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Here it is motherfuckkers! This is an interview I sent many months ago, almost one year ago, but I finally got the cool answers from Roy! As you can see running a label makes your ass busy as fuck! Learn more about this cool American label who remembers what the good old school stuffs are! Only beer is real!


1. Introduce yourself!  

Drumroll please……….introducing …..Sleazy Roy Fox , head grindmaster general at Necroharmonic….been churnig Metal as Necroharmonic since 1990


2. Did you play in some bands before? Some of it release some demos or stuffs?

Yeah I have been in quite a few bands over the years…Septic Cumshot  , Embalmed Corpse , Assfukker , Bitch Fister , Body Of Christ , GoreBitch , and some unnamed bands as well….only GoreBitch and BitchFister + Septic Cumshot exsist…oh also some others I cunt talk about….more soon..


3. Were you a part of some zines or other labels in the past?

Well , I was doing a zine called  « Flophouse of The Freaks «  a few years back , but I killed it because I couldn’t print it as fast as I would like too…I did two issues , with interviews of LIBIDO AIRBAG , CATASEXUAL URGE MOTIVATION , ANAL GETAWAY , IMPETIGO , SLOUGH , and COCK AND BALL TORTURE , some were mostly unknown at the time…also I did Serial Killer book reviews , Horror soundtracks reviews , and 200 + reviews each.. all in Ghetto underground style…


4. When I think about your releases, it seems obvious to me you're own a big maniac's collection! Needless to ask you if you'd buy the kind of stuffs you release!! How many items do you own and do you still collect a lot?

Yes ! I am and will always be an underground maniac….I have over 3000 + demo tapes and 1,000’s of Cds and 7 eps and Lps….I dont buy as much as I used to because I have stuff to trade , but I would be buying stuff if I didn’ t….if a band releases a ugly and nasty looking styled release , I write to them !!!  Worship underground !!! My sewage pit ( basement) at home is overflowing with 15 years of death and Gore !!

5. How does it work whith the band when you'll rerelease their old demos?
Is it always official? Does the band pass you the master tapes for an eventual remastering? Do they take part in the making of the booklet? Or are you alone with your old rotten tapes and own inspiration for this?

Depends on the band and the release…..I only do official releases on my label with bands permission !!! I know all the bands I released even from their start times in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s and I am just releasing demos I worship and loved , and bands who I am friends with…..I release stuff I like , its not a gay buisness thing for me….Im into this and will ONLY release bands who are fuckin cool  , not homo wanna-bes who just wanna make money…some bands take more active rolls on thier releases than others….


6. Your website also includes a cool forum, the NECROHARMONIC ULTRAGORE BOARD! Is it totally free, while anyone can post whatever he feels like, or does it happen that you delete stupid bullshits?

Yeah the whole «  web forum » things is cool for people to express ideas and their thoughts and bands news…Im 100 percent into that !!! I also like when people start fights with each other and name call each other…its funny and great entertainment  people who you only know by a screen name are just unholy in general….you meet all kinds of freaks , fetus fuckers and wierdos.., but I dont read all the posts really.. I only delete people trying to sell the same stuff I sell in my distro , because it is a biz related thing.. ya know ??!?!


7. What about releasing a MORGOTH CD with their "Pits of utumno" Demo? I own some MP3s with a good sound! (Doesn't sound like a 40th generation tape) As well as some live recordings...

I though MORGOTH sounded like a fuckin DEATH rip off when I copped their MLP back in the early 1990’s…Im sure I would like it now more than then …. Yeah why don’t YOU release it in a limited edition MP3 box set with guitar string and wet pantyhose worn by the drummers girlfriend….. ?!??!


8. Your next releases will include some DR SHRINKER, CREMATORY (Swe), CORPSE MOLESTATION, DERKETA stuffs... Can you make a short bio and give us some infos about each band as most of them where totally buried by time and dust!

Dr Shrinker was formed around 1987 and released 3 very obscure but heavily traded Demo tapes … Crematory is from Sweden and is pre-band of Regurgitate guitarist guy… fuckin 3 heavy death metal demos….one of which is more rare than the others….Corpse Molestation is the Pre- band of guys from BESTIAL WARLUST !! Damo from KUTABARE who sang for them will co-release the stuff with me on BLOODHARMONIC which is Aussie version of this fuckin brutal label !! Support both equal !! DERKETA  «  Goddess of Death «  demos CD is out now and contains all the bands discography…they were a all Female band who played some of the most unholy and sick death metal  starting in 1990 with « The Unholy Ground «  demo , and they are kinda like a more dismal and doomy version of early IMMOLATION !!! Now DR SHRINKER is out too !!! Buy that shit !!!!!!


9. A bootled CD also includes the CREMATORY demos, did you know this? I told this to Urban and he was surprised since he didn't know about it... It must be a south American label's release as well as the NAPALM DEATH's "Hatred surge" Demo or the old UNLEASHED or GOREFEST Bootleggs...

Huh ? I dont understand your question ??? Someone bootlegged the Crematory stuff ? Probably the elusive «  Mastercult «  records , who only release shitty sound edtions of bands demos without the bands permissions or bands masters tapes ( which we use at Necroharmonic ! ) so whatever was released probably was a gay CDR with a photo copy cover and no band imput… you know its gotta stink like a dirty pinky in a fat female elephant..I like to have the bands material from the bands own archive , and the bands master music material source tapes…


10. You seem totally into the old stuff as you release some old, or old fashioned items, but your website also includes some old school reviews! So when did the evolution stop? When did you stop getting interest in the new stuffs? What are your fave bands and are there some actual formations you find interest in?

I have been trapped in 1990 demo land since 1993 or so….I haven’t progressed much beyond that time frame because that era is my shit…..yet…I must have evolved a bit because I do like some new bands like EVISCIUM , ABAZAGORATH , DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY ( rip) , CBT , MAUSOLEUM , MURDER SQUAD , etc….but most evoke the older sound and style…some of my favorite bands of all time are old and new…they include ANAL CUNT , PHLEGM , EVOKEN , HELLHAMMER , CELTIC FROST , DIM MAK , DISGRACE ( old ) , MAGGOTY CORPSE , GRAVE (old ) , ABHORRENCE , NECROVORE , PROFANATICA , GOREAPHOBIA , XYSMA (old ) , DEMIGOD (old) , FUNEBRE (demos ) , PAINEATER , etc… damn this list could be long bro..


11. How does it sound to promote some bands that were dead some years ago?

Its very cool , is certain ways because it brings old school metal out of the woodwork alot….I mean a lot of people I wrote with or traded with in the early 90’s email me after years to say whats up….but its a bit tricky to promote bands who are RIP for over ten years or so…you have to ‘school ‘ people and show them the old times stuff…..they only know new breed of Death or Goregrind and not even Death metal at all !!!!!

12. Your website is also very simple! What is this shit?? Don't you like very sophisticated website with lots of flying bullshits everywhere?

The only shit I want flying is my spunk all over a chicks backside…..I don’t need some super graphic splash pages with a tab that sez ‘skip intro’ at the bottom…..I always skip these bullshit commercials myself…I do admire porno websites and flapping pussy lips and retarded monkey village dancing queens though….When I first built most of my old website Flash was not popular yet   , and I wanted people in Russia with shitty computers to see my site…maybe I’ll expand my realm if I ever learn how to stick my penile into this zip drive


13. What do you think about tribute CDs? What's your opinion on a label such as DWELL Records that has released only tributes? They even pay bands for the recordings, and offer them lots of free CDs when it's finished... (they seem to win a good amount of cash with it!)

GAY !!!!! I hate tributes and I dont listen to them ( well maybe the GUT tribute I would listen out of facination )…. But if I wanna hear a band like REGURGITATE I will listen to them and not their tributes


14. What are the worst extreme metal labels in your opinion? Some ones here in France are efficient in terms of promotion, but the bands they release are simply shitty and/ or boring!

I have narrow taste…if it doesn’t blow me away on the first listen I won’t visit the band again ! To be honest , I haven’t listened to Morbid Angel since ‘Blessed are the sick ‘or Napalm Death since the weak ‘Harmony corruption ‘ , and I never listened to Cannibal Corpse except the demo tape…and this list can go on….usually after the 1st release bands get fuckin WEAK or over play their instruments….I barely like any bands second effort….and by the 6th releases , faaagggeeeettttaaabbbbooouutttiiiitttt….Worst bands ? I could write a ten page reply…


15. Do you enjoy new old school bands such as REPUGNANT, KAAMOS and ... ?

Fuck yeah !!! I like both of those !! I like Repugnant more though !! A little more catchy and sicker feel….I onlt heard KAMMOS demo and it was dark , but I think I’ll stick to Nihilist or Unleashed demos next time round….I really would rather see these bands live than sit thru their demos or Cds….hail to these bands also SCURVY , THRONEUM , ENGORGED , ANATOMIA , BLACK WITCHERY , FUNEBRARUM , these all invoke old spirits !!!


16. What's your opinion about shit/ noise bands? Don't you think it's one of the worst shits that has happened in the underground?

Depends on the band ( ?! ) over the years I’ve liked less and less NOISE styled stuff…I perfer real playing and not some band masking thier playing ability behind some wall of clangging pots and pans….I really liked old school noise like TUMOR , FEAR OF GOD , ANAL CUNT , SHITSCUM , ATTA , MINCH , etc….and some strange soundscape stuff like DISSECTING TABLE ( old stuff ) …I don’t think its the worst thing that happened , but it leaves a foul taste in the mouth of some up-start demo buyers…they see cool covers or band names , and are left with some one man beating his meat on a tin can demo….


17. It seems that the american death metal underground is divided in two parts. On the one hand you have the modern brutal dm, in the vein of SUFFOCATION, DIABOLIC, DYING FETUS, and on the other hand, you have these bands that still stick to some more old european roots like USURPER, FUNEBRARUM, SADISTIC INTENT, INCANTATION, DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY/WOMB, THE RAVENOUS.
How these two parts live together in your country? What is the actual big trend according to you in your actual scene?

I would say the DYING FETUS , SUFFOCATION side of the scene is bigger and more popular , and thats mostly because of people who are only into the scene for 1 – 2 years  , and then onto their next style of music ( usually techno or weak metal )….the Old school scene  with european roots is still die hard in the US….they HATE the new jack style , they still wear dirty Venom patches , and still fistbang to Manowar….but I like both styles myself , but have 100 percent more respect for the Old style stuff….the fans are in it for life and not just for 1 hit MTV single… ya know ??? I like some modern DM bands , but I think the bands themself are much cooler than their nerd math-core fans


18. How do you see the evolution of MORBID ANGEL since the departure of David Vincent? Don't you think that HATE ETERNAL is a bit like something hip? Personally, I think that RIPPING CORPSE was far way more interesting. Do you agree?

I don’t listen to Hate Eternal…ONLY Ripping Corpse !!!! I think David Vincent was smart to leave Morbid angel , seeing that he became a cross dresser , at least he didn t drag a better band down…I hope he lives a happy life with a gerbil inside his anal cavity… again I only listen to Morbid Angel circa 1987-1990….never more than that !!! …I think DIM MAK which formed from the ashes of RIPPING CORPSE is killer , but have a slight hardcore feel at times…still a fuckin killer band !!!!

19. Which bands existing or dead would you have liked to sign these last ten years? Some bands you advice us to keep an eye on recently?

I Can’t say totally which bands I would like to sign…..I have 100’s of bands I’d like to get involved with , but some old bands wanna remain dead and buried…and other need a little coxing out of their early graves….bands I would keep an Eye on ?? I dont keep my eyes on any bands…I only keep my eyes on their girlfriends tits…


20. You certainly know the band THE CROWN. Well, I own their first CD and it sounds far better than any of their other releases (they were called CROWN OF THORNS then). What are your feelings about it?

Never heard em


21. Do you still read old zines such as SLAYER, SEPTICORE, PEARDROP or ETERNAL DARKNESS? What's your opinion about the evolution of SLAYER mag that releases issues since the very beginnings of the 90's? He's now very much based on the old days (I own a copy with full histories of SODOM, SADISTIK EXEKUTION, a MORBID interview...) and may have lost some freshness... Do you prefer to read zines with very experimented reviewers, or do you prefer zines ran by younger fans?

I only like old school zines mostly….I have one newer zine I like MENTAL FUNERAL and maybe some Polish gore zines….but thats about it…. !! I liked old zines like PUTREFACTION , SLAYER , MORBID MAG , DIERRUM AUTOPSIA , PEARDROP , DEATHVOMIT , I HATE DAVE MUSTAIN mag , SCAB  mag , etc….I think Metalion still makes a good zine , but his content is more Power metal and less death metal over these years….but then again whats available nowadays ??? The Death metal scene is slighly deadified and Black metal is getting stupid by the minute….I mean if you have a release its gotta be limited to under 300 copies and on black vinyl with a black and white cover ???? fuckin stupid !!!!!


22. Let me know a question you wouldn't like to answer in an interview!

Ok….here is my question I’d like to answer next time…
Roy… would you like to come over my house and BBQ some live pigs after we slaughter them… and then .maybe after have sex with my younger sisters tight a-hole > ??


23. Answer this question!

Answer – YES ! I’ll bring the glade !


24.  Here are a few questions asked by some guys from the ULTRAGORE BOARD:
a) What crimes did you commit to end up interviewed in my zine?

I guess I performed some dead body fisting at the complex of gore !!

b) Did you cry when Chuck died?

Charlie Brown ( AKA Chuck ) from peanuts > ? yes I cry whenever Snoopy doesn’t come home….

c) Why aren't you distro'ing some lame suffocation rip offs?

LOOK again ! I am distro-ing Lame Suffocation rip –offs… I cant afford to distro the real thing so I stick with second class re-hashes…haha

d) Do you spit or swallow?

I spit and swallow….I spit in your girls hole while I swallow up all your half drank Beers !


25. What are the futures projects for NECROHARMONIC?

Well out now we have these new items DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY ‘ PRELUDE TO APOCALYPSE ‘ CD , DR SHRINKER ‘ GROTESQUE WEDLOCK ‘ CD , and AUTOPSY ‘ DEAD AS FUCK ‘ live CD…. ……..Upcoming Cds of ABSCESS , FATAL demos , ROTTREVORE demos ,  DRIPPING  demos ,  SLOUGH  demos , CORPSE MOLESTATION ( some day ! ) demos  , PHLEGM demos , PAINEATER , CREMATORY demos  , WOMB , etc….probably in that order , or close too it…also more VINYL stuff and other shit I dont wanna bust my nut about yet…


26. Conclude this intie, the final countdown has finally came and it's time for you to die a violent death! AAARGH!!

Hopefully I’ll die with a smile on my face and my girls tounge on my prick.


 Website: http://www.necroharmonic.com