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PROFANITY is a Brutal death/ Grind band from Germany that has released several productions including two CDs. I know their extreme style since 1998 when they send me their first fulllength CD for a review in my paper fanzine, and my opinion about their stuff is still positive: Brutal Death fans can find here a cool band to satisfy their need of Brutality! So here we go for an
interview with Martl (bass)

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1. Try to introduce PROFANITY in an uncommon way!

Martl: Hi Gab, first let me thank you for this inti! Hmm,… to introduce Profanity in an uncommon way,… we are simply a Death Metal band. Profanity exists since 1993 and after two demos 1994 and 1995 Tom (guit) split with the old line-up, with Armin (drums) and me (bass) he found  the same freaks as himself. We like extreme music very much, not only the blast and brutal fast one, also other extreme elements in metal too. For me it is very boring to listen music that is too “normal” – that is one point why I am in Profanity.


2. Your band's name PROFANITY sounds more Black metal than Brutal Death metal to my ears as it could remind some tomb's profanity and some other impious stuffs. Why did you choose this name and what is it supposed to represent?

Martl: In the beginning it was very simple. Looking for cool sounding names Tom saw “Profanity” and thought it sounds cool –that’s  it. In all the years we are very happy with this chosen name. In our opinion it is the power of every men and the knowledge to can do what you want to do in a positive way! The simple things in our world are more intensive than the spiritual big ones, the world is profane.


3. In your music, I can find some FALLEN CHRIST influences for the hyper technical side but also a bit of ATROCITY's 2nd LP "Hallucinations" for some bizarre and complex parts. Do you agree on the fact these two bands would have marked your Brutal death?

Martl: No, I don’t  agree. Both bands are not our faves, I like Atrocity version of Death “Archangel”, but that’s all. Hallucinations was shocking some people in the past, cause they write really weird structures, but as Is said, it is not our favourite music. (I remain on my thoughts since I think Profanity’s music is more chaotic with quite strange structures by moments – Gab)


4. Which band do you think were the more influencial on your music?

Martl: In the beginning Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation and many US bands like Monstrosity, Nocturnus and so on.
We like this bands very much, but they are not longer an influence for us. With the time we found our “way” to write music, we don`t want to create a new style, that’s not possible and important for us, but we want to play our music. At the moment we write new songs for our next album called “HateRed Hell Within”, and we think we have a lot of new intensive elements in the songs that many people not await.


5. You've released a Split Ep called "Humade ME flesh" lately.What does this track name mean?? Is it somekind of compression for "Human made me Flesh" or something else? And I can notice the "ME" is in big characters in the title, why?

Martl: We like playing with words, from the beginning of Profanity. Soulitude, HateRed Hell within or “You made ME flesh”.
This 7” includes our thoughts of creating good souls, listen to Humade ME flesh and look at the coverartwork, maybe you understand our “brains”. We are not in the typical genre artwork or lyrics, we like to write positive and powerful lyrics, we are not the evil ones. “ME” – is a kind of Morething, a being I use very often in our lyrics.


6. On this Ep, there are two classical Extreme metal covers: "Zombie Ritual" of DEATH and "Fear of Napalm" of TERRORIZER. what motivated you to include two covers against one PROFANITY track on this EP? We could think the metallers won't discover your band very much with only a track...

Martl: This 7” was planed as split with Regurgitation (US), but they had line up problems at this time, so we chose to release it by ourselves with two cover versions. This single is for freaks only, we know that nobody discover us only through this single, that’s no problem, we record this first for us, we like vinyl.


7. And this EP cover, what does it represent? I can see two hands, but I'm not sure what is in the background... is it some kind of inner guts or liquefied human flesh??

Martl: You can see hands from Tom and Armin and my jaw, also an anvil, hammer and other tools. We are not in the splatter- or gore thing, Carcass used it in the beginning and it was very heavy, now it is very boring and not creative in my eyes. The cover includes the visions of Humade Me flesh.


8. Why did you record this EP as a self release? Your previous stuffs were released by CUDGEL AGENCY... Didn't you find a label to help you or did you own emough money to start somekind of your own label thing?

Martl: Cudgel could not guarantee that they can release this single for the beginning of the European tour with Cryptopsy, so we released it by ourselves.  


9. I remember I reviewed your first album in my fanzine NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST. While I was listening to it with a friend who's a drummer, he told me your drummer had somekind of a technical jazz thing/ drumming teacher level... Could you clear my mind about your drummer's level and stuffs?

Martl: Armin had many years drum-education. Since a little boy he plays and learned a lot, not only metal.


10. Which PROFANITY track is the more representative of your music? What's your fave PROFANITY's track?  Which PROFANITY track would you like to delete from an album you've released, if there is one?

Martl: At the moment Humade ME Flesh from our last release, but the new stuff sounds a little bit different. Hey, I don’t want to delete any song from our releases!!!! If I would want this I must be an idiot or something else. We write music and need long time to create a new song, so we are absolute satisfied with every song we have recorded, otherwise we shouldn’t enter the studio.


11. You are a part of the "Never again" compilation CD that includes only German Brutal Death bands. Does this comp include all the best German Brutallers, or are there any other ones you'd advice us to check out? What are the best German Brutal bands in your opinion?

Martl: On this complication are many cool bands, but not all. There are so many cool bands in Germany, I think there must be three CDs to include all. But don’t ask my about them, I could tell you some of course, but after sending this inti back, I would remember a lot of others too, so it wouldn’t be fair.


12. From 1994 to 2002, what has changed the most in PROFANITY's style and musical goal?

Martl: I hope the music. We try to write more intensive music with better and easier structures in it. We like technical riffs and fancy moments, but we have to learn to control intensive music.


13. What's your opinion about the French Extreme metal scene?

Martl: I think it is really good! Massacra, Loudblast, Mercyless were my favourite bands from France in the past, now I like Inhumate and Kronos very much. I think the scene is strong and many young and cool bands exists.


14. Your website looks cool and seriously done... So here comes the question I ask more and more often: do you find a band's promotion is more efficient in the classical papers zines/ flyers scene or in the Web Death metal underground? What's the best promoting way in your opinion?

Martl: Since some years websites are very important for the underground. Information need short and fast ways, that’s absolute important, the worldwide web is a perfect tool to share infos. Otherwise I read printed zines too, they are more “real”.  Both ways are important for bands, but with websites every band have the chance to represent themselves, that’s cool. At the moment a friend of us have designed our page , feel free and visit it www.profanity.de.


15. How many interviews did you answer until the beginning of Profanity’s existence? Maybe you know how many reviews of your stuffs were done... From which country came the best reviews you got?

Martl: Oh Gab, it sounds arrogant, but I don’t know really. It is not important how many intis or reviews we get, it is more important that we are a part of the united underground!!!



16. It seems to me absolutely weird as when I watch your site in the band's section, I can see 7 band's members: Tommy, Freaks and  Friends, History, Armin, Studiopics, Marty and some others... Will you slowly turn to Industrial bizarre Death metal? Or maybe I should stop drinking before doing interviews as it turns my vision and understanding to yellow liquid??

Martl: Ugh,… sorry, but I cant understand your question *gggg*. We are a three-member band, and show different pics with freaks and friends on our website. Maybe you should visit the page after watching Bud Spencer films, I like them very much. For me Bud Spencer is the reincarnation of brutal Death Metal!!!! Remember his Westerns  with Terence Hill and you know what I mean. All the poor gore and splatter-bands should watching Bud Spencer, he is really heavy and brutal!!!!


17. Ok, what are your next projects and stuffs? Maybe a new label or something?

Martl: At the  moment we write new stuff for “HateRed Hell Within” , we are very motivated and have a lot of new ideas for our music. Yes, we are looking for a new label who stands behind our music and helps us to release our new album at the end of 2003.  


18. I let you conclude this interview, spit on whoever you want!

Martl: Thank you very much for the questions. I am sorry that I cannot answer longer, but I am too busy, sorry! Best wishes to you and all readers, feel free and visit out new website under: www.profanity.de  for more infos, free downloads and many more.
Grind On!!!!!

WEBSITE: http://www.profanity.de