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I’m not into most of what Black metal has to offer, but the canadian fukkers of HELLACAUST rather convinced me with their total blasting black thrash mayhem that has severe chances to please those who need it fucking fast as fuck, agressive and hellish with a thrashing uber alles spirit from hell! Read this interview, and check their
aggressive perversion!

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Hailz members of HELLACAUST! Please do an introduction to your hellish formation, its goals and past achievements!

Necromancer – Originally Hellacaust was a noisy goregrind band called Agoretion, it was just all of us playing different insturments, I lpayed guitar, Crucifuck was on drums,  Hellbastard on bass and The Defilator sang,  that wasn’t anything that we took seriously, we put out a demo called juice core it had 33 songs, I think it’s about 15 minutes long, some noisy shit man. Hellacaust was started for a Halloween show in 2000 as a cover band, we we’re only going to do the one show, we covered some old Venom, Slayer, Sodom, Bathory, War, etc, and we wrote the song Hellacaust, After the show we just kept on wrting, and got some offers to do some more shows so we went with it. In 2001 we put out Implements of Mass Destruction on tape later that year we did Premonitions of War by the end of 2001 we were in the studio for Dark Age Descending.  Shortly after that The Defilator left the band to concentrate on school so we recruited Hellspawn to bash some skulls for us.  Since then we’ve jsut been jamming and writing new shit,  getting ready for the next album and doing shows, Hopefully we’ll be able to get out on the road this year, at least go as far as Ontario for now. My goal is to go and play Europe in the next few years, I want to get the hell out of here and check out what the rest of the world has to offer spreading some chaos as we go.

In your music I hear a lot of old MARDUK, old IMMORTAL, old MAYHEM influences. You may also have been into DISSECTION, ABIGOR... This is purely True Black metal in its rawest and most aggressive form! What are the Black metal bands that marked the most HELLACAUST's music and why don't you pollute your music with tiny-asslicking melodies, boring keyboards and shemale vocals? Is it too gay for you?

Crucifuck : Haha, well yeah, I guess it’s pretty gay. We stick to the kind of  shit that we listen to, and obviously the influence shows in our music. We think that keeping a brutal, raw, aggressive sound is the best way to crush the gay stuff. But our influences are not stricktly black metal by any means. Everything from Sabbath, to Immortal to Exhumed…that’s what makes our music sound like it does.


Listening to your album, it's obvious you were a lot into SLAYER, DESTRUCTION, DARK ANGEL and POSSESSED among other great Thrashing metal bands! So what motivated you to mix these old school metal influences in your raw black metal?

Crucifuck : Well like I said before, all of our influences come out, obviously we’re mainly into the old thrash, like the bands you mentioned, but even the newer bands we listen to like Summon, Angelcorpse, Exhumed etc. show their main influence to be thrash metal. It’s the root of all of it, so it has to be acknowleged.

I am not well informed about Satanism, it's subcategories and philosopies, but let us know about the satanic visions and beliefs of HELLACAUST as well as the band's state of mind! What do your lyrics deal with?

Necromancer – well if you want to get down to what satanism is all about there is no devil worship or evil sprits and stupid shit like that NONE OF THAT IS REAL, it’s bassically just about doing what you want to do and believing in yourself, it’s designed to be the opposite of christianity. However the fact that there are stanic churches is kind of hipocritical. I feel that ALL organized religion is a waste of time and try to avoid refrences to how great satan is in my lyrics, when I was younger I  wrote a lot about satan now I usually deal with war, hatred, insanity, disease things that are real and cause real anguish, or I bash religion. We’re not out there to start sacrificing lambs we just play our fucking songs and get drunk and have a good time, that’s our philosophy as far as I see it.  

I like the style of your drummer: he has the kind of breaks, drum rolls and rythms I like. Tell me more about him and his playing! His drumming wasn't studio enhanced no triggered as you can hear it's not always 100% tight, but it's cool since the drumming sounds real! What's your opinion about ultra-triggered drums?

Crucifuck : The Defileator’s drumming was probably what brought us to such an insanely fast and thrashy sound. All of the original line-up grew up together and had been playing together for years before Hellacaust was formed, so we were all on the same page when we started to write. He was a great drummer, but has since been replaced by our new Tank Commander, Hell Spawn. He was always really into The Defileator’s drumming, so he had no problem learning his parts, and then taking them and making them his own. Over the past couple months, after learning all the old stuff, we started writing with him, and it has gone great. He really fit well and has become a vital part of the band since. As for triggers, there’s nothing better than a big, natural drums sound. That’s what we want. I like lots of bands that use triggers (since so many do these days), but even if we did use triggers in the future, we’d still go for a more ‘real’ sound.

Do you rehearse a lot? Do it takes a lot of time to be tight playing the style you chose?

Crucifuck : We jam once a week, which really isn’t enough for me. If I had it my way, we’d jam everyday, but because of our day jobs and jam space bull-shit, we jam once a week. Although it’s not hard to keep tight. Myself, Necromancer and Hell Spawn all live together, so we can come up with ideas of how things can be played, and for our drummer, how the riffs go. Our newer shit has some complicated riffs which the drummer might not get a complete grasp on at a jam, but when he hears me practicing at home, the riffs get stuck in his head, and he understands them more. So it helps alot the three fourths of us live at the same place.


Are you rather a slow or fast band when composing music? Do several members of the band contribute, or is there a main composer?

Crucifuck : We’re fast. That’s it. We all compose the music, I do alot of it, but the others put in their stuff which always works out. I tend to write a first half of a song, and then bring it to the guys to help finish it. Ideas bump around constantly, sometimes we’ll work on a part for an hour, and then decide that it’s no good. It’s kind of annoying when that happends, but it has to go that way, sometimes you have to rack your brain for a bit before the next part of the song comes to you.

I have your second Demo "Implements of mass destruction" that sounded raw as fuck and underground as hell! When I heard your last CD I had the surprise to hear some of the riffs I imagined as 'discarding' (a bit à la IMMORTAL "Blizzard beast") weren't so, it seems like the strange melodies turned this way coz of the overdriven as fuck sound! So were there some changes in your oldest compositions that were re-recorded on the album, or was it a matter of production?

Necromancer - Implements of mass destruction is actually our first demo, it was recorded in a basement with a 4 track, when we did the Dark age Decending album it was recorded in a full out studio. None of the songs were changed from the demo to the album it basically just comes down to the production, the only change was the speed of the songs, the CD is alot faster than the demo. Our second demo is called Premonitions of War.

Crucifuck : We also got alot better as musicians. Some of the riffs are difficult to play, especially at that speed so when you add on another year of practicing those songs, you’re going to be able to play them clearer.

It seems your tracks were recorded a bit too fast! I mean it seems like you play them a bit too fast on the album... Where you in a hurry during the recording sessions, was there somekind of stress or do you usually play your compositions at this speed?

Necromancer – We always play fast, when we do a live show everything just gets faster, when I listen to some of the jams we recorded from a few years ago it blows my mind how much faster some of the songs are now, especially with Hellspawn behind the kit. Suffer in Vain on the cd was a minute and 20 seconds I have a live version of the song and it’s 14 seconds shorter, just to give you an idea of how much faster it gets live. It doesn’t have anything to do with stress it’s just energy and a lot of times it may depend on how much coffee is running through our veins at the time aswell.

Crucifuck : Depends on the mood too…how stoned we are…

The production of your album reminds me a bit of MARDUK's live album "Germania". Is it a compliment for you? What do you think of MARDUK's "evolution"?

Crucifuck : I fucking love Marduk, probably one of my main influences. So yes, that is a compliment. I agree with you that the album has a live sound though, it’s cool how that worked out even though we did it track by track. We still caught the aggression that it has live, just clearer guitar sounds and vokills.

You come from Canada, a place that's rather known for it's technical/ melodic/ original Death metal and Grindcore bands... but isn't it a boring place to live in terms of real old school metal from hell? Are there some cool bands in your country?

Crucifuck : Well as you know, alot of the Canadian bands are known for their weird brand of technical death metal or grind (Martyr, Cryptopsy, Kataklysm etc.). Where we’re from, it’s all extreme metal, very thrash influenced as well. There are very few melodic bands around here. My 2 favorite local bands are Terratomb (http://www.terratomb.com) and Thy Flesh Consumed (http://www.thyfleshconsumed.tk). Here in our local scene, we are very tightly knit. We all know each other, we’re all friends, so influences are common, even though they might not show in the music. Every band here has a very original sound. It’s great.

Do you know the American band FOREST OF IMPALED? The also use Raw black metal, Thrash metal and Death metal influences in their style, even though they haven't got the same approach than HELLACAUST! Do you know other bands from nowadays who mix Old school Death and thrash with Black metal? This is a cool hellish kind of metal!

Crucifuck : Well the shit I listen to the most always shows a bit of thrash. I love the black/death/thrash mix of bands around now. It’s the best way to convey the evil and hatred that the music should sound like.

Few years ago your second Demo was re-released as a split CDr with TOXIC HOLOCAUST on SKULLFUCKING METAL Records! (If I remember well this record label is ran by the main guy of TOXIC HOLOCAUST). I was told the new TOXIC HOLOCAUST release, that seems to be an album, is killer! What's your opinion about TOXIC HOLOCAUST's music and did you hear some changes in their new tracks, if you heard their new release?

Crucifuck : Well the biggest difference with their new shit it that there is an actual drum kit. The album that was on the split was really good, Joel touched on every form of brutallity in music. Black, Death, Grind, and mostly thrash. Really cool shit, and we were glad to be a part of that split. It got our name out there alot, between the Nuclear Hell Distro and Skull Fucking Metal, they did a great job of spreading it out

I have very narrow tastes towards black metal... most of it sounds too cheap, not extreme or unsinspiring in my ears! Are there some newer or unknown bands you'd advice me since they play something special or outstanding that deserves to be heard? (And no crap melodic keyboard ass fuck gay shemale shit-lick please!)

Crucifuck : We played a show with ANHKREHG from Quebec last year. They’re one of my favorite BM bands. Total fucking war ! They’re fucking awesome live…and they’re gaining a great reputation with that. I’ve also been listening to Belphagor (from Austria) alot lately. I love their form of brutal death, black evil fuck satan hell kill…metal. It’s good.

According to the amount of newer bands playing an old style and the reformations of the older bands, one can say old school thrash metal and Death metal are fucking back! What are your feelings towards it? Aren't you afraid of a new trend?
Are their older bands, specific faves of yours but buried since years and underground as fuck, you'd like to see coming back with strength and power? One could dream about an EXUMER or SLAUGHTER come back! héhé ;-)

Crucifuck : The true thrash feeling of the eighties will never be back. Everybodies too saturated with modern ideas…it’ll never be that stripped down and to the point that it was originally. I would say the only bands coming close to it are some of the grind bands that play just total ‘fuck you, we’re fast’  music. We try to keep the same mentallity, but even we come into ideas coming from the newer scene.

Do the members of the band play in other subprojects, or is HELLACAUST the main and only band?

Crucifuck : I play in a bunch of bands. I play drums as well as guitar. Drums in System Shit, one of the longest running crust bands from Halifax, I just started with them a month ago or so. I also play drums in another weirder BM/DM band with guys from Terratomb, Gruesome Feast (P.E.I) and Realms of Despair which I used to play drums for. I also was in Sloth and Sidewalk Slutz. I play whenever I get the chance.  Hellacaust is always the main thing though.

What will be the future news and forthcoming plans for HELLACAUST? Many gigs annouced? A new MCD or maybe an Ep released in few months? Let us know all what's needed, as well as your current merchandise for sale!

Necromancer – We’re currently in the writing process for the next album we have 5 songs towards it so far, it’s going to be some pretty crazy shit I like the newer songs a lot more than our older stuff. I’m hoping we can get this out by fall at the latest but it’s up in the air right now. We’re always up for playing shows but due to a lack of transportation and money we pretty much stay local, but we’re going to try to do some travelling this summer. The only thing we really have for sale right now is the Dark Age Decending CD, if  anyone is interested in picking one up you can contact us at hellacaust@hotmail.com .

Crucifuck : We’re just gonna spread the plague as much as possible. Hopefully it will make some noise.

It's time to conclude this interview, if needed you can bash anyone who deserves it! Thanks for your time!

We would just like to give a big fuck you to the local fire marshall for shutting down our best venue The Pavillion and also shutting down the Vogue the day before our show FUCK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And a cheers for all the thrashers out there keeping metal alive. Stay Brutal


  Website: http://www.hellacaust.tk