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1. Hello! Your first album was just released! Are you a happy bitch ?? ;-) Do a little introduction to GORGASM for those who donít know the band!

BARBY: Hello Gab! The band exists since 1997, under the form of a trio Drums, bass and guitar that grown bigger with a second guitarist and a lead vocal. Since about one year, we play with Sandrine behind the drumkit, myself at the bassguitar, Mathieu and Arnaud for the guitars, and Guillaume for the vocals.

2. While your demo mainly offered death metal tracks that were rather brutal and technical, your new album shows other important influences such as some heavier Death/ Thrash or some powercore. Are these the new influences brought by the new guitarist, or is it a face of GORGASM you didnít want to show on your previous releases?

First of all, to really clear things up, there are some blasts and grind in our tracks, but we do not and never played Brutal death. Itís a kind of music we are numerous to enjoy in the band, but GORGASM plays Death metal. Then some will say itís technical death or melodic death, why not, anyway weíve talked about it with a lot of peoples, the definitions change all the time!! Anyway Death is our style because we play an aggressive, insane and angry music and it can be seen and heard on stage, itís an essential point, because if youíre not a minimum brutal on stage, stop Death metal!!
Concerning PowercoreÖ well no I donít agree!! But you may call powercore the heavy riffs we own!! On the other hand, itís true we have added few atmospheres on the CD and one should know how to evolve as a musician, but before all we play Death!
Arnaud, our new guitar player since one year has bring some plus to the band, but concerning the album, every songs were finished when he arrived.

3. Your most technical songs are really hard to play! (sorry, I didnít try! Ah Ah !) Do you play and rehearse your instruments very regularly? How long have you been seriously working the guitar since?

Effectively, we offer interesting songs on a musical point of view (and technically since this aspect seems important for everyone) but without reaching the demonstrativeness. Because it would be boring! When you want to offer and interesting and well played music, you have to play your instrument since quite a lot of years. We all play (because the guitarists arenít the only ones to work hard their instruments) since quite a lot of years, otherwise we couldnít offer a quality release. This said, if you want to try playing our tracks, there are a lot of scores on the website site (http://perso.wanadoo.fr/gorgasm )!!

3. A good amount of your strongest influences is the music of bands who has split up (CORONER) or whose musicians died (DEATH- R.I.P). Do you think the bands one have listened in its adolescence are those that influenced him the deepest? Or would it be because the current metal albums arenít as inspired as in the 90ís ? Do a list of the biggest musical influences for GORGASM.

Yep, well seen, most of the bands who influenced GORGASM at our beginnings has split up!!! I think the bands of your adolescence are the ones who mark you the stronger. Concerning myself, the first time I heard OBITUARY, I said ę Ah, yes, this IS fucking GOOD!! Ľ. Itís clear some releases of this time has badly grown old (the compositions as much as the production), but well, listening to these from times to times warms up!! Speaking for myself, Itís also true I currently have problems to find bands who makes me something good on a physical point of view, but there are anyway beautiful things such as GORGUTS, MARTYR (They are strong these Canadians!), GORGASM US, AGIEL, the come back of SUFFOCATION (One stage itís the fucking butchery!!), PSYCROPTIC, ANATA, SYLÖ
Concerning the influences of GORGASM, there are of course DEATH, CORONER, CARCASS, CANNIBAL CORPSE, CYNIC, SADUS, SLAYER, METALLICA, MEGADETHÖ it influenced almost all the band members. And then each individual has quite varied tastes, might it be in metal or in another kind of music.
Lately, one can say  MARTYR, PSYCROPTIC, GOJIRA, SCARVED, NECROPHAGIST, CAPHARNAUM, GORGASM US or MESHUGGAH were played quite a lot on our Hi-Fi systems!

4. Your album was released on DEADSUN Records, a label that isnít known for having a very good flair concerning the bands they release, apart from a few onesÖ Did you receive the offers of other labels and was the one of DEADSUN the most interesting one at every levels? Did you have to pay for a part of the CD manufacturing, as well as some other DEADSUN bands?

I read you are well informed!!! We didnít receive much offering and we fastly signed a deal with DSR. Itís true they sign a lot of bands who have nothing to do with us, and who do not have our ambitions, but itís DSRís problem, and as long as they stay honest to their promises, there are no problems!! We have honored our part of the deal, they have to honor theirs.


5. GORGASM would have been at the right place on SEKHMET Records for example, did you get in touch with them?

All the more you have good tastes!! Itís clear we would have liked a lot to be on SEKHMET, we contacted them, but they refused! Thatís life! Anyway, itís true the bands they have signed are a part of those we enjoy, they had the guts to run a good music label!

6. The member of GORGASM who aggress the drumkit  is a woman. Is it hard for her on a brutality and endurance points of view compared to other drummers? Generally speaking a man is more direct and brutal than a womanÖ So do you force her to practice fitness and body building? Lol.

SANDRINE : No, the fact Iím a girl doesnít makes it hard, at least I donít think so. Itís obvious this kind of music isnít convenient to play but itís what I like! Concerning the fact men are more ę direct and brutal Ľ than girls, itís true Iím not a big violent woman, but there are no links between what this kind of music can let you hear and my personality, and itís absolutely not a problemÖ I donít think itís a good thing to build links between this kind of music and this or that side of ones personality. Peoples who know me can tell you so!
All the more, for myself the fact of playing drums in GORGASM or in general isnít a way to express brutality, on the contrary itís something I like to do and asks me for a lot of work. Of course no one forces me to do anything (Hopefully enough, shit).

7. When she plays, is she injecting her beers through perfusions or in hospital alimentary tubes? Hťhť  

No, nothing of that and certainly not all these shits like smoke or anything bad for your health. A bit of water and some Coca light for the days of fiesta and thatís all.

BARBY: I didnít speak in the previous questions, but for this one I canít help but answering! Generally speaking, we like the things that are good for the health and we have a well-balanced daily way of life, during rehearsals or on stage! Unfortunately when we play we canít keep this good rhythm, but you may have found the good answer to the problem with your perfusions!!

9. I know GORGASM only since your previous demo. What where your previous releases like? Your style isnít much gore (cf GORGASM), was it the case at the beginnings of the band? Please do a little analysis of the way GORGASM evolved on a musical point of view.

As well as every bands, one could strongly feel the influences in our first demos, thatís to say Thrash, all the more GORGASM was born from the ashes of an old Thrash metal band in which I played with Mat!! Then, itís true we do not have a gore visual, but on the contrary the lyrics arenít about a charming gay who will set free a middle-class domestic to deflorate her on the greeny delicate grass! Nope, the moronic bitch, we shred her and then we fuck her as hell! Stop the bullshits! We are fed up with innocent girlsí illusions, the last ones who say to be so innocent usually fuck with their sheeps or their father because of how much they are isolated!

10. You seem to be fond of the technical thrash of CORONER! Whatís your opinion about the evolution of their last albums that didn'tíhave much to with their first Lps? It was much simpler, not technical, and a bit anywhere else in the spiritÖ

Yes, it will be well understood, we like CORONER!! I sincerely think this band has evolved in a right way during their albums, itís CORONER from the beginning to the end. I donít agree with you when you say itís simpler and less technical than before. I personally think than ę Grind Ľ (I think you talked about this album) is one of the best played metal albums of all times. It has some very intense moments, some super structures, but with a music always remaining efficient, and this is the harder!! Sorry, I know a lot of peoples think the way you do, but for myself, this album remains one of my fave at every levels.

11. Is your bassist satisfied with the mix of the album?

Ah ! This question is for me! Itís good, questions must be asked to bassists, they are the most informed ones!! I love the sound of my 36 strings bass-guitar and sometimes I play with mittens to have a bigger sound. Concerning the mix, it might lack a bit of power and some bass guitar as a whole, but all is very clear and at the end all the instruments make a whole sound that comes in your face, and thatís all! We recorded the album at home, at BUD RECORDS, so if youíre interested donít hesitate to visit the site:  www.budrecords.com

12. What do the lyrics of GORGASM deal with?

It deals with all the shits and disillusions you can have to deal with. Then we transform and come into an ethereal world, and itís brutal at every corner !!! But Guillaume might talk about it in a better when than I would do !! GUILLAUME: Thatís it BARBY, a big outlet from our ball breaking reality. An audacious dream allowing us to regulate our beings and our hatred. Each one of us has a part of destruction to explore, as much for the events of daily survival as for our various visceral fears. GORGASM is the theatre of the acts linked to these facts. Unrestrained, violent, half-fantomatic, this place transcribes this earthquake of violence and then the NEUROPSITRICKS appear. Pillars of this universe with infinite epoch. These are the incarnations of our deep feelings PIG S BLOATED FACE. NAILHAIRED. EARTH PUSÖ The part of reality GUTTING JOB. SMOKED SKULLS.. is used as a basis for the story. The lyrics are linked each others by two, it occurs during very old epochs. The concept isnít bound in stone and it will evolve later on. There will be several acts. Notice Yohan from IMPLY IN ALL, the co-conceptor of the albumís artwork imagines GORGASM in a wider concept with the project ADAM as an origin and the search for absolute intelligence. To be followed.

13. Another American Brutal death band also uses the name GORGASM. Did it bring problems?

BARBY: As you underlined, they play Brutal Death and we donít !! It did bring any problem until now, I donít see why it would! I think peoples wonít confuse us. All the more I really think these guys are the best in Brutal death metal, thereís no comparison.

14. On the index page of your website, one can see an album cover being different to the one in use. Was it the previous cover? I prefered this oneÖ

In fact itís the promo cover of the album. Thatís true this one is very cool as well!! Itís not as detailed as the one of the CD and it certainly brings a more direct edge. But well, what was done is done and we do not regret anything!! The album cover has many little details being nice to discover (Isnít it romantic?!). I think both cover has its own disturbing edge.

15. Would Yngwie Malmsteem be a nice guy if he had played Death metal? Would you prefer Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteem or Steeve Vai to try extreme metal? And why?

Well, Iím a bassist, and I think Y.M is really too much apart from few tracksÖ I think itís better if a guitarist answer, and thereís a fan in the band!!

ARNO:  No Iím not a fan !! I think his music is funny, thatís not the same! Iíd compare that to a good Bťzu or Dorothťe (Cult French grandmasí hymns ! ĖGab), during the nights of fiestas, it has its little pleasures !!!! No, seriously speaking there are some good stuffs, but itís the less good one of the 3 guitarists you quoted. Itís a matter of tastesÖ I donít think Death metal needs Malmsteem, there are so many more inspired guitarists (Daniel Mongrain for example !!!). Personally speaking, Vai would shredd everything, but he donít play good metal, soÖ

16. This little interview is finished, I let you conclude! Thanks and see you later.

Well, thatís cool, we have spoke about few interesting subjects!! We are searching for gigs outside from Bordeaux, we arenít very demanding about the conditions, so contact us! Weíll play with Imperial Sodomy on the 4 December in Bordeaux.
Death and Vodka, the winning mix !!!

Website: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/gorgasm