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1. Hello! Since EXTINCTION AGENDA is a new band, it's necessary to introduce it to our nervous, drunk and metal as fuck readers! Feel free to cut and paste the band's biography!

ICONSLAUGHTER : We formed in 2004 out of a mutual passion for classic thrash and speed metal, and a hatred for trend, we draw our inspiration directly from the source of extreme metal, as opposed to streamlining within the latest flair and fashion. We attempt to fuse the fury of traditional European thrash and death metal with a competent, provocative lyrical prowess centered firmly in the now. Okay, and maybe a little Bay Area thrown in…


2. Iconslaughter and Volcanix, the two musicians behind the band, are and were a part of some formations that had apparently nothing to do with EXTINCTION AGENDA on a musical point of view! Tell us about your previous and current bands, as well as the reasons for creating EXTINCTION AGENDA and playing this very particular kind of metal!

ICONSLAUGHTER: Voltanix was a member of local black metallers DECEMBER WOLVES up until the release of their album ‘Completely Dehumanized’. Those are his drums on the album. After that, he released some solo projects like VOID II VOID in 2000 through his own imprint, and then of course SERPENT ECLIPSE through Adicopere/Oaken Shield in 2002.

As for myself, I played in many local bands that never got above the local level, names like DUNGEONBAT which was a sort of black/death/melodic thrash hybrid, and IRONHIDE which was more like a combination of post-hardcore and death metal. I also play with GHIDORAH, which is a very bizarre cyber/ industrial/ black/ death/ jungle/ pop band that has been in existence for around 7 years now. We were both in many bands before these, but they just aren't worth bringing up here.
EXTINCTION AGENDA was created when I responded to a flyer posted in our local record shop. I had been fed up trying to start or even find a band playing metal that I consider to be pure and sincere, so naturally when I saw a drummer's ad citing bands like CELTIC FROST, VENOM, and fucking RAZOR! I had to get into contact. It was a natural combination, and I brought in further influences with more technical thrashing style such as ARTILLERY or DEATHROW, and thus this dirty, blazing sound is born. I am literally playing the music I would have loved to hear on my Walkman when I was 14 delivering fucking newspapers! And if you ask me, it just doesn't get much better than that!
We do have several other projects we are currently working on together. SPELUNKR is a very bizarre mesh of gothic, progressive, andpost-hardcore with some very metallic element to the vocals. EXTERMINATING ANGEL is a more death metal style.


3. In the beginning of your biography, you say "Extinction Agenda channel elements of early Slayer, Venom, Razor, Tankard, Sabbat (UK), Exodus and Kreator into a modern medium." Allright, this is a cool sentence since there are a bunch of very cool ( very good!!) bands in there! But you forgot early Destruction and old Celtic Frost ... what is this shit? Do you realize you take very strong risks? Aren't you afraid of being impaled on the bleeding altar of metal? Ah Ah! Tell us more about the band's influences, lyrics' matters and concepts (if there are some).

VOLTANIX: Of course we love Destruction and Celtic Frost and they're both huge inspirations.  If we listed every band that's important to us we'd have a 5 page biography.  I think there's plenty of Destruction in our music.. as for C.F., maybe a little but there's been so many Frost influenced bands that I think it's best not to draw too much from their trademarked style.

ICONSLAUGHTER : Risk is our business. Haha, in fact, I think just by playing this music in the land where metalcore, nu-metal, and nonsense like EVANESCENCE reigns, we have already taken that risk... There are in fact some lyrical concepts. One of the things we decided was not to compromise by writing shitty lyrics, which unfortunately many thrash bands have suffered in the past, I will not name names. We aim for some great imagery and songs that actually mean something. If I can even get a single image to stick out to the listener, that he or she will remember, then I have done my job here. ‘Creature of Unconscious Design’ is a look behind the motives and socio-environmental pressure upon a child who is about to go on a killing spree. ‘Trafficking Apathy’  is about political indifference to the front line of both labor and war, about how we vote these leaders (or do we ?) into office only to have them generally turn their indifference back upon the common citizen. ‘Inter Arma Silent Leges’ is a reference to those soldiers off fighting greatly imbalanced wars with insanely superior firepower, yet fighting for their snake government who is only interested in the bottom line, dollar sign.

4. By the way I don't feel the funny and alcoholic side of Tankard of your music... so where does their influences takes places?? Is this influence taking effect strictly during rehearsals and between the songs, as you relax drinking beers?

ICONSLAUGHTER: We may not share any of the lyrical, conceptual qualities of the mighty TANKARD, but their influence is certainly felt through the blazing speed, energy, and complete lack of giving a fuck what anyone thinks, such as you find on classic albums like "Zombie Attack" and "The Morning After". I agree that EXTINCTION AGENDA and TANKARD do not sound very similar, but some of my own guitar playing was absolutely reared on emulating TANKARD tunes as a teenager. As far as lifestyle out side of the band is concerned, then surely TANKARD has had more of an effect, as you inferred. This is a band with a song called "Ugly, Fat, and Still Alive". And they actually mean it! Truly they are one of the greatest bands in the entire fucking world!


5. Listening to your music awakes the feeling you're obviously no new musicians nor metal newbies! The maturity and flow of your songs' structures can be achieved only by fans who are into Metal and practice since at least 8-10 years! Tell us about when you began the great metal trip! Which were the first revelations and really spiked ass-kicking bands? How did it evolve in really obscure and extreme underground music?

VOLTANIX: I can remember being a kid, maybe 12 or 13, and being obsessed with horror films.  This eventually translated into the music I listened to because I'd go into the record store, and try to find the most demented, horror themed looking covers and then hope I'd be allowed to purchase them.  I learned that labels like Combat and Noise specialized in this stuff so I'd look for their logos also.. I didn't have many friends that knew what metal was, so this is how I got into many bands that are still favorites today like Venom, The Misfits, Slayer, Sabbat, Razor, Celtic Frost...   

As far as being a musician, I've been playing drums basically since I could walk.  There's been a few years here and there where I wasn't all that active with it and those were usually the times when I'd pick up a guitar and see what I could do with that.

ICONSLAUGHTER : A cousin gave me JUDAS PRIEST’s ‘Unleashed in the East’ on vinyl when I was about 5 years old. Over the next decade I started searching out more of this ‘metal’ music, which led first to obvious bands like BLACK SABBATH, MOTORHEAD, and IRON MAIDEN, and obvious thrash, speed, death, and the rest came after that. I started playing guitar at age 13 after my mother took away my SLAYER ‘Hell Awaits’ and SABBAT ‘History of a Time to Come’ cassettes. I needed an outlet to play the music for myself. Well, I got the tapes back before long, my parents gave up on me, and I kept playing guitar. Shit, I’m nowhere near as good as I should be...


6. I might be totally wrong, but some of your fast tremolo riffs evoke some early RIGOR MORTIS in my mind (especially their first album). Was this band a great influence for you? Or am I total wrong? Is it true their music was called "Speed death metal" back then? If not, which bands were using this moniker? Had it more to do with 'Speed metal' or 'Death metal'?

ICONSLAUGHTER: You are not wrong! I enjoyed the first RIGOR MORTIS record a great deal, and surely they had some subconscious influence in my playing. Another great band, I am delighted to draw that comparison! With five easy slices, you're in six lovely pieces! Bodily dismemberment as passion increases! I was definitely around back then, and their music was referred to often as both speed and death metal. Their lyrics were certainly one of the blueprints for a lot of the death and gore to come. Really, death metal is a sound evolved from speed and thrash, so they are quite related. I am often shocked when people refer to EXTINCTION AGENDA as a death metal band, but if the shoe fits…

VOLTANIX: I've noticed a little Rigor Mortis in there also.  Their debut is a great, classic album.  I was glad the band finally decided to re-release it on CD not long ago so I was able to ditch my cassette copy.


7. Some of your riffs and some of the structures (or better said the way riffs are logically inchained together) remind me of MERCILESS (Sweden)'s last album! Did you hear this last album? Do you feel near of their music?

VOLTANIX: I was actually planning on getting their new one so I can't  really comment on that yet... I look forward to hearing it now though.

ICONSLAUGHTER : I only know ‘Abject Offerings’ and ‘Colored Funeral’, both are pretty good, but it’s safe to say there is no influence whatsoever from their latest album.

Gab: The MERCYLESS who released the two albums you quoted is the French one, they were different from the Swedish band…

8. I feel like some vocals have an old Paul Speckman/ MASTER edge! (Especially at the time of the "Collection of souls" Lp). Tell us everything about your devotion for MASTER! How many releases of the band do you own? Have you got rare to find items and are there Speckman's autographed photos everywhere in your water closets? Ah Ah! (Paul might be proud since he seems to work hard to gain a big cult status of death metal originator...). What do you think about the last MASTER releases? He currently has some bluesy influences... Is it cool or not?

ICONSLAUGHTER: I'm afraid you've caught me up here. I have never actually been into MASTER. I recall hearing their albums through friends, and it was simply a matter of me not having enough spending allowance to get everything. With DEATHROW, OBITUARY, PESTILENCE, CORONER, pizza, and so much else to purchase I could not come up with sufficient funds as a 16 year old. That said, I must now go back and listen, since I have obviously drawn a comparison! If he wants to play blues influenced death metal, hey all the power to him. But it will never be TROUBLE!

9. At the very first approach your band name could sound strange, but few thoughts are enough to realize it's a cool name in an old thrashing metal tradition! Tell us more about the choice of the name and how did you find it! Who are the next victims in the agenda? ;-)

VOLTANIX: It took us a little while to decide on a name.  We wanted something that had the old thrash vibe to it, but nothing too typical.  Iconslaughter suggested Extinction Agenda and it eventually became our name and I think fits the style perfectly.

ICONSLAUGHTER : I believe I subconsciously lifted the name from an old New York rap record. Naturally, it refers to the path humanity is laying out for itself due to its incessant self-importance and inane social rationing of ethnic subdivisions.


10. I noticed in your website both Iconslaughter and Volcanix have been living in the same town for years without knowing each others... An advertisement meant to find musicians helped the meeting. You wrote the collaboration between both works very well and there seems to be some real creativity since you play in several projects together. Do you think the fact of playing with the right musicians can really boost your creativity? Do you think some musicians need a catalyser to boost their creativitty and energy, unless they can compose only the  correct but common metal? (I think it's the case for quite a lot of musicians... the potential is here, but they lack something to kick their ass and boost their inner will... These words aren't for EXTINCTION AGENDA of corpse!). Do you think EXTINCTION AGENDA could live on if one of the currently two progenitors wasn't a part of it ?

ICONSLAUGHTER: We actually live in neighboring towns, but only a few streets apart. I of course knew of DECEMBER WOLVES but had never actually met some of the members. The collaboration has been working well, we both know how to complement the other's playing, and we actually share ideas instead of having one dominating force, which often happened in past bands. That was unfortunate, but I can say with assurance that the music we are making now is the product of the entire band's hard work, and that will continue even as we involve new players.
I think that playing with the right people is paramount to your success in the music industry. Some bands work best with the one dominating member, and the rest just go along for the ride, complementing that vision. Others work more like a commune, and in the end, I think these may be the happier bands, as their success was forged through a creative equilibrium rather than having one 'rock star' and then 'those other guys'.

I would probably not continue in an EXTINCTION AGENDA without Voltanix involved, no. He was the one with the patience and initiative to start this, so it wouldn't be the same. If we can find a few other people that share this commonality, there will be very little stopping us from our goals.

VOLTANIX: As far as playing with the right musicians/creativity, I'd say it definitely matters.  I've had my share of working on solo material, and there's always that void of not having a second opinion and not being able to evolve the material because it's coming from one point of view.  That's a big reason why many of these 1 man metal bands out there are a real challenge to sit through.  And I've also been in situations where I'm attempting to put a project together, and the other person, whether it's a guitarist or whatever, has no clue where I'm coming from and we basically just stare at each other.  So, you have to be on the same page, or at least in the same book.
If Iconslaughter decided to quit, I'd replace him tomorrow.  Nah, it'd be at least 2 weeks.  Seriously though, we set the foundation on our demo through both of our writing and performance skills, so at this point there'd be no reason to continue Extinction Agenda.


11. How is the metal scene in your suburb/ country? Are there some good bands who keep the flag of metal high, triumphant and burning? Are you able to play good shows frequently? Or is it polluted by all these very young teenages wearing baggies, Slipkorn tshirts who think they're so Eviiiiiiil and look at you with their terriiiifyiiiiing black eyes? Ah Ah!

VOLTANIX:  Yeah there's a lot of kids with no true understanding of what real metal is because it doesn't fit in with their current image and carefully planned presentation of their dark selves.  As for the entire country, there's not many bands I would recommend and I gave up following the current scene too closely a long time ago.  When it comes to metal, I tend to stay in the past and try to make believe that what's going on right now is not really happening.  As for shows, we need a complete line-up for that and it's hard to find the right people.  We're able to move forward regardless.

ICONSLAUGHTER : Slipkorn kids taste delicious with the proper preparation! I managed to corner a few last Tuesday and served them up broiled, in a mild tartar with greens, and a chilled bottle of white wine. Needless to say, my guests were ecstatic.
I cannot speak for the entire country, but here in our area there are some worthy bands like DECEMBER WOLVES, WATCHMAKER,  CONVERGE, and RAKUN. And there are a lot more on the rise. None of these are playing the oldschool thrash/speed, but you can clearly tell it was an influence for their more modern sounds. Sadly, these have not gained the notoriety of our metalcore elite. But I won’t get into that, just open any full-color print metal or teen magazine and you’ll find them all over the place.


12. In the early nineties, their used to be two bands using the monicker SLAYER! There was, of corpse, the Thrash metal band we all know who recorded a bunch of classic albums, but there was also another most obscure one... Unfortunately I never listened to their thrash metal... Can you tell us more about it?

ICONSLAUGHTER: You are referring to the SLAYER from San Antonio in the early 80s? They were more of a classic power/speed metal band in my opinion, similar to what you would find on the Metal Blade label in those days. Most notable because Ron Jarzombek went on to insane progressive metal bands like WATCHTOWER, SPASTIC INK, and the GORDIAN KNOT. Some of the others went on to bands like the mighty JUGGERNAUT. There was a third SLAYER, too, from the UK in the early 80s, I don't know much about them but they were NWOBHM and put out an EP before splitting.

13. What about the floridian INCUBUS who had Mike Browning (ex NOCTURNUS, early MORBID ANGEL...) and recorded only a demo (later re-released as an Ep)? Where they 'famous' at the time?

VOLTANIX:  That was a long, long time ago.  Of course I know the name INCUBUS, but I haven't heard the demo since my tape trading days about 10 years ago.  INCUBUS has been mentioned a bit over the years but it was probably due more to the NOCTURNUS and MORBID ANGEL connection than the actual demo.

ICONSLAUGHTER : The only INCUBUS I have really known or cared for was the Louisiana band who released ‘Serpent Tempation’ then later changed name to OPPROBIUM. Mike Browning is great, but I don’t think he was that well known until NOCTURNUS.


14. What do you think of:
- The Swedish old school Death metal revival (KAAMOS, REPUGNANT, VERMINOUS, NECROVATION and few other obscure acts of malignant putridity!)

ICONSLAUGHTER: Both of us are fans of old school Swedish death metal. How could we not be? CARNAGE, ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER, NECROPHOBIC, GROTESQUE, GOD MACABRE, it was all excellent. That said, I am enjoying the new Renaissance of such bands, like RIBSPREADER, VOMITORY, BLOODBATH, and KAAMOS. I have not had heard some of the others you have mentioned but a few clicks on the Internet will solve this!

VOLTANIX: I'm only familiar with KAAMOS out of those Swedish Death Metal revival bands and I like what I've heard. I was actually just reading an interview with them and one of the members was saying how they're not so much a retro Death Metal act as they are a band on its own path that stems from the classic Swedish Death Metal sound.  That's what it's all about and I feel the same way with EXTINCTION AGENDA as far as its connection to the past.

- Sober 'beer metal' bands.

ICONSLAUGHTER: If you're not actively damaging your social life and physical health with alcohol, you probably shouldn't use that as a selling point for your band. It's like rapping about the ghetto when you are not from the ghetto! If TANKARD were not drinking and had not the beer guts they possess, it would not really be the same thing, at least not for me.

- Christian NS black metal bands (incredible but true! I recently read about it! ah ha)

ICONSLAUGHTER: In my opinion, there is no such thing as a Christian black metal band. Anyone who tells you that is a fucking liar. I think the gray area is that many National Socialist beliefs also coincide with some hackney perspective of Christian belief, and since NS beliefs are strong in the underground black metal scene, you get a lot of collision and thus this oxymoron is born. I know they are calling themselves this…but it's not going to help their cause to spread their ideals among the 'true' black metal crowd.

-  OBITUARY and NUCLEAR ASSAULT's come-backs.

ICONSLAUGHTER: Both OBITUARY and NUCLEAR ASSAULT have been important bands to me in their original inceptions, "Slowly We Rot" and "Survive" are excellent records, and I will always think fondly of those days. Recently I've gotten a chance to hear both of these new albums, and I did not enjoy them. The magic and energy is gone for me. I'm glad to see these bands capitalizing on their cult status, but I have to beg the question. Why did you stop the band in the first place? Was it that you were exhausted, fed up? Or are you reforming suddenly because metal as a whole is 'cool' again thanks to the mainstream success of NIGHTWISH and SHADOWS FALL? Not only that, but having songs called "Redneck Stomp" and "Whine and Cheese" does not help matters with me. The best days are far behind these bands. Remember them with awe.

VOLTANIX: It's good to see classic metal bands putting out "comeback" albums, but for some that have released pure crap for years now coming back and saying "look, we're back to our old style!" when the past is a bit more fashionable these days - that gets a little redundant.


ICONSLAUGHTER: By PENTACLE you mean the Dutch/Floridian death metal band with the OBITUARY-style vocals? I think perhaps this is the way OBITUARY should still sound today!


15. Some Americans are known fore being fat fat bottomed and subject to a strong semen addiction! Tell us how you achieve to fight all these lazy cum-slurpers hailing Puff Dady during their Mac-donald burping ceremonies! Are they many to be listed in the agenda?

VOLTANIX: First let me say that there's been news reports lately that this whole obesity epidemic in the U.S. is highly exaggerated and probably benefits the diet companies more than anyone.  Let me also say that we do have plenty of fat people that have forgotten what physical activity is in these days of surfing the 'net and home entertainment systems.  I don't care though; they can get as large as they want.  It's not really a problem until they get so large that they can't fit through the door, and a side of the house needs to be removed in order to lift them out with high powered hydraulics.


16. What's your opinion about vynil and tapes? Would you like your first album to be printed on vynil? If you had the choice between printing the release only and exclusively on vynil or CD, which one would you choose? And why? Some bands seem to choose the vynil solution exclusively, it's a nice choice for collectors, but...

ICONSLAUGHTER: I think vinyl and tapes were great for their day. If I had the option to have my first album printed on vinyl and CD and please the collectors and the diehards, I would be all about that. But if I had to choose a single format, CD is still my medium of choice, not necessarily because it always sounds better, but because of the convenient shape and size, nearly infinite durability (provided you don't smash or neglect it), and ability to skip around on songs. I just hope one day we can please fans of both media.


17. Concerning the Internet and all these "metal" webzines: there seems to be a little war between paper zines and webzines. On one hand, the webzines 'stole' many readers and possibilities to the good old paper publications, on the other hand some fanzines' editors are strictly against anything being 'online' or 'computerized'... they do not want any online promotion and feature mostly bands who have preferably appeared on few webzines... What's your opinion about it? Do you prefer webzines or fanzines? Are there some American paper zines worth the read? What kind of webzines do you visit? Which webzines do you really read?

VOLTANIX: There's 2 problems with webzines: 1st, any idiot can start one without really knowing how to write, or have any knowledge about what they're writing about.  Secondly, people start a webzine and advertise for promos, then they get lazy and don't update the thing for 5 months.  For a webzine to be successful you need to update constantly and be current.. if this means getting a small staff and selling banner ads to help support your efforts, so be it.  It just has to be done right.

As far as promoting ourselves in a webzine, what choice do we have?  There's not many print zines left these days.  I like the old school mentality, but we're already playing a style of music that peaked in the mid 80's.  If we chose to only promote ourselves to the handful of print zines that would understand what we're about, then we might as well just pack it up and leave the hall.  You can't kill the technology, only try to use it to your advantage.
I used to love print zines and both of us in E.A. edited our own back in the day.  Are they relevant anymore?  Maybe...  But the writing quality needs to be better than ever in order to compete with the web.
I usually check certain message boards to find out about new releases, but there's some webzines that do a nice job.  I like Digital Metal, Metal Review and Chronicles of Chaos... I just found out about another one called Nihilistic Holocaust that's not bad at all.

ICONSLAUGHTER : I’m just happy when people are reading anything. Too many illiterate people out there, you know ? And not due to their lack of education, but due to their choice for instant gratification like TV. That said, the trees are probably getting pissed at all the print zines. Just ask your own French PHAZM ! The revolt is at hand.

18. What would you change into these bands' music to make it worth the listening? Or at least more fitting to your tastes?  DIMMU BURGER CRADLE OF FILTH  UNLEASHED ANOREXIA NERVOSA GLOOMY GRIM HAMMERFALL EXTINCTION AGENDA

ICONSLAUGHTER: Tough question. On the one hand, I don't feel the bands should change at all. They should do what they desire, and then it's up to us the listeners whether we buy their albums or support them in any way. I can't really change anything about DIMMU BORGIR or CRADLE OF FILTH, people will always love or hate them because they are popular, or just listen to the music and not give a fuck about scene politics. I don't have any disdain for these bands, but I prefer my 'evil' music to actually sound evil, so my preference is for DARKTHRONE, HORNA, BURZUM, IMPALED NAZARENE, and the mighty RAKUN. I think these two black metal 'superstars' are damned if they do, and damned if they don't. So I don't concern myself with it any more. After all, it could be worse, they could be NIGHTWISH!

GLOOMY GRIM is a band I do like, I always thought they were kind of a parody, I thought it was obvious from the band's name. They do have some great moments, but otherwise do little to compel me. I would not change a thing with them, except maybe writing even better songs. ANOREXIA NERVOSA changes so fucking much from album to album that they have done the job for me, answering this question on their own!

I got bored with HAMMERFALL after their first album "Glory to the Brave". It is the only one I've listened to more than once. It had some catchy songs. If I had to change that band I'd say stop after one album, become a cult legend, because now they seem to rub everyone the wrong way. UNLEASHED to me seem like another comeback band. I enjoyed their very latest record, "Sworn Allegiance" and listened to their early work when I was young. I wouldn't change this band either, just keep doing what you are doing, as long as the motive is pure.

As for EXTINCTION AGENDA, those guys need to take a long walk off a very short pier, because they don't have a prayer!


19. What kind of merchandising do you currently have for sale? Will there be more soon? You might print some shirts, patches and badges... that would be a nice idea!

VOLTANIX: We'd love to do all of that, but right now we're focused on getting our demo out there.  After our name is a little more established, then we will definitely have more merchandise.

ICONSLAUGHTER : My friend Jeff of HATCHET (old school death metal, watch for these guys too !) designs killer t-shirts. Perhaps if I coerce him with enough drugs, alcohol, or an exotic female midget slave tattooed with George Romero’s autograph...


20. Allright! This interview is almost over. Tell us more about your forthcoming plans, goals, and conclude this interview. Thanx for the answers!

ICONSLAUGHTER: The immediate plans are to network the Agenda as far as possible, and to flesh out our lineup and get gigging! There is a lot of heavy music around here right now, a lot of opportunity. We'd also like to team up with a devoted, down to earth label to produce a full length album of blazing, uncompromising, thrashing violence. Beyond that, I'd really love to tour. I want to get out there one day, meet and thrash with every one of you! I don't care what sea is between us! Thanks for your time and consideration Gabs, and to everyone for reading Nihilistic Holocaust! You maniacs help to make every riff worth playing, so keep on keeping on!

VOLTANIX: Best of luck and thanks for your concern.


  Website: http://exagenda.cjb.net