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1. This is the beginning, the right time for an introduction to IRONFIST! Please cut and paste the biography of the band and tell us about all the releases, riots, troubles, blaspheming sodomies you have produced the last years!

BONJOUR! BONJOUR! Hailz G (your name sounds like an angel.. hehe)!!!!!!!!You have summoned the  Fistial Abominable General Over-Lord of Perversity, Tartary, Tyranny and Breastial Whore Kommander of the IRON REGIMENT- Wrathmasterbator Rape Alhazred!!!

IRONFIST was formed way back in fucking 1998.But the only official release came in 2002.. Thus, for fucking years we have been viciously looting ,pillaging and raping the following stage devastations to date-


2006- Iron-Nesia 2- HARMONY ANAK NEGERI- Wisma Krida , Kijang , INDONESIA.
2006-Bangkok Blasphemies 2- MAYHEM ASIAN LEGIONS - Hollywood Awards Hall BANGKOK.
2005- CHAOS AFTERMATH- Gordon Industrial Building, SINGAPORE.
2005- Iron Nesia 1- KIJANG INVASION! Parade Muzik Bebas- Wisma Krida, Kijang, INDONESIA.
2005- EXTREME TERROR Impiety Asian Desecration Tour SINGAPORE- Zombie Rock Bar.
2004- Bangkok Blasphemies 1- GOD BEHEADING BLACK CHRISTMAS Live In BANGKOK.
2004- TRISHULFEST 2004 - Thomson C.C, SINGAPORE.
2004- RETURN TO THE SANITARIUM 2004 - Guinness Theatre Substation, SINGAPORE.
2003- THE SANITARIUM 2003 - Guinness Theatre Substation , SINGAPORE.
2003- RAVE TO HELL - Jams The Club , SINGAPORE.
2003- NIGHTS OF 1000 FUCKS  Live at The National University, SINGAPORE

IRONFIST has always been experiencing different lineups due to lack of commitment and hectic lifestyles..

The current Harbingers of Asian Perversity are as follows-
Rape “the mad” Alhazred – kruel commands( kommander and vocals)
Abgthoth- harpxxxekution (lead guitars)
Is Terror Chaos- sixxx stringed shredding (rhythm guitars)
Warlock Dille- basstiality(bass guitars)
Moktician- flagellator (drums)



Demos / Promos:
- 2002 Dragonlore Demodisk.
- 2003 Serpent Goddess SexxxeKution 1track Promo (First 50 copies smeared in pussy cum).
- 2003 Tyrannikal Adversaries mcd.

Split releases:
- 2004 IRONFIST / MORBOSIDAD- Sexxxual Blasphemous Krucifixxxion cassette
(Ltd to 300 hand numbered copies). Banged or be Banged Productions FRANCE.
- 2004 IRONFIST / MORBOSIDAD- Sexxxual Blasphemous Krucifixxxion (re release) cassette. Ravage Records SINGAPORE.
- 2005 IRONFIST / DESASTER- Invaders of Wrath Video cd (Ltd to 100 copies / Asian release only).  Ravage Records SINGAPORE.
- 2005 IRONFIST / MORBOSIDAD- Sexxxual Blasphemous Krucifixxxion cd version (Ltd to 500 copies). Time Before Time Records POLAND.
- 2005 IRONFIST / ISTIDRAJ / INSANE VESPER- Unholy Demonic Trinity cassette. Harsh Brutal Cold Sounds Production FRANCE.
- 2006 IRONFIST / DEMONIFICATION- Bonded By Siamese Hellfires split cassette. Incoffin Productions THAILAND   

Live Releases:
- 2005 IRONFIST-Ejaculated Insanity (Live at The Sanitarium, Singapore 2003) cassette. Metal Assault Recordings CANADA

Vinyl Releases:
- 2006 IRONFIST Worshippers of The Black Witch 7 ” EP. Legion of Death Records FRANCE

- 2004 Boundless Consolidation cd.Recluse Productions SINGAPORE.
- 2004 Hellmetal Assault 2 cassette. Banged or Be Banged Productions FRANCE.
- 2005 Deeper Underground 3 cassette. Sonnengott Productions INDONESIA.
- 2005 Extreme Terror compilation for IMPIETY Asian Desecration Tour (Singapore) cd. Studio Rogue SINGAPORE.
- 2005 Faster Than Sounds Volume 1(Storming Thrash Devastation) cd. Northern Warrior Productions MALAYSIA

- IRONFIST Fistial Destruction! Embrace My Funeral Records MEXICO
(A collected and compiled Fist O Graphie of  IRONFIST’s releases 2002 to 2004 to satisfy the South American maniaks! Fukking killer art cover! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!)Late 06

-IRONFIST / SABBAT- Bloodlust Regime 1942 7 ” split EP. Necromancer Records GERMANY. (Ltd to 666 hand numbered copies. Reincarnating the horrors of the Japanese Occupation in Singapore…Japanese Unholy Samurais invades Singahell’s Nekro Sexxxtremists! IRONFIST VS SABBAT!)September  06

IRONFIST will be headlining TRENDY BANGSAT 3 (Fuck Trend Bastards 3) on the 26th MARCH 2006 in  SURABAYA, INDONESIA along with 20 over insane Indon BANGERS!!!ARRGRRGGHHH!!!!

2. Your last Ep was released by LEGION OF DEATH Records! How did you get in touch with them and how does things occur? Do you feel especially proud about seeing your music released on a bloody vinyl limited to a small quantity?

Shaxul was in already in contact with me since back then.. I was very interested to have IRONFIST represent Singapore amongst the other Elite Asian bands namely SABBAT, ABIGAIL, MANTAK, S.O.DIVINITY etc…And yes it is really a fucking proud experience! I owe it all to Shaxul and Karnage for this opportunity!!!!

3. I knew IRONFIST from your split tape with MORBOSIDAD released on BANG OR BE BANGED. When I heard you new songs, I was surprised because I imagined you'd evolve in something faster and more thrashing... while you currently sound more "horror" and influenced by KING DIAMOND! What influenced you to visit these unholy ways of blessed sickness?

Well the Worshippers 7” was in fact sort of side tracking..At that moment of time, we were totally wasted..no jobs…no money…We were really fucking down and moody..Doomed in a way!haha.. Thus BLACK SABBATH came into the picture..and we are no doubt big fukking fans of MERCYFUL FATE..So I guess that it’ll be exciting to be able to do a conceptual EP based on Mona Fandey, in other words, try our hand at being King Diamond for awhile and at the same time giving the world an insight to True Asian Horror! In fact the track MONA’S CURSE had appeared before in our DRAGONLORE DEMO cd…so, we didn’t actually change style..its more of resurrecting old hymns and converting them into insane new projects…

4. How do you write music? Is there a special atmosphere needed? How long does it take to have a full IRONFIST song ready with all spikes out?

We compose our hymns according to whatever time we have in our hands- Ideas and concepts are always running through my head!!! We write on whatever interests us- sex, tyranny, booze, horror and we are always influenced by old bands that we have always been listening to-  IRON MAIDEN, BLACK SABBATH, MERCYFUL FATE..etc..Sometimes we’d spent nights together to finish up a certain project..On worse days, we’d take months to deliver!!!!
Currently we have roughly composed conceptual hymns based on Singapore’s haunted military training grounds, the unholy local prison, not forgetting Adrian Lim- Singapore’s most notorious pedophile, ritual murderer and self-proclaimed cult master..who shook Singapore in the 80’s!

5. On this last Ep, did you use real drums or a drum machine? The drum-kit sounds quite synthetic... Maybe it was triggered?

Yes in fact some parts of the drums were programmed…DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT? If you do you can..FUCK OFF!

6. Your band name probably comes from the MOTORHEAD song! But I don't hear that much burning musical similarities... Maybe it was due to the same song SODOM covered on their "Persecution mania" album?

Well, both MOTORHEAD and SODOM are killer GODS!!!! Actually I had wanted an everlasting name, a band name that would give much meaning in what I really wanted to achieve..after being fucking frustrated at seeing trendy shitheads and posers..I wanted to fucking exterminate ALL their false and trendy so called ideologies and fucking spread our own brand of metal plague and CONQUER! Thus IRON FIST is born! As you know it means to rule or conquer strictly with no mercy or compassion!!!


7. Does a good iron fist necessarily needs to be a spiked fist? Are you guys into fist fucking?

Haha..well, if you mean a spiked dildo… Maybe a dildo that you could strap on your fist..Maybe if you’re fucking sadistic a dildo with nails and blender spikes that could grind the hell juices out of whores!!! Fist Fucking? EEAARRRGGHH!!!!! Of Course bro!!!!! Fistfucking, tit fucking, dog fucking, fowl fucking, goat fucking, squid fucking inside cunts, fish fucking, foot fucking (yeah they have it in Japan) ANYTHING except Pedophilia! Now that’s fucking disgusting…

8. Do you know IRONFIST Records from Sweden?

YES OF COURSE! Thomas and IRONFIST RECS is in contact with me..If all goes well, he might be releasing IRONFIST’s debut full length entitled SCOURGE OF GOD based on Asian Power warlords- the mighty ATTILA THE HUN and GENGHIS KHAN!!!!!!! Yes it would be a conceptual album..AGAIN!

9. Tell us about your weekly practices! How many times a week do you rehearse, and in what kind of conditions does it occur? Is it in an old garage, a hangar, in your own house? Maybe there are affordable "rehearsing studios" in Singapore?

The least that IRONFIST practices is probably once a week..We are lucky to have pals who open up rehearsal studios..Most of the times we rehearse in Shyaitan’s(IMPIETY) studio rehearsal dungeon named TO MEGATHERION!!!!

10. Tell us about the metallic situation in Singapore! Are there some cool bands being worth the hear and bestial headbanging?

Yeah! Here are some to recommend by-ROUGHCAST (black metal), ISTIRADJ (Eastern Black Metal), PROPHESY (fucking cult old black trash) IMPIETY(no need for introduction!), INFERNAL EXECRATOR (Unholy black metal), NERRAKA ( black metal), NAFRAT (death metal ) NYMPHOLEPSY (death metal), BLOODSTONE (trash metal), DECIUS (R.I.P? black trash death MADNESS! You’ll go fucking insane) ABHORER fucking ABHORER!! ( R.I.P) NUCTEMERON!( R.I.P), EIBON(dark metal) DEMONIFICATION( R.I.P) and a handful more…
Singapore is overrun by tons of idiotic swine who destroy the scene with trend and fashion…and who walk around with their own clans only! Only a few are worthy of mention.. The rest…*sigh* Its either they are too cult as fuck (or try too hard to be) , too brutal as fuck (but don’t even know the gods of ABHORER or don’t even listen to MORBID fucking ANGEL) or too modern as fuck ( imagine Dream Theatre crossing over with Nightwish..BAD BAD MOVE!) In the old days it was never like this and I would always listen in awe to the recollections retold by pioneers of Singa metal  who restlessly remind me of how united, true and crazy the old scene was…

11. I read from here and there some Asian guys don't like your behavior and threat you of being IMPIETY Rip offs! It sounds strange, since there are obviously few IMPIETY influences (old and new) in your music... Try to explain these strange thoughts, and tell us how you would torture these blabbing poofters who obviously should slow down the abuse of crazy cow milk and sterile web masturbation!

Ahhh..indeed. Well, in Singapore, many hate us as we often give an “ I don’t give a fuck “ attitude..Nevertheless, we still respect the old birds in the scene and appreciate fully the crazy support of the upcoming new bands…Many said that I am trying too hard to be King Diamond and that we try hard to look and sound like Impiety..In other Asian countries some even call us Bathory wannabes!haha..well I take all these as compliments more than insults..Indeed these assholes don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about..They try to insult us but their words end up praising us! I would never deny the fact that I fuckin idolize Shyaitan’s(IMPIETY) stage presence, King Diamond’s stage antics , Blackie Lawless’s (W.A.S.P) crazy guts and codpiece and Bruce Dickinson’s(IRON MAIDEN) live performance.. WE NEVER DID EVER SAY that IRONFIST is as original as can be or fucking try to be original or evil! FACE THE FUCKING FACT, who is original nowadays? Almost everything has been tried and done..Its either you progress, turn modern and die trying too hard to be original OR you recycle old stuff… BUT we sure give a damn ABOUT PLAYING WHAT WE WANT! If we wanted to sound like IRON MAIDEN etc.. so IT SHALL BE! And I won’t ever deny it! If shitheads don’t like it, then don’t fucking listen to us..Because we don’t care..WE DON’T BOTHER ABOUT THEM anyway…The problem with the scene today is that these  shithead posers are always saying this and that when we don’t even see their asses onstage or composing music or anything else..If you notice, they are usually assholes who couldn’t form a band or losers who can’t survive in the bandwagon and get jealous…Its amazing that they use their precious time to comment on bands when they don’t even commit to the time spent , the hardship or the money involved...haha ASSHOLES..

12. What's the main religion in Singapore? Don't you think it's strange to hear some Asian guys blaspheming the Christian church while their countries are full of Muslims? Or maybe it's due to some old black metallic traditions (It's a bit the same with some French black metal bands that scream their hate for Christianity... while the Christian church isn't anymore a major oppressing factor since years and years...)

Nope..certainly not at all..Singapore is being dominated by the rabies of stupid CHRISTIAN scum..Do you know that there are fucking churches almost everywhere in Singapore ! Fuck! And the born again Christians here are a mighty fucking arrogant bunch of shitheads…They look at us in disgust, they try to convert our people and all sorts of stuff..I don’t have trouble with other religious communities as they leave us alone….Its not about tradition..its about being realistic..I mean we won’t give a fuck about religions who don’t give a fuck about us…

13. Not let's talk a bit about the metallic traditions from Singapore. Every European country has its old cult bands... but what about Singapore? What were the first bands to play real metal? Thrash metal? Death metal in there? What were the first bands to record rehearsal demo tapes, to release an album?

The first was NUCTEMERON! Singahell’s very own black trashing madness! Totally influenced by old German speed trash!!!!! Next up will be none other than Singahell’s very own abominations from the pits of hell..ABHORER!!!!!!!!!!ARRGGGHHH! Fucking hell! They live and breath the metal way!Fucking true demonic blasphemers of Christ!!!!! There are many to name in the early history of Singapore.. PROFANCER, DEBAUCHERY(now EIBON) MUMBRA , ITNOS , LIBATION ,BEHEADED NASRANI, BLOOD ANGEL, XASTHUR!!!!

14. I'm curious, how would you say "Nihilistic holocaust" and "Metal with balls, no fucking joke" in your native language?

-Nihilistic Holocaust- Pukimak Kau Meletup! (poo-kee-mak …cow…me-le-thop)
-Metal with balls- Bople Besi (boo-ah-pe-lir….ber-see)
-No fucking Joke- Jangan main main! (jang-arn…ma-ain…ma-ain)

15. Which country/ continent currently has the best metal scene in your opinion? What about the worst?

I guess the European scene has many to offer I suppose?Germany..and yeah France! Also the south American scene is full of uprising cult bands! Which are killer! The worst scene has to be the Malaysian scene..Don’t get me wrong, what I mean is that they are facing difficulties in trying to progress further in Malaysia due to the BLACK METAL BAN!

16. What do you think about European and American metal in General? Many bands are very well (over?) produced with 10 meters high walls of guitars... But I'm curious about the way you feel and view this thing: Is it something you'd like to have one day for IRONFIST, or you might think it's too produced to let the obscurity, atmosphere and raw butt-fuck of metal emerge?

Metal should be metal..Not pop music that you could share with your neighbours!!! Thus I guess its true what u said about metal being over produced…We don’t need that crap! Well good sound is okay..But too good a sound, its meaningless to play metal then….But sadly nowadays metal is like a rising trend..Every Tom Dick or Harry knows about metal..FUCK THEM! What im really getting sick of is those big major death metal bands who fucking sound like each other…(don’t they get bored) and even their names sound the same, sometimes with –TION at the end…and their album sleeves are so wonderfully colourful and their music is so perfect and shit like that..I mean what do you think? The world has had enough of this shit!!!!! Overpopulated trendy / boring common CRRRAAP if you ask me…
Another problem with some Asian bands is this! They think they are the new DEATH or those PRO AS FUCK (yaaawnnn..) new death metal bands who go around with short hair and nice clothes and look good(Pop stars? ) fuck..That’s why they never got through the UG scene… One IDIOT from Singapore insulted me for not supporting the UG scene unlike him but in true fact he is a big time fuckhead who spent thousands of dollars and hours perfecting guitar sounds and composing technical riffs to impress..I always laugh to myself when I think of this fucker.Trying to be a guitar god but claiming he is underground? And strict to his religion while talking so much about being extreme?(its true!).Some people just don’t know what they want..I hope he stops making a fool of himself ..
IRONFIST has had tons of problems with studio engineers who didn’t know what we wanted..We wanted raw but they often suggested good sound and I always tell them that its stupid to have good sound..Clear sound yes..not good PROFESSIONAL , big band sound…

17. Are you in touch with other European metallers? Don't you think many European guys are less extreme than headbangers from intense Asiatic countries in their metallic beliefs and behaviors? That might be due to a cooler more convenient life and big use of Internet?

Not really bro..It depends individually,some Europeans are really hardcore enthusiasts while some Asians are simply posers..and VICE VERSA…It applies to everywhere in the world..What’s important is that we MUST establish good relations with the true ONES!!!!! I am proud of the honour of being in contact with insane metalheads like IMPIETY, Surrender of Divinity(Thailand) ,Mantak(Malaysia), Sabbat and Abigail(Japan) , Shaxul , Morbosidad, Tormentor of Desaster…Joel of Toxic Holocaust… King Wolle (Desecration of Virgin Zine)..etc..too many to mention…These are honourable metal warriors who are productive, don’t talk shit and are true to their craft..I have learnt lots from them…

18. Do you prefer KING DIAMOND or MERCYFUL FATE and why? Since each band didn't have the same musician, the same composers (I think so) and didn't exactly have the same style, that might be a nice question. What are your fave epochs/ releases of these two bands?

It has to be MERCYFUL FATE!!!!!!!! As you can see M.Fate touches more on satanic and anti Christian topics and themes and not fprgetting the rocking old school feel! While King Diamond is simply like a twisted storyteller, spinning yarns of horror and chilling your spine with every release!
For Mercyful Fate, my favourites are- the underrated TIME album (this jewel really has the best fucking feel! The Mad Arab is born!) and also who can leave out DON’T BREAK THE OATH!
As for King Diamond, my favourites are- THEM(Is that you gggrrandma!?) and also the disturbing VOODOO!!!!!!!

19. What's the best way to make nuns laugh in your opinion? Do you think, as KING DIAMOND once said, that nuns have no fun? I'm sure some nice juicy things happen in the covens! Hé hé hé

The best way to make them laugh is to HANG THEM UPON A CROSS!!!!!!!and fucking impale their chaste cunts with your cross(dick)!!!!!haha ..UPON A CROSS A NUN WILL BE HANGED..SHE WILL BE RAPED BY AN EVIL MAN! Well I guess nuns commit themselves to lifetime lesbianism and priests are gay bastards who molest altar boys…

20. The inside layout of your last Ep includes an history of Maznah Isamil/ Mona Fandey, and old Malaysian woman with a beautiful face that used to kill and torture many peoples a harsh way! Always with a nice smile. I feel this kind of old histories is a bit more frightening than all the brutal news you could see on TV... It has something 'cult' or "mythic' somewhere... Especially when it comes from Asia! Héhéhé. Tell us about this mistress of desire! When exactly did the reign of terror occur? Was it only rumors or facts proven in blood? How could she live in freedom and keep on murdering people? Maybe she was a rich murdering queen with a lot of politic influence?

Mona Fandey was already making headlines since I was a young boy..i guess when I was only 13 or 14 years old..Okay bro one thing you gotta know is never to fuck with asian women…Asian black magic is REEEALLL..A number of Asians keep and enslave demons and other entities and would be able to conjure one faster than Aleister Crowley could draw his circle of protection! IM NOT LYING! Mona traveled far to Siamese lands to learn her craft and she had no political influence BUT politicians often sought her advice, charms and spells…Thus explained is the sentence-ONE WHO BRINGS YOU POWER MAY BRING YOUR UNTIMELY DEMISE.. Rumours? Fuck! Would I have included a newspaper cutting (which I saved 5 years ago) if it wasn’t true?haha..In actual fact, cases like this occur plenty throughout Asia.. The reason it was such a big fuss was that Mona murdered a political figure!!! She was a daring woman..or maybe her black practices were paying her back in retribution..She knew that she couldn’t get away with murder…But still denies that she will die…Another fact is that it took so many fucking years for them to hang her!!! Usually in most parts of Asia once the sentence is passed, the criminal will be hanged the following dawn of the next morning…nobody really knew the reason why they delayed her execution….to many years!
You know in real fact, it was a hair raising experience when we mixed down the songs.. Mona might just be hanging around..haha

SIDE EXEKUTION…Track 1- Testimony of The Accursed is based on the trial of Mona Fandey as we reflect back upon her crimes…

Track 2- Grave Ritual Conjuration is about two worshippers of The Mona Fandey Kult who a couple of years after her death, visits her grave to conjure her from the dead..so that she might be a guru to them and bestow upon them special powers..But instead she sacrifices them and traps their souls!

Track 3- Mona’s Curse…Ressurected Vengeance is an improved version of our old hymn(since Dragonlore 2002) entitled Mona’s Curse..thus it is like a ressurection for Mona..and this hymn tells of how she unleashes her evil vengeance upon men who are overcome by greed and lust for power!

21. Are you still in touch with BANG OR BE BANGED? Since Manolis left the tape label to concentrate on playing music, remains only the "integrist" Yves, and it seems the label is dead and buried... Did you get any news?

Yeah..For sure I often get news from the “TRUE” Yves that my tapes are on the way ..BUT THEY NEVER ARRIVED…so it explains…

22. If I say "Satan laughs as you eternally rot", what do you answer?

IMPALED NAZARENE fukking rulllessss!!!!!!!

23. Do you know the old metal band called EXORCIST that released the "Nightmare theater" Lp in the 80's? And what about PILEDRIVER? Early ANGEL WITCH?

Yes I have heard of EXORCIST and PILEDRIVER! I am currently asking the old guys if they have any copies of it! ANGELWICTH YOU SAY!ARRGGGGHHH Fucking gods of NWOBHM!!!!! My favourite hymns are GORGON and SORCERESS…

24. If you were obliged to unluckily choose between metal and beer, what would be your hard choice? hé hé

G’s ASS!!!!!!! Sure must be tight and juicy….haha..joking bro…
It has to be METAL!!!!! I could get drunk with hard liquor too! haha..Not necessarily it has to be beer…

25. Alright! This is the end of the interview. Tell us about your future gigs, projects, releases. Promote the merchandising you currently have for sale! Thanx for the answers! Greetz.

Fistial Fucking Saluttttes To LORD G for this insane intvw!The sexxxtremists of IRONFIST appreciates it and sexxxtends our hails and support to all fistial holebangers!!!! May we together Sexxxecrate the French loaves(pussy) together if ever IRONFIST has the opportunity to invade your wonderful lands!
Contact Shaxul of LEGION OF DEATH for the Worshippers of the Black Witch 7” ..Also be cursed by the unholy threads of the Worshippers tshirts released by Sick Chainsaw Prod(Thailand) and distributed also by Legion of Death!!! FUCKING LIMITED COPIES ONLY!!!!!!!ARRGRRGGH!! SUPPORT IRONFIST OR DIEEEE!!!!!

Conquer our mailboxes- fistfuck@emailaccount.com
Ravage the Whoresite- www.fistfukk.cjb.net
Converse with the mad priest- rape_alhazred666@msn.com