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This is the autopsy report: Totally infected by HERPES, Death metal from France, the old school way.


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1. Here we go ! Let’s insert the finger inside. Introduce us to the Herpes ! What’s good to know about this charming purulent outfit from Lorraine ?

Hello! Good to know ? Not a lot uhuh… Herpes is composed of 5 alcoholics who try to play old styled Death metal. The line up is full and stable since 2-3 years, one could say Herpes really began at this time. We used to play before, but it was more learning, and we began with Death grind.


2. Why do you play this quite disgusting and atmosphere-based kind of old school Death metal ? The plastic modernity didn’t please you, or you don’t have the technical skills (On pro tools ?) ?

Technical brutal death breaks our balls 80% of the time, even if there are some killer bands. But the overdose of blastbeats finally makes this kind of metal very flat, even though it was meant to be violent! And anyway we don’t have the technical level ahah… We prefer the kinds of metal that groove with an unhealthy aura : Ideally speaking, the gods of AUTOPSY…


3. You quite often remind me of the first AUTOPSY records, and especially “ Severed survival ” in fact ! Sometimes it’s almost exactly the same feeling and fatness, it’s not always the case with autopsy copies… How are you doing ? You’re big disgusting bastards, big porks who eat kilograms of rubbish in one go until your stomach explodes, you drink like neverending holes, or there’s something else ?

Ahah, speaking about it when we listen to Autopsy every night, before going to bed, we shed a tear on our band because we are million light years from their feeling. But we try to have the same kind of atmosphere. Otherwise yes, we have a very strict lifestyle based on lard, sausage, beer and schnapps uhuh...

4. During some motivated parts that accelerate, one could also feel something like REPULSION or old MASTER… It’s cool, it changes from the usual, we don’t hear it so often… Are you punks on the borders, or is there only metal to kick your ass ? Aren’t you afraid of having to pay royalties to looord Paul Speckmann ?

Ahah Punk as fuck! No we prefer metal, but it’s true we appreciate punk a lot. You have probably noticed our music is full of D-bears, and we avoid blasts uhu… Concerning Repulsion, totally ! We love this band! They know how to blast without being boring ! Concerning Master, it’s not directly or consciously… We also love Master, but it’s not an inspiration for Herpes. But it’s true a resemblance is possible, we aren’t light years far from them…


5. Otherwise do you like IMPETIGO ? Or is there no common point as I put my finger deep and hard in the abscess ? Use this possible mistake of mine to quote your other musical influences…

Ah, you put your finger deep, and the hand and the arm, you shake and you scrape until there’s more excrements on your arm than in all your intestines uhuhhu. We like a bit of Impetigo, but to be honest we heard only a few songs from here and there. Concerning other influences, first there is Death Breath that really took Autopsy and added Swedish death plus rock’n roll influences. We also love the first two Entombed Lps, Nihilist, Carnage, the first Dismember, Vomitory and Murder Squad (Often ignored and wrongly mouth-shitted of plagiarism ) etc…


6. What pleases you so much in this disease called herpes that you choose it as a band moniker ? The fact it is sexual ? Contagious ? Quite disgusting ?

Herpes comes from the fact we were a Death grind band based on sexually transmitted diseases. And it remained. We are very used to it. And well, we don’t know what else could be used as a name…


7. Tell us all the unspeakable about your label CARBONIZED CELLS records ! How did you know him ? What did he offer to convince you releasing your demo? How many litters of sperm (Hum, of beer) did he have to come up with to persuade you ? What the tape format your choice of his preference ?

Julien contacted us through the net and offer to released the demo. He is cool, we just wanted to release a demo, so it’s done! We didn’t care about the format, Julien wanted to release it as a tape, no problem. And for Death metal it’s quite often the case…

8. Where and when was this demo recorded ? Are you satisfied with the production ? I find it quite cool, it’s round and fairly heavy… Do you sound the same way live, or were there unspeakable manipulations in the studio ?

The demo was recorded in the cave of the Boww, the place where we rehearse. We recorded in “ live ” conditions, everything at the same time except for the leads and vomits that were done later. Speaking about it, there are few playing mistakes if you search well… A guy who does sound stuffs came with a “ portable studio ” to record us, he did a super job according to the conditions ! So yes, we should sound the same live… The production has exceeded our expectations : Nicely fat and heavy the way we wanted.


9. Otherwise, are all the tracks of this demo recent or are there older ones ? How long do you need to decently macerate the compositions so that it reaches an acceptable level of putridity? With you, does the composition rather occur like a big puzzle you complete when someone finds the missing piece, or is this a massive experimental drunk-session with the girlfriend recording everyone playing drunk as fuck, and later you listen to the tapes to keep only the most squashing parts ?

It’s older songs, 2/3 years for the older. Alcoholism was stronger than music at this time uhuh, that’s why we only released our demo recentl… Concerning composition, Clem does 80% of the musical basis, and Renaud does the remaining. The guitarists write their leads, and boww his drum patterns. It’s like that most of the time, but there’s no particular law, everyone can bring a riff.


10. Did you play in cool bands before, or is it the first being worth the hear for my purulent readers ?

UHUH we played in unspeakable bands that could lead us to loose the few credibility we have ahahah… Some peoples own these cursed recordings and regularly tickle us with it ahah… Otherwise the Boww plays in Mormar (Folk metal… Oh, the gay guy) and he’s also setting up an old school heavy metal band with members of Mormar and Renaud (Oh the gays guys ahah) …


11. Did you think about sending your demo to Chris Reifert ? The Finnish guys of SWALLOWED who also play something close to AUTOPSY did, and they received a very niiiice letter… It could be a good opportunity to be ass licked ! Slurp

We would die in shame if we sent our shit to grandpa Reifert !


12. Few years ago, I read an interview of the English band CANCER who found it would be a quite cynical end if one of their musicians died of cancer. (It would be quite “ cult ” indeed…). In a not so tragic manner, don’t you think the concept could be interesting if all members of your band got infected by herpes ? AhAh… I’m sure it would wriggle on few true necro boards… But what do I hear ? What ? You are all already infected ? ! Aaaaah… You ugly bastards… So, tell me in which parts of the globe herpes disease is the easier to unearth, and where is it of a better quality ? Are you regulars of swinger clubs ? Can you tell me why on nudist beaches, while it’s very quiet, suddenly a dozen of peoples rush at the same time to the same blockhaus ?

Uhuh Renaud had some at the mouth, but we later noticed Boww also had on his sex (Strange…), and then Clem got some in the buttocks, then Hans on his sex, and PY on his shoulder  (???!!!) uhahauahau...

Concerning swinger clubs, we didn’t use it yet, but we have visited a very nice hotess bar in Nancy (“ L’amazone ” uhuh). And well, fuck we understand why it’s called an “ ambiance bar ”, because there’s some… ahaha! Fights of prostitutes and champagne, it was paradise uhuhuhuh...
To answer the last question, I would say the hasty erection of a Congolese quadriplegic can lead to a tsunami of obese semen…


13. What could the mortified listener expect from HERPES in the forthcoming months ? Some particular projects, or playing a few gigs and spreading your putridity will be quite cool enough ? You can conclude with the scalpel, we will soon close the abscess….

We play a gig with Xanadoo (Fucking thrash) on the 8th may, we’ll play 3 or 4 new songs. These new songs are more morbid, thrashier, more aggressive and a little less punk. The songs are also more coherent.
Ok, see you and thanks for this interview of an exquisite taste !


Web page: http://www.myspace.com/cockmincer