Hello Gab how are you know. What are your doing right now while answering this interview?

Hello Joselito! Things are quite well right now. I just did a distro update, and I’m preparing to engulf in your flow of questions with a blasting background!

Nihilistic Holocaust is a webzine and distro label both dedicated for metal scene. How it was started to became both exist or who started first seen on the scene? Is it the webzine or the distro first?

In the end of 1997 I created my paper fanzine NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST, started to send many snail mail letters to many guys/ bands/ activists to gain more contacts and release a decent first issue. Few months later, I had enough stuffs to review and interviews, so the first issue was done. In a year I released 3 issues, and then stopped for a while… I was receiving too many promo stuffs, and became strongly bored with it héhé. NIHILISTIC was on sleep for about 2 years…
Then, I got an internet access, and started bulding websites for some local bands like DISGUST or GERBE OF LIFE… As it came little by little, I started doing NIHILISTIC as a webzine… later on released my first CDr compilations… And since then, since about 4 years, I’m doing the same stuffs: Many trades to spread my releases, taking care of the distro, and writing reviews and interviews for the website.

Is it Nihilistic Holocaust have been already did a print issue before or do you have any plan to make a print issue of NH fanzine in the future?

Yes, NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST Was a paper fanzine! I released 2 issues under this name, then 1 another fucked up issue under another name (Which translates under “Beholder of human stupidity”)… Then I did 2-3 other zines with same kind of content, but it wasn’t spread that much, between 50 and 100 copies…

I often think about releasing one more NIHILISTIC paper issue, but due to the work it takes to spread and promote my tape and CDr releases, and due to the fact it would radistically kill my bank account, I have to stop dreaming! Ah.

Do you think it’s easier to maintain a webzine than doing a regular fanzine? What do you think is the advantage and disadvantage on webzine comparing to fanzine and or vice versa?

It’s much more easier to maintain a website! You only have to write reviews, interviews, update your site, and do a little promotion! It doesn’t cost much and doesn’t take much time.
On the other hand, a paper fanzine is a REAL release! You have to work hard to find peoples interested in ordering an issue, to find distro who want to take it in their mailorders… And it’s expensive to press a good amount of copies… Fucking thanx to the postal services for the “Cool” prices! That’s the main problem!
And in the current situation, it’s not as easy to sell a fanzine, since many peoples have everythings for free on the web… But hopefully it remains possible.

Obviously metal is the main genre or priority on your webzine and distro. Right? Or have you been think already that you will also feature some other genre in your webzine or release in your distro someday like punk, hardcore, crust, noise, etc.

Old school death, brutal death and thrash metal are the main genres of my webzine. I happen to review some crustcore and other kinds of music (if it’s extreme), but I think a good zine (or at least the writers) has to be focused and have a decent knownledge of certain musical styles. I couldn’t really write something decent on kinds of music I don’t know well… Otherwize you really like it, what could you say? What could you compare the band to or write decent analysis? Not so easy..

What band do you think you wish to interview or feature on your zine that never been done since today and why you like to feature them? Give at least 5 if you have.

Ah Ah! I would like to interview some old school Death metal bands from the past, understand from the killer 88-91 epoch! Many bands kicked the ass and were so innocative… So, there are a couple of bands I would like to interview, but the problem is: many of them actually split up, I don’t think it’s as good when an interview is post-mortem… And many of these bands/ peoples have changed quite a lot, so that wouldn’t be the same thing. I need a time-machine! Please make donations right now! Héhé
Some names: MORGOTH, PESTILENCE, ENTOMBED (Nicke Andersson at the time of the first album, or demos days), CHUCK SHULDINER (Anytime would be great), GRAVE, MORBID ANGEL…

Also what band do you think you have been mistaken featured on your zine but you think it is not deserved to have an exposure?

There were some bands I heard on some compilations that sounded cool/ quite good, and since a friend of mine running a paper zine could contribute with some inties, I said: “Why not?”… But later on, I heard a full-lenght of these bands and were bored… So it wasn’t that much of a good idea to feature them… For exemple DROWNING from France: Their first album is fucking boring, and sloooow, expect for 1 song à la old MORBID ANGEL that was featured on some big French metal magazines… What the fuck?
Sometimes, you also interview some bands or labels, since they seem to have a cool attitude and nice musical choices… But few months later they change their name, style… Sometimes become bigheaded…And you wonder why you interviewed them…

How do you handle those bands who offered their band for an interview but you don’t much like them to do an interview on your zine or you are not prefer to do it for them? Did you ignore them or still grant their request.

I receive from time to time the email of a band that wants to be interviewed… That’s funny enough since I never heard about them, and they directly ask for an intie! Uh!! Sorry I’m not a promotional webzine with space to sell!!
It’s most of the time my personal choice (Or some cool contributions) that leads to an intie! Most of the time it comes naturally: You have the demos of a band, you like it, list more and more, and questions are popping up little by little…
So, the bands who try to hard to be interviewed and almost get on your nerves can fuck off! All what they will receive is spiked insults! Ah!

Mostly what type of band you feature on your zine, do you have any basis in choosing band for an interview?

I prefer to feature quite underground bands, it’s not cool to have the same reviews and interviews than every other webzine… What’s the use if every zine on the net interviews and reviews the same bands… While there are many other good ones?
Most of the time, it’s Death metal, brutal death or thash metal…

How open NH for other type music in terms of reviewing other band like crust, noise, hc, punk, rocknroll, etc. have you been reviewed already this kind of bands or do  you return it to them once you received this kind of genre for review.

I happen to review some Grindcore or Crustcore stuffs… but it’s quite rare for the punker side of the edge. I don’t receive many promos, I unsuscribed from most of the promotional lists! If a band sent me a demo, and failed as I don’t feature the style that much, I try to send them something I released in trade héhé.
If a promotional company sends me anything and everything that vaguely have something to do with metal, they can FUCK OFF! I won’t even send something back!! (You must keep in my it’s their JOB and they even didn’t pay attention to what kinds of music you review? What the fuck??! Fuck off the pressures of the prooofessional labels!)

Are you also attending local gig there and make a gig review. What can you say about this kind of task as editor of a zine?

Yes, I happen to visit local gigs and write reviews. There’s not much more to say about it… I just try to be focused on the music during gigs, to see every band’s performance and be careful about every musician… Then, when you go back home, just write a little article with enough serious…

Do you have any regular crew or supporters on your zine that help a lot to you like contributing interview, stuff for review, column, etc?

I used to have few regular contributors in the past, but they turned into really lazy motherfuckers! So, I actuall do most of the stuffs! And that’s not bad if you ask me: I don’t for anything from anyone, I am the only one to blame if that doesn’t work and so I have to move my ass! Anyway, I think it’s much more tiring to hope and wait for something from other peoples, while you send many emails to know what’s up blahblahblah… When you are on your own, you only have to do it!

About your label could you please tell us how it was started and what is the first released you have been done? What is the people feedback for the first released you have been done.

The first thing I released was the tape/CDr of GERBE OF LIFE (Grind/Crust from France/ R.I.P) It was mostly a promotiol item as it was mostly sent to zines,etc…
The first real release was a CDr compilation entitled “EL GRINDING MAFIOZOS” that featured about 24 blasting death/ Grindcore bands. The feedbacks were good conerning the music, as many bands were qutie asskicking héhé but the layout of this comp. Was too simple, and cheap looking, so some peoples told me se!

How many album have you been released and including some compilations and splits projects? What is a favorite or you like too much project you have ever done?

Including all compilations, splits etc… I have 14 releases.
I like all the stuffs I have releases, but my fave one on a musical point of view are the OBSCURE INFINITY Split (CARMINA and AMETHYSTE are killer bands), and on a visual point of view maybe the EMBALMED MADNESS split (It comes as pro covers, with a cool colour painting…)

Can you tell us how much cheap is producing a pro cover in your place coz sometimes when I’ve seen some of your releases copy no. it counts almost a thousand the limit no. Where did you press it outside France or there is some local printing press over there.

The price depends on what kind of cover you will press, and if you will do it in colors or black and white… It’s much more expensive when you do it in colors!
For exemple, 1000 copies of a black and white tape cover, only recto, would cost 154 euros all taxes included. There’s a serious pressing society for stuffs likethat in Belgium.
But most of my releases are only xeroxed… I can do some xeroxed pages for a quite small price, so on the long turn it’s cool…

Most of your releases have you done is tape format and CDr format. Why? Is it because too expensive to produce pro CD or maybe vinyls?

Yes, it’s too much expensive to releases pro CDs or vynils.
Because, first you have to press the CD or vynils professionally, so it’s already a big hole in your bank account! ARGH! But you also must keep in mind you will have to trade a good portion of these… So the postal costs will be expensive as well!
On the contrary, with tapes or CDr releases, you are able to send 1 master + 10 covers, so the postal costs are really less expensive… So I can trade with south america, Asia, Australia and the likes! Héhé! I couldn’t even think about it if I had a pro CD!

What is your view about copyright? Are you against on this law? What about copy no. what do you think the difference about copy no. comparing to copyright?

It depend for what kind of release… Concerning tapes and CDR, I’m not against copies, peoples can dub it to their friends! I’m cool with it, because it helps to spread a bit more the music of the bands, and the goal of my releases is to promote good bands! Ah! (I also share my release as Mp3s on my soulseek account, but I’m not often in there…).
The “Copy n°” written on my releases isn’t a real copyright, in my opinion it’s only a little plus for the owner of the tape… It follows a long tradition for the DIY past, and so I’m able to really count how many items I have sent…

I see that you are putting copy no. on your releases. Is it ok if somebody outside France got one copy of your releases and makes a duplicate copy of it for their distro? What can you say about this? Or you maybe saying to them that contact you and you will give them some copy with a series of copy no. with charge or free?

It depends if the release was done professionally or with a xerox machine… Of course, I’d prefer the guy to contact me, so that I know the covers would look right, and I am quite easy going with trades… When I don’t have the time for trades, I also happen to send master + 10 covers for free to some distros! So, my releases are circulating even if I’m too busy with my sexual adventures! Ah Ah!
Well, it’s always possible to set something, so mail me fuckers! And in case of trades with very far countries, I can send back stamps! So think kabout trades! ;-)

The first time we became a pen pal is I offered you for a trade and if I’m not mistaken you said before that you don’t trust people over here in terms of trading unless I have to send my stuff first. Why you are so wise like that in dealing with other people. Are you always do that or because have you been already experience being ripped off by other people here in the Philippines?

I’m not sure if I ever got ripped off by peoples from philippines, but I surely was by some guys from South America… At least I heard many times about the Davao City affairs, and so you could only be more strict if some peoples from Philippines ask for a trade… Anyway, most of the rif offs do not answer anymore when you tell them “Ok, but you send first!” so the doubtful cases are cleared fastly.
Now, I know every peoples from Philippines aren’t rip offs, so some things are possible ;-)

What can you say about those people who been ripped off and for those people who are dong rip off to other people. Do you have any words of wisdom for those label who are victim so next time they must be more careful dealing with other people.

Well, you always have to be careful with strange emails… And some coutries are quite “famous” for the strong Rip off activity… So, sending first a package in Davao City isn’t veyr clever, right? Ah ah! I’m sure some labels are still trading with guys from Davao, and get ripped off, even if many advertisements have been sent through all the world… We couldn’t do much more… There are so many peoples that could be ripped off one day…
Nothing to say about the rip offs… If they try to rip me off… That doesn’t sound so cool… But at least, if they spread my releases in there (and since my releases aren’t so expensive) I think the initial goal is reached! Héhé! They have spread my music! Héhé! So they didn’t really rip me off! YOU ARE FUKEKD FUKKERS! héhéhé
But anyway, when I find a rip off, he can be sure he will receive a good amount of spiteful emails and insults!

Do you believed that 80% of people in south east Asia are all rip off and what do you think is the reason why people doing this kind of poor sick and unreasonable attitude in their lives.

I don’t think so much peoples in these countries are rip off… I traded with many tape labels/ bands from South east asia, and it often occured well!
I think many peoples in there are poor, so they sometimes choose to steal the music… But since the countries are poorer than in Europe, and maybe not as well “organized”, the postal services might be really fucked up!
Well, in France it’s not really better, because some peoples work in the postal services for 6 months only! So they can steal whatever they want, there are not much risks for their carreers!
I think many bands from South east asia or South america are much more into the old school and die hard state of mind and music, because their lives are harder!
Sometimes it’s a real pain for them only to be able to rehearse or play an instrument… So some of these bands have a very big trust and put very much importance in their music… And some really want to spread their names in the whole world! In this case ripping off peoples is useless…

But you have also some contact over here not only in the Philippines but also other places in South East Asia that have a good relation with since before. What can you say about them and you can name some few?

Ah! I already answered most of it in the previous question!
So, I’m going to give you some names of labels or bands I’m in touch with, or occured to deal with… And that worked fine of corpse! (I won’t promote the fukkers!)
There’s KURAVILU Recs, RAW BLAKKULT, INFERNAL OVERKILL from South America, WITCHHAMMER Recs, METALLATRIA from Asia… And many other tape labels.. Sorry my mind is all liquid right now… lol
I like bands like IRON FIST, MANTAK, SARAM, ANAL VOMIT, MASSIVE POWER etc etc Total sexxxekuting Nunfukk warfare! héhé

Besides of those rip off people over here (hehehe…) what do you know about the Philippines?

To be honest I don’t know much about Philippines…I know a bit KRATORNAS, KORIHOR, COMATOSE, NO BULLSHIT Webzine, IN DARK PURITY Zine… I think there is also TREPALLIUM zine, but I’m not sure of his country…
Please notice I didn’t use the might to quote many bands from Philippines and play the game of the thought guy… Hu? Héhé

Are you also the web master of your label and webzine website. How deep is your knowledge in doing html?

You can’t use the word “Deep” at all! Ah ah
I have almost no HTML knownledge… It’s only little stuffs I learnt little by littlen trying to build websites… Finally it works quite well… Please don’t ask me questions concerning programm and the heart of softwares, I suck! héhé

I see also that you are maintaining the Torment, Hutt, Deep Vein and Abysmal Suffering band website. How it was started to have this job for other band and what is your payment for this kind of job. Is there any other band also you think I didn’t mention that you also maintaining or work for them as a web master.

This isn’t a work, I just did that for free as I had free time…Most of the time, it was the bands of friends (I played in TORMENT, ABYSSAL SUFFERING is friend since a few years…) or bands I like… Nothing much more, and it takes less and less time… My websites doesn’t look good compared to all the modern flying flash rotative bullshits, and I don’t think I could ask someone money for a quite shit looking website, héhé… Well, everyone with a little experience in website building could do that…

Besides of all those things make you busy all the time do you have still time for other things like sex, sports, courting chicks, drinking with friends, cleaning the house, paying bills, etc. Or do you have already your own family?

ONLY DEATH IS REAL! No sport, No courting chicks, few drinking, no house cleaning! (The mess is better! Haha)… I currently don’t have a job, but searching for one…Until 2 years ago, I was still a lazy sudent, so I had time to take care of all these stuffs… Right now, I’m between short duration jobs, so it’s still possible… The future will tell me how things evolve… I don’t have a family right now, as I said before: ONLY DEATH IS REAL! Ah Ah!

By the way, why did you named your webzine and label to Nihilistic Holocaust? Do you have any special reason to choose this kind of name?

Do you mean it sounds like NS BLACK METAL?? Ah Ah
When I chose the name, in 1997, NS Black metal didn’t exist in the fashion promotional webzine, and I didn’t have a will to make it sound “nazi”…It comes from the killer old Death metal band NIHILIST, and the guy from BEHERIT (“Holocausto”) I could find something more cult sounding, that could fit the tradition of sarcastic names à la BESTIAL WARLUST or SADISTIK EXEKUTION.

Well, I guess that’s for all now my friend. Tell us something you like to promote or people you would like to thank.

Thanx for this interview Joselito! The questions were cool, quite well thought, and varied! So, It wasn’t boring at all! Hope the readers will have as much pleasures impaling 666 nuns on an evil musical background as I had doing this! Haha! REVERSE THE SPIKED UNDERWEARS! BLEED FOR HIM! Hahaha

The very fresh news: I will release very soon a split CDr with 3 death metal bands: HELLSPAWN (Poland), HATEFUL (Italy) and IMPUREZA (France). Obscure and crushing Death metal between old MORBID ANGEL, IMMOLATION and NILE!
I’m only waiting for the pro covers…

Peoples can check out my webzine in there:
Write for trades:
Or send an old styled letter (with many flyers!!).