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1. Hello, can you introduce us to TREPANATOR, and serve us the best parts of the brain... Oups... of the band history as of now?

G : Hello Gab, Trepanator is a death metal band that was formed from the ashes of DEEP VEIN more or less 2 years ago. Jim left the band and since he was the main composer, we didn't want to continue under that moniker, so we decided to create a new death metal band with Cyril (Drums) and Djé (Bass). Later on Djé left us and we recruited Rémi (Guitar), Pierre (Bass) and Steph (Vocals). We spent quite some time writing songs, rehearsing and playing a few gigs. The style we began with was quite technical (8 tracks) and now we try to recover the efficiency and a quite more morbid atmosphere (4 tracks as of now).
We just recorded a 5 songs demo with Guyome of PULMONARY FIBROSIS, it should be available shortly, only the vocals need to be recorded.


2. Trepanator was born from the ashes of DEEP VEIN, while one of the founding members left the band... What motivated you to create a new band and why didn't you keep the same name?

G : Because the music in DEEP VEIN (At least the guitar riffs) was mostly composed by Jim, it didn't really have a meaning to keep that name. The way I compose music is different from the style of Jim, and we couldn't keep the DEEP VEIN name.


3. Even if the style of Trepanator is more technical, it isn't so different from Deep vein... Perhaps not so obscure and morbid, but something remains in common. Which influences would you quote and what are the biggest differences in your opinion?

G : I'm influenced a lot by DEATH and CORONER, the main difference lies in the fact I spontaneously come up with more technical and thrashy guitars than what you could find in DEEP VEIN. This said, the last songs we composed (4 ones) aren't so technical anymore, we tried to explore again this macabre and obscure atmosphere, but the whole is not as morbid as DEEP VEIN, and the songs are also a bit shorter.


4. Why did you choose the Trepanator moniker? I find it to be very old school, we could even expect a bleeding and bowel spewing thrash metal band from South America, while your music is more technical and controlled... Could we see it as an announcement for more thrash metal influences in the  future, or is it just the band name doesn't really have an importance for you?

G : Cyril came up with the name. There's a Brazilian thrash band called TREPANATOR (http://trepanator.tnb.art.br/) and a very low budget film of Norbert MOUTIER has the same name. The ending with "Tor" sounds very thrash metal in fact, and yes you can find thrash elements in the last songs we composed.


5. How many tracks are there in your current set-list, and what does it sound like? Can you reveal a few song titles? If you could also describe the content of the lyrics...

G : As of now there are 12 tracks, and two more are almost finished. I would say there a first set with quite weird and technical songs, a total of 8 ones, and 4 new songs to be a bit simpler, with more efficient riffs. There aren't a lot of titles for now, I will give you the ones we use: « Mutant Birth under a Giant Sun », « Burning your blood », « War Artefacts » or « Devoured in Eternal Torments ». The lyrics deal with war, anthropophagia, science fiction, or also serial killers.


6. Could we say the members of the band are peoples with a "healthy mind in a healthy body"?

G : More or less, I imagine.


7. Who were you thinking about when you choose the band name? In other words, who do you wish to trepanate?

G : No one in particular. 


8. You should feel concerned with sound conditions during the gigs for small metal bands... All the more since your music is technical. Aren't you afraid to be confused with, in the worst cases, with an obscure death or INCANTATION influenced death black band? (This said, I discovered your band on bootleg videos, and I needed quite some time before really understanding the style, because of the obscure and quite deaf sound of the recording huhu)

G : It's hard to notice what peoples really understand when we play, the comments are generally rather positive. The technicality of some songs make it hardly understandable in live conditions, add the hardware problems, the time allowed for balances, and the amount of alcohol we drunk... The demo will make the music more accessible.
Concerning the black metal side, there are also a few influences here and there, and using a few of it doesn't bother me even if our music couldn't be described as "death black". There was an evolution since the beginning of the band, and even if we mostly practice death metal, quite an amount of other influences come up.


9. If Trepanator was a piece of beef, which would it be and why? (An answer with "brain" is impossible, it would be too easy...)

G : I admit I don't know what to answer, but now I want to eat a steak tartare.

10.  Do you follow the French underground metal scene? Are there bands you like?

G : I mostly follow the bands of friends, I liked a lot the last Manzer titled « Beyond the Iron Portal , nicely heavy. Otherwize I'm not too curious, I spend more time playing than listening to music.


11. What are you listening to lately? Which albums/ demos/ Eps attracted your attention in 2015?

G : I don't listen to a lot of stuffs these days. The last albums that were regularly played are from CARCASS, MARTYR and MANZER.


12. What are your future projects? Don't hesitate to throw a few parts of brain between the cookies and donuts, the coffee is ready.

G : To release the demo, and distribute it to find some gigs, and perhaps a label to produce/ coproduce or distribute our future recordings. We also want to play gigs in other areas. Thanks for the interview Gab, we send you the demo as soon as it's ready!


Web page: https://www.facebook.com/Trepanator