Quite fucked up and more or less organized ideas about myspace,
bands of a certain "importance" and the current scene.

Since about a year, it becomes harder to receive interviews' answers from some bands.
Since Myspace has currently became very used, and abused, many bands with quite professional goals seem to really prefer to spend their time adding all their new "friends" than to answer lengthy interviews... It's a real shame in my opinion, because many of these so-called friends even do not listen to your music, nor will bother anymore about the band in a single year, all they want is to have many "Famous" bands in their friendlist to be the next Super cool myspace rider of the storm... I don't know where this illusion will stop, because in my opinion it really is an illusion (You have the feeling so many peoples visit your page and listen to your music that it could sound totally crazy and Super Exactly efficient... But how many REAL and LENGHTY feedbacks do you receive from these countless visits? To how many real FACTS did it lead?). Most of these "professional" bands who spend a lot of time on myspace are on bigger labels, I won't quote the names because you will understand it: Labels that have almost left the underground thanx to their size, name and quite good sales...

Something important to notice: If you have more than 600 friends in your list: Do you often listen to every single band that wants to be a part of your friendship, and do you listen to it carefully to the point of checking if you could like it or not? So, if you don't do so, why would most of peoples do? No, don't tell me your band is more important or better than others, many bands want to grow much bigger and gain some status, at their own level, so many only want to click as fast as possible and won't bother...
Did everyone check every "Shitty demos" or each little band from every suburb ten years before? No, so why would everyone do so now? Think for a minute... There are only few suicidal underground maniacs to loose their time into this matter...

I think, and will keep to think it can only be better, or at least as good, to answer a lenghty and personal interview for a webzine that last because:
-The webzines with a quite good lenght of life have specialized readers (with habits) who know the site and keep on reading from time to time.
-Even if there doesn't seem so many readers at the same time, instantly, the published interview also has a quite good lenght of life, it will always be possible to read it in -one or two years... The longer it's online, the more readers it will have.
What will all these friends become once myspace will die? (Because, there are chances for it will die one day... As well as (Did you imagine it would cease few years ago? Of course no... Where are all your links now??) and many other sites did...)... Where will be all the links you set and will most of your "friends" remind your band? (I have real doubts: How many of you myspace abusers spend at least 1/20 of the same time browsing your friendlist than adding as many peoples as possible?)

Some reasons for the lack of interest in interviews might be:
-The fact so many webzines were nothing more than "Come and go" websites that died 1 year after the beginning... So the bands are bored to answer interviews for so 'few' readers...
-Quite a good amount of webzines lacked of personality, and so did the interviews... It was probably too boring to answer...
-Everyone speaks so much about everything on the boards, chats and other stuffs, that the interviews might sound like the usual kilometers of Internet blablah.. So why would anyone care, even if it's well done?
-It's currently too trendy to THINK for a part of the scene... If you think, you're not cool, so if you're not cool, you're not metal and you're an old fart... Since interviews need thoughts, it's not cool anymore... Very clever...
-Quite a lot of bands do not bother to answer interviews well, so many interviewing guys fell less motivation to write long, in depth and precise questions... So the bands feel less motivation to answer interviews... So the zine makers feel less motivation... And so on...

It sometimes almost becomes a real fight to receive some answers! Months and months, many emails and diplomacy are needed (Because you try to keep it calm, not to bother the musician too much, unless he turns red and decides to definitely forget your interview)... Sometimes there's a tour, then there's a label change, then the rehearsing for the nexr album... And then there will the the recording, and then the promotion for the album (Wait... Isn't interview promotion? lol)... And almost a year has gone, your interview  is still sleeping in some computer's thrashcan, and the band didn't find the time to answer (Yes, he didn't find 4 hours to answer in almost a year... But it's his fulltime job, right?)... So sometimes, the band finally says "Oh, sorry, I don't have a computer anymore, and well forget about the interview..." Fucking one year later!! Or your questions becomes quite outdated, so you have to rework it, and you're gone for other months of wait...

I'm fucked... First, the bands didn't want to answer interviews by snail mail (Nor paper letters anymore.. It was too hard for their tiny fingers... But at least not having to retype everything isn't bad for the zine makers:-) I received some hand written interview lately, and it was "suprising" to retype everything lol), now they feel like "Interviews are too long and too "boooooring""... So what will be the next step? "Do not send us any email, never bother us in our divine position and fucking ORDER our music!!!"?.

If your webzine doesn't look like the last "Promotional" webzine with at least 30000 visits per month, 20 reviews per day, and "attractive" layout full of flying bullshits, rags, and news everywhere, you will feel like some kind of poor guy in front of a bankman who won't be interested in grating you any money...
Since some bands have so busy shedules, since time is money (And they can't loose the precious time that could see its valour decrease if the promotional impact (=The potential monetary gain) isn't strong enough), they need to choose the most important and efficient solutions: The biggest zines will receive their divine answers, the too smalls zine who didn't do "any" effort to have more and more and more visits won't have the delighted privilege to receive their soooo gracious... Almost sms answers.
As you can see, in the metal-web, things have turned to TIME IS MONEY. You don't have anything Efficient enough to offer, you're denied, even if you're a fan... But are you really a fan? Yes, a real fan can only send you love letters full of honey and becomes devoid of any criticism since you're his GOD!! So, since you webzine doesn't seem soooo nice and promoted, and since your words aren't warm or worshipping enough, the band can feel free to conclude you're not a real fan, you do not really care... (LOL many peoples on myspace are masters of the beautiful words and become friends of blablah with peoples and bands... They do not care about in REAL life!! All they want is to be cooool and to practice their Cooolship... Solitude...) And since too fucking few peoples from your "Not really interested" metallic suburb would get their cash out from their pockets... No answer!! Divine words, and interviews deserve more than fucking efforts! You have to bleed! It's a divine privilege!!

I often think with regret about the snail mail I could exchange with some bands in the past... Even if it wasn't always so long (After all, everyone has his own life and business to take care of) it was more personal, expressive, and sometimes you could have the surprise to receive a quite long and in depth answer from the musician of a band you really like... What about now? Many bigger bands receive so many emails and "Friend request" than they might have problems to handle the whole vomit of friendly love, so why would they bother making a little effort to decently answer your "shitty" question they already saw 20 times today (And after all, you could check the biography and interviews on their site, you lazy bastard! You're not a REAL fan! Coz REAL fans learn every interviews and FAQs by earth!!) and 100 emails remain to be answered in the following hour... So, what you deserve is what you get you lazy bastard! Almost Sms Bullshit, no punctuation, and minimum information (Fuck you! Check our website or the last trendy website if you want informations!).

This turns out to be quite amusing, since you think about the fact many of these bigger bands have a... METAL JOB! Yes! I mean, to take care of everything concerning the band has became their fulltime job, and they need to have everything done Ok. So, what are they doing when they answer like fucking Sms premature ejaculation without any pleasure or personality? Commercial suicide? Of course, it can be understood peoples with a (Non metallic) fulltime job, family and other stuffs have problems to deal with the promotion and stuffs... But it often occurs that peoples who are meant to live for and by their bands show less comittment than those who do it on spare time... What the fuck? I'm confused.

I also noticed many of these so "Ooooold school" bands, who could have seemed totally anti-modern, ant-computer, anti-webzine, anti-light few years ago almost all suddenly rush on myspace, as if there was a pot of holy honey behind their computer. That occurs to turn into something really amusing, because where are the darkness, underground vibes, and lenghty discussions they preached and used to deny anything online? Certainly not on myspace, Fuck no!! Myspace is full of children fun, very short chats (Who said scenesteries?) and light. In fact, that do not REALLY matter to me, but it occurs to be quite strange to see all these HARDEST and MOST DIE HARD ones of once, who used to hate you so much coz you were NEVER Old school and musically-restricted enough, suddenly turn their trousers on the side of the light, to chat like the "Stupid teenages" they used to hate, and click as hungry fuckers... lol
When will there be Cut'n past Myspace pages? (To make it more true... Yes! Cut'n paste myspace, the true evil reincarnated! lol). I'm curious ;-)

It becomes somekind of real joke, because the peoples and fans who CARE about the bands, put of their soul and mind in the elaboration of decent to good interviews (For exemple), are more and more denied, to the profit of stupid webclickers who only need more friends... Hopefully, many deep underground bands keep an interest for interviews, and are still very happy to answer, so it's possible to run a zine in quite cool conditions... But try to interview a band from a bigger label with a busy shedule... You'll be bored begging before they do...

Strange and confusing, I have the feeling more things were possible in the old underground than in the current scene: Even if everything seemed to be more expensive back then, everyone is currently so used to anything (Yes, everything is possible... So in a way everyone might have tried many of it, and they're bored... Overfucked by the abuse of anything in their blasted faces... A new CD? Bleeeuargh!... A new Demo? Even more Bleeeuargh!! A new Mp3?? Fucking BLEEEAURG!!) that it deserves much more work and money to release something, really spread the music of your band, and catch some interest... Some peoples will now think I'm a fucking blabbing liar flying too far from reality... Maybe, but face the facts: If you do not currently release a professionally pressed CD (=more $$$), have a super-good-hourahoura production (=more $$$), spend many hours per week on the web to promote your shit, many peoples will think you're not serious enough, and won't even bother! Didn't it seem easier and less expensive to release a demo on tape 15 years ago? Think about it: Tapes weren't so expensive back then, rehearsal recordings were seen as ok by zines (Cost = almost no $$$), demos were welcome in fanzines (While it isn't really nowadays... LOL), many tape traders used to dubb tapes of underground bands and spread their music (While most of the Mp3 traders only trade albums of the biggest bands with pro CDs and will spit in your face as demos have a shit sound (lol)). I have doubts and ideas about it.

The current scene asks so much to the bands, to take them for serious and give them a status of "promising" band, that it is sometimes ridiculous... We're talking about music, and musical compositions, not any factors of second importance (Fuck your supergood production done in the lastest trendy studio of fagland, with mister supra teckhighproglo (Flavor of the month), with maximizer of ultra-tight illusion in Mount Ov Da Fags Studio (Masher Fag himselves!), and remastering by Lord supracool from Pouetland, Finally lowend remixing by dumbabass master at TikaTiko-Lab... Necessary endorsement by Takeson guitars and ChikoChika drums... If all these factors weren't present, we could wonder if it would sell any copy...)... The scene is supposed to help the bands (Criticism included, we're not sheeps), not to parasite them with all these top-of-the-moutain requests that need years and years of unmusical work... And all these useless friend requests and shitmails without care from myspace (Ah! In your face!!)  

Needless to mail me and scream: "You're a drunk retard who lives in the past!! Metal is now online and we're the future! Our bands are very busy and it's already very good that they dare answering your useless requests..." I definitely know that everyone can't spend more than 1 hour everyday on the web, but this article of vomit was motivated by (And contains some references to) various experiences I had with some bands from bigger labels, with big professional goals. (My mouth remains closed about their names... For now! Offer me enough money, and I'll spell it with an unholy pleasure héhéhé)

Of course, these words might be a bit more negative and nervous than reality, and Myspace also has a good amount of qualities, it's a tool like many things... But as well as the web, the effects depend on the way peoples use the tool... And I must say it's kind of the big bullshit lead by fucked up reasons... METAL: SUCK MY COCK! WHERE'S YOUR UNDERGROUND NOW??

Conclusion: If you don't run a BIG webzine, do not try to interview a band from a too big label. The wait could be really exhausting, and you wouldn't receive that much answers at the end... It's sometimes really better to interview small bands (At the level of demos or very first album... Sometimes answers appear in less than a week... And sometimes even the same day! AAARRRGGGH!).
A part of the metal scene really turned to big business (Sometimes without money, that could be worse in a way... lol... Only for some illusion of hierachy...), and it's fucking HOMO!  Don't fuck myspace, don't fuck the web, but fuck the metal scene! Many peoples of this so-called "underground" are most probably one of the biggest reasons for the metallic decline and massive blablah bullshit nonsense everywhere, because of their acts and lack of reaction... Why do everyone use the tools so much if the "Shitty" tools suck so much? Fucking learn to use it, you fucking poofters!!
And we have to face a new crucial question: What does matter the most, our little own clicking convenience and quantity of anything at will and don't fucking shake your head as long as it seems cool or metal, or the health and quality of the whole scene and music?
Bring me back the day of stamps and snail mails! Please!!