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Here's another proof the Australian extreme metal scene has much more to offer than what we could imagine! DARKLORD is an obscure old school Death black metal band that is quite impressive and personnal! Their music mixing some ultra neanderthal like obscure riffings, progressive metal  touches with classy keyboards and hyper technical metal leads alltogether in a deeply expressive way, they have got their chances to appeal
those who enjoy their extreme metal obscure, old school but with
a well done touch! Read this interview with Nekromancer (guitar)
if you aren't already dead!


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1. Please do an introduction to DARKLORD! You're unfortunately not well kown in the deepest European underground...

Darklord was conceived in around '91 by myself (Nekromancer/ guitars) and Stormbringer (vocals/guitars). We had both played together in a thrash metal band before this but were getting more and more into the  heavier death metal bands of the time, which led us into wanting to create a band that was extreme and over the top in every way we could imagine! We began experimenting with ultra-low tuned guitars and writing songs and eventually the original bass player from the thrash band (destroyer) joined us,but finding a suitable drummer proved to be a problem for a long time. By '93 we'd recorded "by the force of sacred magic rites" (using a drum machine), and released 1,000 copies, of  which a considerable amount were distributed throughout europe. By '95 we had recruited Manic for the drum duties and began rehearsing heavily and writing  new material. On a full moon night of 19/10/96 Darklord played it's first ever gig! We played a handful of shows over the next three years and by this stage we were thinking of recording a full length album. It was around this time that Destroyer decided to depart the band due to musical differences.
Finally, in August '99 the recording began for "symphony satanikka". Our time in the studio was plagued with many problems and delays (thanks to our engineer and the sacking of our drummer), which is why it took until September '2001 for it  to be released!!
After "SS" came out the lineup consisted of just myself and Stormbringer. Our efforts to find  replacements  proved to be unsuccessful until about mid to late 2002 when we aquired a drummer and bass player from another Adelaide band! So once again we are rehearsing with a complete line-up and hope to be back playing live as soon as possible!!

2. DARKLORD's music reminds me some formations such as old DEICIDE, very old IMPALED NAZARENE, BELIAL, ARCHGOAT (for the raw side), some old INCANTATION, old EMPEROR (for keyboards) and even some Heavy metal for the fucking leads! Which ones would you confirm, add or delete from the list? How would you define your style?

Well, i must say old Deicide was a HUGE influence on both myself and Stormbringer! The feeling that first album created was just so evil and the music so relentless, we worship it to this day!!
Alot of people have compared "by the force..." to Incantation, and  i can see a resemblance in the vocal style if nothing else.. We'd been writing music with keyboards before we'd even heard of Emperor, and although i personally like some Emperor and old Impaled Nazarene, i would'nt say we were influenced by them.
I would define our style as ultra heavy and fast, having sometimes progressive elements entwined with orchestral strings and chiors.


3. One thing that quote my attention is your lead guitarist's very technical level! He's very technical, skillful and expressive, and on the other hand the riffs of the band are very simple. Most of the bands having this technical level would play some hyper-technical Brutal death with never-ending breaks in the songs... that becomes boring as it lacks of emotions most of the time! But you chose to play this simple and obscure style! Why?

Actually, both Stormbringer and myself play leads in Darklord. I don't think we've ever sat down and  thought about whether we're writing in a simple or technical style. It's more about the feeling of our music and how it will come across, sa far as trying to create the darkest, most evil wall of noise we can...regardless of how simple or technical it is!  


4. Where does your musical inspiration come from?

Musical inspiration comes from lots of things, like plugging my guitar in at home and getting a killer sound can totally inspire me to write riffs!! Or just listening to music...If i hear something that really impresses me, it  INSPIRES me!!


5. The low-placed growls sounds as if the vocalist were in a cavern or somekind of abysmal gulf! Brutal Neanderthal growls! Where does this come from?

There are some sections on which Stormbringer did one low vocal and a high one on top of each other (a harmony).  Also there was reverb put on them as well which kinda does make them sound like they're coming from the pit's of  hell!! haha!


6. One friend of mine who had your previous demo and who was into it told me the style on your CD is less extreme, more well done even if it's still extreme! (While keyboards are more atmospheric than the colder ones of the demo for example) Do you feel this evolution? Was it conscious or natural?

Well, i think we had grown alot as far as writing songs inbetween the demo and "SS (7 years)! The songs on "by the force..." were written in 93 or even before then, so i think  it was just a natural progression that our songwriting developed over that time.


7. This friend told me on this demo you used a drum-machine that gave a particular touch to your music, as it sounded colder and more inhuman.

Drum machines have a tendency to give that impression!  It was our only alternative to use it because it seemed to us near impossible to find a drummer here at that time, or any time for that matter! I must admit i wasn't keen on the idea of using a drum machine at first, but by the end i was happy with the result...and the response we got!


8. DARKLORD is inspired by Satanism both lyrically and visually. What does this belief means for you? Do you consider Satan as an entity, or is it rather somekind of self inner beliefs?

Well, i have always been interested in the dark side of things...the black art's and dark imagery and so forth, but i don't call myself a satanist! I don't commit myself to any religion and have particularly anti-christian views, as i think it's history is based on lies, oppression and propaganda! They have always suppressed any information that has put their religion into question. Like these early christians, scouring the lands searching for and obliterating vast libraries of  ancient, pre-christian knowledge,and wiping most of it out! In the hope of forgetting the past and spreading their "new", invalid religion. They were and still are just spreading a disease!


9. What motivated you to play extreme metal and form a band? Was it some specific bands/ musicians or was it due to other reasons?

Being into metal and playing guitar motivated me to form a band! From growing up listening to stuff like Iron Maiden/ Judas Priest and gradually getting into more heavier bands. The 80's thrash metal scene was defenitely a big influence, particularly bands like Forbidden and Testament, who seemed to have a touch of class about them, and also the whole Death Metal thing afterwards! I was also inspired by alot of the neo-classical virtuoso guitarists coming out in the 80's, Like Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony Macalpine, Vinnie Moore and Paul Gilbert.


10. In you opinion, does the music that's very complex, technical and well produced but sterile and emotionless have a sense?

Well, i like and listen to alot of progressive music that is very complex and technical, but i do agree that alot of bands try to be technical just for the sake of it! Which can at times sound sterile and lack feeling i think.


11. How is the situation in Australia in terms of Extreme metal? I know some Grindcore bands (The Kill, Blood Duster (old)...) some Brutal death bands (ENCABULOS, EXCARNATED) and some more old school ones (SADISTIK EXEKUTION, GOSPEL OF THE HORNS). Are there some new or unknown ones you'd advice me?

I must admit Bestial Warlust was a favourite of mine, totally aggressive and in your face fucking metal! Unfortunately they are not around these days. As of  bands around today...some are Naxzul, Psychrist, Psycroptic, Oni, Astriaal, Abominator...the list goes on!


12. Here in Europe the metal scene has got its cult bands, including some ones such as KREATOR, SODOM, MORGOTH, PESTILENCE, ENTOMBED, IRON MAIDEN, MERCYFUL FATE, KING DIAMOND that are playing their style since years and years for some of them. About the Australian past Metal history I know only SADISTIK EXEKUTION, MARTYR and HOBB'S ANGEL OF DEATH. Could you tell us more about your country's metal roots?

Well, one band that was popular and did well in the 80's was the thrash metal band Mortal Sin...they even did some shows overseas with Testament. I think they released three album's and were probably the most successful metal band around in those days! A couple more from the ones you've already mentioned are Corpse Molestation, who later became Bestial Warlust! and Acheron, who later became Abremalin!


13. As you're into styles of music that have deep metal roots (Black metal, old school Death and Heavy metal), I'd like to know your opinion about different kinds of extreme music such as Grindcore, Crustcore, Industrial and Indus metal.

I have never really been into Industrial or Indus Metal so i can't really comment on those styles. One grindcore band that instantly comes to mind would have to be Napalm Death! Around the Harmony Corruption/Utopia Banished era.

14. I've read you had a lot of line up problems finding bassists and drummers. Is it due to the fact the Australian metal musicians ain't into your style of music? Or aren't they efficient and skilled enough? To be honest, I think a musician who's into old school Death or Black metal can find himself in your music...

I think it's probably more to do with the fact that theres a lack of musicians who are into extreme music in the city we live in...or to put it another way, a lack of competent musicians who are into our style of music. It was quite frustrating not being able to find replacements for such a long time!


15. I think a gig with your country mates of ENCABULOS would be very obscure! Did you ever play with them?

No we haven't played with them before, although i have seen them a couple of times and thought they were totally grinding and heavy!


16. Are you previous releases still available? I've heard some good words about your previous demo (including one I heard in a drunk metal fest, it sounded quite outstanding!) and it would be good to lay my hand on it! Isn't there a project to re-release your demos on a pro CD?

Unfortunately our " By the force of..." demo had sold out, we only had 1,000 copies made. Maybe one day we may release it as a bonus or something but as yet there are no plans to do this.


17. What's your opinion about these bands?
EMPEROR - I liked " In the nightside eclipse" and "Anthems..."
MAYHEM - I liked "De Mysteriis..." and some stuff from "Wolfs Lair...".
DEICIDE - First album...timeless! unholy ferocious Death Metal!
MORTICIAN - Haven't heard these as yet.
MORBID ANGEL - I'm a fan of Alters of Madness...best thing they've done!
KING DIAMOND - I liked some stuff off "Them" and "Conspiracy".
MERCIFUL FATE - Haven't heard too much of these.
SLAYER - "Hell Awaits" ruled! and of course "Reign in Blood".
KRISIUN - I've heard and liked "Apocalyptic Revelation".


18. Give me your views about the UG scene. How do you see it in 10 years? How do you see yourself in 10 years (musically and personally)

Well, i definitely support the underground scene, but i think there's too many half assed bands drowning out the good ones! It seems a rare thing to actually stumble onto a good new band these days, but i'm sure in the next 10 years this will change!  
In 10 years i can see myself living basically the same way as i do now! Playing, writing and recording music. Even if DL isn't around then i will still be doing something musical...That is my life!


19. Have you got other musical projects and what were your previous musical activities?

I am very much into home recording and am  involved in doing some  projects on a digital 8-track i have,as well as doing midi sequencing on my computer. I hope to release some stuff i have recorded in the not too distant future. Stormbringer also has his own home recording projects.
Previous bands? Stormbringer and i were in a thrash metal band before Darklord!


20. What are the future projects for DARKLORD? It's the final question, you can conclude the interview.

To continue writing, recording and pushing the boundaries of extreme ultra hellish METAL!!
Darkest hails ......., thanks for the interview!


WEBSITE: http://darklordfff.tripod.com