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1. Hello bestial vomitors! Introduce us to VOMINATION since you're a pretty young band and most of French bastards don't know about Swedish obscurity!

We are a trio playing the sickest and most extreme music we know of, we have as a goal to melt all extreme genres into one deadly fucking force that will destroy all the false bands existing on the scene!

2. How would you define VOMINATION's kind of metal? You mix several kinds of extreme metal, including old school death, brutal death and black metal... and it's strange since the last 2 ones are generally opposed in the metal scene! Brutal death heads hating black metal ones... What are your influences?

Our influences are many, we are into anything we think have that true genuine raw feeling which makes you become one with the music when you listen to it. We also find inspiration in ourselves and what we feel for our surroundings.

3. How would you define VOMINATION's kind of music to someone who never listened to a Death metal or Black metal CD?

When listening to Vomination you should reach a state of pure emptiness and hatred, a feeling that takes you to the very core of nothingness. The ultimate experince is often reached when you read the lyrics while you at the same time listen to the music.

4. What does VOMINATION stands for and why did you chose this name? In my hears it sounds like a necro and morbid name ŗ la NECROVATION... But I think some peoples might understand it another way (A cool grinder gave me the Url of VOMINATION... I guess he discovered your band as he expected someking of Grindcore band standing for "NATION OF VOMIT" lol).

It can be understood in many ways, but the way we want it to be understood is that it is a state you reach when you finally discover the darkness and hatred within yourself. Everytime you feel that your mind is filled of emptiness it is often because it lacks the darkness it craves to live on etc. A state of Vomination is when you reach the very point where you are capable of literally vomiting your own soul out.

5. In my hears, your Brutal death influences remind of the mid 90's US Brutal death style! It sounds strange and cool since most of nowadays bands' in the style want to play as brutal as fucking possible and often forget to have real riffs... That leads me to the conclusion I couldn't say if you're a that newcoming band! You might as well be 30 years old bastard who revive a good old forgotten past of Brutality! How old are you? Did you play in other bands before VOMINATION and what kinds of music was it?

We who play in the band are between 19 and 20 years old and we were reborn to this fucking earth to play the sickest music we could possibly do. We started playing in 2001 and had at that time just discovered thrash and death metal, it was at that time we formed Ravaged, a old school death/thrash metal band. But the more we played we knew we had to take it all many steps further, so Ravaged split up and and three of the members from Ravaged formed Vomination in 2004 which is a totally different thing altogether if you have heard both these bands. Ravaged was a band, Vomination is and will forever be a lifestyle.

6. What should never be a part of VOMINATION? How would you react if intruders and wrong influences tried to infiltrate and pollute?

Vomination will never be a band who play music that we havenít put our whole existence into, if that day shall come we will no longer be Vomination. We hate all kind of intruders, people who think they always know better. People who come with their lies, posers is a more simple way to describe them. We do and play whatever we want and they can just fuck off with their unopen minds!

7. I guess you're fans of IMMOLATION! But let us know your opinion about their last album! It sounds a bit more "melodic" than the previous ones, it's also heavier as less blasts are in use... What's your opinion about it?

It is a good and solid album as always with the mighty Immolation but their best album will always be atleast in my opinion Close to a World Below whcih is one of the most occult death metal releases ever released. It has that perfect sick mix between death and unholy black metal.

8. What about the Swedish Death metal scene? You have some cool bands such as KAAMOS, REPUGNANT, NECROVATION, DEVIANT... But what about the newer or forthcoming bands? Is there a black and burning flame arising from the depths of the underground?

There are a couple of bands rising from the deepest abyss in Sweden, The rest of the bands are mostly clones of each other. We canít really say that there is a whole lot going on in the swedish scene, atleast not where we live. Most swedish people listen and play shit in the vein of Hammerfall and In Flames that only german people can appreaciate.

9. What does "Death metal" mean for you? Give us 5 exemples of real Death metal bands! If Death metal was a truck, what kind of truck would it be?

Death and Black metal is for us the ultimate form of expressing your most inner and darkest feelings towards everything, it is like becoming one with everything unclean and unpure, everything filthy and disgusting, dead and rotten, dark and evil. Death Metal/Black Metal wouldnít be a truck, it would be a huge tank with gigantic cannons holding atombombs that only had one objective, to kill and destroy and lay to waste everything in itís way..

10. Tell us about the health of the melodic death metal scene in Sweden! Fans of real fucking old school Death metal all hope this style will exctinct as soon as possible! Real obscurity shall take over! Since you live in Sweden you might be well aware about how these things evolve! Has the amount of melodic "Death metal" stuffs decreased since few years? Are IN FLAMES still so appreciated in there?

There is still a lot of melodic shit spreading in Sweden and we hate it ! but we feel that more and more people hear the call of real brutality and obscurity ! the ancient ones will and shall rule again !

11. Give few thoughts for each one of these words:
- Spikes:
makes you look really fucking nekro!
- Leather: combined with spikes, leather is really deadly!
- David Vincent: One of the most ultimate DM vocalistís, donít give a       fuck if he plays in a goth band with his wife, he still has one of the       most powerful and evil voices ever to be heard on this earth.
- Marduk: Over-hyped
- All stars retro death bands like Bloodbath: Fun to listen to when you       drink beer, but we prefer the real old school shit like Death, Autopsy, Massacre and Possessed!
- Vegan death metal: Donít care, if a band is good they are good,       doesnít matter if they donít eat meat or not. We in Vomination       however crave meat every fucking day ! preferably bloody as hell!
- Mature cunts: We have nothing against older women but we prefer       dead and rotten cunts.

12. How is the paper zines' situation in Sweden? Are there some cool ones you can advice us, or are the Swedish metal fans still too afraid to release something real on bloody paper as they prefer to hide behind their computers and run sterile websites?

We have three major paper zines in Sweden but there is very little focus on the real underground scene which is a shame because it is there where the real musick often hides.

13. When one searches for "VOMINATION" in google, the first words he finds are "GLOBAL DOMINATION" while the last one is "ROMINATION". Would you see some kind profecies in these search results or is it a total dumb question?

Within time Vomination will reach global domination, everyone will obey to our command, those who doesnít obey us will become rominated. If I have read this prophecy right this shall be what will happen. And yes it was a kind of dumb question since we already knew that except the romination thing hehe.

14. Allright, this is the final question! Let us know about your forthcoming projects, your fave Swedish beer, and your forthcoming vomiting plans! Thanx for the answers.

We are right now working on new material that will develop the sound on the Yog-Sothoth DEMO much further, it will be more extreme and at the same time even more nekro and old school. The material have names such as ęEruption of the CarnivoreĽ and ęFeasting on the Excrement of HumanityĽ, it will crush and destroy everything in its way, we also have some very sick and twisted plans that we can not really reveal yet, but when it happen people will hear about it, darkness will and shall rise from the deepest abyss! The best beer is as always the most cheapest one. We drink everything that getís in our way that is cheap because we are piss-poor musicians struggling to re-open the gates to the ultimate state of hatred.


  Website: http://www.vomination.tk