bathing in Formaldehyde? Is the digestive process reaching the profound mode without any interference?

Yep cousin Gabby, everything is cool in my immense apartment in the middle of Lille that was financed by the sales of my zine… given for free. Champomy flows endlessly and there’s so much coke that my kitchen lacks of salad dishes, I had to borrow one from my alcoholic neighbor.
Everything is alright, I put a good old Bolt Thrower on my turntable to be in the right conditions and answer you putrid interrogatory. Lets go deeply darling, but be quite soft at the beginning, coz I’m back from travelling and my anus is irritated by the spices of Asiatic food.


2. IN EXTREMIS it’s a spurting being released on paper format since few years, under different forms being more or less close to the newsletter, or the fanzine, depending on the epoch… I won’t ask you a detailed summary of this shit  (AhAh), but all in all how many issues did you do ? (Including the changes of counting, the un-numbered issues, the special editions), what’s the average spread, and the bigger one? Which issue is the best in your eyes?

36 issues were released. There weren’t really changes of counting according to my remembrances, but only more or less experimental formats at an epoch, just to feel though… Or maybe I mixed everything, but skipping an issue wasn’t volunteer.
In fact, the first 10 issues were much bigger considering the amount of pages, but I slowed down to adopt a more convenient cruise-rhythm and now release thinner issues, but on an always regular basis… At least I tried to remain regular. Since quite some time, there’s 20 A5 pages per issue and I guess I’ll remain at this level, because it fits well my reviewing/ interviewing rhythm.
Each issue is spread to about 350 copies, sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less, it can vary depending on my possibilities to make few copies for free at work, or on the contrary when there aren’t enough peoples to buy adds... The best issue? Ouch, I don’t know, really, I don’t often read back my zines. And once a new issue is released, I’m already working on the following one. So I don’t have too much distance at this level.
Let’s say on a visual and global layout matters I kinda like the 29th issue (The one with Glaukom Synod, héhé) even if someone recently told me having reviews written on the whole length of a page is quite hard to read (One of my readers automatically felt on the previous line, and so he spent hours reading the same review as a loop, haha!), and it should be displayed in vertical columns since it’s written in very small letters.


3. Something surprising with IN EXTREMIS is the amount of reviews you come up with on a bi or trimentrual (Do not really remember) manner. I say to myself you should receive a big amount of promos… But there might as well be CDs you bought, traded, downloaded, or tape traded? Which ways of supply do you prefer? Does it take you a lot of time to finish a review, how many time to do you need to listen to a recording before throwing the mashed potatoes? (Never? Ah Ah ?p ; just kidding)… Did you find a tip to decompress space time once you’re enclosed in your castle to maximize the impregnation and rendering in putridity?

Sex, there’s nothing better to relax héhé! No, in fact I release a new issue every two months, even if this time things will be a bit slower coz I was away for two weeks. So two months for about 60 reviews makes about a review per day, it’s not a sea to drink. To be honest, some days I have absolutely no time to devote to the zine, so I make nothing… And other days inspiration flows as turbulent seas from my flaccid brain, and if I have the time I can write 4 or 5 things in a day.
And it’s true sometimes I have problems to sleep after 5 in the morning (… « I have thrills », special wink to those who were teenagers in the 80’s), and since I don’t like TV too much on a general basis, I prefer to listen to music and spell some nonsenses about it.
The amount of promos I receive from labels has decreased quite a lot since I stopped the radioshow. And many labels changed their way of working, now many send you a password so that you download their new albums directly on the web. No more postage costs for them, no more risks to see their promos sold in second hand shops or on Ebay. It’s fucking boring to spend time storming my brain on a virtual format, so I almost don’t review anything anymore from Nuclear Blast, Century Media, Metal Blade, Earache (Except when the CDs are physically materializing in my mailbox)… Even Dave Rotten does so with Xtreem music. So my reviews actually contain much more orders (While it was harder to speak about it when I got promos) from various French distros. Concerning downloads, I sometimes use it to have an idea, to know if I will or not invest money in a recording. If I don’t like it, I don’t talk about the band, on the other hand if I like it I choose to speak about it through a review.
Trades with my fanzine-neighbors are quite rare :  Jim (Deep Vein, Putrefactive Effect) sends me something from time to time, also you when I order something in your distro, and more seldomly Seb of La horde noire/ Osirion. In fact I was doing a enormous amount of trades with Pascal Berthon (Metal Fury, Pulmonary Fibrosis) before this bastard decided to leave this world.
To write a review, I often have to attack a release several times : Between the moment I listen to the record (It can vary from a single time… To dozens… Lately I’m quite trapped by the new Asmodée album : It’s excellent but I don’t know how to attack the writting). Between moments when inspiration kicks my ass severely, moments when I desperately creep in the void, and even when I occur to blow a fuse and throw everything away, there’s not really an average case.

4. Since you regularly release new issues and have built a little distribution network, IN EXTREMIS little by little becomes quite famous in the underground… It’s good, but when it can be stronger it’s better! So, what are the side effects and collateral damages of IN EXTREMIS niouzletter’s continuation? Did you receive love letters, surprising packages filled with vaginal hairs or bones from some pygmy hippopotamus ? Was your postal box hacked by promo stealers? And did you find enough free fellatio opportunities during the concerts in Lille (It’s numerous (The gigs) so it should make it héhé… For interested women : Does the Jean Pazola contain anymore juice ? Ah Ah)

Letters and emails from readers are quite rare in my case, it’s rather requests to get old issues (And then the guys say a little encouraging word), or then it’s reviews published in other zines. So, when it happens it makes you even more happy, I won’t hide it.
My number one fan is Cyril, a psychopath living in the Drôme and who sent me a dozen of ultra long letters. I had set some kind of regular contact with him, but don’t have enough time for him anymore (Sorry dude, if you read this), but this guy made me explode with laugh because of a so great writing style, a real talent in literary laughing.
Finally, the only strange package I received in these last 10 years of radio/ Founzine, I owe it to you.
It’s this admirable underwear, a gift that deeply touched my soul and still moves me each time I think back about it. You’ll notice I skip the fellatio part, because of not being very sensible to masculine crowd, even hairy, the most numerous during gigs in Lille. And since I keep on getting older, I try to avoid problems with minor girls.


5. What should a band do to be reviewed in IN EXTREMIS? (You’ll notice this comes just after the fellatio question, it’s not innocent AhAh). Do you prefer some formats in particular, or is it good to stick in your hears as long as there is sound? Which kinds of music do you currently dig?

Oh it’s simple, they just need to send me their last release, CD, vynil, or tape, everything from the pork is good. But please, no emails like « Go on our mysplash page »! Lately, and as always, I’m listening a bit of everything, with a preference for things around the black metal and death metal styles.
Fewer and fewer grind or hardcore, a bit of thrash, a bit of heavy to remind where I come from, and also quite a bit of doom lately. The new Bottle Doom Lazy Band squarely kills! Ah, this morning after waking up I listened to Tyrann, new black metal project with an ex-Tsjuder. It’s crazy how the split up of Tsjuder have given two disappointing outfits : First of all Krypt, and now Tyrann. A mountain gave birth to two mouses.


6. Do you think one day you’ll release again a bigger, A4 sized zine, to be really close to a big fanzine ? (The perfect thing to kick without leaving evidences !) Since this format has a tendency to come back (At least I see more newcomers) it could be possible… You could even associate with another zine-maker to make the project even more possible? And so, why doing everything by yourself? In fact the Jean Pazola seemed to be a rather sociable animal, would it hide an intransigent dictator refusing any compromise ?

Oh this is true, why doing everything all alone ? I never thought about it. It’s most probably for the same reason than you, I prefer to do everything from A to Z and not start getting in blabbers with other peoples who wouldn’t respect the deadlines or whose motivation would fade away after only 6 months.
No, the solo driving fits me well. Concerning a big issue of In extremis, I sometimes think about it, maybe taking every issues from a given year and re-release it altogether, with new layouts, additional illustrations, few funny articles taken from local press (I sometimes receive great ones) and to print everything in bigger fonts… I think the whole could be contained in an A4 zine of about 80 pages… But since I’m always late with the next issue to release, I’m not sure if it will really be done one day.
And also I’m not certain it could have a real interest for the readers who regularly get my newsletter.


7. How are you doing the design of the niouzletter? On Pc with Photoshop and Winword, or by hand with HUH glue (Not Uh Uh !), cissors and old « Chasing and fishing in France » magazines ? Are you rather manual or cybernetic at this level ? I know that for comics, the whole is done at a different size (About 1,5 times bigger) and then diminished… The result contains thinner lines… It could be quite good for metal zines, what do you think of it ?
Do you dream about a totally hand copied issue (Like the parchments of middle age), for texts as well as pictures ? I feel in you a burning desire to turn into a copyist monk! Up the tonsure!!

I’m first working on my Pc with word or something equal, I do a very clean layout with columns, trying to put as much as possible in the corners. And once everything is printed (Or sometimes done little by little as the pages are filled) I use the cissors/ glue armada and turn the whole mess into something a bit more old school. I personally prefer to read this kind of zines, so I also take quite a lot of pleasure when making it… Even if I’d like, as said above, insert more illustrations and strange things.
The background pictures are taken directly from CD booklets that looks cool, or from comics taken here and there. The handwritten attempts of some zines generally bore me, you need to have a very good writing… Mine is all shitty, somewhere between the medicine man and the parkinsonian analphabet. Apart from Kurgan of Duke/ Copula who did it very well, it generally looks all shitty and it takes more space than typed text. And space is paper, and paper is money.


8. What is the usual day of Jean Pazola like? Can you describe it a quite detailed way ? Is he allowed listening to music at work, and what kind of job is he doing ? (Whitout entering obscene details). Is the Jean Pazola turning into a strange sanguinary beast once he crossed the portal of his macabre dwelling place ? I imagine his house looks like a big hangar in which the walls would be piles of thousands of CDs and tapes…

Wake up at 7, preparation of my athletic body, clearing of my legendary hairs, teeth brushing to dispel the breath of jackal that uses the opportunity of sleep to invades the caves, and let’s go at work.
I work in an university library, a purely alimentary job and the days aren’t passionating, but it’s a sure job so no complain at all. I try to be agreeable with visitors (Especially visitress) even if I sometimes want to eviscerate someones because of the haughty position they show, to feed with their fuming entrails and invoke Lucifer, Belzebuth and the whole smala. My duties are split between welcoming the crowd, lending the books and the internal work eating half of my time.
In the basements of the university, there’s the morgue. What an hallucinating surprise the first time I came there. Some dismembered corpses are eviscerated on the tables, some heads lie in buckets waiting for dissection, there’s a vast formaldehyde ‘pool’ where corpses nicely await the triturating, aaargh it’s killer for any Carcass fan!!!
There’s not too much possibilities to listen to music at work, it wouldn’t be great for the home of a library (Hardly see me ask for silence later on). And we are already 4 in the same room, so I keep my musical tastes for when I’m at home, between 7 and 9 PM.
I’m living with a woman, without children (What for ?), I spend my money on albums and travels (We are just back from Cambodge). At home, the lack of space is becoming a problem, between the piles of CDs that can’t stop to grow and my stagnating collection of vynils that always takes quite some space. I wouldn’t mind moving in a bigger apartment, but according to the frightening prices of rents in Lille, I think I’ll remain there.

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9. Before being a spurting on paper format, IN EXTREMIS was also a radioshow, since quite some time as it seems you were already polluting the waves before 1998… Can you talk back about it for the metallers who might not have known? How many shows did you do all in all… And why did you stop? No enough listeners anymore, change of director, or miss Pazola was fed up with spending here nights all alone in front of the chimney ? And why the « In extremis » name, are you rather unorganized and the head in the clouds so that you always remember things at the very last minute, or is there a more serious reason ? (Don’t tell me « Because I might have become a father, but escaped my dick just before the crucial moment… » I wouldn’t believe it… You dirty Chti!)

Exactly, In extremis was before all a radioshow from April 1998 to September 2007 : Nine years, and something like a bit more than 400 weekly shows of about 2-3 hours, depending on the moment. I stopped because the pleasure wasn’t the same during the last years. Habits, lack of listeners, I left the thing coming, I didn’t decide on a rush, but the pressures due to the ones responsible of radio Rbm accelerated the thing. So, it was time to leave it rest. At the beginning I tried to set up a show again in Lille, trying to find a nice spot, on a more serious radio station. All I was offered consisted in shitty schedules, something like Wednesday between 12 AM and 1 PM, every two weeks (Rcv radio), it’s quite envying isn’t it? Or it was Pastel Fm but I would have to convert to Islam and grow my beard… Or on Campus who already had quite a lot of shows of the same kind, but then it was less interesting. Finally, when I think back about it, I say to myself nothing is missed.
I spend more time with my woman, drink really fewer and spend more time on paper, the radiological phasis is totally over as far as I’m concerned.
Your sources are right, before running my own show I was a part of Savage rock/ Metal magnetism, around 1998, on a now defunct radio station from Lens. Later I was on Radio Telex as an non-regular animator for the « nervous » music side. At this time, being a simple auditor, I often called the animators to ask them and play some more violent stuffs (Death, Coroner, Slaughter, Bathory, Dri, etc). But since they weren’t at all in the same delirium (They played only heavy or Fm hard rock) they invited me in the studio to play my albums. It was cool, it helped to get the bigger lines in few months, thanx to Philippe for initiating me to the technical side of things.
Concerning the In extremis name, you’re not far from the truth héhé. No, in fact I was searching for something extreme sounding, not particularly in French, but that could be understandable by French peoples. I had a flash one night, once my head was in the toilet bowl and I was vomiting the overload of vodka spiritus and hops, this name appeared to me as obvious.


10. Can you tell us a little anecdote about IN EXTREMIS, something funny, a quite swinging thingy that would pleasantly occupy the minds of those who are bored at work… Or isn’t there anymore at all ?… Snif… Don’t screw us, I know you’re full of crispy little cakes…

Héhé, I can eventually tell you more about the ceasing of the radio show : In fact we were always 5-6 friends to meet every Thursday in the rooms of the radio. At the beginning it was quite wise, and if quickly turned to weekly drinking sessions. Each took his pack of beer, and so the more the show move forward the more it became nonsense, with technical problems, serial gabbling, beast screams as background noise, etc. But at the end of august, after the summer vacations of 2007, we were so happy to get back together that we drunk a bit more than usual. And then… drama!! In fact we had taken the habit of pissing in the streets from the window at the first floor, when the night had fallen… Since there were no water closets in this fucking radio… But one of the guys was so full of alcohol (I guess who it was!) that he pissed before the window, everywhere in the room (Or his cock was too small?). Of course, we were all drunk and didn’t see it, so the following day when the big-boss came, it kinda looked like a mess… With the trash can full of cadavers… Verdict : No more show for 3 months, But well, as I told you it happened when my motivation totally volatilized. So, stop, I gave back the keys. That’s all father, you know everything… Will I be purged from my sins?


11. Question of a reader: Will there be fewer black metal in the next issues of IN EXTREMIS? Spikes are nice, but we have eaten enough…

Ah, it’s the recurrent problem for some readers. Black metallers think there’s never enough, while the allergics find there’s too much. Personally speaking, I wouldn’t count the amount of reviews of each genre, I speak about what comes in my hands, that’s all. Open your minds dudes, listening to various kinds of music isn’t blasphemous infidelity, and I remain convinced I’m still very much into metal after all these years because of the very varied kinds of sub-styles it offers…


11b. Question of a feminine reader : Why isn’t there any photo of the Jean Pazola in IN EXTREMIS newsletter ? Is this animal too sensible to flash lights ?

My goals are passionate, I don’t need to be known/ recognized. There are already the posing bands, I find it ridiculous, so I won’t begin the same game myself. I once thought about showing my cock on the cover, but the zine « La legion underground » took the idea before. And in this case peoples could have recognized me!


11c. Question of Sas de la bitumière: I want to order a full advertising page on the cover of the next IN EXTREMIS issue, what are your prices ?

Since a little bit of time, it’s true some adverts are inserted, but never more than an A5 page… It really helps me to xerox the 350 copies each time, and also to cover the postage costs.
My prices, that were recently lowered, are the following : Full page = 60 euros, Half page = 30 euros, ¼ page = 15 euros.


11d. Question of Mr Skow:  When Jean Pazola was a child, did he dream of becoming a pizza maker?

No, rather a professional footballer, mister. But I had to face the truth: During a cycle in the local sporting club from Fouquières, I never made a goal. I own two left feet.


 12. If you didn’t find this interview deep or detailed enough, I leave you this free space so that you could maximize the philosophical, informative or technical percentage (This could eventually be the merchandising question… But please, don’t evoke your list of transvestite clothes, neither your collection of slippers in wool of Turkish pig… We are serious peoples!)

Don’t be afraid, it was a pleasure to answer, especially since I did it in several parts to lower the anal deformities. Well, I have no philosophical reflection right now, so it’s time for the promotion, so those who have read this interview until the end can receive an issue of In extremis whenever it’s released, just again some stamp... Each older issue could also be yours for the same price… And you could also subscribe sending as many stamps as issues. stamps (Notice it was basically for French peoples… Not sure for foreigners/ Gab)Héhé, I think everything is said now.


13. What are the future plans of IN EXTREMIS? Maybe my lord Jeannot de la Pazzoyöle wants to reactivate his radiophonic pulsions through a webradio? Are there unexpected things in work, or will you keep on following your unrestrained rhythm a comfortable way? You can conclude, it’s finished, the doors are closing, we’ll have to go…

No particular projects in mind, releasing few more issues of In extremis would already be correct. And as I told you before, my radiophonic fiber isn’t blasting anymore, so I definitely put an end on that. Who knows, maybe I’ll do a fucking hellish radioshow with Pascal Berthon the day we’ll meet in hell, I even don’t imagine how it would be (According his taste for drinking). Thanx for this space of expression in your webzone, I want to remind that I began my fanzining activities in part thanx to you (… Or because of you), through the Hertzcorrupt website that pushed me in this adventure… Later amigo!