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HUTT is a cool Grindcore band from Brazil that left me said "Cool" with their first demo while they surprised me and refreshed my full of dusk and sexy necroses putrid brain with their first album released few months ago! I decided to send them an interview to learn more about this underground as fuck band. Unfortunately their english isn't good, so the answers are quite short... But this is not a reason to stop drinking!!

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1. Hello! What's up in Brazil? How many packs of beer did you destroy today? Hu! Do an introduction to HUTT since you're still a very underground band!

HELLO GAB!!! Hutt was formed in 2002, we met each other by chance, in a rehearsal doing jam sessions, just guitar, drums and vocal, that continued like this until today...( no bass!!!) When we made few songs, we recorded our demo “miseravel” and we started making shows

2. What does HUTT means? Is it a portuguese word, or is it linked to the english word 'Hut'? Do you know the SODOM album "Get what you deserve" and the track "Jabba The Hut"? Uh!

Hutt is the name of Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars

3. Your first demo was raw as fuck with a non stop blasting drummer, your new album "Sessao descarrego" has a better production towards guitars: more cleaner and more powerfull. I'm now able to understand the riffs! Ah Ah.  Uh! What kind of studio did you visit to record this album? How much did you  pay? Your first demo"Miseravel" was recorded on a 4 tracker, right?

Our first demo was recorded at the studio of the "Are you god?" guys, we recorded fast because its was just a demo and we had few band-time and we don't have money, we still haven’t....  When we decided to record a cd, We had a lot of songs and recorded at “Da Tribo studio” with Ciero (our friend) which already recorded a lot of bands here in brasil, like Krisiun, Claustrofobia ...its a very good studio and we were satisfied with the final result. We pay R$1320,00 --- almost U$ 500.

4. Most of your tracks are very short, about 1 minute long! So your 28 tracks album is about 30 minutes long! Hu! Does it come from the early Grindcore like NAPALM DEATH, S.O.B (who had a bunch of short tracks) or from the Noisegrind like ANAL CUNT (who have many short noises)? Do you think short tracks are more extreme?

We are very influenced by Napalm, I think we didn't get to play long songs, ahahah!!!! No, that is just the way that we know how to play, who knows one day will make larger songs.

5. I think a nice idea would be to play a 15 minutes long track just in the middle of an album full of 1 minute long tracks, many grind bastards would get nervous! Uh!

To place one song like this in the middle of the album could help to be different, it could be a little tiresome, since the music are very short.!!!

6. All your lyrics seems to be written in Portuguese, so I didn't understand most of it... but there seems to be some social subjects, some brutality... What do your texts deal with? Why didn't you write these in english? It's cool to grunt in your birth language... maybe you do not want the Europeans, Americans and Asians to understand your brutal message? Hu. Are we at least hallowed to listen to your music??

Our lyrics are in portuguese because it's our mother-language, and our english sucks a lot Ahaah !!! They basically treat of the men's weaknesses, if you want the translation, write for us...we'll try to translate it...

7. The diversity of your music shows you have quite open minded tastes! There are some old school and new school grind, some Death metal, plus few Hardcore, rock'n roll, noise elements all mixed together in your songs. Uh. Tell us more about what kind of music you like, and what you don't! Some Grindcore/ Grindgore bands like AHUMADO GRANUJO are fans of Techno and eletronic music and use some techno interludes in between most of their songs... What do you think of it? Would you use some techno interludes in HUTT?

Each one of us has several influences, but Appezzato ( vocalist ) is the one who listens the most to various kinds of music. We like Ahumado Granujo but we didn't like their electronic music touches a lot... but nothing certain, one day we might use some effect or any thing of the type... but of course will always play metal.

8. Your influences seem deeply cast in the Grindcore scene, your music sounds like some DISCORDANCE AXIS, BIRDFLESH and others old/new school Grind outfits, but I also found some pretty old sounding morbid Death metal riffs... that might sound like some old IMMOLATION!! Uh!!! What about old school Death metal? What are your fave bands of this kind? The real obscure and morbid Death metal seems to be back to kill more morons and haunt our cadaveric craniums to death!! What's your opinion about it?

We love Morbid Angel, Deicide, Cannibal corpse.... we hope more and more bands of this kind will appear!!!!

9. On a matter of composing music, I guess most of your ideas comes from jams and improvisations during rehearsals... but tells us more about it! Uh. Who composes the most in the band? Is there a "boss" who say what's good and what isn't?

NO ahahah! There's no boss... we make our music during the rehearsals, but most of it comes from the guitar player. After Leandro ( guitar ) comes with a riff, some fights happen and we set up the music ahahahah !!!!        







10. Your drum machine is very fast! It's so well programmed it almost sound like some good old Grindcore drummers by moments! lol. Does it need a lot of beers and practices to be efficient? Uh Uh!

Thanks, aahahha!!!!!!!!!!! But, NO, drink is a shit , ahaha!!!!!!!

11. Your album is now released on the brazilian label 2+2=5 Records! Tell us more about this label that sounds quite unknown in France. Is he doing a good promotional work? Did you receive many labels offers for the full-length? Did you choose to sign with 2+2=5 because he had the best offer, or because he's from your country and it might be easier to deal and communicate with him? Uh...

We chose that label because Douglas ( 2+2=5 recs/ Life is lie ) is our friend and he runs a good label here in Brazil. He is spreading our cd very well. He released Rot, Are you god?, Lymphatic Phlegm--- great brazilian bands!!!!!!!, plus Depression/Mesrine split cd, Unholy grave/Anarchus split cd, Eyehategod.... http://www.2plus2equal5.com

12. When I released my compilation CDr "El grinding mafiozos", I sent some copies to an Italian guy who seemed a bit afraid of the title and thought he could have problems with these since the Italian Mafia is said to be very strong! Hu. He even asked me if I was dealing with mafiozos and shits! Hé hé! Are Mafia and terrorism big things and terryfing shits in brazil? How does the "El grinding mafiozos" title sounds in your hears? (Apart from the orthograph errors... Uh.)

This mafia shit doesn't exist in Brazil.

13. This last year, most of the underground Brazilian death metal bands I heard were trying to play something in the vein of KRISIUN. Most of them didn't sound that good since they don't have the skills and experience to play that fast (More years of practice are needed...). Are KRISIUN so famous in Brazil? Are the KRISIUN influenced bands numerous, and isn't it quite trendy to sound like KRISIUN in Brazil? Uh??

Many bands in here are influenced by KRISIUN, but sometimes it's so weird because they are really trying sound like them, and it's very very hard !!!! KRISIUN has a lot of practice in his work (many many years), so, they're really good....they’re famous in here!!!! But that is good for the fact of being always playing extreme metal...

14. Is the weather in Brazil so hot and the sun so shinning, or do you often have bad epochs of mourning skies, pissing gods and threathening thunderbolts? Do you think the weather can influence a band's music? For exemple, in Norway they have a cold weather of shit and many woods, so most of them play trollish melodic "black metal" with high-flying keyboards and other gay shits, some of them record gay video clips while they play like children in the snows... HU!!!

No, the weather doesn't matter.

15. What's your opinion about cyber gore grind projects ran by bored teenagers? In my opinion it's a real plague when these teens release and sell their shit... Uh!!

Each one makes the sound style that finds appropriate for himself...

16. If you could be a part of few Tribute albums, which ones would it be? Would cover some famous pop or rock'n roll songs and slaughter these with blast beasts and aggressive screams? Hu Hu.

We would like to do a tribute song to DAMN NERO !!!!

17. Do you often play gigs with HUTT and do you drink many beers during gigs? Are the beers an essential element for HUTT? Are you able to kick the barman's fat bottom when you are too drunk? Hu??

We play in any conditions, with or without beer....

18. What's the best pleasure: Brutal music, brutal beer or brutal fuck? Give us the names of your fave beers and pornstars! Uh! ^_^

All this is a beauty !!!

19. Allright, final question, it's now time for you to conclude this interview! Please do not pay attention to the many"Hu"s in the questions, there's actually a Big HUUuuus epidemy in France and were are polluted with Hhhuuu! Hu??! Playing good old metal classics like CELTIC FROST's "To Megatherion", "Emperor's return" and "Morbid tales" seems to be the right way to solve this strawberry milk problem! HHHHHHUUUUuuuu!!!!!! BEER METAL ATTACK!!! Thanks for your answers and bye bye!

Thank you Gab for the interview!!!!!!!! And sorry, our english sucks!!!!!


 Label: http://www.2plus2equal5.com
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