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JACK (Hungary) Tour tape 2014. Self-released.
I'm the cinderblock in your beer.
I'm the ugly bear drinking your beer when you are dead thirsty.
I'm the hippopotamus pouring expired milk in your wine when you try to dance disco.

At the first touch of claws, this tape didn't really turn on my sickness-o-meter, because it didn't sound so grinding/ blasting...
But after all it doesn't displease my inner bear: Quite kicking death grind/ "proto" dbeat/ Grindcore with hardcore moments.
It reminds me of mid old NAPALM DEATH, with perhaps a bit of early MISERY INDEX (For the early "deathcore"/ brutal/ however, and a couple of riffs to be closer to mid-paced (But not modern) hardcore).
I regret there are quite a lot of fast hardcore beats (Those fast, but not blasting drums) while I prefer faster blastbeats. But the songs are built in a nice/ quite efficient manner, not so far from old NAPALM/ TERRORIZER (With variations on riffs/ beats etc)
This tape could suit your needs for the dance of the ugly and angry beers.
This is not over the top of the ugly bears' pyramid, but it's not bad either.