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Ah! Lately I've discovered a bunch of Australian Extreme metal bands, and here's one more grave-crushing proof some cool but unknown Brutal bands exist in some darkened obscure lands of rebellion! Check this interview and learn more about the Hate metal core of DAMAGED!


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1. Are you ready for this intie? Here's a question I'm sure you love: "Introduce DAMAGED"!

Damaged have been raping the world with a whirlwind of hate and chaos since 1989.  Fourteen years later we are still continuing our rampage of the senses.


2. I've heard only a few MP3s of your band, but your music seems very varied in the extreme metal fields!

There's some Death metal, some metalcore, some thrash metal, some Blasting Death grind, some Black metal and some more extreme metal styles... pfiou! How would you descrive your musical style?

Damaged combines the aggressive elements of extreme metal and throws in a few surprises.  We are very influenced by all metal, except gay/power metal and that nu/poser/mirror metal.


3. I see you've released several albums, but I've never really heard about your music before. Is it due to a lack of promotion or is it because we aren't based in the same scene? Which scene welcomes DAMAGED the best? The Death metal one? The Grindcore one? Or maybe an Hardcore induced one?

Damaged fits into all these categories, as it is a brutal combination of these that makes Damaged what it is.  As you probably know, underground bands do not receive a lot of outside promotion and large-scale exposure, so our job is very difficult when it comes to being recognized.


4. Your band name DAMAGED may have been chosen only because it sounded cool, am I right? Or is there a subliminal message hidden behind it that possesses the mind of the metal fan who's obliged to buy your releases? lol

The name Damaged basically epitomizes our musical message.  Total and utter brain rape.  I guess the subliminal message would be that our name sums up our misanthropic view of the human race as a whole.  That we are, as a species, congenitally damaged.


5. What about your lyrics and the message you want DAMAGED to express? Is it rather social? Does it deal with your daily life? Or is it linked to some dark forest's fairy tales or... The cover of your "Purified in pain" CD'00 looks quite dark and strong, underlying message?

See the previous question.


6. What's your opinion about the new school Grindcore scene that includes loads of discarding riffs and Hardcorish stuffs? Some of it being very different from the old school Grindcore à la old NAPALM DEATH... Are you into this kind of bands, or do you prefer the old school Grindcore?

My opinion on the new grind scene is that they do play very well, and their ideas are cool, especially bands such as Exhumed and Nasum.  I do prefer the original, however.  Carcass.  Symphonies of Sickness.

Gab: By the new school Grind scene with Discarding riffs, I had pointed bands like CEPHALIC CARNAGE, DISCORDANCE AXIS and PIG DESTROYER (in parts)...


7. What is the difference between the DAMAGED of the "Do not spit" CD'93 and the one of 2003? Is it the same style, or as there been some massive changes in the band's music? Do you still play some of these tracks live?

The Damaged of today is far more focused and vicious.  The band’s music has progressed greatly, with a far more varied range of stylistic elements and a greater emphasis on musicianship.  On the current tour, Damaged are playing tracks from all their releases.


8. What about Power metal or Nu metal? Some bands like PANTERA or SLIPKNOT were and are still denied in the Underground scene! While DAMAGED may be influenced by these styles, how do you see this?

Fuck nu-metal.  Disgraces like Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Drowning Pool and a cesspit of others will drown in their own shit.  These bands have the integrity of a leper’s cock.  As for “power” metal, I fail to see the power.  It’s misguided idiots in this “scene” that give metal a bad name.


9. Your tracks I heard includes many breaks, tempo changes and are quite varied in musical influences. Are the diversity and dynamism some important points for DAMAGED?

Hell oath, chickenloaf.  This is what Damaged is all about.  Choppy, brutal changes.  Sickly fast blast blasphemy.  Evil slow doom sludge.  Medium-paced unholy mayhemic attack on the pearly gates.  And a big fuck you to Christians, posers and Dave Mustaine.


10. Do you listen to extreme metal only, or are your hears wide opened to some others intense (or not) musical styles also? Do you like BJÖRK?

Extreme metal is the crux of my existence.  But Bjork is heaps sexy and I guess she has a slight amount of metal cred, as she did a song with Carcass some years ago.  Most other music genres suck the cock.


11. How would you convince one of this webzine's readers to buy your CD? What's your opinion about the bands who have to menace the listeners with spikes, evil faces and knives or guns to be able to sell their CDs?

Go to www.damagedcore.com and listen.  If you like it, buy it.  It’s that simple.  I have respect for some of the black metal bands who use evil gimmicks as they are representing something that needs an evil image.  You can’t play this music and wear a fucking poncho.  The image must suit the music.


12. You're signed on ROTTEN Records. Is it a good label? Whats your opinion about their bands? (They've GOATWHORE, a Black metal project with the SOILENT GREEN vocalist and a CROWBAR guy, did you hear it?)

Rotten rules.  They look after us, and that’s all that matters, really.  Goatwhore are a fucking awesome band, and are doing the old school proud.  Broke are a sick bunch, ripping out cool art grind jazz shit.  Then you have label stalwarts like Acid Bath, DRI and Excel.  Vampire Moose are rather new to the label, but also bust out quality heavy shit.


13. When you've been searching for a new vocalist, did it happen that some female ones tried to fit the band? Is a female better as a band member or as a roadie? Fan? ;-) What do you think about female vocalists in Extreme metal? (SINISTER, DERKETA etc)

We did have a chick try out once for the vocal position.  She was brutal.  I have a lot of respect for vocalists like Angela Gossow and Karen Crisis.  It shows you don’t have to have balls to punish with the best of death metal’s crooners.  Female crew are cool too.  Gender is not an issue.  


14. Now about your drummer: I think he's strengthfull and has got a good style! With many double kicks, groovy tempo changes, blasts etc... How long has he been molestating the drum kit? Was it naturally learnt drum playing? Is it natural skills, or genetically modified muscles and shit?

Drums came naturally to me as a young headbanger.  I never took formal lessons, I just wanted to hammer cunt out of drums all day.  Gradually I got better at hammering them at speed, and as I brutalized, the hate grew and multiplied.  Fifteen years of pure fucking hate equals….. what you hear today.  Fuck triggers, I don’t need that shit live. Bring it on, wannabes….


15. What about the Australian extreme metal scene? I know various bands like SADISTIK EXEKUTION, BESTIAL WARLUST (R.I.P?), DARKLORD, BLOOD DUSTER, PSYCROPTIC, FILTH, ENCABULOS etc. Are there some other bands worthy the remaining hours of our hears... before we turn fucking deaf! Ouch!

Psychrist, Cement Pig, Misery, Omnium Gatherum, Zuul, Sakkuth, Alarum, Hellspawn and Abramelin are all cool heavy bands you haven’t mentioned.


16. There are a good bunch of news for DAMAGE: you've got a new vocalist, a new album is on its way, an Autralian and US tour are announced... everythings seem to work nice with the band! What more would you need to be satisfied?

To keep recording albums, playing shows and touring overseas would keep me satisfied.  We’re a simple bunch with simple needs.


17. What are your future plans? This is the last question, feel free to conclude before you get head shot by my big gun!!

We plan to tour with high-profile bands and proliferate the hate.  Australian Hate Pride.


  Website: www.damagedcore.com