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1. Hello! Do a little introduction to the PSORIASIS! Previous affairs, pathologies, infectious risks, amount of victims…

Hello! Psoriasis was formed the year 2000 by my guitarists and friends: The Dr.Skalp and the Dr.Beurk. Very soon, they were joined by the Prs.Purulence (Blast incision) and myself (Prs.Esenaroth, bass guitar). We come from the suburb of Paris. As we were all friends with Dr Skalp, Psoriasis needed only few time to have a full line up. A concept based on an abject and murderous surgery comes with our Death metal.

One year after the birth of the band, we recorded a 100% self-produced little demo: « Penisectomie ». Then we kept on composing, in 2003 we began playing gigs and the surgical concept of the band appeared.

After submitting the public to vicious incisions for one year and a half, with quite sympathetic operations if you as me!! We entered the Dark Wizard studios in the summer 2004 (With Sonolive and Francesco behind the table)… Pure happiness, a good studio, with cool and working peoples. It was really cool, laughs, lots of food, beers, rock’n roll! It made us able to release our « Illegal surgery » promo that was pressed at 500 copies. It’s really more professional at every levels, it really better represents what PSORIASIS is nowadays!!   

2. Even if the spirit of PSORIASIS isn’t 100% old school, you have a good amount of influences coming from the past of Death/ Thrash metal! Tell us more about the malign bacterias influencing your music! Do you prefer the current releases or the mortuary pestilence wave of 89-91

…Well, I will answer in two parts, the first for my opinion, the second for the other part of Pso! Speaking for myself, my main influences for the writing of my bass-lines do not come from Death metal, but from other styles… Speaking as a metaller, I like the two epoch you talk about, the first brought all the atmospheres of good death metal (Morbid Angel, Death, Morgoth, Pestilence …) and the other maybe for it’s fucking releases (Dying Fetus, Necrophagist).
Talking about PSORIASIS, it’s a bit different. We play a death metal being quite complete, and it contains many various influences. A little shred of thrash in there, a little scalpel of brutal, a small transfusion of fucking heavy. We can say it’s a good preparation mixing the different kinds and school of death metal. It’s obvious we have grown with death and thrash metal, so our influences will always be felt.


3. Listening to your demo, I had the feeling you didn’t try to be the most extreme possible, but you try to write songs with scalpels’ knocks naturally following each others, without any aneurysm rupture every 20 seconds nor excess of reviving substance. You dont enjoy the current bands of chaotic hardcore grind or ultra extreme and complex Us brutal death? In short words, do you like when the skin pieces were stitched up an aesthetic way?

That’s clear we spend quite some time on the arrangements, we try to have flowing compositions. Finally, we use the technical aspect for this matter, we don’t need to show off, we want peoples to remind our songs, that it leads them to fight each other during gigs!!! (Ah Ah)
Now there’s something else to underline, our influences are very varied. Our main style is Death metal, but it shall serve Psoriasis. As individuals, we each have our own influences: for example Prs .Purulence is a big fan of Magma, I listen a lot of technical things, a lot of funk, my other guitar butchery friends are more into the big guitars!! The Dr Beurk is the thrash machine! The Dr Skalp is more into virtuosos, Vai, Satriani and DEICIDE!! (Ah Ah) we do not have much limits, but we use this variety to offer a good death metal of our own!


4. You’re deep in the underground, common grave department. Are your relations with the cadavers lying on the mortuary ground any good and are the feedbacks as nauseating as expected? Or do the feedbacks remain livid and cold as a midnight sterile fuck in a Norwegian cemetery?

Yes, we always had good relations with the band we played, then some affinities appear with some, and not with others… It’s life.
Concerning the feedbacks, it’s the same, we had the luck to always receive good reviews. In short, it’s all good. All the more we met quite a lot of very cool peoples! Such as Alex xxx from Otargos and 3 cross prod, who is a very good friend but also the webmaster for our forthcoming website (online in February 2006)…
Conclusion, only good meetings, both in human and pathologic considerations.


5. Were the members of PSORIASIS a part of other surgical operation squads beforehand? Did you have some noticeable specialties? Were some abnormally important amounts of decease recorded?

Yes, Prs Purulence and Dr skalp are also a part of Olc sinnsir, a very good black metal band from our suburb. They have several demos and an album on Adipocere, for more infos:  http://olcsinnsir.free.fr
Dr Beurk did quite a lot of sessions for the band Forest in blood, that was recently renamed Apocalypse now!! Some good thrashcore, perfect to mosh!http://korninblood.free.fr
Speaking for myself, I played in various bands with various instruments… Samothrace, a black metal band in which I was doing vocals and leads guitars; Apostasia for which I did keyboard sessions, and few other bands… but mostly Ubik that plays quite progressive Death metal! In this band I play the guitar! My first love. http://ubik-dbe.free.fr


6. Were the working qualities of the surgical squad rewarded by promotions to neurosurgery or in other hospitals well tooled up in surgical electronics and cutting tools? In which hospital or private clinic would you like to work, if the possibility was offered to you?

Right now, we didn’t really receive any label offer, and we didn’t really search neither. We want to play live before all, and we always prepare the new songs that will feed the content for an album… And the solution of self-release isn’t bad at all, we learn many things, and it shows the mistakes you shouldn’t do, the things to be improved to go further in surgery!
Listenable would seem to be a good label, if you ask me to quote one. We aren’t thinking about it right now.


7. Which bands would stand for:
- The top PSORIASIS would like to reach on a musical point of view.
- The musical evolution you’d like the band to follow.
- The kind of visual aspect you’d like to offer during gigs.

I think there’s really no top to reach, it’s kind of the Russian roulette, there are many very very good underground bands that will never reach glory… To play gigs in good conditions seems to be the most important in my opinion. Concerning the evolution, well, to keep on doing in our way, to have an album and keep on doing the crazy butchery! For a long time!
Concerning the gigs, we already discussed about the work on an atmosphere, especially about some videos, but well it’s expensive solutions and it’s quite hard to deal with it. Especially in some underground places. Anyway, it’s not really our main concern, we focus on the music and the way we move live.


8. You have some « live costumes ». Isn’t it to hard to jump and headbang like crazy bastards while you’re nude under clothes of butchers or surgeons? Ah Ah During summer do you have to throw away the underwears? ;-))

Arf, our live clothes have its bad sides, it’s very very hot under this!! When we play in places tooled up with quite a lot of light, it’s hellish!!! But you have to imagine it’s what they wear in the surgical rooms, and they have to deal with real humans!!! But well, it’s a part of our concept, it’s our second skin, the one of our Psoriasis identity, the surgeons of death… The fans, as well as ourselves, like it, so what do you want more?


9.  Did you already tangle up your hairs or ripper-costume in your guitar or a drum element during a gig? Lol. If that occured, how did you managed to get it working in the eyes of the public ? ^_^…

Yes, it happens, there’s no miracle solution, it works or not. As a whole, the capillary traction works the best, understand: tearing off.

10. Does the title of your second demo «Illegal surgery » evokes the black market organ traffic, or is it a bestial hymn to the most vicious and malodorous putrefaction?

It’s a conceptual title that gathers well the main ideas of the lyrics… all in all, the texts essentially deal with tortures, unhealthy and insupportable surgical operations, ablations, mutilations, maltreatment , osseous crushings, etc... Things should be clear : were are not there to cure anyone!


11. The cover of your 1st demo is nicely disgusting, and you have probably received quite a lot of both positive and negative feedbacks… But do you know more about the causes of this malformation? At the basis, was it a penis or a vagina? What made the yellowish liquid inside of the exploded thing?

Ah this cover!!!! Little explanation: it’s a penis and its scrotal pocket, the whole being tumefied and necrosed, and of course infected to the last degree… and it really belonged to someone… Our butchers healed him well!! Penisectomy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


12. Not so long ago, you played with VACARME and PSYGORIA! Did it occur well? Give us your feelings about both bands! In your opinion, from PSORIASIS and VACARME, what’s the most old school?

Very good remembrances of this gig! Even if there were few peoples, I keep a very good feeling about this gig. A cover of Cannibal with everyone in the room and all the bands on the stage!! This is fucking rock’n roll!! Psygoria played death metal with Dying fetus touches!! Some good death that kills! (And the wormwood of the vocalist was nice, it warms up a lot!). Vacarme is the apotheosis of old school death metal, nothing more to say, very very good live appearance, charisma, good compositions, big sound, everything needed for it shall crush!
And it’s clear Vacarme is the most old school, but some good old school, the one of Massacra and co!


13. What does death metal means in your eyes? Quote 3 bands that symbolize the best Death metal in your opinion!

I want to answer nothing. But you should understand I don’t think about this question anymore. It’s the globules of my blood, if you want, it’s in me, I live with it… Even if I listen to a lot of various things and I don’t care much anymore for the look, Death metal is in me, it’s my fucking life… Morbid Angel, Death, Carcass. I quote these ones, but in my opinion many more bands symbolize death, it’s a whole of many bands that make the Death metal pyramide. Not only few…


14. If an hardcore techno/ industrial or experimental indus project wanted to remix a song of PSORIASIS, what would be your reaction?

Speaking for myself, as I like very much electronic music and other audio experiments, I would be really interested, but mainly flattered that a guy from another kind of music shall be interested in the music of Psoriasis to the point of doing a remix! I remember when Laibach remixed some Morbid Angel songs… I found it to be avant-gardist.
Speaking for my band mates, I think their opinion would be mixed… We all come from various musical backgrounds, as I explained earlier… This would surely need to be discussed!


15. Do you think hip hop could be mixed with guttural vocals in a convincing way, to finally be some kind of « Death rap » or « guttural hip hop » ?… A kind of hardcore hip hop seems to exist and melt extreme vocals, drum rumbles and cold atmospheres altogether… but it’s a part of the hip hop scene… In the brutal underground, there’s  NEKRORGASM and it’s « Zomb'Hip Hop »... do you know this « band »?

No I don’t know the band you quote, but I think it’s possible to mix these. A band name comes to my mind, it’s Brujeria. The vocals are very hardcore, sounds like big hip-hop vocals, and I think it’s very nice… It’s as protesting as wanted, I like it… You also should think about Body Count, it wasn’t bad either… for hip-hop guys. Public enemy and Aerosmith worked quite well as well…

16. How would you convince our readers to be infected by PSORIASIS? For those who would be interested, give us some tips to make the contamination easier!

Come numerous to see « the patient on the operating table » to have an overview of what could be a decease through a big traumatic death metal!! I can’t say much more, I’m not good at this. My thing is rather the operatory bass! ah ah


17. For those who would have already changed their minds, is there a pharmaceutical remedy to psoriasis, or is it obligatory to deal with a sharp surgical operation?

An only adress for this WWW.PSORIASIS-SURGERY.COM !! The promo is available at this adress: surgery.management@laposte.net. My friend DR Beurk will carefully take care of your order! And during gigs, there’s always a stand with our CD, as well as other merchandising: tee shirt and girlies for your girlfriends!


18. The operation is almost over, you can close again and stitch up the belly of the patient. Thanx to forget nothing inside, neither your scalpel, neither your dildo! What will be your next operations?

YEAHHHHHHHHHHH …. Thanx for the interest you show towards Psoriasis in this interview! All is right, the scalpel is in my pocket, the dildo is in the vaginal canal of your patient! All is ok!! We have quite a lot of gigs scheduled for now, including the 24th march in Bordeaux at the Son’art!! The 10th of march in Paris (Batofard) with No Return, Genital Grinder, Ubik.  The 2 of mach in Paris (Espace B). And a good amount of other concerts we’re working on, but I can’t say more since it isn’t confirmed right now! But expect a SURGICAL BUTCHERY SOON NEAR YOUR HOUSE!!! Fucking metal!