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1. Hello! I hope everything is Ok. Introduce the band band and catch the attention of death metallers in thirst for mind destroying brutality !

Hello ! Yes, everything is bathing into formaldehyde, we are Emptydemic degree,  a coconut death metal band ! But don’t be misleaded by this slogan, there are no sunshine rhythms that smell like hot sand, but only the devastating anger of a killer hurricane…!


2. Your brutal Death has nothing French. In our camembert-smelly country, the bands often have problems to reach the extreme and defenestrate the shit with sincerity… In your case, bye bye the cheese : The drug was cut with Colombian and American substances! Concerning your influences, we’d like names to have a clearer idea and to brutalize again!

Inspirations are numerous, but we have our faces. We’re quite strongly influenced by Rachmaninov, Disgorge, Schoenberg, Dying Fetus, Brodequin, Morbid Angel, Devourment, Schnittke, Chris Barnes, Cephalic Carnage, Cryptopsy, Gorgasm...


3. Why did you choose this nicely brutal and primal style, that especially comes in a nicely underground and raw package that petrifies the honey-hears?! A not so extreme style might not have felt right in your current professional context ?

Since the very beginning we choose to follow this path of brutality and insanity, without compromise, simply because we were caught by the boundless violence of brutal death metal. Since then, the obsession of spreading the epidemic has grown in us.
In fact we had the idea of writing few very heavy songs, almost doomy ones, but without satisfying results. Brutal death metal has definitely taken over our pity carcasses…
The illustration fits well the atmosphere we want to feel. The presence of a skull floating in emptiness, watching a mournful horizon despite the lack of eyes nicely materializes the symbolic of absurdity we hope to transmit through our music.



4.  What do you lyrics globally deal with, which images are they meant to create and is there a particular concept?

The unavoidable aspect of infinity ; from the elementary aggregation of particles to unsoundable vastness of the universe. The symbolism of nonsense, the omnipresence  of what is not, in a dynamic of infinite propagation.


5. Who recorded your demo? The sound is brutal as wished : Over-Overdriven and with vibrating low frequencies! Too many current bands have too clean productions, in your case it squirts as wished! The recording was done with a computer, or a tape/ minidisk multitrack recorder ?

Andrew of the Hybreed collective did it (http://www.myspace.com/hybreedart). The recording was done track by track in the studio and mixed on computer hardware. We choose this solution because according to the fact our style is already quite « noisy », fewer means would have lead to a confuse recording.
We choose Andrew because of his experience with metal music. He knew how to follow our wills to have a sharp-edged, and simply brutal sound. After all, the overdrive effect we use on guitars is meant to create aggression, right?
Same for the blasts and guttural vocals. Too many bands fall in the trap of the clean ‘Big sound’ and loose their violence behind the golden door…


6. Did you play in (brutal) bands before? You do not seem to be beginners. The tracks are controlled and correctly built. How many years at the service of brutality? How many hours of rehearsals each week?

As well as many, we began with projects that were more or less creeping like worms… Patrice and Fab already dig few holes together, and a bit before this last brutal-head had growled his tumors in Suspiria.
Concerning Digg, he modestly began to caress the genitals of few cadavers in the band Dig to rape. This band is really alive since about 2 years, with about 7200 seconds of weekly rehearsals.


7. Apparently you don’t like melodies, that’s cool because I don’t! How to brutalize your guitar the best way to find the better riffs? Smashing the head of your girlfriend on your guitar ? Throwing bricks through the windows? (Water-bombs are too old school… We need to mark the brains!!) or hanging your old bass-guitar strings to the elevator so that new shredding noises appear?

« I masturbate in front of the good GGG !!! » (Patrice)
« Melodies do not fit our needs, we target maximum brutality, and so a lyrical structure of riffs is useless… It only makes the music softer and the listening easier… Out of question! » (Dinny)
« Some blast, some hyperblasts, some gravity, and nothing else ahah » (Fab)


8. Contagious Implosions? Voracious platonic depressions? Explain the meaning of your moniker…

The invention of the word results from a stochastic search through meanders of unexplained elements of science. The void’s epidemic state of propagation.


9. You’re from the Paris area ; there lies a scene that’s more famous for some bands following fashions (Melo, core, retro-futurist…) than for its brutatlity… But are there anyway some good things? Don’t you feel too alone? How are the feedbacks of the metallers during gigs (If they aren’t too afraid to come Ah Ah).

We do not really come from the area of Paris, we found ourselves there after few beats of butterfly wings. Patrice and Fab come from the Reunion, Dinny has left the nanoscopic world of metallic Guadeloupe to experience his first murders in Jura.
And no! We are not the only ones in Paris, there are some good bands we’d like to propagate desolation with, on stage: 7th Nemesis, Psychobolia, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, Desecrator, Psoriasis and Chocking on Bile!
We also did your first gig with Vaginal Chicken and Misgivings at the death/grind fest 2 that was organized by  Savage Annihilation and Defecal of Gerbe. The reception was extremely warm (45 degrees in the room and 90% of moisture in the air), a fucking gig and the metallers were really brutal. We can only ask for more, around Paris and anywhere else!


10. what are the last brutal death albums and demos that devastated your back? Are there some underground brutal labels that you especially like?

There are recently quite a lot of good albums, but what really dilated our rectum with a gardener’s glove was the « Cranial impalement » of Disgorge and 1.3.8 of Devourment, some very heavy shit that crushed our faces with a powerful pneumatic drill.
Concerning labels, we like quite well was is released through Bones Brigade, Relapse, Morbid Records, Unique leader...


11. Ok. What are your future projects? Feel free to squirt yourself through a brutal impusle of suicide! Only BRUTAL DEATH is real! Ah Ah

Right now we’re especially searching for gigs, we also need a bassist to complete our line up. In the following months, there might also be the release of new songs, to prepare an album.
- "To masturbate with even more GGG!" (Patrice)
- "To saw a leg with a soup spoon" (Dinny)
- "The emptydemic has only began, mouhouhahahahahahaha !" (Fab)

Thanks for the interview man!! stay GRUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKKKKKKKKKKKK !!!!!!!!!!


Website: http://www.myspace.com/emptydemic