SAPIO zine (Greece) Issue 2:

5,60 €

Contains short interviews with gore, grind and death metal bands:

Abhorrence, Agathocles, Coprophilia, Cadaver, Brutal sphincter, Cannibalistic dissection, Carcinoid, Cystgurgle, Dysmenhorrea, E.f.g, Faeces eruption, Flatulence, Anus tumor, Basic torture procedure, Festerdecay, Tunko, Fulci, Fumigated, General surgery, Gorified, Gut, Impetigo, Infected pussyInopexia, Intense hammer rage, Intestinal disgorge, Larvae, Leprophiliac, Metjadone abortion clinic, Mixoma, Neuro visceral exhumation, Phthisis, Plasma, Putrefuck, Rottest slag, Sickness, Spontaneous combustion, Eraser...

56 pages. A4. In english. 2021