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KRISIUN, a brasilian band true to the Death metal since long years is going to release shortly a third album that's announced as being one of the more intense ever recorded.
This interview dating back to the 31/10/97 shows the state of mind of true metal fans totally devoted to a right cause: the death metal till death, isn't it exciting to see musicians being honest with themselves and being so much into their music?
Support a real ultime band as their remains only a few ones and stop following the trends as ships!


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NIHIL: Your band is one of nowadays strongest death metallers, how would you qualify your music? Would « Pure fucking raw death metal from hell with no compromise » please your ears?

MOYSES: I would say we play true agression blasphemic speed death metal or whatever, I have thousands words to describe our music but it’s up for who listen to it. Anyway I’m thanksfully for your way of think about us. We try to be the most agressive, evil, speed old school death metal, with the natural feeling not with ^pressure to stand where trends stand. Truee extreme metal, fuck the weak, false, posrr ones into metal. We defend the once forgotten metal roots.


NIHIL: How long have you been involved in death metal? What are your fave bands and influences? Could you tell me which brasilian bands are the bests?

MOYSES: We’ve been involved with Death, Thrash, Speed, Black metal since 1984; in this times bands like SARCOFAGO, TAURUS and SEPULTURA were doing great shows here, it showed the extreme metal way here. Then we started to listen to SLAYER, POSSESSED, DARK ANGEL, MORBID ANGEL, VENOM. Brazil nowadays is very rich with new metal bands also, there’s a new wave of agressive Black or Death metal bands. In the next time they will appear.


NIHIL: Could you tell me all your releases? I know you’ve got two albums, a split EP with HARMONY DIES and a split LP with VIOLENT HATE, is there anything more? Are you friends with the guys froms the split?

MOYSES: Our releases are a Demo tape called « Evil age » from 89/90, a second Demo tape from 92 that turned into vynil called « Curse of the evil one », one split 7EP called « Rises from black », first album is called « Unmerciful order » from 93 and « Black froce domain » 95.
Now we have a new album already recorded, it’s called « Apocalyptic revelation », it’ll come out april/ May 98, recorded in Germany.
It’s a way faster, evil, agressive and brutal than « Black force doamin »
so far we’re friends from HARMONY DIES but not from the other band.


NIHIL: You certainly know about the canadian BLASPHEMY, what do you think of their split? CONQUEROR is also another canadian cool band, your shoul try them!

MOYSES: Canada have great bands like RAZOR, INFERNAL MAJESTY, EXCITER, etc... About BLASPHEMY I listend not often but it sounds brutal and speed in my ears. So far about CONQUEROR I know nothing but I’ll try to find and listen to it.

NIHIL: Brazil seems to be a country that gives birth to great and brutal death metal bands as old SEPULTURA (They became wimps when they came to USA) or SARCOFAGO, and of course KRISIUN. How could you explain it? All those bands have got a particular feeling, would the environment predispode peoples to play a so brutal and godly music?

MOYSES: I would not say the environment but the life because lots of Brazilians must fight hard to survive. The country is violent in the big citys of course, and we can poorness contemplain. Anyway we have some really good things here. I don’t know very much about SEPULTURA or SARCOFAGO but for us to keep the band alive was like a sacrifice because nobody supported uw when we started. So it has given a natural agression to play such music.


NIHIL: Have you ever played any gig? Describe a KRISIUN’s gig (this must be total mayhem!)

MOYSES: We already did a big tour in Europe with KREATOR and DIMMU BORGIR (This one sucks! Ed.) even France Also. I think the promoters spread the both headliners anyway we played in 3 french cities I don’t remember the names.

As you said we try to bring the total mayhem down over stage. no fantasy in take way but true power of hellish metal. You lmust see to have your own idea.


NIHIL: To reach this level of agression and ability, to release a so violent piece of hatred, you’ve got to live for and by death metal. How often do you rehearsal in a week?

MOYSES: We rehearsal as much as we can, sometimes we already had praticedd every day something like 3:00 hours but other times we practived nothing, anywau I’m very pleased to practice as much as I can. So far we also practice sports like fights and push iron to get better spiritualized and concentrated to play our music.


NIHIL: You seems drawn towards the dark side, are you involved in occultism? Satanism? What do you think of the departure of David Vincent from MORBID ANGEL? Don’t you think it is a good thing as he was becoming a little a poser?

MOYSES: Our satanic beliefs represent our freedom, vengeance, power to defy and fight, we fear no man, in thiss earth all gonna die. We live a life against false, weak, poseres, christians or any kind of whorshiping religion that make the mankind blind under the power from a system that guide them someway without selfchoice only live like a servant.

About MORBID ANGEL they are fucking great (They’re GOD! Ed.), one of the most influential bands in nowadays for black or death metal. So far they will survuve without the lady DAVID VINCENT. I think they will become better and more extreme without him.


NIHIL: And finally the usuall question: What are you future plans? Chaotic devastation? Death metal ‘till deafness of mankind? or maybe another godly release!

MOYSES: Our main wish is to be alive and survive. We will keep defending true metal ‘till we fucking die. Our new album is already recorded and will come out soon, it’s a step a head in relentless speed, agressive riffs and evil feelings.

We promise for the true Diehard metal fans we are not here to wimp out but to bring thee once forgotten metal roots down.

While all this crap shit called trend exist we will return with the most brutal, speed, death/ black metal album ever.


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