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1. Hello. DR DOOM seems to be a pretty young band, so an introduction and few important biographical points would be needed...

The Bio on our myspace kinda sums it up!
But basically we started because Mart and me were always the only ones trying to listen Nasum on tour with Greyline (I am Sound engineer and Mart plays bass) and thus pissing off the rest of Greyline who'd rather listen gay singer/songwriter music hahaha. We started writing together and recorded some stuff with a drum computer, we found a drummer who told us he could do the job. We practiced and found out that the guy was an animal so of course we had to have him! We were still in search of a singer and found it in Eli, who used to sing in My Great Devastator (Martís metal core/doom band). We were complete and started to practice some more. After 2/3 months we recorded our MCD. We started doing some shows and up till now we did some gigs with bands like: Ed Gein. Brutal Truth, Phoenix Bodies, Cephalic Carnage and more.


2. DR DOOM likes to surprise the listeners. First the band name doesn't sound like grindcore at first hear, then the artwork of your album taste like Doom metal... Was the goal to surprise the listener or maybe to kick the ass of Doom metal fans with blastasfuk music? Do you hate them so much for being so slooooow? ;-)

Nope, were just intro the 2 extremes, REEEEAAALL fast and REEAALLLL slow, we love bands like Nasum, Gadget, Sayyadina, Discordance Axis, Napalm Death, Phobia and Rotten sound but we are also into slower stuff like Neurosis, Jesu, ISIS, Sleep, Electric Wizard, Sunn O))) and Callisto.
Next to that we also listen to everything in between those 2 extremes hahaha
The split with Collision will have some stoner/doom riffs on it, and we definitely love to combine grind with some doom!


3. For an apparently first release, I must say your songs are very well produced and the drum kit shines like some super-production from hell (It works very well for the blast beats!). How and where did you record it? Who did it? Don't tell me it was self-produced on your computer, I wouldn't believe it :P

JB actually did the whole production!!
Drums were done at a school (1 JB does a school in audio engineering..), Guitars were recorded in our rehearsal room, and bass/vocals on JBs bedroom/studio and the mix/master was also done at JBs home!!
And getting a drum production from hell is 90% Joris his work!!
The split will be done by JB as well; he is doing more and more productions and gets better and better. So it was self produced on a PC hehe.

4. Was there a first CDr demo before this MCD, or it was the first real release?

Nope, nothing.. We did some drum computer stuff to show joris and eli what we wanted and what we sounded like. After a 2/3 months of practice we just started recording for the MCD. So this was our first release.


5. Your songs show you have quite eclectic tastes and do not hesitate to insert cool ideas without restriction... I think about NASUM, REGURGITATE (Not the gory epoch), early CROWN OF THORNS (Swe), some mid old MARDUK and many other cool things... Was it a choice since the beginning or did it flow naturally as you felt too restricted with usual old school grind? Will there be new surprises and influences in the future songs?

Thanks a lot man! We just put in whatever feels right, the basic idea was grindcore and will always be grindcore but a lot of other stuff comes up when we write and we are not afraid to put it all in one mix. The core inspiration of DrDoom is grind like Nasum/Gadget/Rotten sound/Napalm Death, but like we said we also listen to a lot of other stuff, I think the influences that shine through most next to the grindgods mentioned are of bands like Converge, His Hero Is Gone, Immolation, Tragedy, Sleep, Shining and a lot of NeurosisÖ


6. It seems DR DOOM isn't your first band, since you're not totally out-of-skills with your instruments (Ah Ah). What occurred before the reign of DR DOOM VON FATALIS and was something recorded? Maybe you also have side projects right now?

Thanks again! Here is a list with what we do with our spare time.
JB: Plays in Seizure as well (Immolation/Suffocation like Deathmetal) and he is doing a stoner project.
Mart: Plays in Greyline (spherical stuff like Burst/Neurosis and some math core stuff) and is busy with some noise/drone/doom stuff
Joris: Plays in a battle metal band called Elexorien.
Elexorien and Greyline have some records out, google the names and you will find something!

We have all played in previous bands too but not many worth listing.
Myspace addresses:


7. I got a copy of your MCD from CRASH LANDING Recs, it was also released on SCROTUM JUS. How does it work with these labels? Are you happy with their work? How are the feedbacks of the listeners and underground media?

Both labels pressed our CD and gave us some copies they paid for everything. Crashlanding does most of Europe and Scrotum Jus does Asia. I think they are doing a pretty good job up till now! Because of the holiday we had a small gap but I think the promotion will start about now and some reviews will pop up soon I hope. We got our first review on Asice.net, a hardcore ezine and we got a pretty good score from them. The cdís sell pretty good up till now even though we didnít do any shows yet to promote it, myspace is working out pretty good for us. The feedback is great! A lot of people seem to like it!


8. Concerning the scene in Holland, what kind of good things currently occur? Are there some good upcoming bands we should check out? Is it quite easy to play gigs and are the conditions cool?

Looottsss of cool bands really!
Blood I bleed (ex my minds mine), Grinding Halt (ex shikari), Gascoigne, Massive Assault (Entombed sound worshippers), Days of Decay (grind) and Misantropicana (they play crazy techgrind!).
The conditions in Holland are pretty good, you get paid pretty well and there are a lot of places you can play. I donít think itís hard to get shows over here, grind isnít that popular but we got a grind scene which is pretty cool. A lot of concert venues are financed by the government and we have some cool underground punk holes so enough places to play! A lot of foreign bands love it over here because you usually get a good treatment. Compared to other countries Holland is pretty cool to tour imop.


9. Are you into paper zines, those that focus mostly underground bands on Xeroxed self made pages, and are there (Maybe?) some cool ones in Holland? Or the webzines and whole Internet affair has taken everything?

I read a lot of webzines personally, but there are also some cool magazines just starting up in the hardcore/grind scene that are pretty cool :) some names: Put it aside and Turn the tide( both hardcore orientated). Mostly in internet stuff which is less exciting but it comes in handy.

10. Would  you like to get your music re-released on tape, or you don't feel too concerned? In South east Asia there are quite a lot of sickheads who would really dig to release your stuffs on tapes... Maybe you'd prefer a vynil or even floppy (AhAh) record?

Vinyl, CD, floppy, we don't care as long as it gets around the world and reaches the people that like it :) We would love to have some obscure tape releases hehe. Vinyl versions are welcome as well! So if you are interested drop us a mail!


11. In your music, there's a bit of various feelings... I found undergrind energy/ revenge/ aggression, emocore distress, power of heaviness, crustcore motivation and etc... Which of these feelings is the "core" or reflects the best the face of DR DOOM? (Since he's always hidden behind a mask of metal, I have to ask to finally unveil him, the fucker!)

Damn, I guess all those faces describe us. I guess our face would be a combination of all, we write the music out of our love for heaviness, aggression and energy and melody, with the lyrics and the vocals there comes a sort of melancholic aggressive and revengeful vibe in the music. The lyrics are all heartfelt and they inspire us as well as the music inspires Eli to write lyrics. We have all these different influences and different lives but if it comes to our music we feel the same. I guess the face of DrDoom would be a pretty scary, world loathing and aggressive face. Pretty much the same as Victor von Doom so I guess the names fits us well!


12. What kind of things can we expect for the future? I read you'll have a split CD with COLLISION released in few months... Tell us everything and kick the ass of those who deserve it!!

We have already recorded the drum and guitar tracks of the split! The production will be even better this time! It will be released around November and will be released by Everydayhate and Scrotum Jus records and maybe Crashlanding will be part of it too as well as a vinyl release on Right to refuse records.
After the split we will start working on a full length. We will tour as much as possible and hopefully do some other cool splits in the future. In February we are going to tour the UK probably together with some extremely cool bands which we will announce pretty soon! We want to play as much as possible so if you are interested in booking us drops us a mail we donít care where, we will be there!!!
If you are interested in releasing our stuff contact us too!


Website: http://www.myspace.com/drdoomgrind