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1. Hello! What's new with Black Bleeding? The beer barrels are full?

Balmuzette : The beer stocks are full but this isn't new. For us beer remains an essential element of "rock'n roll" in the wide meaning. The new thing is, our new super beautiful CD "A bright future" that took us 5 years to spawn. This is not an exceptional duration for us. We take the time it needs, we have no career objective. And even if we grow older, the fury doesn't diminish.


2. Your last album is entitled "A bright future", can you introduce this record in few words? Is there a link between the title and the current crisis that still refuses to leave us alone?

As well as for many things with Black bleeding, there is first degree, but also a lot of 2nd degree. "A Bright Future" isn't basically a concept album, but the passing time with its many facets is a recurring theme: Its worrying sides, including the crisis you talk about, our death that slowly but surely comes closer and leads us to realize the value of time (It becomes more and more precious as we grow older). The fact that in our 40's, we still feel like a band of teens, only with more experience ("older fatter balder" becomes "Older faster bolder").

This said, we only bring lines of thought, each one will draw his own conclusions and whatever he wants. We are not moralists. Beware: As I already said, there's a lot of 2nd degree in this answer!!


3. What could you say the readers to convince them throwing an hear (Or more) on this album? Do you send back, after use, the body parts that were attached with the payments, or do you keep a part of it? (Bottoms and tits... We never know, it might find some use Ah Ah)

In this album you can find quite an amount of "traditional" ingredients, but also big differences concerning the clichés, very varied influences. So it is both classical and totally atypical. This is an album where fans of brutality could find their happiness, but it surely doesn't sound like 1000 others. Many bands lost of energy and efficiency as they wanted to be so fast and/ or complicated... We didn't fall in this trap!
Concerning your sub-question, it is completely stupid! (Hey, no, come back... It was 2nd degree again!!)

4. Contrary to many of the bands that embrace a genre close to black metal, and play quite a lot with the sociopathic, claustrophobic or misanthropic vibe, the music of Black Bleeding makes the listener happy (Or at least your energy isn't so negative...).
Is this only a matter of beer, mutual warmings during long nights of winter, or should we search a bit further? In your humble opinion, do you rather play some "black/ death", "black/ black" or simply some "metal/ metal" (It's more metal than metal...)?

It should be the reflection of your personality: When some incorrigible epicurean jokers play extreme metal, this is the result. We didn't plan anything in advance: We played what we loved, with the sound and the atmosphere we like, and this is the result.
Peoples often tell us Black Bleeding is a "sincere" band. I have problems to understand how someone could play underground music without sincerity (For what purpose?), but well...
We are quite some beerophiliacs, so this should really be an influence (Well, Alex prefers wine). If we had to stick a genre, I'd rather say "Diverse brutal", or perhaps "Festive death black"? Festive black is funny, hu?


5. When I listen to the style of your drummer, Balmuzette, I have the feeling I'm listening to some "Battles in the north", some "Reek of putrefaction", some "Suomi Finland perkele", with tom rolls à la Dave Lombardo... Can he quote the names of the drummers and albums that were the most influential on his playing?

The old ones of Carcass and Slayer (At the time of Lombardo) are some of my favorite ones: Alex has problems to understand the fact I prefer Lombardo to Bostaph, but it's the same than for Animal in Motorhead, he's the one who played on the forerunning tracks, the really innovative ones, those that made the band a legend.
I like black metal but it also bores me quickly, I don't listen to this genre for ours in a row. "Ugra Karma" (Impaled Nazarene) was in heavy rotation for a while.
I started with the drums in 1980 and I always liked music with "balls". At this time, I listened to punk (Exploited, Subhumans, Dead Kennedys…) and hard Rock (AC/DC, Judas, Van Halen…).
I learnt the drums following their records. AC/DC was then considered to be the most extreme possible. Then, I followed the evolutions of upmanships in savagery and velocity (Venom, Destruction, Dark Angel…). So my influences are very NWOBHM, Punk HC and thrash, the speed came later. A great precursor of the woodcutter style remains the immense Keith Moon (The Who, check it on Youtube) .
In fact it seems to be obvious, but to play extreme rhythms that shred very well you have to master the slow tempos before all.

6. If Black bleeding was a meal based on potatoes, which would it be? (On the one hand, when it's dense enough mashed potatoes can be heavy or even crushing (For the stomach), on the other hand all that is French fries is baked in a very hot bath of oil (To plunge a human body in oil could procure a quite infernal feeling)). Would you rather choose the crushing, or the torture with boiling oil? (This question isn't totally innocent, a part of the band is located in Belgium...)

We would be for the "Pommes dauphines" (Ed: Potato croquettes... In French it translates word for word as "Dolphin apples") because the dolphin is a gracious and intelligent animal, that evokes the beauty of mermaids and the freshness of naïve TV series that came before Goldorak. Concerning the apple, it is a round and juicy fruit, with various bright lively colors. Apple juice, in addition to its many vitamins, is an excellent antiseptic.
Without apple, no Adam... And so, no mankind, no Snow White (And the Seven Dwarfs), no Maurice Chevalier (Ed: Famous French TV presenter), no 9th symphony of Beethoven, no Schtroumpfs, no Chirac (Ed: Past french president), no bread...
The "Dolphin apple" will save the world thanks to its incredible qualities, and Black bleeding wants to be a part of this salutary dynamic.


7. If Black bleeding was a "tool", which would it be and why? (Maybe the hammer of Thor or the Shovel of Nicolas the gardener (French TV presenter)?)

The hammer of Thor, because I'm not familiar with Nicolas the gardener.


8. When you listen back to the albums of Black bleeding, what do you think about it? What are the recordings you are the most proud of?

I rarely listen to my previous recordings. Because, if listening to the music I love gives me some kind of rejoicing, listening to myself can procure a strange feeling of masturbation. Each new recording seems to be better than the previous one, and that is good!
When you rarely listen to yourself, it's a bit the same than watching an old photo album: You are surprised by yourself. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad.

9. Why in hell is the bleeding black, and not green or yellow?

It's funny, last week my brother asked me the same question: Why do you keep such kind of name? With your boundless imagination, you could find much better!
In fact, when the Black bleeding name was chosen, it was a band of teenagers who just wanted a name to be gore and extreme. Later, we thought Black bleeding was a quite common (Even a bit ridiculous) moniker in the style, and we decided to change it... But after lots of talks and thoughts (Not necessarily in this order), we concluded the name was so much "Cream pie" that we decided to keep it for reasons of self-mockery, and to mock all these band-names that finally sound so close to each others. We finally are very "Black bleeding".


10. I have the feeling we always traded each other's releases:
Since I run a distro in (More or less) 2002, we always succeeded in exchanging what you had released, so this counts at least 4 recordings. What leads you to stay self-produced and do everything by yourselves?

We want to avoid as many constraints as possible. It this is only to exchange our freedom against more visibility, more cash and some kind of rise in the "hierarchy", the answer is no.
We all have our jobs, and Black bleeding is before all a creative space.
If this is to write music under the orders of a dic...(ATCHA!) who decides instead of us, it's better to keep your job at the factory and remain free "After the day". Music will never be our job, each gig is a feast. It's a quite punk way of seeing things.
I recently contacted a band I know, to play a nice gig in a little bar from our area. The guy answered: "Now we are signed, so the conditions are 500 euros, and we need the approval of the manager so that we can play". Each can do as he wishes, but this is not rock n roll the way we see it. This said, no one made us label offers.
We sometimes have the opportunity to propagate our recordings thanks to people like you. We thank you a lot :-)


11. Those who still spend some time in the record shops, watching the CDs and the "promo" stickers (What an amount of bullshit we can read, Mr. Century media...) could have for example learnt Satan has the most "evil" riffs because it was stolen to Vader...
Don't you feel it's a bit too much, and also erroneous... We all know Satan lives in Belgium! (You only have to count the amount of cigarette-shops per inhabitant in some towns, those are real weapons of mass destruction Ah Ah)

Well, I might be subject to the syndrom of "This was better before", but the more Rock'n'roll loses his subversive side and enrolls in the logic of capitalism, the more it loses its soul.
When I hear young PUNK bands saying their goal is to make a whole load of cash, this is far from the essence of punk. I have the feeling the more we're lobotomized by the consumer society, the more we applaud. I can't understand the self-filing à la Facebook, the success of "La nuit des publivores" (Ed: French Tv program), and other "things" of this kind.
NB: I'm not certain if this was the question.

12. Years ago, some of you were playing in the grindcore band Disjonctor. Can you tell us a bit of its history? Is it totally dead and buried, or a temporary exhumation, the time of a few blasts in public, wouldn't be totally excluded?

Disjonctor was a destroy grindo-theatrical concept whose basic principle was the following: During gigs, we should always be drunk, so, to avoid bad surprises we should also be drunk during rehearsals. The two hours preceding rehearsals only resided in getting high, then, when it was done, we could only begin. It gave birth to tons of improbable and hilarious stories. Just an example: During each rehearsal our bassist was fired, but he always came back to the next one because he had forgotten about it.
A come back? One should never say never, but I'm not anymore into this state of mind of "To be as drunk as possible to play music". And we already had problems to remember the songs then, so this would be quite complicated now, hu?
NB : We had to record the rehearsals because we tended to forget the songs from a week end to another.


13. I think you also had a more heavy metal parallel project, Iron Maiden covers of something like that... Is it still relevant?

I played in Moonchild, an Iron Maiden cover band that still exists, but I unfortunately had to leave because of becoming a father. At the time, I was multiplying the bands, the experiences, replacements... But then my children took quite a lot of time, so, instead of playing in five bands half-time, I only kept Black Bleeding. Well, ok, now my children are at school, I have begun a new project anyway (Varied rock, and a bit stoner, it's called Van Jex).


14. What will come for Black Bleeding in a close future? You can unpack the list of merchandising if necessary. Thanks for the answers.

As already said before, but it's no evil to remind it, we have our new CD. It's available during our gigs, on Bandcamp, or directly sending me an email at balmuzette(at)wanadoo.Fr.
Advisable price: 1 CD = 7 euros, 2 CDs = 10 euros , ½ CD for 4 euros. The previous album « The Great Satan » is still available for the same price. We also have very ugly Tshirts for 10 euros.
Concerning plans, a few gigs are scheduled (13/12 at the DNA in Bruxelles), and we hope many more will come. And we will start writing songs again, to release a CD in 4 or 5 years. And we will especially drink beers WITHOUT restraint (No bullshit).
Thank you for this interview, the distribution of CDs, past and future. Later.


Web page:  https://blackbleeding.bandcamp.com