I see fewer and fewer peoples sending flyers in their snailmail letters,
it's quite sad if you ask me, so here you find a little article.

- This is the best way to know and let know about underground activities from all over the world you would probably never hear about on the web. This is the deep underground.

-The underground meant (and probably means) mutual support! Spread the flyers of others, and they'll spread yours.

- Sending flyers isn't expensive, because once you send a letter, you pay for 20 grams but send only about 5 grams. So, it will take only few seconds of your precious time to insert these in your letters and won't be more expensive!

- Sending flyers helps to tire our greedy postmen! Yes, the heavier the letters will be, the stronger their nocturnal tiredness will be... And since it won't be more expensive for you, I don't see a reason to give them 15 grams for free with each letter! Their postal prices are already quite large!!

- A website isn't enough if you really want to promote your activities! There are currently so much websites in the world everybody won't have a look at yours. So a website isn't anymore that useful concerning promotion, unless you spend 2 hours everydays to promote it, and then flyers help to reach more peoples.

- Every (and quite many) metallers do not have a computer. If you want to reach them, flyers and good old paper zines are the only way.

- Since sending metallic promotional emails (better said "spams") are less and less tolerated, what would you replace the good old paper flyers with? Promotional messages on many boards? No, it doesn't look cool enough.

- If you draw nicely enough, flyers can be a quite nice way to spread some  little drawings and show it to other peoples.

- Flyers shouldn't be used as "posters" to decorate your bedroom. The peoples who made it had to pay, and didn't mean to increase the sarcastic beauty of your walls.

- A flyer is called a "flyer" because it is meant to fly in tiny little letters, so thanks to respect these little pieces of metal paper and help them to visit the whole world. (Training pigeons to spread flyers is useless, but you can try if you want).

- If you printed flyers and wrote something like "Trades welcome" or "All letters answered"... Fucking write back or send an email!!

- A flyer isn't necessarily meant to be pro pressed, to the contrary of what many (bedroom decorators?) seem to think... D.I.Y and xeroxed is totally alright.

- Don't really count on other peoples to xerox your own flyers... I already saw that few years ago: "Xerox my flyers, cut it and spread it!! Thanx a lot for the support!!". Sorry, but each one is supposed to make his own.

- If you spread flyers... Please try to not send me back mine, I already know about it! Ah Ah

- For those who do not want to be located: you do not necessarily need to display your snail mail adress on flyers, a simple email adress is ok (even if it's less efficient).

- You don't know what a flyer is? Keep on clicking...