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XTOM HANX (Usa) Posers from space Demo tape. 2014. Self-released.
These cinderblocks were made of gingerbread,
and inside of the dreamy house, something awful was hiding...
A terribly appealing and attractive looking babe, whose body was made of cement.

This is quite great sounding Grindcore/ Crust / Hardcore... They call it "Post powerviolence", I'm cursed. But even if the word "Post" was used, there's no (ho)modernity : Think about a mix of fresh old styled grind (With nice blasts, shorts grinding drums), a couple of crust parts la DISRUPT, some fast HC la GANG GREEN (Perhaps), some "slower" HC la SICK OF IT ALL (Perhaps... Sorry I'm not a core expert: Here, only grind is real) and touches of sludge.
Every songs are short (18 in 11:30 minutes, but it isn't noisecore) so you can avoid boredom if a riff lacks of semen particles (For (s)example).
But I have to say it: This is a bit too hardcore for me... Yes, it's too core, but there's a good energy of youth (I'm an old cougar who went through transsexual surgery, and I looove the energy of youth SO MUCH!), and the good style of the drummer makes it more alive.
The blasting parts are great, you can feel the intensity rises.
Now, this is not perfect... Beware, the hammer is slowly coming... Slooow... Slooow... Slowly coming: The music is not original, not really personal, neither transsexual, nor interplanetarial... But it's a quite great reekording and the cement sentimentals will probably say "Yes".



YOG (?) Satan's child Promo CDr'07.
This isn't the usual promo: It contains 3 test recordings of 3 variations on the same song ("Satan's child").
Even if I can hear influences of old KING DIAMOND or some early CANDLEMASS for vocals and themes, there's not much really metal: Most of these test recordings are based on arpeggios, keys, pianos... Even if the vocals sound good and music is quite coherent, there's not a lot to say or analyze... What a strange idea to release a promo with so few substance... Maybe they lack of ideas?
No contact adress given...




ZOLDIER NOIZ (Fra)/ BESTIAL NIHILISM (Fra) What life... What work? Split tape. 2017. MALIGNANT OVERTHROW Recs.

I heard a demo of this French band a long time ago, the music was located between thrash metal and war metal (Or something). It seems their style has changed, I don't know if it's only for this release, the music is now much more influenced by punk/ hardcore in the old dbeat crust style.
The 3 songs can sound like early MASTER, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, a bit of NUCLEAR ASSAULT or regular thrash metal. There are some violence and some kicking moments, some stuffs can sound quite catchy in the dbeat motivated style. This should be quite energetically crushing the brain when you're under the influence of tons of liquid and your head is vibrating the stress of the whole world!
The other side also contains a French band. Their style is located between quite brutal black metal and crust punk. A part of the songs could sound like a mix of early MARDUK (Brutal moments, not the melodies) or early/ old IMPALED NAZARENE, with some dbeat/ crust parts here and there.
Other songs sound a bit different in the black metal style, but Im not informed/ remembering enough to quite some band names.
The music doesn't seem to be bad in the style, and some parts seem to be quite kicking, but the content spoke to me less than the side of ZOLDIER NOIZ (I'm not a black metal fan anyway, so perhaps my opinion doesn't count for a satanic bit?).

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