As of now, the 11th of November 2009, NIHILISTIC Distro will exclusively use the services of SUBTERRA Mail and INFRASPREAD, two new mail-carrying societies who make their best to spread the mails and packages... Under the grounds!


Yes, all your packages will travel under the soils, through the sewers, gas and electricity subterranean ways, maintenance tunnels for highways, trains and subways, in the middle of the catacombs...
A good way to have cheaper prices since these tunnels are currently very under-exploited! And all your packages will remain in the deep underground! (No traces of light or other un-dark anything on your obscure CDs! Isn't that putridly perfect?)

It might get a little longer if you live overseas or in distant countries such as Philippines, Australia or Falkland islands, because not so many tunels currently exist under the oceans, and the quality of African undergrounds might not always be the best... but don't worry! We have good and experienced digging engineers! (We kick their ass to get the best tunnel digging efficiency)...


And we can offer a very good tracking thanks to our new "GPS Track'hard" service: An unfed voracious rat follows each of our carrying agent and will keep you informed about the package's location anytime thanks to its Gps necklace! (Each package means one rat, so grouped orders get faster delivery! If the carrier brings more than one package, he will be run after by more than a rat and will be much faster!).

So don't be afraid! Your package will surely arrive before Christmas (Of next year). Just place an order and you will surely get it... Just before you die!
Thanks to SUBTERRA Mail and INFRASPREAD for the new killer opportunities! It really can't get any better.