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1. Hello! Introduce IMPUREZA to our readers! Year of creation, preliminaries, fornications, abortions, births… Say the necessary to warm the blood of the spectators.

Hello to you, to answer your question, IMPUREZA was born in 2004. The basis of the band is Leño (guitars) and myself. Leño was just free from the split of his band DESPOTISM and I left INNERFEUDS. After few beers, we wanted to create a band mixing death, hardcore and black metal. But it wasn’t totally satisfying until Leño played me his flamenco songs and we had the idea to mix both styles together. After two drummers who temporary helped us, Yann from HDK (HxC) and Yan of Shedding Skin, Guillermo and Gorio (2 previous members of INNER FEUDS) joined our adventure…


2. IMPUREZA is composed of 3 previous INNER FEUDS members. The style of the two bands is quite different, even if it both evolved in some kind of brutal death. Why did you stop INNER FEUDS to focus on IMPUREZA? What are the differences between the two bands? Was there an upheaval of consciousness at the origin of the band?

In fact, I left INNER FEUDS, because this band was starting to focus too much on ultra technical riffs to forget the musical emotions. The music was becoming too cold for my tastes. The main difference with INNERFEUDS lies in the fact we are there to have fun before all, and we try to let the taste of each musician get into the ring. The band is more democratic and the atmosphere is saner. On a musical point of view, some acoustic parts are present in IMPUREZA, there’re also the Spanish vocals. We do not enclose ourselves into clichés to sound 100% Brutal death, even if it’s our favorite style. We try to express emotion and power. But IMPUREZA isn’t either a minimalist band on a technical point of view, the technical side is here, but just the necessary.


3. Your lyrics are in Spanish, it brings an original touch to the way the vocals sound! Did you do some good promotion in the countries where Spanish dominates? And what are their feelings?

The demo entitled « Y CORRERA TU SANGRE » was released at the beginning of the year, but we weren’t able to do a decent promotion because of professional events. We’re currently working on it, and the demos begin to circulate. The few gigs we have done helped us to spread it to more than 200 copies. We are very happy!!! We have some very good feedbacks and the offers begin to set in. As Leño has Spanish blood, he will spread a nice amount of demos in there, and the few ones already circulating had a nice feedback, we wait.
But peoples like the Spanish sung vocals and often sing some of it live. « La checa del perverso » has quite hallucinating live feedbacks, peoples sing. It’s very pleasant to share it with the metallers.

4. Are you able to speak Spanish in your daily life, or did you have to work it again for the needs of the band? The French bands of the 90’s had spelling problems with the English language, so the feedbacks of the english-speaking metallers were sometimes full or irony… So here comes my question: Was it a problem to have your lyrics sound correctly in Spanish?

I don’t speak Spanish very well, contrary to leño. But I have few basis and I’m able to correctly write a text. I’m still doing few mistakes that has to be corrected by Leño (in fact there are still quite a lot of, but I’m working hard on it). So it’s really more difficult to write the lyrics, but this language is much more musical in my opinion, it has more relief at the level of the spelling. It’s very interesting to sing another language than in English, contrary to many bands. At the level of breathing, it’s a real challenge, because one has to expulse more air in Spanish than in English. In Spanish it’s really more chaotic, because there are lots of sounds and letters coming from the throat, such as the jotas and other specificities of the language.

5. Your brutal death reminds me of a sulfurous melting between some NILE, the old INCANTATION/ IMMOLATION releases, some less extreme and some influences being not obvious with only 2 songs… And maybe a bit of DECREPIT, ROTTREVORE, or some other forgotten Brutal death bands. Tell us more about the bands that influenced you, and those which albums are regularly played a lot on your Hi-Fi, the brutal way!  

Personally speaking, I’m a very big IMMOLTATION fan!!! Their last album is a pure killer one!! We all listen to brutal black, death, hardcore and we each have our faves: Gorio is very much into black metal, Guillermo is an Heavy metal fan. Leño is a big fan of Paco de Lucia. He has a totally acoustic/ metal project entitled AZTLAN.


6. During your promotional campaign on the French metal boards, you introduced your style as BRUTAL FLAMENCO! This added to the fact your moniker doesn’t especially sound Death metal nor extreme at first sight (until one has understood it’s meaning : « Impurity ») didn’t especially turn me on to listen to IMPUREZA! (Shame for me). Do you try to voluntary avoid the clichés of brutal death? The few IMPUREZA tracks I know contain few flamenco parts, is it the case of the other songs ?

The songs of the demo are the first ones we wrote. The flamenco influence remained quite limited, contrary to the newer songs we composed. But if you pay a little bit attention to this, the riffs sound different than normal brutal death, since it has themes coming from the flamenco movement. It’s not obvious at the first listening, but sometimes it can be heard. We are going to record some new songs, because since Gorio and Guillermo joined us, we have enlarged our musical capacities and it can be felt in the songs. The last songs really have an Iberian color.

7. Do you know some other metal bands being influences by flamenco? I think there should be some heavy metal bands somewhere, and maybe some black metal ones… But are there some that use both Brutal death and flamenco influences?

I surfed the web and I found few bands having this particularity. But I couldn’t quote them. In Italy for example, I think there’s a band of this kind, but they sing in English. I don’t know about another band melting brutal death and flamenco altogether, but it probably exists.


8. What do your lyrics deal with?

The lyrics are clearly anti-confessional. It deals with the way the religion, whatever it might be, work to alienate yourself. The message of IMPUREZ is "No fe! No ley! Cree en tu!" No belief, no law, believe in yourself! ». We come back into time to show these abuses, it can be antic or current stuffs; from the beginnings of deification to the current religious extremists and all the sects (some real menaces we have to stop).


9. How do you think will be the evolution of IMPUREZA on a musical point of view? Have you got some projects or a clear future vision that can’t necessarily be done during the first years?

We have no long-term projects, but we clearly set goals, such as the will to spread the message of IMPUREZA through every European gig-places. We will begin a very interesting amount of gigs, including a mini tour in France, Belgium and Holland with COLLISION (Deutsche HxCx), we’re working on the booking and few nights lack to complete this travel. We’ll also play with GOJIRA, GTI and NESSERIA on the 14th October at the ASTROLABE (Orléans) and this will be a fucking fist!


10. At the time, INNEFEUDS were a part of CRIMINAL RECORDS (IMPERIAL SODOMY, DEVILIUM), a label that later stopped its activities before releasing something with you. Tell us more about the decease of CRIMINAL. Do they remain active in the underground? Do you know what they’re currently doing of their lifes?

CRIMINAL RECORDS was a super label, and Guillaume (the boss) had to stop it because of personal problems! It’s really a shame, because he was very active, he set a crazy tour with INNERFEUDS, DEVILIUM and IMPERIAL SODOMY and it was really great! This label was really close to the bands. I’m still in touch with the guys of IMPERIAL SODOMY and DEVILIUM. IMPERIAL was signed and has released a quite impressive album! It’s a quite killer band. Concerning DEVILIUM, that’s over, but all the previous members are a part of BELEF, an hallucinating Brutal black metal band. The brutality has nothing to envy to the amount of alcohol they can drink!! We’ll tour again with you whenever you want guys!!!


11. The remaining member of INNER FEUDS went to form a brutal death band called SUPREMACY, and released a demo. Can you introduce us to this band? What do you think about their music?

In fact when I left INNER FEUDS, the guys of the band wanted to change the band’s name, because the gore sex/ anticlerical edge didn’t please them anymore. In fact, SUPREMACY was INNER FEUDS, under another name. The demo of SUPREMACY was infact the demo of INNER FEUDS, but it was re-recorded, simply because I wasn’t here anymore. But SUPREMACY stopped, Guillermo and Gorio joined us in IMPUREZA.

12. What are your feelings about the French Brutal death and Death metal underground scene? We have quite a lot of good bands that decently kick some ass! Which ones do you know? Whose are your friends?

The bands are active enough, and the quality keeps on improving. But the problem lies in the fact fewer and fewer rooms for gigs are available. So the bands really have problems to express themselves. It’s a real shame because we have a very active scene.
We’re good friends with GORGASM (Bordeaux) who shreds a lot. Concerning the brutal bands I can quote IMPERIAL SODOMY, BELEF, NAILSHEAD, GTI, NECROFIST, SHEDDING SKIN, NESSERIA, DEMOSYS, IMPLY IN ALL, LENG TCHE (We met them during a gig, and they are really cool) FUCK OFF FUR AND THE PUTRID SOUND, COLLISION… But I won’t quote all my contacts! lol!!!


13. If flamenco was an alcohol-induced brevage, what would it be?

Argh, important question… mmmmh… tequila for the Hispanic edge.


14. If brutal death was a breawage, what would it be?

The beer of course!! But vodka would be very welcome in this case, for the fact it turns your head inside out!


15. If I asked you to create a special ‘IMPUREZA’ cocktail mixing these two brewages together, would you achieve to drink it all? Lol  If you wouldn’t, what would be the best ‘IMPUREZA’ special cocktail in your opinion?

To mix tequila, vodka and beer would surely beer a vomitous coktail. But well, when you’re are well shredded, it might be drinkable lol !!
The ‘IMPUREZA’ cocktail? This one is easy, a zest of tequila, some virgin blood, a bit of strawberry sirup, a little bit of menthol, a portion of vodka, a bit of brutality, quite a lot of lemon, a lot of cojones, few ice cubes, mix everything well and serve this shit with some tapas !!
Allright, and be thirsty!


16. You told me you want to do as many gigs as possible! Describe a concert of IMPUREZA ! Do you use some special visual elements such as almost nude dancing women? ;-) I hope you don’t try to dance the flamenco during your songs Arh Arh!

We thought about the dancing women, speaking about it we had few offers (that’s true). Why not. A gig of IMPUREZA is OOOoobviously fucking unique! Lol
We give a lot of ourselves, and when it’s over we’re dead. We try to brand the brain of the crowd, both on a visual and musical point of view! We also communicate a lot with them. We also play a cover song, depending on the other bands scheduled.

17. Allright, the interview is almost over. You’re free to tell more about your future projects and conclude the brutal way. Thanx for the answers.

Thanks a lot for your interview. Long life to your projects.
No fe, no le, cree en la Impureza!!!!
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No fe, no le, cree en la Impureza!!!!


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