I wanted to post a web-flyer on Facebook, to bring more visitors to my webshop, because it seems to be quieter lately in these times of virus, vacations, etc...
But creating a "decent" flyer turned out to be more complicated than expected, in July 2020, you have to be careful what you post on Facebook, or you'll be reported, censored (Or worse)... Trying to be funny or attractive, and not to offense anyone at the same time is... Very hard?

So the initial idea was to take something peoples generally like, I went for some cats... And then 3 small tiny cats might be better :)
Then I thought, why not menace to MERCILESSLY TORTURE them? This might catch some attention and play on the "sensitive" chord?
This is the first version:

But after a thought, I felt it be too much: To "mercilessly torture" them, I imagine some peoples might take it first degree and really believe I would do it, with scissors, meatgrinder etc.

Then I thought about something more metal and absurd... To give them Satanic milk... Here is the second version:

But then again, I imagine some peoples might really think I might give them bad milk to poison them (Or what could be satanic milk? Cursed milk, to give them wings? Black goat milk?).

Then I thought about something safer for the cats... Why not bringing milk without water, dehydrated milk?... The cats would be in front of some milk-powder, and wouldn't know what to do...
This is the third version:

But it's less funny, and not sure if everyone would see the picture...

Then I imagined I could turn the "story" into the Walt Disney world, and why not magically transform them into pigs? It could be nice, and no one would be offended :-) This is the 4th version:

But then, I thought again, and I imagined some peoples could imagine I would really try to manipulate the cats (Hu), to "transform" might mean to genetically alter them, or perhaps to turn them into some kind of ham/ pig jambon...

So finally I found a version that might not offend anything, if nothing is targeted against the cats, no one will be offended... Let's talk about what the cats enjoy, and do not harm them in any way.
This is the final version:

Finally, is it funny ? I don't know... Will there be peoples to notice this flyer and visit my webshop? I don't know...
It gets complicated to post something catchy and "humorous" and keep it "safe for everyone" at the same time... I might go back to ugly drawings...

Ps: The obscure spiritual cat in the background have been watching you, during all the duration of the reading.