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NIHIL: Your second demo was a great one with a perfect sound; a great and original music while staying ultra brutal. How long did you work on those 4 songs to keep only the heaviest and the most memorable riffs? How long do you play the guitar everydays?

MUHAMMED: Thanx for the compliment. The songs youíre talking of are 4-5 years old. At that time I needed nearly one month to complete a song, working almost daily on it. I play the guitar over 7 years now, thee first 2 years I played the guitar almost everyday for at least one hour. Nowadays I take my guitar only to write songs or in the rehearsals.


NIHIL:  Your music is very complex and technical, Iíd like to know if you can play your set very properly on stage while headbanging and moving like a possessed death metal head! Do you practice any sport to stay in good health for death metak or donít you give a shit?

MUHAMMED: Well, we can play the songs properly, but headbanging isnít possible in a possessed may, because itís too hard to play the songs. And no, we donít need to do sports for the band, Iím the only one doing some resistance- training.


NIHIL:  I know youíll record an album, how will be you new material? Will you play even more technical, faster and complex? Will this album be an autoproduction or are there some labels interested in NECROPHAGIST?

MUHAMMED: Yes, the new stuff is like you described it. But those songs are still brutal and listenable to everyone, donít worry. I hope it wonít be an autoproduction, V.M.I. (France) is interested maybe, but itís not sure yet. Letís see, but we certainly will start recording the mid of may Ď98. Watch out, because itíll kill!!!


NIHIL: Your last lead (+ rythm guitar) on ę Fermented offal discharge Ľ is very influenced by classical music, do you appreciate the complexity of this music? Donít you think it has helped you understanding complex things better si it became normal for you to create something hardly understandable by the other normal people?

MUHAMMED: I like many classical works, but I donít know if they influenced me. Ithink Yngwie J. Malmsteem was and still is more and influence, but since heís influenced by classical music a lot, I maybe too, more indirectly, you know? And yes, Iím interested in complex music, nowadays Iím analysing music methodically when Iím listening to it, because itís more interesting than just listening to it normally. Itís possible, our music is hardly understandable, but after listening to it a couple of time everyone will understand it.



NIHIL: How do you create such good vocals? Can you sing death metal lots of different ways? (A raw voice, grunts, growls...) What are your 10 all times fave death metal vocalists?

MUHAMMED: Iím not sure if Iím able to sing D.M. different ways, I just met myself inspire by the riffs and then adapt the vocals, waitt Ďtill you hear the album, then youíll know.

I think Iím not able to count 10 death metal vocalistd, but my absolute fave is Chuck Shuldiner, vocals on SUFFOCATIONís ę Effigy of the forgotten Ľ are great too. CARCASSí Jeff Walker is great, and the vocals on IMMOLATIONís 1st album. I think thatís it.


NIHIL: Do you know a lot of zines? What are your faves? Donít you think lots of zines arenít critical at all: all the stuffs reviewed have got good reviews and itís impossible to see the difference between the good and the average stuff! Why do you tink zines editors are doing it?    (Quote the right answer...)
                        a) Theyíre afraid of the bandsí reaction.
                        b) Theyíre so glad to receive free CDís
                                     they forgett all those Cds suck.
                               c) Maybe they doesnít know what a good stuff is!

MUHAMMED: No, I donít know a lot of zines, I read the one or other here and there, I donít have any faves. I rather play my music, and read zines more seldom with time.

To the second question: I think all the answers are possible, but Iím nott sure. I think itís not easy to run a good zine. But youíre absolutely right, we should be honest, a good band is a good band, and the bad a bad one, regardless if theyíre underground or not, regardless if their attitude sucks or not, donít you agree?


NIHIL: Iíve read in PUTRID DYSENTERY Ďzine you had recorded your 2nd demo on 8 tracks and you gonna record your next stuff on 16 tracks so Iíd like to tell me what youíd like to improve in your sound!

MUHAMMED: Anything! Wait Ďtill you hear. Itíll be something you never heard before, I swear. Imagine the demo as a kalaschnikov, then the coming album will be an intercontinental weapon, believe me.



NIHIL: Thereís no merchandise available from you until now, itíd be quite cool for the fans to own some shirts, stickers, posters of a band they like! Why donít you try to purpose something more to those fans? (Maybe you want to concentrate on you music after all...)

MUHAMMED: Oh, thatís not right, we have T-shirts, theyíre 2-sided, black with whitee print, they cost 13 US$ including p and p. But the time the album is out, we will enlarge our merchandise.


NIHIL: How do you prefer to promote NECROPHAGIST? What do you think is the more suitable to become well known in the underground: reviews in zines, distros, gigs, radios or may be flyers, tell me!

MUHAMMED: I think all those ways of promotion are quite suitable, but the best way is to play live- gigs, believe me. As far as it is not possible to get live-gigs everywhere you have to try the other possibilities, too.



NIHIL: What bands are you actually into? Do you buy a lot of zines + Cds or do you concentrate yourself on the ones you consider being the best? Do you think listening to average music can alterate your creativity and maybe listening to good bands only can be a kind of fertilizer, it gives you good vibration that emancipate your creativity...

MUHAMMED: The band I like the most is DEATH, Chuck is a fucking killer, man!!! Iím not buying a lot of CDís, only those I think are the best. Maybe four maximum a year. Iím sorry, but there are not mny good bands, or maybe I donít know them. To the later question: it makes no sense listening to music you think is average. It will be boring after some time. If you only listen to the best, you always get reminded of how much work you still have to put in it. That does not mean to steal ides!


NIHIL: Why did you choose NECROPHAGIST as bandís monicker? When you put to yourself the question wether you could eat human flesh, donít you feel a severe nausea? Would you eat human flesh if you had to ?(Like the guys who had to eat the bodies of their dead friends after a plane crash...)

MUHAMMED: I donít know if I could, but you never really know what will happen, nertheless, I donít think I would. but you have to realize I choose ę NECROPHAGIST Ľ when I was 14 years old and wuite into CARCASSí lyrics and into gore, but now I canít identify with that anymore. NECROPHAGIST has been quite and important part in my life and I will never change our monicker as long as the band exists.


NIHIL: Is there something youíd like to add? Maybe will you play a gig or release something soon?

MUHAMMED: Well, thanx a lot for the nice interview, the questions are quite interesting, amigo.

As I said above, the album called ę Onset of Putrefaction Ľ will be released summer/ autumn Ď98 the one or the other way. There will be quite a lot of gigs autumn/ winter Ď98, so watch out and try NECRO, you wonít be disppointed.