1.Hellzzz… How you doing, my friend??? How’s the winter in damn France? Tell me first, why do you like to wear pink underwear and socks? Isn’t it gay colour, a little haha? If only pink is real, how come all your releases have got black booklets (except of OPPRESSION / EXTINCTION AGENDA, which is red) and colour of the tapes isn’t pink?

Hailz! Things are cool. I finished a 6 months job, so there's some free time to take care of my reviews, interviews, packages and other stuffs!

Beware little mother fucker, do not use too many times the mighty word of death "PINK", the word that turns all false metallers into glam posers, or there are high chances that my strongly unsatisfied libido takes over, and I would jump on you like a voracious bitch! Shred your yellow underwears (the underwear-color of those who believe in Jesus?... hu?) and sexually torture you with my metallic tongue.... Ah Ah Ah! Prepare your little spiked bottom for the mighty cock of the NIHILISTIC! \m/

Seriously speaking, I guess it's quite original to wear pink again, after all those years of Black 'n black trousers... So I vote PINK!!! PINK POWER FOR METAL! All the more, glam and other homo shits seem to come back, little by little, slowly but surely, and we'll have to confront to all these crappy musics (Better said “calls to homosexuality”? Nothing against homos... But don't oppress me with your sexual offers.) so I'd better prepare myself to infiltrate the future legions of pink posers to betterly inseminate the mighty seed of evil in their little pink bottoms! AH AH!


2. Tell me why does French beers suck so much? Recently I’ve tried KRONENBOURG 1664 and it was disgusting!!! Would you rather recommend me frogs with red wine or something haha? Do you know any Polish alcohol - beer or vodka? Do you still think beer is better than milk? Why do you think metalheads like to talk about alcohol so much?

This is probably because you didn't taste the mighty KRONENBOURG 1666! The might beer of death that burns the throat and gives you an endless thirst! Ah.
I don't have much taste for beers, as long as it doesn't taste like piss and can have a nice warming effect, that's cool.  So I couldn't compare much. I've surely spent many more time listening to metal and being active for metal than drinking.
Since I don't really care for food, and regularly happen to eat anything at anytime, I'd better advice you to check out a website for French food, and let me digest in full serenity. Thank you from advance.


3.      I have to ask about your surname… It’s Polish (It is a skylark in Polish haha), so I wonder do you have any Polish roots? Have you ever been in Poland or maybe it is opposite - you’ve got no idea about my country at all - just like all other French people I spoke with personally ha, ha?

Yes my surname is Polish. My grandmother came to France when she was 6 months, apart from this I have almost no knowledge of Poland, nor do I speak polish a little. Of course some old grandmas from my family use to speak polish a lot (this tradition gets lost a lot with each new generation) and there are quite a lot of peoples with polish roots in my suburb (Many polish guys came in there 3-4 generations ago to work in the carbon mines), but the few real knowledge of Poland doesn't really propagates... We are much more infested by the traditions and languages of our suburb which leads us to speak a strange way (This language is the "Chti" or "Ch'ti"... sometimes sounds like some alcoholic and old deep suburb language, if you see what I mean... We sometimes call our suburb "Ch'ti land"... Strange things happen at night.). The only remains from our Polish roots are some good things to eat! (For example: Rabbit with hot cabbage and special bread... great!).
No I have never been to Poland, and I have no real idea of what it could look like... but I guess it's not that different from France since we both live in quite civilized European countries, right?


4.      OK., let’s be serious… My first touch with your activity - if only I remember that well enough - was somewhere in 2002 (???), when I’ve found your website about old death metal legends called DEATH METAL GODZ. I was looking for some information, pixes and everything about some of my favourite bands such as PESTILENCE, DISMEMBER, MORGOTH and I’ve found your website. How do you remember those times and what was the idea behind this site? Do you still continue doing it? Was it the same time, when you started with NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST webzine? When exactly did you start your entire underground activity actually?

I can't say I remember these times, since I began into extreme metal in 1994, but since the beginning the Death metal of the past has always haunted my massive metal listenings! I immediately knew about these killer bands, and few older friends introduced me to the killer Death metal of some other bands I couldn't live without.
Since I found quite few infos about these/ some of these bands on the web, I decided to build a website with the stuffs I had in my collection. I think I stopped this website in 2004... More old school death could be found on the web, so it wasn't necessary anymore...
I got in touch with the underground very kick, I think after 6 months of metal I ordered my first demo tapes (The demo of ABYSSAL! Great death metal with previous MUTILATED members! ARGH! or the demos of MESMERIZE (techno death back then) or EXECUTION (Something like mid old Bolt thrower with samples, back then) and got in touch with few zines and bands thanks to flyers!
One of the fanzines that influenced me the most to create my own zine at the time was LIQUID OF LIFE! It was very much underground and death metal focused, with a lot of reviews... He's supposed to come back, but it takes time apparently... I think he should kill his wife! Ah Ah!


5.      Why did you decide to make NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST a webzine first of all? I know that you’ve been a part of some paper zines in the beginning. What zines were they and why didn’t you continue it with NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST in such form but decided to transform it into webzine? WHY??? Would you like to see NH as paper traditional fanzine rather than that artificial computer mag?

Before NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST fanzine, I did few paper zines with friends. Nothing serious, it was full of drawings, stupid jokes, and bad reviews... We kept this for us.
Then I created NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST as a paper fanzine in the end of 1997. Writing many snail mails to a lot of bands and activists from all over Europe to receive more infos and promos stuffs... The French Death metal scene was almost dead at the time, and I tried to gather as much informations as I could about it! So I got in touch with bands like DISGUST (Still alive, and still obscure! Great!), DESECRATOR (Still alive, and more grinding than ever!), DISTASTE (Old death metal with the future vocalist of DISGUST), SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION (They didn't have a real demo back then), DISABLED (R.I.P - Some musicians went to form VORACIOUS GANGRENE that died after 2 demos... Then, if I'm not wrong, some guys currently pay in GORGASM/ GOROD and in a Black metal band), MORGUE (That played brutal death back then... Not the current strange hardcore grind) and others...

When I first reincarnated NIHILISTIC as a webzine, it wasn't that serious. I had few websites going on, and I decided to scan the old fanzines to upload these on a website... But things grew little by little, and 1-2 years later I was running a "real" webzine.

Of course I would really want to release more paper issues, but it would cost too much stamps and all bullshits of this kind... I already have my releases to trade everywhere... Sorry to disappoint you, but my bank account have to remain over the zero! Ah Ah! Sometimes I feel so much the need to release one more paper zine, I begin to work on the lay out some interviews and reviews... I even have a bunch of pages lying from here and there... All the stuffs are ready to be Xeroxed, but I'll be the online one to see it! Ah Ah!
Well, since 2001, I achieved to release few little paper zines with reviews and interview from the webzine. It was given for free in my mail-order, there was 100 copies of 2 issues, and 50 copies of another one... Maybe one day I'll achieve to release a real paper fanzine again! Who knows what can happen...


6.  The obvious question is what do you think of all those opinions that internet is not into underground and basically all webzines suck? We can agree or not with it, everyone has got his own opinion, but surely there are too many webzines nowadays and most of them is the same and rather uninteresting… I mean they’ll never be as good as decent paper zine, so comfortable and pleasurable to an eye… Do you read any webzines (such as VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE)? I think that one of the best things about NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST is how much you’re into real underground stuff… There aren’t many (any) of those official, well known bands / releases / labels in your webzine and that’s great. Don’t you think you’re in opposition to all other webzines around who beg CENTURY MEDIA and other majors for promos?

Internet do not have the underground feeling and most of webzine do not have a spirit that could be called METAL.
Many webzines are just promotional, want to receive as many promo CDs as possible, to have as many visits as possible... It's a real big course for the quantity! (While the real personal, deep and emotional quality often lacks, unfortunately).
You could see my webzine as an opposite to the "monarchy" of all these promotional webzines... They seem so pleased with their 300000 unique visitors each month they forget most of these visitors even don't read 10% of what they wrote... and do they really care for what they say? Would they stand anymore behind 10% of their words in 3 years? I have the pleasure to tell you: NO!
So, I rather take it as a massive joke where many teenagers have fun saying anything and everything, without any thought or background... Just get get "drunk" and blabber as much as possible... at all costs...

I don't want to receive promos. I refuse to give my adress to most of the professional labels and some of these promotional societies that work for the promotion of several labels and flood you with all these stuffs! Receiving all these craps would be the best and fastest way to be bored with music. (Did you realize all these motivated reviewers from the bigger webzines change very often? Some are already bored after 2-3 months of very positiiiive and ass-leecking reviews... That's not a surprise! It becomes some kind of job to listen to unwanted albums, while listening to metal is supposed to be a passion!). I want to stay alive, so no flood and no crap in my mailbox!


7.      Tell me how often do you try to make updates in your webzine? How many interviews are you doing per month and how many reviews do you try to put every week? Do you get many promos, also from some exotic regions such as Asia, Africa…? What’s your recipe for good interview and review? How would you describe (web) zine making - is it had work, with lots of stress or rather something what gives lots of satisfies? Simply - give me positives / negatives of this hobby!

I try to update the webzine 2-3 times a month with a couple of reviews. I try to have 10-15 reviews every month, I think it's the minimum to keep the zine alive... I used to write 100 reviews per month, but I don't remember how I could write all these correctly... Good question!

I want to have an interview each month... It's not always the easiest to receive the bands' answers, as some agree to answer, but need months and months to send back their answers... (EXHUMATOR once needed two years to send back their answers! Ah Ah! There's also AHUMADO GRANUJO from Cze... What a bullshit! The musicians don't speak English and seem lazy as fuck in their world of weed... I needed to send them the interview 2 times... 2 years later, I didn't receive anything... Ah! Since you're Polish, I must tell you I didn't receive the answers of DEVILYN!! I sent the questions several times to the band and the webmaster... I made sure they received it... No answer... Tell me why!!). But I'm always waiting for the answers of something like 10 interviews, so all in all I can have 1 each month... Pfiew!

No, I receive almost no promos! And I don't want to anymore! I was once flooded with many beautifuuuuuul releases from labels and big promotional societies that used to send me so much damn bullshits, I didn't have the time to listen to everything, and even didn't want to! (All the more some of these societies aren't serious enough and send you gothic rock, atmospheric doom and mellowdick breakfast music while you want DEATH, THRASH and GRIND!).
Most of the reviews are things I traded, bought, or downloaded... No promotional pressure, fuck off the "promotional webzines"! Soulless and/ or selfless reviews are totally boring!

I can't say running a webzine is really stressing. You only have to do it regularly and keep up with it. To run a webzine, you only have to write reviews, interviews, and promote it a little bit... That's far from being hard if you really like the things you choose to review.. So no promos for me! It can only be easier!

The only bad points of running a webzine, is, since you have more exposure than a paper zine, there's a little more stress (You sometimes wonder what peoples will think about it or that... but I keep it honest, and sometime try to write it fucked up enough, so those who shouldn't read it won't understand! And would take it as stupid drunk jokes... Ah Ah! Anyway there will always be someone to disagree or complain, so the only way to do it well, unless you want to blow a fuse, is to give your own opinion). I feel quite satisfied about it, even if my site looks quite old, quite a lot of peoples can read my thoughts without much work...

I think it's harder to run a paper fanzine! Your reviews and interviews are published only one or two times in a year (that can be a little despairing by moments) and it's quite some work to do the lay outs, find customers for the zine and send it a bit everywhere... Peoples who currently run real paper zines have much more courage and would deserve more recognition/ rewards than all these "metallers" of webmasters who receive all the "LOVE MAIL"! Ah Ah! So few work for so many rewards isn't down to earth (and even quite despairing by moments... They did so few, and they are ass-leeched so intensively... What the fuck??!) But that's the way things are nowadays: just click, click again, and peoples will fall in love with your rotten corpse! Ah Ah...


8.  I remember that when I found your websites for the first time, you’ve just released GERBE OF LIFE demo… What did push you to try something new and form an underground label / distro? I don’t think it was done for money and fame ha, ha… You’ve also unleashed some death metal compilations back then, right? Give me the whole story!!!

At this time I didn't feel like running a label, and this GERBE OF LIFE Demo wasn't a real release either... The band needed some support. I only decided to burn a thousand or tapes/ CDr and send it to fanzines and webzines to have reviews.
The idea of running a label might have been growing a bit when I did my first compilation CDr "El grinding mafiozos", but it was still very much of a fan's thing (just have a look at the "very simple" cover, I think it says it all...).
So, I guess it was really serious with my 2nd compilation CDr "El grinding mafiozos #2 (That had a pro cover).

The idea of running a label came little by little, as it was a natural development of what I did with my webzine: Supporting good underground music.
I also found some really good bands didn't have any label support (while some crap-bands are signed! That's despairing sometimes... But some of these labels who release so much shit are slowly but surely dying... I guess it's not only the fault of Mp3s!), so I decided to help these bands the best way I could!

Running a DIY label for money is quite foolish... since you spread most of your releases through trades, do not sell that much... I feel like it's more work than ass leeching rewards! But that's what I chose, and it fits really well.


9. Since then we’ve got such releases as OBSCURE INFINITY, DEEP VEIN / BLOODY SIGN / OPPRESSION, EXTINCTION AGENDA / OPPRESSION, EMBALMED MADNESS… Of which of them you’re proud most?

I'm the most proud of my OBSCURE INFINITY Split tape/ CDr with CARMINA, AMETHYSTE, ATROPHY and DARKLORD because I spread more than 3000 copies of it!! Ah Ah! In a way, I can say a dram came true! (Some labels only release 1000 copies of their professional CDs... Good... I spread 3000 copies of my "rotten tape no one would buy" Ah Ah Ah! Allright!). It's also some kind of my first real release, since the things I did before were compilations and couldn't be considered as so... (But wait... This split was released on tape and CDr... so I guess it's not a "real" release either... ARGH! I'm cursed!)

On a musical point of view, to stick out the one I prefer would be quite hard, since there are a lot of bands, and most of all because I'm right in the middle of all this, fighting with emails and packages to spread my stuffs... I would say my fave bands are CARMINA, AMETHYSTE (their current songs, it sounds better than those of my release), GORGASM...That might be it, but it also depends on the mood and state of mind of the day...
You like headaches, don't you?


10.     Well, I’m impressed by how many copies of your MCs you’re able to spread!!! Shit, the numbers have reached over 3000 in some cases!!! You’re doing great job for all those bands! What’s the secret of yours??!! Do you feel flooded by demos and promos from the bands, which want to join the NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST roster ha? On what basis do you pick up the bands for all your split MCs, compilations, etc? Do you have to convince the bands to it? I’ve noticed that all of them are thrash or death metal bands, so I guess they’re your favourite metal genres, am I right? And does it mean black metal bands won’t be released through NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST?

Thank you for leecking my ass so well! It will be remembered! Be sure if we ever meet in real, I'll have to take the pot of honey, and clean your ugly bottom as well! Ah Ah! The "secret" is simple: I was still at school when I began this release, so there was a lot of free time! Now, I'm currently working for something like 6 months every 6 months (not easy to find a job... and in France we receive 6 months helping taxes if we work 6 months héhé)... so there's still some free time. I also have some little facilities with xeroxing pages, even if it's quite limited... That's almost all about the "secret".

I don't feel flooded with promos and demos since I voluntary don't want to receive any promo! (There's no snail mail on my website). The only way is to trade, trade and trade! Then I review what I prefer, or feel the closer to, in the big amount of stuffs I receive... In a way, the webzine and the label fit well with each others, hand in hand... the label feeds the webzine.

The choice of band depends on my tastes. If I like the band enough, would keep on listening to their music few months later, and if I think it would please enough of metallers... I contact them. It's not always so easy to find the band that would fit, but all in all that works Ok. Most of the time, it's quite easy to convince the bands, since I choose demo bands who have no albums, so they are happy and don't see any copyright/ sales/ integrity/ business problem... We're have kinda the same view: they need more support, I help them...

At the basis I'm a big Death metal fan! I also like thrash metal, and some black metal... I don't think it would be a good idea for me to release black metal, because I'm not a big fan of it, and there are other labels who would do this promotional job better than me (It's also a matter of contacts). Anyway, when I happen to discover a black metal band I really like, they already have a lot of stuffs released, so they don't need me.


11.  Obviously I have to ask why did you decide to release your stuff in such old school (for many too primitive) way, on cassette, with Xeroxed booklets, etc? You know, I love this way, especially nowadays when almost every band has shity demos with professional booklets, on CDs or CDRs…Is it your answer to that?? But you know what??? It’s hypocrite way of thinking - from one hand you deliver old school cassettes, from other hand run one of those modern zines, which are focused on internet ha, ha. So, are you going with the time and changes that comes with it, or still miss the ancient feeling / way of making everything?

It depends a lot on the feelings and envies of an epoch... and I must say most of the time, I want to do something that looks old and disgusted, yet well done enough... That's also a matter of $$$, since it's cheaper for me to have Xeroxed covers, than to pay for 2000 pro covers...
It's true many bands want to be so goddamn fast, and release an album while 3 demos would be needed! Some labels are also so much in need of cash, they try to release a lot of bands whenever it sounds cool! Too much, too soon!
Yes, my releases are some kind of an answer to this bullshit! I help the bands to promote their music in the underground, so they're able to develop little by little, have various feedbacks... and do not suddenly become one more band with an album and thousands of sexual offers, yet without the knowledge of how it works...

Do you really think my webzine looks modern? Did you see so much flying bullshits and modern aggressive adds disturbing your unholy presence while you tried to watch the covers of albums released on my webzine? No, sorry, you couldn't... simply because my webzine looks like some old webzines from the "past" (era 98-99), there's really few harassing adverts, and there's few pictures...
Anyway, I couldn't release both a paper zine and my tapes/ CDr... But if this problem is really disturbing as you can't sleep in your wet and pinky bed, if you feel it's a big blasphemy that should be solved, feel free to make a massive monetary transfer on my bank account! I'd be more than happy to help you! Ah Ah Ah!
Seriously speaking, one shouldn't be too negative towards the new technologies and computers... It should only be considered as a tool, something that helps you to make things better, or easily... What matters is the state of mind that lies behind your webzine... and the fact you remain YOURSELF when you're writing reviews for a webzine... Unfortunately many webzine taste like sterile factories were many teenagers like to fight with their candies...
I think the "Ancient feeling" seems to become one more trend, as more shitty bands and wannabee old school "maniacs" are popping up like opportunist mushrooms... Suddenly they became true, and those that were being and still be THEMSELVES suddenly become "False"... That's quite amusing, but let's see how they'll change in 2 years... Ah Ah Ah! Some "True integrist thrash metal maniacs" of 2003 that used to insult me because I wasn't true enough, because I reviewed some grind bands... they are now listening a lot to shitty homosexual glam bands like POISON and CINDERELLA!! Ah Ah Ah! Totally fucking hilarous!


12.     I’ve noticed that you’re doing also the paintings for the front covers of your releases… Well, seems you’ve got many talents haha. Why do you need so many different activities? Ha, maybe you also play in a band??? How do you estimate your graphics? Are you satisfied with them? They’re little bit primitive, but remind me some old death metal covers, for example ASPHYX’s «The Rack»! What technique do you use?

 Cool to know you like my paintings, drawings, artworks !
You might have the feeling I’m doing an enormous lot of things at the same time, but it’s not the case: I was doing a lot of websites few years ago, but it’s almost dead right now, it’s very calm.
I have almost stopped to draw and paint. I focus on my webzines, releases, and distro right now, it’s already enough stuffs for me… No problem, I can find the time to sleep… Even if sometimes I have to wake up to write a review or some questions for interviews… Ah Ah !

Concerning the artworks, I used to do all these stuffs and invest all my energy in artworks when I was still a student, and took an almost 2 years break from the metal scene. I spent few hours everyday doing more drawings, painting… even drawing the faces of teachers or other pets during lessons was nice… But right now it’s almost over. I’m busy enough with my reviews, interviews and all the trades and distro packages!

I don’t play in a band. I stopped playing the guitar seriously few years ago, because I’m busy enough with other stuffs, and I can’t say I have enough ideas to write good songs.

Coming back to the drawings, I used various techniques… Oil paint, black pencil, black pen… almost everything that could be used for that. I actually draw only fucked up things with black pens, it’s the oldest looking stuffs…
I’m quite satisfied with most of my artworks for what it is, but, I must say most of it lacks the professional and final touch that makes it look really good at first sight… I guess I was too drowning in my own world to inject the impact necessary to make it face punching AND obscure/ embalming. But that’s alright, I do this on spare time, and it’s already very cool if I can use some on my releases or on other underground productions. 


13.     What feedback do you get on your activities as webzine editor and «UG label» owner? I guess maniacs are flooding you with e-mails from around the world, ha?

I have both positive and negative feedbacks. On one hand, some friend and metallers enjoy my reviews, interviews and releases... On the other hand, some don't like when I say what I think in my reviews (that's understandable), some even felt hurt because I kicked their lazy ass and bashed their crappy releases, so they have some pleasure spitting on my "shitty tape releases" from here and there... But that's allright with me! Sometimes it even motivates me to spread more! Ah Ah!

I don't receive THAT much feedbacks, and don't want to. No guestbook on my webzine. No lovemails. It's cool to receive some feedbacks from peoples who like what you're doing, some encouragement, some opinions, etc... But too much would lead you right in the vortex of lazyness! One shouldn't forget we are here to be ACTIVE, not to make love each others during 3 hours every night! I'm not a fan of scenesteries, I'm not a part of any jet set (even if there seems to be several ones in my suburb), I'm rather a "solitary" guy and would rather enjoy to be active and move my ass.


14.     Finally your distro… What could we find there? Any cool items? What I remember is that basically everything is from underground bands / labels, am I right? Ha, I just wonder, were there ever any major / well known labels, which asked NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST for co-operation, etc? What was your answer to them?

What you could find in there is mostly underground as fuck tapes, CDr, fanzines, and few "real" releases such as pro CDs... I’m happy to spread the items of tapes labels from a bit everywhere that strictly fit to the tape format and choose to release old school bands an old way. There’s some special cool feeling behind it.
Sometimes it’s also nice to distribute some very underground demos from Australia, or Chile for exemple.

My distro is underground both by choice and necessity.
Since most of my releases are D.I.Y, there's no other choice possible than to trade with DIY labels like mine and underground bands, and that's cool as it is if you ask me! Here, in the deep underground you couldn't feel the pressure of the "professional release", I wouldn't cry because I lost 1 cover in a trade, or sent a bonus stuff to a cool distro... Things get more stressed when you release something pro, as you paid quite a lot of money for this, and in the current situation when pro CDs don't sell as well, it's not always the coolest...
Anyway, I have received "so many" negative feedbacks from "professional" labels when I asked for a trade, that I don't bother anymore... There are far enough bands, underground labels, and distros in the world to trade more than enough stuffs!
Some professional labels asked me for cooperation, but it was quite cool... For example a French label that seems to carry some cool stuffs needed to grow a little big, and asked if I wanted to take care of their distribution... Well, this was cool to read it, but that would be an intense and enormous amount of work... I could only say no!
No major/ known label asked for any cooperation... What could they ask for? Apart from sending their promos, and sometimes insisting to interview one band, I didn't receive any offer that dealt with my "label" (Take in considerations most of these probably don't see underground labels as real labels).


15.     You’re also webmaster for websites of REPUGNANT (Arrrghhhh!!!), DEEP VEIN, TORMENT… Hey, do you have any time to sleep, make shit, have sex and eat???

Don't forget it's always possible to run a website and bang your head at the same time! You can also masturbate, or take a shit and bang your head at the same time! It's a matter of organisation...
The websites are really less important than few years ago... My technical abilities aren't strong enough to face all the modern bullshits you have to know to build a "real" website (Understand you have to program shits with Php, Asp... etc etc...).
I only vaguely know Html, and most of my websites look crappy on the current big sized screens... so I almost let it to rest.

Those websites are currently working: NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST Webzine, REPUGNANT (Eventhough it's not updated. The band never sent me any pictures or stuffs... And it seems they play in a GLAM band! Ah ah Ah!), DEEP VEIN (Death metal from France), HUTT (Grind from Brazil) and ABYSSAL SUFFERING (One man technical death band from France). TORMENT is composed of two guys from AMETHYSTE, and the band is kinda to rest, so the website also sleeps...


16.  I just wonder do you support also Polish scene? What bands do you know and like above all from my country? Have you ever interviewed any Polish bands? What Polish demos did you recently hear / review?

No, I don't support the Polish scene, and do not want to because I hate all polish poofters! I can't stand the ugly smell emanating from their snail mail letters, I can't stand your so called homosexual "Death metal", and I think your scene is one of the worst I have heard about since years... So I burn any polish demo I receive even before listening to this... needless to say I used any PANZERFAUST zine you sent me as wc paper, and then burnt all in an anti polish fiesta! Ah Ah Ah Ah!
Seriously speaking, I'm in touch with quite a lot of underground activists from Poland. The most regular one is probably Adam from NECROSCOPE Zine! We traded demos, he send many stuffs from Poland and I send him french bands. Cool isn't it? I'm also regularly in touch with Kuba from METAL RULEZ prods, the ugly homosexual from PANZERFAUST zine...

I know quite a lot of bands from your country.
There are the so faaaamous ones I don't like so much:
- BEHEMOTH: used to be a black metal band I didn't get into, and turned to some plastic over-professional death metal sounding soulless and tasteless.
- VADER: I liked their earlier albums, such as: "Sothis" and "De profundis"... but they released too much things in my opinion... They should really have released less things, but better albums.
- YATTERING: I like a lot their first album! I heard some strange drum'n bass remix-album they did...
- DEVILYN: I liked enough their second album, but they do not answer emails and interviews, so they're now forgotten.
- HATE: Not a fan of their music.

In the deeper underground lies the storm:
- THRONEUM: Is it really sooo underground anymore? I don't like all their releases, sometimes it's only play fast to play fast...  I prefer their "Old death's lair" album (It had nice songs and interesting bass guitars mixed with agoniziiing the dead screams)
- DEIVOS: Cool technical death metal.
- KAMALOKA: Average Death metal with some cool sounding riffs that seems like it could resonate the morbid way. I wish them good luck.
- FAECES: Cool Brutal death... but it can be much cooler!
- ESKATON: They have a nice death grind demo... Let's see how it will sound with a longuer release...

Of course, there are a lot of other bands I have listened (CICATRIX, CONVENT, BESTIAL RAIDS, BLOODTHIRST, SPHERE, INSEMINATOR, MOULDED FLESH, BESTIAR, SPIRAL MADNESS, VOMIGOD...), but I can't think about everything at the same time... You like headaches, don't you? ;-)

I don't think I have ever interviewed a polish band... but nationality doesn't matter when you choose a band... It's just a matter of taste and feelings... The last Polish demos I receive are those of FAECES, TERRORBEER (Drunk thrash metal... not played the best way...uh!) and NECROSLAUGHTER (Something like BEHERIT war black death)...

Is the Polish Death metal band OBSCURE any good? I wrote them a snail mail, but didn't receive an answer...


17.     And how’s the French scene? I guess you’ve got many cool death metal bands - such as AMETHYSTE, 7TH NEMESIS, BYATIS, MORTUARY, KRONOS, but it’s hard to find something really devastating or «premier league» acts, like we’ve got VADER, BEHEMOTH…

The Death metal scene is in quite good health, even if there's no band that could apparently grow bigger and bigger... The average level is really better than 10/15 years ago, and I can say quite a lot of demos sounds cool and potentially enjoyable! There's almost no old school thrash metal in there...

On the other hand, some French labels try to feed us with their "original" and "greeeeeat" bands everyone is supposed to enjoy... But these bands are so "greeeeeat" almost no one from other countries seems to give a fuck... Do you know bands like GOJIRA? MISANTHROPE? Do you like it? I'm not a fan of these, and I don't think their "original mixture" procures enough feeling to be so greeeeat...

Notice BYATIS have split up. The main guitarist left. The drummer and other guitarist are doing a new band together. It seems to be obscure death metal!
Here are few "newer" French underground bands I think you'd enjoy: IMPUREZA, ABYSSAL SUFFERING, NECROPSY...


18.  I saw somewhere - in one of the interviews with you, I guess? - that you said «current bands are not interesting, they’re without talent and identity» or something like that. Why do you think like that? Are you fastidious? Does it mean you complain mostly in your reviews? Hmm, it’s obvious there won’t be another 80’s again (time when most of the bands were original, simply because many genres / sounds were in the process of creation), but still there are many, many cool bands, with devastating recordings... Is it because those old albums are killer even after 20 years and people worship those bands, while it’s doubtful many of us will remember 80% of the bands of nowadays in 5 years? Are there too many «strawberry non-metal acts» to you or what?

Just for you, I say it again: Current bands are not interesting, they’re without talent and identity. I still stand behind these lines, because most of current bands do not have the talent, emotional strength/ energy, power and identity of the greater 80's bands! That's even not nostalgia, it's realism.
But then, there are quite a lot of current bands that play cool & quite crushing music, some are even interesting, and it's cool to listen to their demos/ CDs, to support them, because there's some potential and they might do something really interesting and over the top with more work and development... But most of the current bands do not play something THAT good... I mean, most of us will probably have forgotten their music in few years... It takes some hard work to make something really personal and killer!
I'm not sure if the current situation of over-blabber, over-promotion, over-assleecking, over-releases and too-much-too-soon happening thanx to the massive web bullshits might improve the situation...


19.     Of course I have to ask about the nearest plans for all of your activities… New releases to come, new interviews to be putted on your website… Simply, what could we expect from you soon?

Do not really expect something... I'm not sure about next releases, as it's currently only talks with some bands. Nothing set yet. And I need to take care of the distro, because I have a LOT of stuffs in stock...

The next interviews should be: ORIGIN, IRON FIST Records, MORTAL DECAY, FASTKILL (Thrash from Japan!), PSORIASIS, CATALYST, UNHOLY TERROR Zine... but I can't guarantee all will answer!


20.     And that was my final question. So, tell me how did you feel on the other side - as someone who has to answer the questions, not prepare them? What do you prefer - to ask or be asked? Take care G. and all best in new year! Death the ancient way!!!!!!!!!

Thanx for the interview! It was interesting and unexpected!
It's also interesting to answer interviews, I can feel on the other side of the torture machine for one time.... Ah Ah! I think both interviewing and being interviewed are cool, answering interviews can bring newer ideas for a newer questioning assault!

I have a little question: why are there currently so few peoples writing when they see a flyer? Each two release I do a new flyer I spread for something like 3000-4000... There are fucking few feedbacks compared to few years ago... I hope there aren't so many peoples using flyers as posters!! Lol... One more time, the web fucked it up...

Otherwise, thanx for the support! Good luck with the zine, I hope you will keep on releasing several new issues! Paper zines aren't dead, far from this! There are still a lot of maniacs interested in PAPER who need more and more zines! I also try to regularly have fanzines in my distro and that works quite well: the more I order wholesale, the more I sell!
Keep it morbid and obscure.
And remember: schizos are never alone! Ah Ah!