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 The CD of the belgian bastards of SUHRIM didn’t especially please myself during the first listenings, I reviewed it, but after a few more listenings I found some nice very Heavy riffs in there!
During a shitty period, while the atmosphere was suffocating and obscure, there were few motivating things to do, I was in a quite Doom state of mind and I naturally felt ready for an interview with this quite cool Heavy Brutal death band…

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1. Introduce the butchering music of SUHRIM and it's history!

Alrighdy then, here we go. We play old school no nonsence brutal death metal. The band exist since ’89 , and is still alive and fucking kicking.
We recorded several demo’s and promo tapes/cdr’s through the years.
We recorded one full length under Hybred records caled UNIDENTIFIED FLYING BODYPARTS. And we have finished now a mini/split caled OLD SCARS, FRESH WOUND.


2. What does SUHRIM means? It reminds me somekind of an Asiatic language..

It’s a name out of the Necronomicon, one of the fifty names of Marduk.
We founded it a cool name and original.


3. At the very first listenings I wasn't very fond of your CD,but when I listened to it more, I found some cool Heavy butchering riffs as well as heavy tremolos that speaks to the dead! Do you think I'm a part of this webzines that receive too much promos and happen not to "understand" the style of some nice bands because they're flooded as fuck?

yes I do lol. :)
No it’s not easy for people like you who get tons of promos, to listen to every release verry carefull, on the first time.
But you listen to it more so we sucseeded, to win one more soul for our music. :)


4. And what did you think of my review of your CD?

It was your honest opinion, this doesn’t mean that we have to like it huh. Everyone have his own taste of music so .
And it’s not that you cracked us down in that review. It’s ok for us:) it was honest that’s what counts.


5. In your butchering music, it seems to me there are some obvious gruesome elements coming from some old school Brutal Death metal à la CANNIBAL CORPSE, ROTTREVORE as well as some old GOREFEST.
Does the "Raw Brutal death metal with butchering heaviness" description of your music pleases your tastes? How would you define your music? Your influences?

That pleases us completly my friend :)
Our influences, wel we are already an old band, so the influences are obvious, death metal bands from the 80tis and nineties.
To define our style bulging pounding no nonsence brutal fucking death metal.


6. I can feel a strong heavy side and an obscure feeling in your music. Do you feel doomed and crushed by this existence?

Euh not at all, we kind of happy dudes, who plays brutal music.
But there is some sarcastic doomy influence in the lyrics yes.


7. You've got some cool track's titles such as "Unidentified flying body parts", "Hymn of the underdog" or "Old bomb fucking bitch". Where does these ideas come from? Do you need to drink some serious packs of beer to find some cool tracks and heavy riffs or does it flow naturally in every kind of mood?

He he we do drink a lot of beers, but that have nothing to do with writing the music, nor the lyrics. It comes natural, we have to be in the mood and then nice things are created. You know no presure, no stress nothing. Just playing and having fun.


8. Your lyrics are in the splatter, gore fuck off and brutalize style! What do you want to express and where does the lyrics come from?

He he, well I write my lyrics at work, this explains enough I think lol.


9. Your CD title "Unidentified flying body parts" sounds Brutal and I can imagine the body parts flying everywhere, but the picture on the cover doesn't represent this brutal vision: The "mort vivant" is shredding and killing but the cadavers doesn't "splash" nor fly in everyways! Was it a decision or rather a matter of fact? Who did this cover by the way?

The main idea that we gave to the artist, was in the vein of the title of the album. It suposed to be one of those industrial huge lawnowners you know, the ones they use in the U.S. on the  corn fields. It would drive trough an verry crowded area and the blood bowels and bodyparts should fly around. But the artist came up with the curent cover art. And we liked it it’s a cool one. And it’s done by Bruno Kahn a french artist.


10. How old are you all? Do you think Brutal death metal and other extreme music are rather for youngsters while when you grow old you can evolve naturally into less aggressive and heavier styles?
What motivates you to keep brutalizing this way?

Me(Johan bass/vocals) and Paul(drums) will be 31 this year, Bart and Timmy (guit) both are 29. No we wont give in on the brutal shit. And no it’s not only for youngsters to play this type of music. It is for all ages.
And it still give us the kick it gave us 14 years ago, so why stopping?
What keeps us going, the gigs the adrenaline, the music everything around it. But most important the more we get disapointed the more we get motivated. try to break this up :)


11. I know SUHRIM always played with a drum machine on the previous demos (if my informations are correct), and your style was ways faster before. In your opinion, what does the real drummer brought to your style? Are their also some negative points that appeared, such as maybe the fact your style slowed doww?

We started out with a drummer(Oaul) who is now back in the band, since Steven, the drummer on U.F.B. left the band. It can be the style was faster, but we do what we like so if we want to make a mid tempo album we do it, if we want to make it an ultra fast one we do it.
Positieve point on having a drummer live it’s more nice to watch to, you can do more different tempo changes, wich is complicated to program with a drum machiene. Negative on a real drummer they get sick  sometimes :)


12. The CD packaging is very pro, but the only negative point I'd quote at this level is the logo. Well there are some textures looking poor, or maybe is it the quality of the logo image in itself...?

I know, the logo has been changed so many times that the original state is way different than the one on the cover.


13. Why didn't you ask Chris Spazjzdel to work on your logo? Has it became too trendy since a lot of new bands' logos where done by his hands?

No but I love to do some art myself to :)


14. Is your music a pleasure or a need?



15. How it the brutal scene in Belgium? I know some bands such as DISJONCTOR, ABORTED... Some bands you'd advice us to check out? And what about activists such as DEAFNESS, BEYOND, etc?

The scene in Belgium is getting bigger and bigger.
Organisations like deafness and others are a need, for the underground, they do a lot for the bands. Cool bands to check out are  Disown, Axamenta, Battalion, Putred inbred, Ectopia, Ill fares the land,...


16. By the way, what's your opinion about the French extreme metal scene?

I still dig a lot the old bands like Masacra and Loudblast. The newer bands and French extreme metal scene in general is growing also. Seems it’s a verry healthy scene to there cool :)


17. What are the worst extreme metal bands in your opinion? Both in the mainstream extreme style and in the more underground one? Quote 4 bands for each part!

I rather pass on this question, not to offend people.


18. The picture of your "Do you still have the guts" promo was also used in parts by the czech band CENOTAPH on their tape released around 97/98. Did you know this?

No I didn’t


19. You recorded some stuffs in the "Cavern" studio! Eh eh... it fits quite well to your heavy and butchering style! Tell us more about the recording here! Does it happens in a real cavern or is it only the name? Which other bands recorded here?

It’s a real cavern yes :)
The soundmen are cool dudes, it’s verry relaxed to record there. Nice atmosphere and close to home for us.
Other bands that recorded there, are Legal butchery(r.i.p.) Hard resistance Axamenta, Gotmoor,....


20. You also have got some heavy riffs à la old GOREFEST. What's your opinion about their evolution? Which is their best album in your opinion? Personally I would point and shoot low, but I know a lot of guys would choose their 2nd release...

The first 2 are the best in my opinion, the rest that followed could better brought out under another name then Gorefest, still dig those last albums to but it had lesser to do with death metal then the first two records.


21. Some of your heavy riffs could also remind of mid old MORTICIAN! Are theire last albums Brutal enough for you? Personally speaking I prefer their "Hacked up for barbecue" CD and "Zombie apocalypse" Ep on which they reached some fucking high pitched pics in Brutality, intensity, inhumanity and efficiency!

Yeah hacked up for barbecue rules big time.
They are still brutal, but seems to repeat themselves, wich is a pitty.
But still Mortician fucking rules and kick major ass :)


22. And what's your opinion about Brutal grind bands such as EXHUMED? IMPALED?

Fucking cool bands, they bring us back the old carcass feeling wich rules:)


23. Would satan laugh as you eternally rot?



24. Conclude this intie and add whatever is needed.

Give this man a beer when you meet him, thanks for the interview, the support and everything.
Buy our album if you find it.
Always be youreself and fuck the system :)


 WEBSITE: http://suhrim.deathmetal.be