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1. Here's the first question you must know as well as your woman's pussy: Introduce ALIENATION MENTAL to our readers!

Ohhhh no, I really hate this question last year.... But if you wont to know, how was the story started, you will have it.
The beginning of the ALIENATION MENTAL is dated in January 1997 when Pavel and Michal had founded this band. Later Jarda from the breaking trash/death metal MORT LAKE band joined us. The band MORT LAKE had this arrangements: Michal R. (guitar, vox), Jarda (drums), Michal K. (bass) and Honza (guitar). Nevertheless Jarda didnt like their musical approach so he started to play with the idea of joining ALIENATION MENTAL. These two bands existed for a short while at the same time and even played together one concert. ALIENATION MENTAL had originally only two members: Pavel (guitar, vox) and Michal (drums). Jarda joined ALIENATION MENTAL in October 1997 on probation. MORT LAKEs direction was totally different from what he and Michal wanted to play. Later on, Jarda became their drummer. Eventually MORT LAKE died. That time members of ALIENATION MENTAL were forced to solve a question of the singer. They published several ads asking for a reliable singer for a core death grind band. Unfortunately nobody was interested and the band started looking among friends. Pavel, the guitarist, the founder and the leading brain of the band, met with Beherit whom he knew from various events and concerts in a pub. He told him he was looking for a singer for his band and Milan Beherit promised to come. After one rehearsal it was clear that Milan was the right one. ALIENATION MENTAL was playing in this arrangement for 2 years. The new bass-guitarist in the band became an old friend Michal K. (ex-MORT LAKE). After a few rehearsals recorded AM 7 EP THE RESTRICTED CEREBRAL CAPACITY (split with INHUMATE). This split is in the way of fast and brutal grind. One year later Michal K. went to Ireland to find a job. New member is Mirek (ex POPPE SEED GRINDER, PAX VOBIS). First full length CD BALL SPOUTER was born. The reviews are very good. Some ziners said that this material is the most brutal and the fastest in our country ever. We were on the 3 weeks euro tour with CEREBRAL TURBULENCY to support our CD BALL SPOUTER.


2. Some guys say you play Goregrind, but I don't find many goregrind elements in your music as think it's more linked to the Brutal Death scene with some DEVOURMENT, CRYPTOPSY, TON... and some old BRUTAL TRUTH for grind parts. How would you define your style?

Your definition is great. I am very glad that you mention our music in the same sentence with the titans of brutal death grind. We arent some gore band. (you have to read our lyrics, and you will understand, that we dont like gore themes) If I can say what kind of music we produce, I will say MACHINE GRIND, but it is only my opinion, the decision is on the fans. By the way, I think that differences between gore and nongore bands is only in the lyrics... the music could be the same in both of examples


3. Are you fast when it's up to compose new tracks or does it sometimes take months to complete a song? Does everyone in the band contributes? How do you know when you get a good riff that'll fit to your band, I mean do you look all each other without the need of saying anything as you all know it's THE riff...

Ohhh thats many questions in one. I try to answer all of them... I think that we are fast band (during composing).... It takes long time to start composing new song, but if we start it is short process. (for example: the last song on the BALL SPOUTER CD - Apocalyptic Vision Of The Future - was made in one day) All of the members are parts of composing new songs. One of the guitarists (or bassist) bring new riff, I try to make the rhythm line and Milan (screamer) makes vox arrangements. After that, we make small changes. We have to feel, that it is the right one (riff, part of song, etc...) if not we start new way...



4. I've noticed a well hidden high pitched Black metal scream la CRADLE OF FILTH/ very old IMPALED NAZARENE on "Crossed out from the list of the deceased" (4th track of your CD). Are you into the old Black metal stuffs? Maybe you want to hide these inner Blackening influences with your Brutal Death riffings, while inside of you you want to play pseudo Black metal with funny keyboards/ melodies and castrated/ sodomized nun's like screams Let us know everythings about your love for Happy Black metal! ah ah!

I am sorry, but it isnt a question for me. I dont listen to black metal (and I am sure that everybody in the band doesnt). About the high pitched screams... If you listen old BRUTAL TRUTH, CARCASS or other bands, you can find there also this kind of screams. I really like these hysterical murder voices, thats great. And about the new wave of melodic BM. I dont listen it, but I am sure that there are many fans of this kind of music.... (thats the same like in the dance scene)


5. On the 5th track of "Ball Spoutner" there are more varied influences as it seems to be a remixed track on parts. It even includes a scartch turntable. Do you know the French Brutal Death band FATE that also includes some scratch turntables? Is it an influence that'll be more important in your next compositions? In my opinion this kind of original things fit very well to Extreme musical brutality if it's well done!

I can say only, yes, you are right. All of us are influenced by many styles of music. In the last time I am listening only Nu metal bands (their CDs are overflow with great breaks and sounds). I think that it is a way, how to do something new and fresh. AM will be the mix between Nu metal and uncompromising death grind... it will be NU MENTAL :)))) ,.... about FATE. It is great band (I have only one song on the compilation) The song is great, but I wont to do with AM something like SLIPKNOT, CRYPTOPSY, FATE and CONTRASTIC (If you dont know this band, you have to taste it, it is the most original house, techno, sample, grind band ever) in one band... we will see


6. When I listen to your CD, it seems obvious to me you don't listen to Brutal death metal only as you add some little touches emerging from other musical styles. Some small influences coming from the Nu metal thing and other styles melted in your Brutal death make it sound more fresh. What are you listening to these days? What where the CDs that you played almost everydays for years? If you don't find this question to common, give us a top 10, top 100 or top 1000 of your fave CDs!

I think, that I answer one part of this question in my previous answer. So I try to give you my fave top ten.
FEAR FACTORY - everything (it means everything... it includes also REMANUFACTURE)
CONTRASTIC - everything

I am sorry it is my top eleven, but it could be a long list with bands like a IMMOLATON, SUFFOCATION, BRUTAL TRUTH, PYREXIA, NAPALM DEATH, and many others...



7. What does the cover of your full length CD represent? Is it somekind of factory? I could have fit to an indus metal band as it's very dark and a bit bizarre with a sci fi touch. Even your first demo "Kopferkingel" had somekind of Industrial looking cover.

BALL SPOUTER is the name of the CD and also the answer to your question. On the front picture is BALL SPOUTER. To the cover of KOPFERKINGEL. There is an RTG picture of broken leg. (it was a RTG by my friend from my previous crossover band). I think that cover of our full length is our most industrial work. (it was made by the drummer from IMPERIAL FOETICIDE)


8. And now about your lyrics. "The restricted cerebral capacity" is about the rape of a girl by an older person, while "The scatting feeling inside of me" compares our inner frustrations and hates as somekind of an alien that will destroy us all. What about the other lyrics' subjects? It seems to be influenced by personnal experiences or thoughts coming from books/ T.V documentaries...

All lyrics are written by myself and our guitarist Pavel. Everything in AM is inspired by books movies and our visions. The lyrics, is the way how to survive this bad world full of hate and apathy. If you read all of our lyrics, you can feel our inner person


9. I've read on the IMPAIRED Webzine it cost you 1200 Euros to record this album. Was it mostly financed by the band or did the label put some money into the recording? I'm not so much aware of the studios' prices... is 1200 Euros a good price for the recording/ mixing/ mastering of a full album? Where you pleased with the sound you got?

The price is quite good. 1000 Euros was paid by Michal from KHAARANUS PRODUCTIONS, the rest by ourselves. In the Czech republic it is one of the best studios, so it is more expensive than the others. Many of  Czech brutal death bands are recording there. Average man earn in our country 330 Euro per month so we can say that it is expensive, but I think it is good expenditure of resources. Now to the sound. It is clear and brutal but if I can change something will be there : more bass and brutal sound of guitars, more bass-drum and more effect cymbals (but, you know I am the drummer, so my view is little bit restricted J))))


10. You recorded this CD in your country, is there a recording studio in which you'd like to work something if you could afford it? In your opinion, what are nowadays' best recording studios and producers for extreme metal music?

Ohhh that isnt a question for me... I was only in two studios (there in Czech Republic). I think that studio Hostivar (where we recorded our last 3 materials) is one of the best studios in our republic. It isnt a studio only for ug bands. There were recorded also some things for Czech TV and Czech radio station. It isnt cheap, but if you record in this studio, you can be sure that you will get the best and the full service. But if I have to answer second part of your question, I am sure that best studios are in Scandinavia and in America... but my opinion could be wrong



11. How do you see the evolution of the band's music since your first demo? Which influences and special touches both appeared and disappeared in your style? How will sound the future tracks?

I can describe it at myself. The band started in 1997 (I played drums one or two years in this year) so it were my first steps in the music. Our demo Kopferkingel is our first step to the underground. It is only pure grind core, it is fast but there are no fantastic arrangements. Veneration Of Biological Killing Machine is very different stuff. It is much more brutal material with many arrangement changes... and rest of our materials were more brutal and more faster. I can say that Ball Spouter is our best material, I think it depend on the level of musicianship of ourselves. I dont know where is the next way for AM. I hope that our future way will be in samples and more intelligent music with fats grind core influences... we will see.


12. I knew only the name of your band since some friends told me some good words about ALIENATION MENTAL ( and I read some stuffs in zines) but I couldn't find your music anywhere. And I finally did an Mp3 upload of your last CD on a file sharing software like Edonkey that led us to this interview. So my question is: what's your opinon about the vast mp3s download and shares on the web? On one hand it can make labels and bands loose some money that could be invested in other more professional releases, but on the other hand it can spread the name of the bands. (Such as with the old buried tape trading thing that help some bands getting some good recognition in the Ug about 15 years ago). Are you rather for or against it? Do you download stuffs?

The first part of your question is also the answer to the second part. I think that internet and MP3 format is a great phenomena. As you say, it could spread the name of the band. It could be useful for the band. I am not sure that the MP3 downloads can take a big part of many from the label budget. Internet is great medium. If I find some ug server with good stuffs, I will download like an animal :-))))))) it is the way, how to find new bands. But I have to say that I support downloading of MP3 only for info... I try 3 or 4 songs, and if the material is good, I will go to ma fave distro and I will buy the CD, as you may know the ug CDs arent so expensive...


13. A few months ago, you've played at the SKULL FUCKED FESTIVAL in France/ Strasbourg... How did it happen and what is your opinion about the bands that played at this fest? And what about the vacuum bass of INHUMATE's bassit (Fred)? Did he menace you with this new sex tool during the backstage fiesta? Ah ah!

You have fantastic informations :-)))) It was our second gig visit in Strasbourg. My fried Fred from INHUMATE send me en e-mail, If we wont to come to Strasbourg for one gig. My fast answer was YES, OF COURSE WE WILL COME. Both of our gigs in border town were great (all of our gigs in France were fantastic). I think that NHUMATE was the winner of the night. It was show full of energy and aggression. All of INHUMATEs are crazy maniacs and very nice maniacs. As you mentioned... Chris brake Freds bass guitar. Fred was for a small while angry but after it he started his killing show... I can remember it as well, because the after party with Fred was really mad... In the morning we cant remember where we are :-))))) I have to say thanx and hell-o to Fred and all of the INHUMATEs.


14. Did you sell a decent amount of merchandise here?

Ha ha ha ha ha, no we didnt. We try it, but we were stoned like an eminem :-))))) and it wasnt possible to ommunicate with the visitors of the show. Our singer Milan is winner, he sold one cd :-))))))))))))))))))


15. How many merchandising do you usually sell during gigs? Is it the best way to sell your products or does it work better through the mail/ distros?  

It is better through mail, distros and our label... We are really shy guys, we arent a sales mans. We arent a type of people whose are sitting during the whole shows at our distro... We are only musicians... Or if I can say it better we are only poor guys from one band ...


16. Do you conceive the musical extremism in any other way than by the complexity of the tracks that include a lot of surprises and with a good technical edge?

We started the new track with some riff. After it, we stick the other riff, etc When the song is complete, we play it 100 times and make cosmetic changes in the arranges. And during our rehearsals we innovate our parts. I think, it is the best way, how to compose machine grind J)))))


17. Since you sometimes call yourselves "Aliens" in interviews and you seem to enjoy some Nu metal stuffs, I'm quite surprised you don't wear somekind of Sci Fi/ aliens adaptated Sklipnot costumes on stage... it could be the birth of a new Grinding folklore and would make you win some popularity in old aged persons' fiestas! lol

The aliens are in our heads... we dont need to use some special silver sci fi high fi wear. We try to present our visions of the future through our music. But we will see, maybe we will use it something similar in the apocalyptic future :-)))))


18. Your website doesn't look Brutal/ Gore/ Death or whatever as all the images and colours choose would rather make me think of a futurist laboratoratory/ a factory in which humans are tested to the core, or maybe somekind of a futurist spaceship.

great great great... when I started to work on this website I wont to make the people to fell it that way. You have to know, we are not brutal death metalist dressed in black wear with killers on our hands. If you meet me on the street you would believe that I play drums in machine grind band.. I am sure about it.


19. Do you think a band can do a good promotion and keep enough energy to express in its music so that it would be of a good quality without any external help? (label, webmaster, manager)

I dont know. The AM story is : we recorded our first demo (we paid only the studio). Some friends got it on the tape... after few weeks came two guys and they told us, we wont to released it, and the it was born. The same it was by recording our next two materials. Ball Spouter was something different. Michal from KHAARANUS PRODUCTIONS came to us with the offer that he will pay the studio and he will managed our Europe tour... we said Yes and everything was done. So the resolution is : no body will alive without the support. (or external help)



20. Give me your views about the UG scene. How do you see it in 10 years ? How do you see yourself in 10 years (musically and personally)

My vision of the UG scene in the future??? Am I Nostradamus ??? Why not. I think that the new millennium opened the gate to the new wave of music. I am sure that many true death metal bands survive in the todays form, but there will be many bands, mixing many kinds of music (electronic, dub, grind, death, scratches, samples, etc) I hope that it will be also the way of ALIENATION MENTAL. Personally : I will have child (small drummer of course J)))), I will earn a lot of money J))) I really dont know, what could happen tomorrow, so how can I say what will be in horizon of 10 years ???


21. Have you got other musical projects and what were your previous musical activities?

All of AM members played (or play) in some projects it isnt interesting how were the projects named. Only one should be mentioned, because it will be in the short future the famous grind band. AHUMADO GRANUJO (our guitarist played there some time ago bass, and now he is replaced by our singer)


22. Since you're the drummer in the band, I'd like to ask you some stuffs that deal with the drumming. You seem to have a quite technical drum playing, and some guys told me it was tight and skilled live. How many times do you practize the drums each week? Are you training yourself with specifically choosen sports to enforce your muscles and increase your skills to do the blast beats for exemples? Some drummer who're playing their instrument since years and who do months long tours have to learn and study from theirselves to endure the tours. They also have to avoid eating specific foods to be 100% ready to crush! ... it reminds me some bycicles' racers training and ways of life! What do you think about it? Does it happened that you had to avoid some drinking parties and smoking fiestas to be able to play a good live set?

Oh, lets go to the short drumintie inside this question rogation At the first point I have to say thanx a lot for the compliments. (I wont to know who told you this defamation, that I am a good and technical drummer ???J))) I only try to play drums as fast as possible with some technical brakes) I usually play only with the other AM members two times in the week. I dont visit drum lessons ever. I think that youre talking about Flo from CRYPTOPSY. I was only one time in my life on the tour. It is true that I was tired after first 5 days, but after these days it was better and better. I dont know how can the human organism function during the whole year tour, but it should be very heavy, difficult and hard. I am not practice some muscle training J))))) (you can call me ONCLE SAM or Mr. Muscle J))))))) I have only one rule, I must not drink or smoke before the gig. Thats only one thing which I am doing before the show.


23. In your opinion, which bands will take more and more importance in the underground in the following years? Are there some bands that really surprised you latelly?

Thats not simple question. I think (as I mentioned in some previous answer) there will be more new progress bands like French FATE I am sure that world will hear in the near future about Czech INTERVALLE BIZZARE, PIGSTY, LYKATHEA AFLAME, CEREBRAL TURBULENCY and many others. There in the Czech republic is the UG scene more and more professional, so we will see (maybe the ug will grows up like a rap music 15 years ago)


24. I know the situation in your band isn't very good as two members of the bands are seriously ill. Tell us more about it: will the guys be able to comeback in the band when their diseases shorten or is it incurable shits? How do you see the future of ALIENATION MENTAL?

Yes you have great informations. It is true. Pavel our guitarist have big problems. He is right now 3 months out . He eats every day many tablets and drops. Nobody knows if it will be better in few days or in the many months. He stopped drinking and smoking. He have to change his life style. Our singer will go (this week) to the hospital, he has big problems with the backbone. The doctors says that the is the possibility that he must be operated we will see. I can say only one thing the situation isnt good I dont know how will the AMs future looks like????


25. Tell us more about your future projects! These words will be the last ones for you so you'd better give us your last wishes before I shot your head with the gun!

Please please dont kill me J)))))))) isnt it nice end of the intie ??? So Gab, thanx a lot for your time, patience and support. If anybody wants to know more about AM (I am sure that you can find all of the important infos in this large intie, If not) let me know bye and once more thanx and stay grindy my friends


Jarda Haz
Olstynska 607/1 (SOL 1307)
18100 Praha 8 Troja

and now, last cigarette, and I am ready to die shot me you bastard...