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1. Hailz! GRAVELESS is a new Death metal band from Uppsalla Sweden, it's time to introduce the reeks of morbidity to our readers and let them clearly see how obscure and mysterious a Swedish caress could be (The caress of the knife, of course Ah Ah!)

We play deathmetal in a form we prefer. We watch the mystical forces of the vast universe transform our minds and chaos breed into greater unlimitations. Beyond Cosmic Cult, Before Chaotic Occult!


2. How would you call your music? Is "Death metal" enough... Or should I say "Ancient mysterious Death metal", "Retro katalyzation from the caves", "Metal ov the molested dead" or something even more putrid?

We simply call it Death metal. By simple we don't mean that Death metal is just a terme it's rather a deeper thought or spirit.

3. GRAVELESS' Swedish Death metal is a bit different from the other current local bands... Your style is a bit more “melodic”, take a bit of UNLEASHED, a bit of early DISMEMBER (first album), a bit of ENTOMBED, and touches of early NECROPHOBIC and that's kinda how it sounds like in my hears... Weren't you infected by the REPUGNANT/ KAAMOS/ MERCILESS virus contrary to your morbid neighbors? What are the reasons for this little different style... Maybe you feel more romantic or something? Ah Ah

Actually we don't look upon ourselves as a band that has anything to do with the Swedish scene. It's a great scene with lots of acts but we have not actually taken any inspiration from them. Graveless is built upon a worship of death metal not a region. We take a lot of ambient inspiration and we just write what comes to mind. Music created through ritual.


4. There are definitely not much infos about GRAVELESS on the web... So I don't know much... But watching your band's pictures it seems to be you're not too young or not really newcomers, or maybe I am wrong? Tell us about your Death metal and not so deathmetallic past, other activities from the past, present and everything the readers could need to relocate the band in space and time.

All of us has seen a fair share of the more modern, present, scene. Feratu comes from the town of Växjö, a Swedish Sodom in the south, were he played in Eviscerated. Forcas played and still playes in Degial which was formed aeons ago. Meisingseth played in the great Vindicate (RIP), and later in the band Katalysator/Invidious. Dee played with the Grind Death band Deformed Death. We have all in some way seen the scene rise to where it stands today.


5. What do the lyrics of GRAVELESS deal with? Is it Swedish written (To look more retro?) or would English work well enough?

The lyrics from the first demo are more human and earthbound and deals with Death and other cruel manners with a urge to achieve something greater, something beyond the before. The following is more of the great thoughts and we have stepped outside trivial human point of view, beyond cosmos. The answer to why we don't write in Swedish is because it's just easier to write in English and make it sound good, both verbal and rhythmic.

6. Your myspace contains only two songs... So what should we expect from the first demo of the band? Will this be the same style developed during more songs, or will there be little surprises (Maybe more dooms of mystery?)

All the songs are different but they sound like "us", so to speak. You might be surprised, you might not be. That's all we can say for the moment.


7. This demo is meant to be released on ZOMBIE RITUAL. Well, aren't you afraid of kinda getting lost in the middle of a label-catalogue where every bands sound very close and where the boss is very busy? What was the offer and what are your expectations? Why not choosing the do-it-yourself way for a beginning?

Why we are to release the demo through Zombie Ritual Tapes is because we got an offer to do so and we thought "Why not?". It was good because we were not to revved up by the thought of spending hours to tape the demo over and over again. We just want to spread our prophecys. We know that the Zombie Ritual tape demos are in good quality.


8. GRAVELESS and INVIDIOUS/ KATALYSATOR are from the town of Uppsalla. Are both bands in close necrotic relationship? You might even exchange musicians, rehearsal places and girlfriends... Are there also other cool bands in this town? Did Uppsalla procreate some cool bands in the past (90's), or are you kinda the birth of a new necrotic revelation?

We share the so called Upsala Death Metal Repan which is our temple and rehearsal place. In this palace we are three bands who share the rehearsal place. It's us, Invidious and Degial. As told before we share members, sadly.

9. As of now did you play any gigs? What bands was it with, how was it, and would you do it again and again until hell freezes?

We have only played one gig so far and it was in the end of last year with a great thrash/black metal band called Waster and Invidious. We will play live until Graveless dies and hopefully the deathmetal scene will die with it.


10. Since you're from Sweden, you might have experienced nice things such as being surrounded by some kind of myths and stories about early Death metal, some kind of Swedish collective subconscious have probably developed and kept on spreading stories and events about the Death metal past... How was it to hear such kind of stories when you were younger? And how did you see these bands like ENTOMBED, GRAVE or maybe DISMEMBER invade your country with their killer sounds?
I think such kind of collective subconscious phenomenon might greatly influence a crowd of individuals to play music later on... On the contrary; this kind of phenomenon might have happen in France, but our bands were so great or interesting that I'm not sure it could be sooo impressive or influential the right way ahahah

It's always interesting to hear storys about different old bands from people who have seen and felt the spirits themselves. But if you hear and see Death or Morbid Angel you might also be very drawn towards the thought of playing Death metal, maybe even more drawn.


11. What does Death metal mean for you?

Death metal is for us mystical, merciless and fascinating. What lies beyond and after is what pulls us more and more towards this mayhem and the feelings burst through flesh and stone when you think about what to do with this ability. What you want and how you want it and later on doing it.

12. Do you like paper fanzines? What were you last great obscure readings and are there some names you'd like to advice to the readers? I know there are many paper fanzines in Poland... But what about Sweden? Is there also some revival concerning this way of spreading the morbidity?

Yes, fanzines are a great way to read prophecys and tales of other covenants as ours. The last fanzine I, J.Dee, took a look into was the unreleased issue of Torment mag 4. It's a fanzine from Uppsala and is edited by the singer of Invidious. A great fanzine.


13. What do you think about Death metal bands who try very hard to sound Swedish, but originate from other countries... Do you think it's a bit strange, and they might try to get influenced by their own country, their own musical past, or do you think it's great and might feel some kind of Swedish pride?

Well, we don't believe in limitations. A band can perform as much as the members are enlightened. Death has no limits.


14. The new wave of Swedish old school Death metal becomes stronger... At least it hasn't been that strong since years... Do you think something special could happen again, and your country might take over the world again by force with so many killer music... And should we, the listener, prepare for a new Swedish invasion from the depths of mystery?

None of the deathmetal acts today will probably reach a level as great as Morbid Angel. We don't mind. It's more fun to play for ten dedicated persons than for three thousand people who don't really know what you are doing.


15. Is it true KAAMOS have reformed, or was it only for a gig?

We have no idea what happens with Kaamos.


16. What do you think of:
-Swedish babes (Are they all so blonde?)
-Myspace black metal
-70's hard rock
-Industrial music

-Not as great as the When in Sodom Ep and definitely not as good as Left Hand Path.
-Not my favourite deathmetal act. I belive that I have heard one good tune.
-Spread your prophecy live instead.
-Fast cars and though music! A demonic way of living!
-I don't like industrial music at all.

-Heard it once, not my favorite Entombed album.
-Some great musicians, booring music.
-Not the way black metal should be manifested.
-Black Sabbath.
-Not my type of music.


17. Tell us about your future plans, and open it loud to scream "AAARRRGGGHHH!". Cheers

Argh! We will live, reign and then die.

/Dee Feratu
666 DÖD