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1. Tell us more about the origin of the cadaveric fumes. Which year was the cadaver exhumed? Where are the band members coming from? In which outfits did they vociferate in the past?

The excavation occurred during summer 2011, our nights of debauchery led us to commit the irrecoverable. We were 3 to create the band (Guitar, drums, vocals) with the goal of composing Death metal in the vein of the bands we adulate.
Each members of the band live in the "Côtes d'Armor" area in Brittany (The towns of St-Brieuc and Paimpol, to be more precise).
Leo (Drums) and myself were playing in small bands at school (The Cadaveric Fumes moniker emerged at this time), but nothing serious, neither interesting. Our guitarist, Wenceslas, was involved in bands playing other genres of music than metal.


2. If you had to describe your music in five words, which would you choose?



3. Even if you music is influenced by these two creeping genres, would you say you are closer to old American obscure Death metal (With some old INCANTATION, or maybe some INFESTER), or to the Finnish scene from the 90's?

Speaking for myself, I discovered Death metal through emblematic American bands of the genre (Morbid Angel, Death, Cannibal Corpse, then later Autopsy, Incantation,..) but it's true during the last years many Scandinavian bands invaded my Hi-Fi and largely influenced my approach of Death metal. Anyway, speaking about Cadaveric Fumes there are much more to find from records of Convulse than those of Deicide, it's clear.    



Macabre Exaltation Demo 2012


4. I also feel influences from old MORBID ANGEL recordings, even maybe the "Abominations of desolation" epoch (Because you doesn't seem to be very big fans of blastbeats)... Would my impression be due to the old school aspect of your music, or can we count the old Morbid Angel ones in the list of records that kick your ass?

Yes, Morbid Angel is a band we all listen to a lot, or used to, so there are most certainly traces of Morbid Angel in our music.
On the other hand, I don't think one should particularly search for "Abominations of desolation", but rather "Altars of madness", "Covenant" and even "Gateways to annihilation" (This said, this album is very underestimated by the fans)


5. It's rare to hear a French band playing this kind of Death metal, even more when it embraces a genre with mysterious parts and almost mystical atmospheres... Do you voluntary live in reclusion, in a cave being hermetic to any national influence, listening again and again to old vinyl records?

A few French band anyhow played this style in the 90's, for example Burial Vault and Catacomb developed obscure and mystical atmospheres in their songs, with keyboard parts, choirs, and they distinguished themselves from quite a lot of more famous national bands such as Loudblast or Massacra.
This said, we do not live in a cave, but a vault, where we have brought a few French heavy metal records to pay honor to our motherland.


6. Your logo is very cool! I like this kind of drawn logo that leaves room for imagination (All the more, on yours we have the feeling the tentacles at the bottom are moving). Who created this cool artwork? Maybe the creator is also involved in underground comics?

It also pleases us a lot, and perfectly fits the state of mind we want to infuse in the band. The creator of this logo is called Dom Macgrégor, he's an artist and friend of the band. He draws logos and also paints. Sorry to disappoint you, but he's not active in the realm of underground comics.  


7. Your first demo was released on tape format by IMPIOUS DESECRATION Records. How did you get in touch, and was it easy to convince him to release your recording? (It seems to me you knew each others before, but my old cibi transmitter is so shitty that I might have intercepted "hot" communications of horny truck drivers)

I met Olivier (The "boss" of Impious Desecration Records) during metal nights in a bar from Rennes, even before the birth of Cadaveric Fumes.
We already knew each others when I told him I had a band. Meanwhile he had met other members, and knowing our tastes and influences he showed interest for the project very soon. We didn't really need to convince him because he offered us to release the demo on his label, we couldn't hope for something better!


8. Are you conscious that with the help of your music, you drive the head of the listener deep in the tomb, making him feel things not to be very catholic? Do you hate the human being so much that you decided to remind him his destiny: To rest ten feet under? (You can use this question to talk about the subjects from your lyrics if you wish)

We remain faithful to the themes of Death metal, I try to write storied that sound the most obscure and morbid possible. No trace of political nor ideological theme can be detected, we simply induce our listener to incline themselves over freshly opened tombs and delight from the escaping vapors. Each will find his happiness the way he wishes.


9. Since a few years, metal becomes more and more old school again, to a point listening to the new recordings could sometimes feel like it's the end 80's... I imagine it could please you! But then, from which perspective do you see the 10 previous years (More or less from 2000 to 2010, the golden years of Internet if one could say so), when metal was always becoming more modern, plastified, sometimes striving hard to forget what it initially was... Would you say these changes and evolutions were necessary, or would you consider it as strong development failures?

My feelings about the subject are quite mixed... I think Brutal death metal can have brought a bit of fresh energy to a Death metal scene that was too stagnant at the end of the 90's. The shame is the escalation of uninteresting bands totally denaturing the original spirit of Death metal, who appeared in the years 2000, some who intellectualized their music ways too much to finally make it unlistenable and bringing themes to be more and more improbable (I don't listen to a Death metal record to follow a course in quantum physics...)
It's surely not an accident if more and more young guys come back to an old school sound. After all, everything isn't lost, take Funebrarum, they write hyper brutal parts without shame, it's almost Brutal death metal, but they are able to keep an obscure and morbid atmosphere. The listening experience is just deadly!


10. Since a good cadaver never rots in solitude, can you tell us a bit more about what takes form in your local underground on a matter of music to be viscous and in full maceration?

On a strict matter of putrefaction, one couldn't say the bands are legions, to be honest we even don't know a Death metal band in our area. There remains a few ones who wrote "Death metal" on their myspace page, but without trying to pretend I'm an elitist fool, I have problems to consider mosh-parts and grui-gruiks on a metalcore background as Death metal.
On the other side we have thrash metal bands, and some good ones. My little finger tells me you already heard about Perversifier, you can also add Nuclear Abomination in a more punk/ thrash vein, and then Hexecutor who released their first demo this year (It kills! Buy it!) and who practices old school thrash metal. There should be Death metal bands in the "Morbihan" and "Finistère" areas, but I'm not aware about it.


11. Do you enjoy hand-written letters, or were your only snail-mails materialized with love by the printer of your electricity supplier?

I send postcards to my grand parents when I leave on vacations, but that's all.


12. Are you horror movies enthusiasts, and if so can you give us a few examples?

YES! I'm a big fan of horror movies (Not the SAW and Hostel stuffs, huh?). I like very much Italian and Spanish ocular putrefaction, maestros such as Fulci, Argento, De Ossorio, Franco...  I also like American horror cinema with all the well known Slashers (Halloween, Freddy, and co). I'm also a big fan of John Carpenter (And his OST).
For the readers, I can only advice City of the living dead and The Beyond, both realized by Lucio Fulci, pure visual horror!
Then in random order, Horror of Dracula, Re-Animator, Street Trash, Return of the living dead, Hellraiser, The Thing, Le manoir de la Terreur, Maniac, la saga Tombs of the blind dead, Suspiria, Rosemary's Baby, From Beyond, Invasion ninja 3...


13. Is a cadaver that doesn't fume a good cadaver?

A cadaver that doesn't fume yet has more secrets to reveal than a cadaver that doesn't anymore.


14. This interview is almost over, thanks to carefully lock the casket before the conclusion... UP THE CADAVERS!

Thank you for the interview and the support, and thanks to those who will be curious enough to buy our demo!


Listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aamuucl-BT8