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1. INFERNAL CONJURATION was created after Emmanuel left OMISION, first of all under the BLOODFEST moniker and then under the unholy name of IxCx. Please introduce the band, as well as the previous musical activities of the musicians to our cryptic readers.

Emmanuel : Hailz to all that are taking the time to read this, and thanks to you Gab for the interest and support!! Well, about the foundation of the band...Basically we you just changed the name from Bloodfest to Infernal Conjuration, same guys, different music.
Josue, Carlos and myself live in the same block, we are friends since we were kids, and it’s a really cool thing, we wanted to play thrash at the beginning! But we ended up playing Death Metal.
Raul is a local Pioneer in the Metal Scene! He started with Morgue, then created Pyosisified, which is a really kick ass band, you can check the MySpace page at www.myspace.com/pyosisified he was the MASTERMIND there, you can check all HIS songs there.


2. The band was formed in 2006, and you already recorded the first demo in July 2007. Do you consider the process of composition as fast, and are you satisfied with this first demo? Were there other songs in the work (As you might have kept the best ones for our putrid hears) or did you focus on writing few but good songs?

Emmanuel : Well, the Process of (Suffocation) Composition, is really, really slow. Why you might ask? Well, it’s because we just don’t throw in a bunch of riffs, I mean, you might find the demo without many riffs, but, at least for us, those are good riffs and to compose them, I needed to be in the mood, other wise I might get some boring and Lame riffs, and we don’t want that. We do have other songs in the work, 2 by now, we were going to record one of those, but we decided not to, and wait for the next demo.


3. INFERNAL CONJURATION is surely old school considering your morbid influences... But you're not sooo old school, contrary to quite a lot of current retro bands you do not sound asleep or too slow, there's some freshness and energy in the playing! How do you feel about the retro bands who sound too convenient, almost sleepy by moments? Don't you think it's too much of worship without real aim to kill? After all, death and killing aren't especially passive things, if you see what I mean héhé! Considering your influences, are there some unholy names you'd like to quote, so that our readers can have a clearer vision of your style? What are the few musicians that influenced your musical vision a lot? And maybe you could tell us a bit about what lead you to metal and particularly Death metal! (An album in particular? A local Mexican band playing a concert in your town?)

Emmanuel : G, I think that we could get along pretty well! HAHA
Exactly, there are a lot of newer Old School Death metal bands that are sooo booring! I think that the main reason is, the inspiration probably, or maybe they just want to play with no aim. For us, Death Metal is DARK AND EVIL!! Just because you create simple riffs doesn’t mean that is Old School sounding, you know, they need to be solid riffs, we Focus completely in the riffage department to create a Dark and Evil sound. About the influences, I mean, come on Gab, there are bands that do play fast, PESTILENCE, MORBID ANGEL, DEATH, DEICIDE, CARNAGE, CANCER, SEPULTURA, IMMOLATION etc We are heavy influenced by all these bands and many more. For me, a total inspiration is Chuck Schuldiner (RIP), and the Visions (from the Dark Side) come from entities such as Bob Vigna, Trey Azagtoth, Chuck Schuldiner, Andreas Kisser, Eric and Brian Hoffman, John Walker, James Hetfield, Rick and Bay Cortez...etc
About what lead us to play Metal I’d say Metallica and Slayer! Metallica’s Kill’em all, Slayer’s Show No Mercy, Sepultura’s Schizophrenia and to play Death Metal, none other than DEATH’s Scream Bloody Gore, we use to play covers from Venom, Slayer, Metallica, Sepultura, Megadeth, but as time passed we started to listen to more bands, mainly in the Death Metal department, so it just happened.


4. Emmanuel Luna and Josue Luna are respectively guitarist/ vocalist and bassist of the band, according to the last name I'd say they're brothers. Should INFERNAL CONJURATION be considered as the Death metal band of the Luna brothers, as they would compose most of the morbid riffing and structures, or is it rather a whole band effort?

Emmanuel: No way, we work as a Mass (of Tortured Souls), with a lot fighting between me and my bro! Haha For this demo we all added something, even Carlos did 2 riffs on the Tremendous Plague song. Raul added some Soul Taking Leads also, because we already had the songs when he joined.


5. Your songs titles are full of war, domination and morbidity; "Infernal conjuration", "Tremendous plague", "Evil torture" and "Ultimatum" fits very well for Death metal... Tell us about the content of the lyrics, and what kind of concepts are there? Do the inspiration come spontaneously, of do you need some time to think and rethink every words so that everything fits correctly the morbid aim?

Emmanuel: Carlos did the entire lyrics for Ultimatum and myself the rest. I did the lyrics like, 2 hours Before The (Creation of Time) recording of the demo, well, I did have in mind the concepts, but I just didn’t have the time to write the lyrics. In a way, the lyrics on the demo are like a story, first you Sworn thy Infernal Conjuration to the dark, then you send the Tremendous Plague(which is all of us Metalheads) to Infest the human race, then you perform an Evil Torture to take the soul and finally, you give an Ultimatum to all those (Dying) Victims.  


6. Tell us a bit about the meaning(s) of your band name and what kind of visions it has in your mind... It has something to do with the SODOM track on "Persecution mania"?

Emmanuel: Not with the Sodom song “Conjuration” but with the Shub-Niggurath song “Demons Conjuration” and the Death song “Infernal Death”


7. European metal tends to be always more and more professional, with very expensive plastic production, faster than light guitarists and drummers... But... A part of the feeling is gone when one tries to be too professional at every levels... How do you feel about this trend that plagues a part of the European metal? Hopefully I'm not talking about the whole European scene, but they're quite numerous... Are there some bands in this very professional style you like, as some might not have forgotten the feeling and great songs, or do you globally "avoid this shit"?

Emmanuel: We really don’t like this approach in Metal, since we personally believe that it has no feeling, no Head Banging nor Air Guitar Madness...SO we avoid it


8. Until then, how many copies of the demo are circulating in the underground? Are you satisfied with the feedbacks and are there already maniacs praising your sounds as new apocalyptic revelations? Some underground supporters from South America generally say the local metallers prefer to listen and support European and American bands... How are the feedbacks from the Mexican hordes? Are they interested or generally more involved in brewing the European metal mania?
And is the Mexican Death metal scene in a good health? I know some cool or interesting bands such as BLOOD REAPING, THE CHASM or DISGORGE (Even if I don't know the later stuffs) but I might not be aware of the best ones! (I need pure fucking Death metal, with real thrashing death riffs and vocals from the tombs!)

Emmanuel: We think that around 100 copies, we recorded the demo on July, and released it in August and by October we already ran out of copies! We never imagined that, even if is not a big scale or amount of demos. Right now we just printed 50 more copies. We are satisfied with the feedback so far, this is our second interview, and we received some good reviews; we recorded the demo on July, and by around August we received an offer from GRUFT prodüktion (www.gruft.prv.pl) to get the demo on Tape, which is on the works right now, probably around February or March it would be released. About the Mexican Hordes, well, we do receive some good comments in our My Space, We haven’t receive bad vibes or anything. About the Mexican Scene we really don’t know, I mean, we are a few bands around. My friend if you need some nice Death Metal with thrashing riffs, you asked the right person! You need some fucking MORTUARY – Blackened Images, INFINITUM OBSCURE – Internal Dark Force, SHUB-NIGGURATH – Evilness and Darkness Prevails, TORMENTOR – Visions of Darkness!


9. What are the albums and demos that burnt the most your rotting Hi-fi speakers lately? You're strictly into pure fucking metal of Death, or some softer kinds of metal/ music can be Ok? Maybe you like traditional Mexican music (And maybe you could tell us a bit about it, I'm not sure to know what it could sound like... Maybe some kind of Samba? It might be close to the Brazilian background, am I right?)

Carlos : Sepultura – Schizophrenia, Coroner – RIP, Carnage – Dark Recollections, Death – Scream Bloody Gore, Deicide – Deicide, Destruction – Live Without Sence

Emmanuel: Diamond Head – Lightning to the Nations, Death – All albums (on Dec 13th, RIP Chuck), Possessed – Beyond the Gates, Morbid Angel – Blessed are the Sick and many more

About Mexican Music, try looking for some Rancheras, since it’s the Traditional Music, I grew up in a House where they liked it very much, I’m not a fan, but I don’t hate it in any way...It has nothing to do with Brazilian Music.


10. What's your opinion about David Vincent's come back in MORBID ANGEL? I personally didn't like "Heretic" very much, even if it was nicely done with two guitars harmonies, many songs lack of infernal depths and real monstrous power... So I would hope David Vincent could kick the ass of Trey Azagtoth... But considering his last years of cock-sucking in the GENITORTURERS I'm not too sure it could be better... How do you feel about it? Maybe MORBID ANGEL doesn't matter so much anymore in the Mexican scene? How do the Mexican bastards see long-running bands such as DEICIDE, CANNIBAL CORPSE or even ENTOMBED... They still like the music even if it was better before, or they prefer to focus on other new bands who has more guts and blood to offer?

Emmanuel: I saw them on 2006 with Behemoth and Krisiun, on the Master of Chaos Tour, and they are playing some really nice set! The only thing in my opinion are the vocals, David is singing like the Domination era, and I really don’t like those kind of vocals...About feeling something about the new Morbid Angel album...well, I really don’t have my hopes up, for now I’m sticking with albums from Altars to Covenant. Right now everybody likes Deicide and Cannibal Corpse, I mean the new Deicide has some cool riffs, can’t say the same for the CC...but over here, those bands are alive and well I would say, like in every other country I think, they are really popular and most people just listen to them because of the name rather than the riffs, which is really lame...


11. Is it easy to have an Internet access and possibilities to use the newer technologies in Mexico? Do you need to visit cyber-coffees everyday to be able to communicate with the whole world, or can you afford to have a decent computer and web-access at home? And is the old school underground in good health? (I think about writing snail mail letters... Sending flyers... Trading tapes or CDs... In Europe it's much much smaller than before, almost everyone steals everything from the web and have strong hand injuries once it's time to write a letter Ahr Ahr). Do you think you could live in a country where everyone spends all his "metal time" in front of a computer, clicking as fast as possible for the only fact of clicking and having too many friends?

Emmanuel: Hmmm...yes it’s easy to have a computer...and NO...we don’t live in caverns!! HAHAHA...here in Mexico you will find places where there is poverty, some places where there is not that much, but any how, there are a lot of cyber-coffess! I personally have a computer at home with a DSL connection, which I know is slower than in Europe. Here in my city the trading died in the mid 90’s aprox. according to what Raul told me, about the “Metal Time” I think that the times change and people are getting more lazy, I mean, I really don’t find wrong downloading a Record if you are planning on buying it, it’s like if you get it borrowed from your friend to give it a listen, you like it, then you go and get your self a copy, in new years eve I was having some massive amounts of Beer with brother bands OMISION, IGNIS OCCULTUS and Roberto from INFINITUM OBSCURE, and Roberto put a track from the newest NECROPHOBIC album, wich I really didn’t have the chance to listen to it prevously and I was blowned away!! I recently got THE NOCTURNAL SILENCE on CD (Brazil Print) and now (since I just got a job ;) ) I’m planing on getting that fucker!! My point is that I’m not against any form of communication, either if its with smoke signals or via e-mail hahaha as long as the Underground Metal scene is alive and well!


12. Ok! Tell us about the future plans with INFERNAL CONJURATION! Are there new songs in the work, and maybe you projected to record a new demo? These last lines can be your promotional and merchandising space. Thanx for the answers. DEATH METAL ETERNAL!

Emmanuel: Well, we plan on recording another demo in 2008, we are going to be working on 4 new songs, expect an even better recorded demo! with the same madness as the first! Anyone interested in getting our demo, they can contact us at infernalconjuration@gmail.com or www.myspace.com/infernalconjuration OR write us a letter to :
C/o Emmanuel Luna
4492 Camino de La Plaza, Suite 1402
San Isidro, CA 92173-3097

Website: http://www.myspace.com/infernalconjuration