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1. Hello! Do an introduction to DIABOLICAL DEVASTATION, and write down your biography.

Diabolical Devastation is basically a side project of another band that never saw the light of the day: Brain Death. After trying several styles (Old school, Grind, Brazilian Death metal) without finding its own identity, the band fall into chaos. To keep on playing, we decided to form another little band, as a subproject, the singer began to play guitar so that the drummer and the bassist could improve (December 2005). We noticed that the compositions had more personality and sicker sonorities than in Brain Death. Until now, we didn’t release an official demo and we will begin to play gigs in January.


2. You play obscure Death metal, you say you’re influenced by Hate Eternal, Morbid Angel, Diabolic, Ophiolatry and Immolation... This isn’t especially trendy right now, and quite a lot of « evil » board wankers would see that of a wrong eye. (Ouch… It’s neither new, nor original lol). Aren’t you afraid to be denied by the current full of honey metal scene? What are your motivations, and what does Death metal mean for you?

Death metal is an hateful and warrior state of mind, and the bands we quote are those who show the best this state of mind. This is the Death metal we want to play, and there will be no trend to change our music. To play pseudo death metal in front of teenagers wearing Slipknot tshirts isn’t for us, no thanx.


3. Your moniker would directly make me think about an INCANTATION album… Am I right, or should we search anywhere else, in the first releases of SEPULTURA, an old DESTRUCTION album, other decapsulating old school pleasures, or in some not so old obscure things ?

It’s a mix of both. A tribute to two of your cult bands : Sepultura (R.I.P) and Incantation.

4. I imagine the content your lyrics could have… It seems like, on more time, we will fall in the obscure blasphemies, the bleeding flagellation… And a handful of self-conditioned Christian morons will again feel shocked and spend a bad afternoon trying to save their years long spiritually extincted icons ! Ah Ah ! Introduce your lyrics, as well as the biggest themes it deal with.

There’s nothing original in the lyrics, Impaling of nuns, convent massacres, ravaged churches. We’re actually searching for a singer to improve the lyrics, the timings and to bring more power to the songs.


5. I found your myspace page by hazard, there was a track with a not very hearable rehearsal production. Without being especially convinced, I felt a nice little atmosphere, and the influences were pleasant, I found it cool… Months later, I was back on your page thanx to your advert, and a new songs that was more brutal and obscure shew it’s crooked nose ! There’s a noticeable improvement, cool! Are you satisfied with this new song? Have you got other ones in the same style?

We are not really satisfied with the way we played the song, because we lack of skills. On the other hand, the way the song sounds and the atmosphere it has is encouraging to keep improving. We have five other songs that evolve in the same patterns. It’s all brutal, there’s not a slight minute of mercy.


6. I notice you take your time to release a first album (Yes, it’s currently very trendy to directly release a first album, even before the release of several demos and before gaining some experience and enrich the setlist… Thanx for the fast-food!). It’s something I appreciate, because we’re fed up with the online musical fast-food! In this shit you do not exit if you do not click as an old goat that’s going to vomit its guts… Fed up with the bands who already release their first album, but will fall into oblivion 6 months later because they do not have the strength or musical qualities to deal wih all this intensive promotional/ relations/ packages bullshit… I would conclude you’re not newcomers in the underground, and some of your band members use their mind before doing any kind of bullshit (héhé). Tell us more about your previous Metal experiences. Do you plan to release a first demo quite soon, and if so what could the listener expect ?

Sorry, but we are all newcomers, but we’re conscious about the work we need to bring before being able to release the crushing CD we dream of. But what matters the most for us is to play gigs, to built a name in the underground, and to gain experience… Then we’ll be able to bring Diabolical Devastation to anything else than a « Fast food metal » sticker.

7. Do you follow what happens in the French Underground metal scene? If so which bands are you interested in? Is there something cool happening in your area? In your opinion, has Death metal (The real one, with two big, black and moribund balls) enough representatives in France, and would it simply have a more or less ‘decent’ future in there?

The French bands we appreciate do not exist anymore, apart from Kabbal and Amethyste. There are a lot of Grind and Deathcore bands in the underground, but not much of Death metal the way we like it. In our suburb it’s the same thing, there are some quite technical bands, but it’s not interesting. We had a good surprise with Charnier, some savage guys from Aix en Provence, and there’s a group we expect with impatience: Blosius.
We are much more searching in the past of French Death metal, we like to listen to a good old CD (Crusher, Mercyless, Imperial Sodomy, Devilium.....). We aren’t afraid, Death metal with two big balls will come back when the Deathcore trend will fade away.


8. When I listen to your new song, I kinda have the feeling some of your riffs are influenced by KRISIUN, but you do not really have the skills to play it at the right speed… On the other hand, the fact of not playing too fast fits well to other parts, and gives a taste of heaviness to the whole… What kind of read meat do you taste every saturdays before the lunch, and, important fact, do your devour it as tartar, or do you make a maxi rotative barbecue with rusty spikes? (It’s the best, it’s crusty lol). Are my feelings about your music coherent with your vision of the Diabolical devastation ?

The Krisiun influence you can feel isn’t volunteer, but their music flows in our veins because of how many times we listened to it (De Black Forces Domain to Ageless Venemous).  We do not have the necessary skills to play the songs at the speed it deserves, but it was composed to be played faster with quite a lot of tempo changes to keep the heaviness that makes the atmosphere of the songs. I think you have felt well what we try to bring, even if the road to the Diabolical devastation will be long.

9. Do you like extreme metal bands that mix everything and anything to try being original at all costs, but finally play anything but metal (But, I must acknowledge it, with powerful production and guitar sounds)… In fact I think about quite a lot of current bands, sometimes they aren’t so far from « Love metal » or « Christian death metal with relaxing melodies »… Some will one more time scream about close-mindedness and blasphemy of their sterile metallic eclecticism, but I want to say one can definitely listen to various kinds of music, metal or not, and to keep a clear idea of what is and means METAL with two big balls that crush posers! In my case, I notice the more I listen and open myself to other kinds of music, the more I appreciate various things, the more my needs in Death metal are evolving the way of the extreme, the morbid, obscure, without any honey compromise (Almost integrist ! Héhé). Ok, my question isn’t objective at all, but you can give us your honest and frank opinion about metal without guitars (lol), I won’t hate you for this ;-)

For us, metal stops where Death metal stops. We listen to other kinds of music (Old rock, classical music, jazz, progressive…). Concerning mixtures, we do not want to hear about it. We are also integrists concerning Death metal, it shall be pure and unhealthy.


10. Where do you find the obscure energy you express through DIABOLICAL DEVASTATION ?

As long as there will be Christians on earth, our music will be.


11. What are your future projects? Maybe some gigs, and other cool things like the a little self released demo, etc…

As we explained it, we are newcomers in the underground, and we do not need to rush ourselves. We will play on the 12/01/07 at the « Elfique », in Aix en Provence, with Charnier.
Then we’ll see what we will do. We plan to record a self-released demo for 2007, but we didn’t set any date yet.


12. It’s the last question, feel free to conclude, and add any necessary information for a good defroquation following the laws of the scourge!

Thanx for the interest you shew about our band, we can’t say much more due to our little experience, but we work hard to have the skills to play an efficient, incisive and brutal death metal. And you can expect to have news later on, with more worked songs that will always remain brutal and insane.


Website: http://www.myspace.com/diabolicaldevastation