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MACROFAGO (Chile) Deathcomposition Demo CDr. 2012. Self-released.
I miss your corpse,
I miss your corpse,
What will I amuse myself with if your body parts are inhumed or cremated?
Please, think about it... Donate your body to deep underground science!

This Chilean band plays usual old school Death metal reminding of DEATH ("Scream bloody gore"), with slower moments and vocals exploring more guttural gorges.
You could imagine it's another very underground demo that doesn't stand out from the mass grave (Or doesn't stand in the coffin)... Until heavier riffs appear, and it becomes nicer... Then there's a taste of BAPHOMET's first album "The dead shall inherit" (For the "power" riffs)...  There are more "doomy" guitars closer to AUTOPSY (But I would rather point out the old JUDECCA moniker)... Other heavy moments could be closer to the first MORTA SKULD album (Simple death metal that tends to be slower)... But the name-dropping fiesta seems to take over my skull again, so to summarize everything I will only say this quite regular death metal with "gorgy" vocals sounds like very old AVULSED (The Ep'94 or demos).
This is globally an average (Deep) underground demo, with improvements needed at the level of the playing (In fast parts), but the band shows they are able to inject nicer heavier patterns, and it's not so bad to listen once your mind is tuned to the underground rotting corpse.
Hope they will give more space to these heavier "power" or "doom" moments, it might help them to migrate from the "very deep underground" to the "deep underground".



MALICIOUM (Swe) Cursed ground Demo CDr'08.
Fresh and motivated thrash death metal ripping your skull la MERCILESS ("The awakening") with some technical and not so technical influences of AUDIOPAIN, and maybe a little something of KREATOR's "Terrible certainty". It's packed with a lot of right-hand-suffering riffs that makes them sounding kinda technical, even if it's not really, or not specially the case (Depending on your musical background). The screaming vocals make this band sound even closer to the outfits quoted before. MALICIOUM is definitely not something old school for the retro guys who need something soulful to rest, but there's no post end-90s influences either: It's motivated and fresh sounding, and I guess it would rather please younger enthusiastic bangers or energetic peoples who think it's never fast enough.
Now on a critical point of spike, even if the whole sounds fresh and quite entertaining, I regret there's nothing really burning-catchy (You probably know, this kind of riffs many bands would love to write... But it's not only a matter of will...) and maybe some guitars sound a bit too technical/ complicated for a more convenient listening, but this kind of "kick-your head-with-many-notes-riffs" can work quite well in moments of disjoncted compressed brainstorm, and I guess MALICIOUM is too malicious to give a fuck about your tiredness problems hh... To sum it up, this is a neat thrash demo that doesn't follow too blindly the current retro-trends of the style and could fit the needs of energetic bangers, but this isn't the next jewel of slowly brewed-metal... Check out their page to make your own alcoholic mind:


MALPRACTICE INSURANCE (Usa) Demo 2011. Self-released.
Now my earthquake was sucked to dry, it could only explode in a spike-saturated deterioration.
What you hear is grindcore/ goregrind, with an energy reminding me the glorious days of EXHUMED (When they used to release killer split Eps), with some old DEAD INFECTION/ old REGURGITATE for the relentless blasting assaults, a bit of old blastasfuck CARCASS' brutality (Without the pathologicism), a zest of LOCK UP (Power chords with blasts), with some fewer regular (But not shitty) goregrind la GUT (In their most "relaxed" riffs)... M.L.P.I.S.R. is not as good as the bands quoted before, but it's not bad at all on a blasting point of view! This sounds close to the grindcore from 6-8 years ago: Its not too punk, it's quite focused on the impact and the production is good/ powerful. Eventhough there are goregrind influences in the music, it doesn't particularly taste gore neither pathologic, and the vocals aren't too gore (Most is even regular grind: Screams and growls). The songs are built in a neat manner (The riffs and tempo changes happen at the right moment).
The 3rd track has less impact and sounds less explosive, but remains quite cool on an impact point of view.
The music of MALPRATICE INSURANCE is not original, but there are really worse grind stuffs defenestrated in 2012, and don't you feel the semen coming?
This is shorter than a premature ejaculation (3 songs for 3,43 minutes), but did you ever see a real ejaculation last for long? This band will be quite promising, if they keep up this energy and this good production.



MARROW (Usa) Death metal for dead peoples Demo CDr. 2008.
Brutal archeoverdose! Drunk beyond understanding on the old bones I devoured without self-mercy. All the elder dust of middle-age years I unconsciously absorbed is slowly energizing, organizing itself and polarizing towards the vibrations of doom... An elder middle-age disease is taking control over my body and will soon turn into the inseminating feast. Poor mortals, fear the erected revenge from the past!
Well, sorry to potentially disappoint the musicians of NARROW, but this introduction wasn't written under an impulse from their music since I was banging my pen on the sounds of SUFFOCATION ("Human waste"). Anyway we will now dive in the music of this American band that plays something like Death metal... Yes, I said "something like" because their music isn't the most atmospherically old school neither energetically punishing (and if you want purely rotten meat this might not be the best choice), but this remains something quite cool, so the words of this review will keep on escaping my mind to activate my right wrist.
To try and describe the sounds of MARROW an edible manner, I would say something like EXHUMED (Between "Gore metal" and "Anatomy is destiny") in a cleaner manner and without much of the blasts, with an half "melodic" and half "technical" portion that could remind quite neatly of mid old CARCASS, with some thrashy riffings,  a little of stoner meets a zest of rock'n roll between the toxic flower pots... I think the spirit isn't too far from what RAZORBACK recs released before they strongly turned to old school Death metal... The music also reminds me a bit of MORTAL DECAY ("Sickening..."), IMPALED (The later and less grinding... But maybe the later EXHUMED would have been enough?) and old SOILENT GREEN (For some stoner (Or eventually sludge) influenced stuffs). If you think this review isn't very clear or precise, I can tell you I agree.
This demo is quite cool to listen and rather quite well put together, but I miss something more emotional like a massive urge or an explosion of obese grind right in my face (Maybe it's not their goal... But sometimes they sound quite close to EXHUMED or CARCASS so I feel almost obliged to be submitted to the punishing urge!), and in the last songs I find some of the riffs or arrangements to be less nice.
The future will tell us how this band evolves, I think they might turn in a nice maggoty way, so fans of the genre might find in MARROW something cool to follow in the future...



MASADA (Usa) Suffer mental decay Demo CDr. 2011. Self-released.
The strangled ventriloquist... Those who tried to shut him down failed, because his screams didn't come from the throat!
What I have between the hears is something like a cool demo! The sounds are located between old American Death metal la MORTA SKULD (Especially "As humanity fades") and the old techno-death released in the past century, with influences of old ATHEIST (First two albums, a bit less "crazy"), a bit of DEATH "Individual thought patterns" and some obscure technical death bands who used to release atmospherically obscure demos around 1996... Embalming enough? There are also touches of more obscure death metal from time to time (View a little of the first Immolation album) and few blasts adding a bit more of brutality. For a partly unidentified reason something reminds me of an old GOREAPHOBIA demo, this might be due an atmosphere or a color in the music, but this isn't a bleeding certainty...
This is quite technical, but not over the top (I didn't ask for over-the-top wankery anyway). The production is quite natural and hot, it could have been recorded in 1998 (Or before) and that's a reason for it sounds cooler!
Notice the flyer says Craig Smilowski (The drummer) used to play in IMMOLATION.
This is a short recording, it contains only two songs, so I can't guarantee a post-mortem erection nor really define the global taste of the cerebral soup cocktail called Masada, but it's pleasant to listen... So, fans of old techno death might feel like following what's up in the macerated-brain shakers of Masada!



MEDICATION TIME (Slovakia) Demo tape. 2017. BADLUCK Recs.
What should you think when the heads of your tape player are so magnetic and dirty that it produces as much noise as a grindcore or harshnoise tape itself?
Could it be considered as "art" and as being a part of a new experimental experience? Ah Ah.
Hopefully for my cassette collection, my tape player isn't so dirty (Filth isn't really my life AhAh) and I'll be able to review this angry tape in quite decent conditions.
MEDICATION TIME is a band from Slovakia that practices raw powerviolence meets fastcore. This tape is composed of 10 very short songs (Not noisecore, just "very short") that often sound as raw as a chainsaw ripping your motorbike's motor, and the fact the riffs and beats often change add to the quite frenetic impression.
In my quite metallic perception of things, I couldn't totally call this band's music as "grindcore", it is a bit too raw and "corish" under some angles, so the powerviolence/ fastcore description fits the beats of your tapping feets quite well. (This said, there aren't many sludge or even "doomy" influences in there, while many newer PxVx bands often use it).
This is a quite raw/ nicely frenetic tape. It doesn't totally fit my metallic needs, but it might please undergrinded fans of the PxVx/ fast style.


MIASMAL SABBATH (Gre) Miasmal sabbath MCD. 2016. SEWER GRINDER Recs.
Well, no need for more Sunday afternoon occultism since the music of this Greek band is not too based on the occult... What you will find contains quite equal portions of old school death and crust/ punk, melted in songs that are structured in a quite right-to-the-point manner.
Sometimes reminding of ENTOMBED (Old and not so old) or DEATHBREATH, the content doesn't sound as Swedish as this sentence could have given the idea... Because the production isn't Swedish alike, the style is more punk/ Hc influenced (I think about DISFEAR, old E.N.T or DISCHARGE) and perhaps there's a grind touch somewhere. Quite neat sounding stuff.
ENTOMBED remains anyway a serious influence, but it takes both from "Left hand path" and the later cool albums ("Uprising" for example).
During the listening I saw apparitions of beheaded pornstars that had 3 well-rounded big tits each... Not sure if it comes from the music itself, or a website I visited the hour before Ah Ah.
While listening, I don't feel balls to the wall and forced to bang my head under metallic damnation, but this doesn't mean the music is bad.
MIASMAL SABBATH sounds more "personal" (Or should I say "particular"?) than the many new Swedish-death carbon-copiers, this is a quite entertaining MCD to listen to, and some moments are quite kicking.
Miasmal Sabbath. Cranial Wombbath.




MOLD (Denmark) 2 tracks promo 2012.
Are you longing for the granitic and monolithic? Then you might find here traces of future promises to petrify your inner fears.
MOLD is a new band from Denmark which released a first demo, containing two tracks located in the middle between doom and old Death metal.
The first song is quite heavy and doomy, imagine the austerity of WINTER mixed with a simpler very early PARADISE LOST ("Lost paradise" and demos, in a less melancholic manner) and very early MY DYING BRIDE (In their most doom death and less enjewelled moments), with something more "epic" that could seem like if early CANDLEMASS would have eaten some Death metal. The doom riffs of destiny are not bad, it's quite good, and there's some quite crushing heaviness.
Unfortunately the unpolished production is a bit too raw, and when double bass drums appear the riffs are harder to hear. Well, this sounds like a demo, the old way.
The second track is different, and generally faster. I hear something in the middle between old GRAVE (Rather the fast parts of the first album), ROTTREVORE (Eps and demos) and maybe DERKETA (For the slower moments).
I find the band is less impressive when they're fast, maybe because they doesn't sound as right-to-the-point (And sometimes feel more amateurish) then.
This song contains quite cool parts in the middle, but it's also more common according to the current Death metal releases, and I'm globally less doomified.
MOLD could turn into an interesting supplier of vibrations of destiny for the Doom death fans. So you might need to keep an eye on the growing monolith. (In this case, dont forget to water it with blood)



MORT DOUCE (Pol) Promo 2013 Tape. PLAGE TAPES Recs.
Polish bands usually play something quite satanic, influenced by Morbid Angel, and quite fucking brutal when it's about Death metal... But this one is much closer to the Swedish style.
The two tracks you hear are close to the first ENTOMBED and first GRAVE albums, with few heavier parts la UNLEASHED ("Where no life dwells").
The second song also has a bit of "You'll never see..." (Heaviness) and reminds me a bit of the first ILLDISPOSED album (Some blasts, some 1/2 1/2 beats).
Peoples who liked newer bands like BASTARD PRIEST (Minus the punk influence) or MIASMAL (Demo) could like MORT DOUCE because it's the same kind of Swedish DM rendering (With some heaviness and no thrashing).
It's a pretty solid sounding short demo, but it might lack a bit of juice or ejaculating nightmare over the top of the cadaver cake. Future will show us how their sound will evolve.
Now I'm not sure what they meant with "Mort douce", in French it stands for "Soft death" or "sweet death".
Email: bloodritual(a)



MORTUS (Pol) Humanity's delimma Demo CDr. 2009.
Sometimes shopping can be a nice way to awake the putrid inspiration... "Libidinal explosion in the tobacco shop", "Hammer smashed cunt at the watch seller", "Ferox tongue cut in the computers' section"... So, why don't you come and make shopping with me? I have many other poems to reveal...
MORTUS is a polish band that doesn't taste very polish at the first tongue approach, the packing of notes and beats is a bit more modern than what thrash metal could mean when the fridge was just drained from all its precious beers and the effect of burning metals force begins to grow... I'd say the riffing isn't so different from your "regular" thrash metal, but the production is a bit more polished and botox injected, and the drumming has a little modern feel that could give them a taste of THE HAUNTED sometimes...
But the whole remains something like thrash, with typically fast thrashing parts, mid paced patterns, few slow moments... Well let's say it's close to modern thrash from the "1996" era but without much of powercore Pantera/ Machinehead and the likes...
To have an idea of the thrashing milf-shake you could insert the following elements in the gory mixer: A part of SLAYER "Divine intervention", some mid old KREATOR (What does "mid-old" mean for a more than 20 years old career? So let's point "Coma of souls" with not too much of insistence, since it's not the same atmosphere), some old THE HAUNTED, a little of GRIP INC's first album (But again, different atmosphere), eventually some TESTAMENT from when they began to inject heavier "Death metal" influences ("Loooow", but in very small portions, it's not about heavy angry indians here), a little touch of mid old FORBIDDEN, and maybe perhaps RITUAL CARNAGE's first album (For a little of "Very produced thrash'n roll" touch)... I know my band-quotes aren't very original nor precise, but would you please insert this ugly finger deep in your eye-holes to lobotomize yourself? I'm sure the world needs another self inflicted lobotomy.
This band needs something "special"... Oh Oh, don't misunderstand this word and don't imagine I beg for another metal revolution at the corner of each new riff, in my putrid opinion "Something special" can simply mean some stuff that catches the guts on an emotional point of view... So even if they played an even more common music, I guess they could be "fucking special" by adding a strange splashing mood, an atmosphere you don't feel very often in the middle of thrash recordings (No need to inject bizarre influences... Sometimes the wicked feeling is enough)... Well they choose a quite modern production, so it's doesn't help so much to boost the atmosphere, but rather the efficiency... In fact it sounds quite efficient, and it's not unpleasant to listen once you're in the right state of mind, I find some of the drum rolls to be quite "cool" (No, it's not reggae, huh?) and it's not badly compacted thrash... But would you please press the sponge with more conviction? We need more juice!



MP5K (Swe) Deranged stockholm syndrome Demo CDr'07.
It might have a special meaning, but in my hears "MP5K" sounds like a bitrate compression or some download speed... How would you make the difference between them and a hiphop band on some underground flyer? But it's true I'm bombarded everyday with Hip Hop flyers Ahr Ahr...
Musical wize it's brutal death metal, but not the most brutus-way, there are quite a lot of mid placed or quite groovy parts...
To scum it up, it might be influenced by DYING FETUS, SOILS OF FATE, early CANNIBAL CORPSE (Eaten back to life), DISGORGE (Usa) or eventually some BANISHED (R.I.P); But it's a bit more mid-placed than you'd expect, sometimes it's almost like some deathcore (Not the current one, but rather the 6-7 years old meaning of the word). Technicalwize it's Ok, the drumming rumbles the double-kicks as it should be, the riffs are reasonably brutal or groovy, and nothing seem to be particularly out of place... But apart from some brutal superficial impact, I don't feel much... I would really like more catchy parts to remember in the bathroom, or burning riffs to remind in the water closets... And a decrease of midplaced/ groovy stuffs wouldn't displease me... This demo might be a needed step to evolve towards more intense reekordings. For now, it's average underground stuffs that could please big underground enthusiasts and local supporters.



MUCUS (Bel) Biesscore from pollution of society for shit and prostitution in a political chaos in fucking anarchy of baraki Demo tape. 2014. SICK PHOQUE Recs.
When you turn the MUCUS name inside out,
it sounds like SUCUM... SUCK CUM!
Are you a semen swallowing whore? SUCK MORE CUM!
I thought I reminded MUCUS to be a goregrind band, but maybe I'm wrong or it was another one (There's so much shit and bacterias into this world, that more than one MUCUS are needed to sponge everything, H?).
The style here is grindcore, with touches of goregrind and something like powerviolence influences.
This reminds me what DESECRATOR (Fra) did in the 00's when they had efficient blasts, and there's something of old SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION for some screams and blasts (Before the albums... Perhaps it was the split with ROT).
If I was in a drunk mood I could even quote DISJONCTOR (Especially the good side of the split with INTESTINAL DISEASE), but unfortunately for all the liquidity of this world I'm very sober... So I won't.
There's some kind of powerviolence/ fastcore edge to the whole, but I'm not a sexologist expert of the style, so I won't dissect the private hairs.
Some parts are a little too "core" for me (Not sure how to describe it) but the songs were built in a quite efficient manner and there's a nice fresh energy (That reminds me the French grind scene from the mid/ end 90's).
Nice demo for grind freaks.



MY FIRST KNIFE (Hungary) Gorethodox Demo CDr'07.
The first approach is juicy. You are face cummed by a good sounding splatter mixture of Death grind and grindcore, with a tendency for the Gore!
While the music is clearly influenced by old styled brutality (With blasts, crusty parts and some grooves), the vocals splash between the guttural and the gorified pitch.
In my putrid hears, it sounds like old EXHUMED ("Gore metal"), mixed with mid old pitch shifted REGURGITATE of the gore, blasts la old BRODEQUIN, heavy bastard state of mind la ROMPEPROP (Not sure), fukked riffs la CARCASS (Of corpse!), with few heavy riffs la BAPHOMET (RIP) and some old styled shuga shuga death metal beats.
This is well produced, packaged, and some riffs are kinda vibrating a bizarre way (The way the guts once ordered... At least it seems), but after once the juices of semenized bile infested your cranium, you begin to realize there's nothing new (Uh... I already know these riffs) or exploding a really intense way (My balls remain intact), and every songs weren't built the most efficient way... So we aren't in front of a super juicy piece of gory meat, and it might not especially please fans of the newer styles of blablablah metal, but (And there's a kinda big butt!) for a first demo I must say it's well rounded as fuck (It seems they know their collection of bottoms by heart) and it has quite severely penetrating chances to please the needs of brutal underground fans who dig the quite old styled blasting brainless manias! MY FIRST KNIFE seems to be a good solution for brutal decapitation. Brainless, Nameless, Shameless.