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1. Hello! Since HEAVING EARTH is a quite freshly formed band, few peoples already know you and a little introduction would be welcome.
When did you create the band? Did you immediately begin with this kind of Death metal, or did you need a bit of time to find the style you really want to play? Where the musicians a part of other outfits that might have released something to morbidly greet the dead?

Hail to goat!
Ok. Our band is called Heaving Earth. Heaving Earth was formed on the fall of the last year. So it means we are actually young band, but we played in several bands. I am not sure if you know bands like Ahumado Granujo, Intervalle Bizzare or Uprise. Where some of us used create music. Did we need to find style? No, our core needed to find right line up:-) Honestly this was the strangest for us to create Heaving Earth. Band lives in our heads around 3-4 years but we did not have any guitarist. Reason? Our guitarist Tomas is originally bass player. For us was impossible to find guitarist with right feeling so Tomas started to play on guitar:-)) But we never practiced before we were like ok one day maybe we will start to make death metal. Then Tomas met Patrik and like right Czech we went to the pub to drink several ( maybe is better write to tons of :-) beers and seriously begin to speak about creating dark, extreme death metal band. So now I'm here answering your question.


2. This second question is as old as the older first fanzines that came out from the underground metal scene of the very first months... But it still works quite well: "How would you define your music? What are your strongest influences?"

Define our music is quite easy for me:-) Extreme death metal in the vein of Immolation, Hate Eternal, Morbid Angel, Incantation and many more...If you like these bands maybe is the reason to try to listen to our music.


3. The promo demo that was released few months ago contains two songs, each showing a kinda different face of the band... While the first one is strongly influences by IMMOLATION, the second one is more in the middle of HATE ETERNAL and some Us(?) brutal death metal in my hears... So what should we expect from other HEAVIGN EARTH tracks? Rather some obscure death metal like the first track, or some brutal stuff like the second track, or something to evolve between both?

Something between! How I wrote we are actually influenced by both bands you have mentioned in your questions. We are mixing dark feel of mighty Immolation and blasting Hate Eternal work. What you can expect something between these two main influences with some touch of Morbid Angel, Gorguts, Suffocation and more. The main influence for us is extreme death metal. If I can describe it to you, we are composing dark, extreme blasting death with the best dark influences you can imagine haha...

4. The IMMOLATION influence is pretty nice, I think you have understood the style of the band quite well, and so some of your riffs sound nicely obscure of hypnotizing! You must be big fans of this Us band's obscure Death metal... Did your approach of musical composition always turned around these immolated sounds, or did it slowly appear after years and years or meticulous fanatic listening? What are your face Immolation albums? Do you like their "lighter" evolution on the latest stuffs?

Thanks a lot Gab! What I can write for that? I'm unbelievable happy that someone feel our music as you feel it! In my case I always preferred darker stuffs. I'm huge fan of Immolation since „Here In After“ ( listening Infamy right now ). Our composition is interesting thing. I mean evolution of that. Tomas, Jirka ( since 1998 to the end ) and me ( since 1997 to the end ) played in the last line up  of Intervalle Bizzare ( I don't know if know IB songs ) and honestly we played maybe a bit more weird music. But when the band was broken and we have an idea to play something actually dark because all the bands around were more modern and modern...and We still missed that obscurity in their music you' ve mentioned. So it's that how we feel that now and several years before. Immolation they are great! I don't know which one is the best. Failures, Here, Dawn? Close? Hard to say. I think it depends what kind of obscurity I need haha...Late era of Immolation I like it, but the best is one of the first four albums. Hey we had a great party here with Ross and Rob in one pub here! ( They had vacation here after their last tour ) Actually great guys and legends of the purest darkness.


5. On matter of compositions, which other bands would you quote as influences? How do you generally proceed to build new tracks: Is one of the musicians responsible for most of the vomiting musick, or is it rather a whole band effort? Do you need to be in a special mood to extract the swallowing obscurity and hypnos-maelstrom, or does it happen to appear anywhere at anytime? (I know it can be hard to materialize great ideas when you're at work, especially if you're not comfortably sat in the same room all day long)

Interesting question. We know that our music will be dark death metal and that's the musical way we prefer! Of course some of our riffing can be maybe more influenced by Suffocation ( for example ) but still have that right dark feeling in our music. Always waiting for right infected ideas that make enough persuaded to continue in our work. Honestly we never wait to long:-)))) The most generative is our guitarist Tomas, he is also father of Heaving Earth idea. Patrick also made some of the songs. I'm writing all of lyrics, I'm still persuaded that's my work.
Other influences? Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal, Fleshtized, Diabolic, Incantation, Suffocation, Deeds Of Flesh, Gorguts, Pestilence, Krisiun, Dead Congregation and many more....


6. Some metalheads might have noticed your moniker is actually the title of a MORBID ANGEL song, hopefully for you it's not their most famous song (I'm not sure if I'd really feel hot to check out a band called "Altars of madness" or "Chapel of ghoul")... Tell us a bit more about your taste for Trey Azagtoth's works... Spirit and thoughts behind the music... Favorite albums... Favorite album artworks... You might also have built a meaning of your own for the "Heaving earth" word combination, if so tell us a bit about it...

I remember when I was 15 years old and saw in one magazine that David is leaving Morbid Angel. Was quite bad new for me! I waited for a new recording. Then came „Formulas Fatal To The Flash“ with Steve Tucker on David's place. I was amazed! „Heaving Earth“ the evidence of force! This is what „Heaving Earth“ symbolize for me. It's actually something inside of me and always ll!
So „Heaving Earth“ is for me a symbol for unbreakable creativity or unconquerable spirit of their music. Why we choose this name for some of our members it's a symbol of reincarnation of pure death metal. Song of the biggiest death metal band ever! Tribute to Morbid Angel, tribute to the creativity to this band! Excuse me I will not write more about Trey's music and his lyrics too...too many things I can write you know:-)))))

7. The kind of Death metal HEAVING EARTH plays is quite uncommon for a Czech band! Few years ago, Czech republic was famous in the underground for its brutal death and grindcore bands, your country procreated some of the most "famous" names that circulated in the paper zines of the bowellish underground... But now, a big part of these bands has fallen into oblivion and stopped playing their brutality... Why didn't you follow the style of your underground ancestors? Did you like their kind of sounds, or did it lack something special that could have kicked your ass big a big "D" (for dick héhé)... Do you know what these bands and musicians have become and what about the health of the scene from the Cze Cze land? (The land of the Cze-cze fly??)

Ancestors? I don't know because we feel music in this way? This is the right reason. Actually it's too simple! I'm almost former member of Intervalle Bizzare and I have no clue how to continue with music  like that. I guess that you can mention other and other bands from Czech republic but their music never influenced me so much like music these evil bands from USA, Canada, Holland or in these days band from Italy, Australia etc. It's my opinion and music how I feel that. Their sound is cool but I prefer bands from other countries that fit better what I want from death metal.
Hey I'm on scene over 10 years so if you have particular questions on some Czech bands I can write to you a lot of information but don't have idea where I can start! Here is definitely stronger grindcore then death metal. So feel to write me for more and particular info no problem to get it! Cze-Cze fly? French people many times thinks that Cze Cze republic is somewhere in Africa:D I can tell little mystery we have Cze Cze agents in French band called Zubrowska especially Nutz speaks pretty cool in Cze Cze language and drink a lot of Cze Cze beer:-)))))


8. Concerning gigs, do you often play some and how does it occur? How are the reactions of the crowd and do you let them invade the scene to burn pork heads, fuck sexy nuns and other things like that? Which bands did you play with? In which countries did you perform?
If you had more funds, would you like to offer something special on a visual point of view (Such as someone painting live in the back of your gigs, spike-swallowers, or even cum-swallowers ahahah) or would you invest this money in other matters such as guitars, recording or promotion?

We shall play on 20th December our first gig so I don't know yet:-))) Our crowd? Don't be crazy Gab! Our crowd will be filled with truly musical philosophers like King Diamond, Rob Halford! You know that pure metal heads ( with leather pants with hole...ehm ) Countries where we played? With Intervalle Bizzare, Ahumado Granujo or Uprise we played in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Holland...maybe more I'm not sure hehe... Visual point of view? I don't think so. I think that for playing good death metal gigs is important to have good amps be prepared enough in musical way. No war paints, no bitches, no ghouls...


9. On a matter of promotion, I noticed this 2 tracks promo demo wasn't releases for real; It's only available for free download on your myspace page... My curious question is: Why didn't you release it for real? Are you too lazy, do you lack funds or do you think the myspace downloads will be enough help for now? These last few years, I have problems to understand these bands who do not release their music at all, because Mp3s are so volatile and numerous than the probability for your music to get lost and forgotten is so strong... At least, even if a release of 100-1500 CDr units costs a bit of money, it's something material that exists for real, and whose effects could have a second life in 3 months, then 6 months, then 10 months when peoples will check it again at home... Or when they'll give it to another metaller...
Sometimes this myspace wave seems to be so out-of-touch with the realities of music fans... Well, do you think I own the mind of an old fart? Lol

Well reasons why don't want to release these songs are bit more! We have on line three downloadable songs! I know it's like a little present for death metal fans. These song were recorded in practice space and however I heard releases with worse sound this is not that way I can release our songs and want money for that! The next reason is We wanted to start with promo then we play live. In my opinion this is not ideal way how to exist but still in this way can find underground label for our full length cd ( maybe:-))))))))))). You know what I mean. Don't get me wrong I would like to make professional recording with dark brutal production and maybe make reason for several fans to buy a cd. The next thing is why We posted on-line our songs is for organizer will be easier to tell us can you play? Etc. ...We're on the death metal scene a bit longer time ( like musicians and also like fans ) and we choose this way because all of the ways of death metal starts in the deepest underground! So let's get it download it then you can decide if our band has sense or not!

10. On a purely promotional point of view, what where the feedbacks to this promo? How many reviews and interviews did you receive? Maybe there were some radioshows to play it?

:-)))) We had only two reviews on myspace http://www. myspace. com/deathdesignmetalreview and in your webzine. And what is curious, this is my third interview with Heaving Earth:-)))) Can you tell me why people dislike to write reviews on downloadable promos but likes interviews with downloadable musician?:-))) Reactions on our music are better then I expected. I'm kind of sceptic person. What makes me pretty happy that several fans wrote they like our music that's the main thing! But seriously I would to thanks on this place to Jan ( Transcend 666 ) Giulio and Hour Of Penance, Andrea and Imposer, Olivier ( Liquid Of Life ), Mortuary ( Necrosphere zine ), Frenky and Killchain, Sead and Mortally Infected and Gianni Baiano for their support!


11. Do the members of HEAVING EARTH play in other musical project, produce other kinds of art such as paintings, drawings or something like that? What are you doing on everyday's life, what kind of jobs? Are you married and do you still live at your parent's house? (I'm a fat homosexual sultan, and I need 4-5 more men to complete my harem... I hope you cze-cze bastards know very special things about sex Ah Ah Ah!)

Nothing special only our drummer has grindcore band called Uprise ( I'm writing lyrics for them ). I wrote a several reviews for http://marastjakcyp. com and cooperating a bit with my good friend Jan from http://transcend666. com or worked for Brutal Assault festival myspace. Ok all of us have day jobs Patrik and Jirka work in shop with musical instruments, Tomas is a bookseller and me? ADSL helpdesk it means that I'm something like Richmond from „It Crowd“:-))) Beside of Jirka we are single guys. I'm sorry to all homosexual sultans. I'm gothic straight edge death core jazzy breakdown guy...but I have question... are you blond?:-))))


12. Is Deathcore any good in your book? Since "Deathcore" can take various meanings depending on the epoch (Or even country?) I will quote few time-patterns to let you answer with a bit more precision... So we can have the Deathcore that appeared before 1996 and inserted old school (sometimes groovy) hardcore in quite simple old Death metal songs... It's the basic meaning of the word... Then you also had the Deathcore that might have appeared around 2001 and showed a mixture of brutal death metal and brutal hardcore or something... Sometimes it's simply Us Brutal death with more corish patterns or a groovy approach that has some corish attitude... Then you also have the later deathcore to appear these last years and show something more plastic, zoubida and sometimes even EMO... This last one doesn't contains much "Death" in my book... Of corpse there might have been other waves to follow this "Deathcore" word, but this was already enough "core" for me... So, the question comes again after all this word rumble: What's your favorite Deathcore epoch (If there's one) and your thoughts are?

Simple answer no it's not. I'm bored from this kind of music fortunately I can get many great bands in underground and also still watching for old underground demos, recordings, bootlegs etc. I have no problem with trends like deathcore I simple don't listen their music. I miss feeling in this music but also truth can be that I'm too old:-) ( I'm 28 years old ) I don't know what is deathcore or not but if can speak about hardcore influenced death metal I can mention Dim Mak, Ripping Corpse, Dying Fetus or maybe some of Pyrexia recordings but it will not be that what people consider as deathcore. I'm not deathcore specialist how you can read. Anyway when we speak about groovy or slamming patterns nobody created better sort of these patterns then Suffocation.


13. Lately, Death metal has a tendency to come back to its very primitive and basic roots, quite a lot of bands has a tendency to play it ugly and simple as if it was 1989 (And it could be easily understandable, since these guys are around 16-18 years old... And the Death metallers who did some killer albums weren't much older around 1989... And they might not have lived the evolution of the style until now... And maybe some of them will play technical, or brutal or grinding death in 8 years...)... I guess HEAVING EARTH couldn't be a part of this really really really old school wave because your music is a bit more "evolved", "brutal" or "modern" depending on the listener's holes of deafness... But do you rather like or do not like very much this come back? Do you find it to be a bit illogical or totally natural? Do you like to listen to such kind of primitive very simple Death metal (That could sometimes sounds more like morbid thrash than anything)... And do you also feel the influence of this "trend" in Czech republic? Maybe many Cze-cze bastards currently clame "Old school is the only real shit that smells!!!" in every streets and younger metalheads create new thrashy Death metal bands every months?


:-))) Interesting idea! Sometimes I actually don't understand what people consider as old school! We have a several younger ziners that call Suffocation „Pierced From Within“ an old school. What do you think? Of course these sort of guys call us old school too. I actually don't care too much how they call us or mighty Suffo, but I'm not sure how they can call Possessed, Autopsy, Benediction, Dismember or Asphyx...Punk rock? Hard rock? Neolithic school? :-))) Don't get me wrong but I love these old school bands! But in my opinion our music is a bit different as you noticed. Well you think that's coming return of pure old school I think that it's pretty much possible! Do you know band Bonded By Blood? They play music like Exodus and their music is actually cool! So return of the old school death metal I say yeah it's possible. You can watch on Hail Of Bullets or Dismember the evidence of great death metal in old school way and I don't have illusions at all that already exist a lot of bands that are influenced by these bands. Pestilence ( It's not a good example of primitive old school ) are on way back...You know it's all about that circles of time! What I can tell about trend like this one? Sometimes is pretty strange to get to the music this kind of partly primitive and magical feeling that old bands have. My opinion is some of these new wave of old school bands will be good and many of that will be part of the big dope of crap.


14. What are the last albums that really kicked your ass this last year? I won't ask you to insert your all-times top 10, but you can do it if you want :)

Here is my top for this year
Hate Eternal - „ Fury and Flames“
Hour of Penance - „ Vile Conception“
Dead Congregation - „ Graves of The Archangels“
Father Befouled - „ Obscurus Nex Cultus“
Crucifix - „Threnody Of Crucifix“
Imposer - „ Behold Demons“
Hail of Bullets - „ ...Of Frost and War“
Portal - „Outre“
Mayhem - „Ordo Ad Chao
Deeds of Flesh - „ Of What's To Come“
Carnophage - „Deformed Future-Genetic Nightmare“
Incinarate - „ Anatomize“
Severed Savior - „Insurrection“
Infer- „Anti-Human“


15. What are the future plans of HEAVING EARTH? I imagine you already have new songs, so how does it sound? Will you release it as a demo or did you have an opportunity to press a MCD or something like that? Will there be some T-shirt or something else?

Our future plans with the band are simple. Find label...hope it's not impossible:-)) Start with promo I have to work much more on that! Some t-shirts we would like to make to the end of this year! Start to play live as much as possible. And finally we have already booked studio for may 2009. Here you are our plans!:-)))


16. This last question is yours, so feel free to say what's needed to conclude this interslurp in full rigor mortis... Thanx for the answers!

Thanks for your question and time to make interview with the unknown band! Thanks to all people that supported Heaving Earth for our short existence! Support fucking death metal!
Hail to goat!