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1. Hello! To talk with you seems like awaiking the dead from its infinite and silent sleep... didn't hear some real new music from DEAD INFECTION since a long time... But you're back and it's total cool!! :-)  Since DEAD INFECTION is almost a cult band in the underground, there's no real need for introduction... but how would you react if I asked for a biography or an intro? Héhé

Cyjan: First I’d like to say hello to everybody. But please, don’t  ask me for a biography. It was written a thousand times, I think ! But if anybody still wants to know our biography, then feel free to find it on our website.


2. Your last album is very much into the style of your previous album "A chapter of accident" that was very extreme, almost an unbeatable brutality! Some would even say some "unchallenged hate"! It was all fast as fuck grind, with total gore vocals, and a brutally abrasive production! (Perfect to rip your hears!). When you composed and recorded the new album, did you keep "A chapter" in mind? Did you try to be more extreme?


I don’t think we kept in our mind our previous album. It was completelly different. We started to compose our new songs at once after the band reunion /Spring 2003/. Entered studio on March ’04. We never aimed to be more extreme than others. The music just flows from our hearts. We play what we feel. Music is the art, not competition.


3. What's the difference between the DEAD INFECTION of 1995-1998 and the DEAD INFECTION of 2004?

Not much differences I think. It’s still the same band, the same music.  Small difference is that we’re older now, but because of that also more ripe in what we do, I think.

4. While DEAD INFECTION was inactive for few years, some of you guys played in several subproject such as COFFEE GRINDERS or SPINELESS! Tell us more about these projects! Will this stop now DEAD INFECTION is back? Did you find some riffs being worthy for DEAD INFECTION during these subprojects?

About one year after the band breakin’ up’ I did my project called SPINELESS and Jaro and Tocha did COFFEE GRINDERS.  I think we still felt needing  to create the music, and this is why these projects were brought to life.  But now, when DEAD INFECTION plays again, it doesn’t make sense to continue that. Also none riffs were used again.


5. Concerning the composition: are you in a special mood when you compose good killing riffs, or does it come as a 'surprise' during rehearsals or anytime of the day?! I know some guys find killing riffs when they are driving their car on the highroad, or even in the toilets! Ah Ah! So they have to be fast and write that somewhere (Pink paper?)... or to have a good memory at best... Do you use a good catalyzer or something that switches on the inspiration?

That’s right. We need a special mood for creating the song. Sometimes I take my guitar trying to compose a new song. But in a while I know it’s a wrong moment. But sometimes I can find  a good riff when I’m workin’ hardly in my job or when I fall to sleep. Really ! Then I don’t have a paper aside, but I try to croon the riff as long as it needs to remember. He, he !


6. You almost don't use gore vocals and disjoncted pitch shifted vocals anymore! Why did you decide to change? Was it too monotonous, or not extreme anymore in your hears?

We came to conclusion that Jaro’s vocal is strong enough. It’s still very extreme. No more helpfull effects....


7. The lyrics of your new album also seem to be more focused on funny things and horror jokes, than total gore and rancid pathological stuffs! Tell us more about it, did you grow old and feel closer to more 'normal' things, or are the gore and pathologic stuffs not as obvious as it remains hidden behind 3rd degree humor?

Grow old ? No ! It’s not about age.  I think we’re still gory band, but in a little bit different form. Who said that gory ideology should be dark and serious ? We’ve always been a fans of black humour, and we tried to put somy funny stories into gory stuff. That’s all...


8. The title of your song "Hospital" has always made me laugh the right way! What can happen in hospital is always weird! Especially in the disinfected and lost hospitals or burried morgues filled-up with cadavers! Ah Ah ! What did you have in mind when you wrote these lyrics? What does it deal with exactly?

To be serious... the lyrics are the only thing, when I never need a mood. I’m just sitting, taking the pen, and trying to think out something that fits to our music. That’s all. I think that our ideology fits to our music in 100%. I can’t imagine to write some bullshits about hell, satan etc. Anyway... music is most important to us. We don’t care about serious lyrics. We don ‘t want to change the world.


9. Before DEAD INFECTION, did you play Grindcore, or did you begin in some Crustcore or Death metal bands? I read you were a part of FRONT TERROR! Was it some Hardcore influenced stuff?

Oh, no ! FRONT TERROR was very grind core band ! It was the beginning of my adventure with brutal music. It was end of 80ths years. I was very influenced bands like old CARCASS, ENT and NAPALM DEATH. And still I am, I think.

10. Your webmaster also runs the BRAINDEAD (Goregrind and grindcore) webzine! How did you get in touch with him? Did you already meet him? Does he run the website for free, or does he trade this service against some polish rancid-meat, pus-trade or your anal hears collections? Pierre seems to be a very underground guy who doesn't get out much... it's hard to know the colour of his underwears (I bet pink!) and some peoples say he kills plastic-babies and rapes ugly reanimated dogs in his morbid crypt... Tell us more about it!

I didn’t know Pierre /our webmaster/ before. A few years ago I was just surfing on internet and looking for some infos about DEAD INFECTION. I was surprised ! What I found was official website. Pierre gathered all stuff about us. So when the band started to play again I came to conclusion to keep this website together. Now Pierre is webmaster, and I deliever our all news to him. I think the website is for free, but when you get in, you also meet the sponsor website. But it’s not big problem, I think. Pierre also makes websites for another great bands like GUT, IMPETIGO or HAEMORRHAGE.  I can’t tell you nothing more. I never saw Pierre directly face to face. I hope it will change soon


11. What's your opinion about nowadays Goregrind? In my opinion many bands claim to play this kind of Grind, but most of them are only doing death metal or brutal death with gore vocals! There are no real raw and basic GRIND riffs! Are there some current Goregrind bands you'd like to advice us?

To be honest, I’m not looking for new bands too much. As you said, a lot of bands think that they play Goregrind, but they’re still playing death metal or something. When I have the mood for something gory, then  I prefer to listen to some old bands like CARCASS, GENERAL SURGERY or to watch some a good horror movie. Of course, they’re some good bands nowadays I respect. For example : INHUME, REGURGITATE, TO SEPARATE THE FLESH FROM THE BONES /I know, it’s more project/, ROTTEN SOUND, SQUASH BOWELS, HAEMORRHAGE.


12. What kind of music do you listen to, apart from Grindcore? Are you into country music? It has became very trendy to mix altogether several kinds of music (at least in the extreme metal scenes), do you think mixing Grindcore and country would be a good idea? What about hip hop and grindcore?

Of course... grindcore is not the only music I listen to. I’d go crazy if  I do that. He, he ! For exemple... I like the music from the movies. When I was teen-ager I listened to pop, rock music. I still enjoy this kind of music. Hip hop ? I hate it ! About mixing grindcore with other styles of music... It doesn’t make sense.


13. After the release of "A chapter", DEAD INFECTION were a part of many split Eps! It was cool to hear new tracks, especially when it wasn't always exactly the same styles (some Eps were more aggressive, while some where more gore and bizarre!). Will that happen again in the future? Do you think the release of all these split Eps might have been a reason for the DEAD INFECTION break?

I don’t  think so.  We treat Ep like other stuff in our discography. It’s nothing common with the band break. This year we also plan to release new Ep. With Pungent Stench. That will be surprise...


14. And why did the band did a so long break exactly? Many peoples thought you split up...

The breaking was necessary. It was too much misunderstandings inside the band. Nothing to speak about.

15. I read you did some tours in Japan, which should have been very cool! Is the grindcore scene so developped in there? Do you think the incredible amount of daily work the guys have to deal with and the very small sizes of their houses might be a part of all the stress turning into fucked up crazy Grind and other kinds of weird stuffs? What are your current fave japanese Grind bands?

The tour in Japan was awesome ! The audience was incredible crazy, but in positive way, of course. I can’t explain if their way of life is a reason that they turn into brutal stuff. But I think, no. Japanese scene features also a lot of good grind bands to mention BUTCHER ABC, GORE BEYOND NECROPSY or DISGUST. It was great experience of our life.      


16. Stoner and other kinds of heavy smoking music are currently famous in the underground! Many bands have, and still do, mix grind with stoner, death with sludge etc etc... Do you like this kind of stuffs? It's not the most extreme kind of music, it's only cool and quite relaxing...

I don’t listen to the stuff you said at all. As I told you before, the mixing those styles doesn’t make sense to me. If I want to listen to something relaxing, then I go with completely different stuff...


17. What's the difference between Grindcore and noisecore in your opinion? Many peoples seem to have problems to clearly draw the lines between both...

I think that name tells itself. If some of the people have problems with drawing the lines between both,  then they should reflect on the meaning of their life. He, he!


18. If you were totally hatefull towards an incredible shithead you couldn't reach physically, what would be your reaction to show him your hatred and to react against all his bullshits:
- To send him a package full of excrements, blood, and decomposing placenta.
- To send him a CDr with the most extreme and gore DEAD INFECTION song recorded at maximum volume, so that he feels the beat and finally turns deaf.
- To send him a package full of Britney spears albums soiled in excrements and old sperm.
- To send him an hungry and angry bulldog through prioritary airmail.

From those all four answers, I think that I’d send him a package full of excrements, blood, and decomposing placenta. But in other way.. I’d probably ignore the bastard. He don’t even deserve the post stamp.


19. Did plan you to increase the size of your cock and impress the japanese ladies next time you visit OBLITERATION Records? Why did you sign with this label and how did he physically convinced you to release last CD? Aren't there somekind of special ultra-limited rereleases planned? I'm thinking about 100 copies limited Lps with stonecold blood, or blood semen looking slime? Are japanese so frenzy about these kinds of stuffs?

In the meantime, I don’t have any plans to resize my cock. I feel ok with it. He, he ! We decided to sign a deal with Obliteration records, because their offer was the best. We’re also in very good relationship with Naru /boss of Obliteration/. We know him many years and we trust him. Nothing sure yet about Lp format our newest album. But we’ll think about something special. Maybe a flat-iron added to each copy of  Lp ? He, he!


20. What about your next real plans? Many tours? Bizarre Tshirts? DEAD INFECTION underwears? Some total underground live tapes?

Tours promoting our album are the most important thing now.  Also new merchandise is planned. But what kind of ? Nobody knows. No live tapes in the nearest future.


21. This interviews is finished, thanks a lot for the answers! It's time to say whatever needed to conclude... KEEP ON GRINDING!!

Thanx for the interview! Gory glory!! ....Cyjan