Some of you might remember how we used to glue stamps few years ago!
Yes, before the appearance of the web, an underground metaller had to send many old school letters to try being decently informed about the underground stuffs, and it cost quite a lot of money, especially for those who used to run a zine or a band! At this time, trades were something very usual, as almost every band or zine traded his own releases with other activists... it was THE ONLY WAY to get your stuffs circulating! So some passionated maniacs had the good idea to glue the costy stamps of our rip off postal services!
Then the deal was the following: the pen-pal had to send back the stamps to the guy who initially sent the package. Then the glueing motherfucker had to clean the used stamps with precivions from their glue with some water (and preferably hears washing tubes). It could take some hours, and some stamps occured to be damaged, or not usable anymore... but the great deal was there: it was possible to save back almost 50% of its postal costs!
Of corpse our biggest ennemies in this glue-game were the postal services and the stamp-collectors! Glueing stamps was forbidden since it obviously decreased the benefits of the rippage services, and some meticulous postmans were there to detect which stamps seemed correct or not! (I didn't happen to pay taxes, but sometimes a friend received a package on which it was written something like "You were caught cheating with stamps". I heard about guys who had to pay real taxes and were menaced by the law, but never figured if it was something real or pure imagination).
Our second biggest ennemies were the stamp collectors! I guess there have never been that much peoples collecting little pieces of paper in the metal scene, since it seems to be something of a really small importance (especially when you have only few hours each day to drink a pack of beer and listen to many albums), but some guys strangely happened to never send back the stamps! What the fuck was it? South American guys collecting the gay looking French stamps? Uh!
Most of the current metallers probably don't know nor don't give a fuck about what a real stamped enveloppe is, since it's quite some job to send many packages and letters and the metalheads are commonly known for being lazy bastards... but this article was a little unexpected comeback in a good and full of atmosphere past! Now, you can go back evil-clicking on your ultra informative sterile webzines, motherfuckers! You'll never know how it feels to have your hands full of ink and glue after clicking as fuck on your titless mouse! Ah Ah!