(Saudi Arabia)


1.) Hails Brother! How's life been treating you lately?

Hello Corix Von Baluca! Life has been cool for the last two weeks, I finished a 1 year mission in a big hospital, the goal was to install big printers everywhere and it turned out to be too exhausting… Since it’s over, I had real time to take care of the webzine, distro and things around… Sold quite a cool amount of distro stuffs, did a well rounded amound of trades… And a cool underground guy just bought a new house near of my home, so it’s cool!


2.) First off, please introduce yourself to my readers worldwide.

My name is G. S., I’m 27 years old, and my goal is to morbidly fuck your ugly girlfriend;  Each and any of the putrid reader’s wife will be mine! Ah Ah!
I currently live in the very north of France (Just under Belgium) in an area that’s not so band on an underground point of view. Read the interview, and you’ll know more…


3.) Please tell us some short history of nihilistic holocaust, how did it started, etc.

The idea of NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST came into my mind in the last months of 1997, while I was at school, I wanted to create a fanzine of my own to support real underground extreme music and especially old styled Death metal and brutal death! Because at this epoch, the metal of death wasn’t in a very good health, our scene (And especially France) was polluted by melodic gayphiliac black metal and other kinds of “let’s dance with the cows” original metal without balls… So I began writing letters everywhere, tape-trading as a fucking maniac to gan as much contacts and material as possible to build the first issue! Few months later, the first paper release was out. It was quite good for a first issue, quite a lot of content, quite a lot of interviews etc… Then I did 2 other issues… And got fed up with the whole affaire for sometime (Too much stuffs to review, too much music) so I calmed down music for something like 1,5 years, only did paintings/ drawings… And later I came back little by little in the underground, as I first started building websites for cool bands, and then starting the webzine, and then doing compilations, to finally do my first NIHILISTIC releases… And then I’m here, still doing my releases, webzine and distro since about 5-6 years, without interruption.


4.) How did you discover metal? What are you into during your teenage days? Do you listen to hardcore punk, crust, and grind?

Metal came little by little. It’s not a very clear remembrance, but first of all the first contacts with Hard rock where with the Lps collection of my father who listened to quite a lot of rock and hard rock music when he was young, so I was fastly introduced to cool bands such as ALICE COOPER, CACTUS, LED ZEPPELIN… Then I began reading the Metal magazines, so I discovered SEPULTURA, SLAYER; I had a friend whith whom I tried to play music, we were both into regular metal, and we discoverd Death metal very fast with DEATH (Individual thought patterns), MORBID ANGEL (Covenant) and few others… It was 1994, not the best years for Death metal, but at least it wasn”t so hard to get your hands on music… Then I found some demo reviews in bigger metal magazines, wrote some bands, ordered some demos, received more flyers each time, and always got more contacts… Since then I’m still trapped in the underground 
At the beginnings I wasn’t into hardcore and punk, these kinds of music were empty of emotions for me, I didn’t feel atmospheres… I didn’t know crust existed, and I liked only a little bit of Grindcore (Old Napalm death and few Repulsion, the only bands I knew)… Then I liked a bit more of grind, but I really got into grind around 1997-98 when I got to play in GERBE OF LIFE, these guys were heavily into grindcore and influenced me a lot to understand the extremity, states of mind, way of playing the riffs etc…


5.) Who was the first band you released? And how about the common problems you encounter  while you were just starting that time? And what are your goals in releasing shits from bands?

It depends on what you consider as a real release. First of all, it might be the CDr/ tape of GERBE OF LIFE. It was the grind/ death/ crust band of some friends, I used to play with them few years before, and even thought their music was good they had problems to promote their name… They didn’t speak english and had few contacts… So I did their website, and did a “promotional” copy of their demo, which I sent to about 200 zines/ webzines worldwide to get reviews…
Then I did 2-3 compilation CDrs, some peoples would consider it as a real releases, some wouldn’t… I don’t really know…
The first real release that had a real idea of underground support and massive trading will behind was most probably my CDr split with CARMINA, AMETHYSTE, ATROPHY and DARKLORD. Then I began heavily trading, sending promos etc etc… About 3000 copies in 2 years is a good amount right? Ah Ah!
The problems when you begin are always the same: You don’t really know what bands expect, what you should do… And since it’s your first releases, how can the guys be sure you’re serious and wouldn’t bullshit a big crap in their back? Anyway, it wasn’t so problematic for me, since I had a quite active webzine and already had few CDr compilations, the bands could see I’d do a minimum of job, and I knew some guys of AMETHYSTE for playing with them in TORMENT few years before… So, as long as I would have keep it underground and would have contacted bands with a right underground mentality, it seemed like it would have been okey…


6.) Your website is blocked here in KSA so I can’t find some infos about yourself, but I believe you are Writing fanzine, right? Is nihilistic holocaust a fanzine? Are you also into band?

Ah Ah! My webzine might be blocked by the word “Holocaust” or maybe because I used to spam like a madman in my first years of Internet (In 2000-2001 things were much more free and you could almost do anything on the web, withotu any problem… Unfortunately I was blacklisted by many webhosts and my Url is recognized a “Evil spammer from hell”).
As I said, there used to be a fanzine version of NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST, but right now it’s almost a dead and buried idea… Few years ago I used to print newsletters and short running fanzines, but I really have enough packages to do and stamps to pay to the postal services, so I keep it as a webzine.
I don’t actually play in a band, but I have a personall projects entitled GLAUKOM SYNOD. I didn’t few demos, a pro CD was even released on an English label… The style evolves between old school industrial, Harsh noise, Extreme metal… It’s also computer-done music, I try to make it sound as sick and disjoncted as possible. It seems you don’t like it Corix, Ah Ah!


7.) What can you say about the zine scene in your country? How would you rate it from 1 to 10? Do you think  D.I.Y. is still alive there? Are the kids aware about fanzines there? Are they supportive? Or do they  prefer Metal Maniacs mag or glossy shit mag?

The zine scene is in a better health than you could expect… We currently have a quite good amount of paper zines, even if they do not release a lot of copies per issue… I especially like the fanzine of my friend from DEEP VEIN, it’s called PUTREFACTIVE EFFECT and deals with underground death metal/ brutal death. Real underground support with a cool attitude. It’s the kind of fanzines I like.
Then we have FOEDUS AETERNUS that evolves between Death metal and black metal, a cool zine with a good sense of humor and a real personality on various levels.
We also have other zines, such as the very long running UNDERGROUND INVESTIGATION who deals with any kind of metal, CADAVEROUS SMELL (Black and death) but the guy is too lazy/ drinking beer… Then there’s a lot of black metal zines, but I’m not a fan of the style, so…
Yes, DIY is still pretty much alive in France, but few peoples know about and understand it… So it’s not so easy to release a CDr or paper zine… Most of the time, peoples don’t prefer glossy magazines but the Internet stuffs, so they get everything immediately, for free, and they can’t even read it all…


8.) I know Underground metal scene there in France is huge, but in your own observation, what can you  Say about the UG metal scene there? How serious are the new comers in the UG scene?

Since few years the French scene has improved a lot, it’s more professional, many bands stopped to play amateurish and qutie boring music (In the 80’s and 90’s we didn’t have a good reputation worldwide lol). I’m not very aware about what happes in the black metal or other kinds of metal scene… But only for the Death metal and brutal death sides, there are cool bands such as: Critic (ex Byatis), Bloody sign, Misgivings, Psoriasis, Yrkhoon, Disgust, Impureza, Carmina, Amethyste, Atrophy, Ossuaire, Necropsy, Offending, Gorod, Unfragment, Necroblaspheme, Emptydemic degree, Psygoria, Kabbal, Dawn blood, Mortuary, Anksunamon, Bloodshed... And I even didn’t quote them all… Quite a lot of bands have a good level and could release a decent album; unfortunately few have real personality and a real genius that could kick the ass of any deathmetaller worldwide and brand his skull for ever… But the improvements are encouraging!


9.) You have been active quite long in the UG scene already, the UG networking before is through snail mail like sending flyers and trading tapes through mail, but it takes so much time like 2-3 weeks or something, and sometimes get lost in the P.O.  and cost it too much. Now, my question is; what can you Say about the UG networking of today through the internet like the E-mail, MP3 sharing, etc. that cost nothing and much faster that Fed-Ex, JRS Express or any express mail? Do you consider the networking of today is true underground? Since some people claim that the old school way is the real underground shit.

The problem is simple: So many peoples are on the web, that the possibility of your old styled letter to be answered are much lower… Really, many guys don’t give a fuck about answering your letters anymore (I tried to write so many peoples, even the so-called “Truely old school as fuck” ones, but few cared to answer… Maybe my flyers weren’t modern looking enough? Ah Ah!)… So you’re more or less forced to use the Internet, even if you don’t like it for some drunk reason…
The tool in itself doesn’t bother me, since everything is much faster and you have an easy access to so many things… But on the other hand a big part of the once mysterious underground spirit has gone, and so many peoples became lazy when they got the Internet it’s disappointing…. Come on, they have the possibility of doing so much things, and they turn so lazy… ??
To sum it up, Internet isn’t real underground, but we’re all almost forced to use it… So deal with it…


10.) You have a MYSPACE.COM right? And I saw lots of bands, zines, labels, distros and individual that I know has a  myspace account, someone told me that the people who has myspace acct. are trendy! Do you agree with that? =)

It’s always the same problem, it depends on the way you use this tool… It can be quite good to discover new bands (Many don’t have a website anymore), to exchange emails, do more trades etc… Then, it’s quite funny to see some metallers are there for the only purpose of whatching cheeks and have mostly naked cheeks in their friendlist! I was quite amused by the fact many of these so Ooooold school bands who used to strongly denied the Internet 4-4 years ago and questioned your trueness, all suddenly popped up on myspace and all got friendleecked from everywhere… It’s not a real problem for me, but someone who claims to be really old school might not really need Myspace ;-)


11.) How about the "Copyright" and "Anti-Copyright" issue, were do you stand and what's your views about that? It's an old issue, but I just wanna know since you are a label and a distro.

I do not copyright my releases, it’s quite pointless since I’d like peoples to copy at will and let all their friends to check it out… You know, it doesn’t bother me at all to see my CDr releases on some P2P softwares, more peoples could hear it and that’s fine… Then there’s another problem for the labels who release pro CDs: Pro CDs are more expensive to release, and so if they don’t sell enough they might loose too much money and couldn’t keep on releasing CDs…
Concerning the distro side of things, you can be sure I don’t bootleg things. It’s not very honest with the bands you’re suppoed to help, and anyway bootlegging the demos of totally fucking unknown bands would be quite gay: You wouldn’t sell so much more copies at all…
But if some distro want to bootleg my tapes or CDr releases, just contact me! I’m in need of distributors, and could send 1 master + few covers for free… It could only be better to get the originals for free than to pay to make your own bootlegs, right? Ah Ah


12.) Have you encountered being ripped in trading? Who are those fucking bastards and from where They are? You can list in all here in this page.

When you do a lot of trades with foreign countries, you get Ripped off in the ass from time to time… Hopefully, I trade a lot of CDr and tape stuffs, so the anal pain isn’t so rude…
Find enclosed a few names for your personal pleasure:

-IMPETIGO Productions from Chile: Agrees to trade a bunch of CDs. Then he never sent his package, do nto answer my emails anymore, but keeps on sending his promotional messages! Lapidae him!

-A French band called BESTIAL PERVERSION. They promise to trade their demos, and one year later I didn’t receive anything… They do not answer messages and prefer to have fun on myspace (Quite a lot of “friends” are in their list)… If they keep on behaving this way, you’ll probably never hear about them…

-Some peoples from Philippines, Davao City who keep on sending me their CDs lists… They ask if I have pro CDs, and they do not answer anymore when I say I have a big cock for their juicy asshole of Rip offs! Ah Ah… Well, I almost never traded with the Davao Cartel… On the other hand, I’m in touch with some cool peoples from Philippines who are serious and honest with trades…

Otherwize, I do not follow each and every trade so strictly, so I might have been ripped off without knowing about it… But beware, coz my memory isn’t so bad and I happen to spend hours tracking the poofters who never sent their packages! Anyway, if they do not send their part, there will be no more cooperation in the future… Some peoples seem to think it’s not hard enough to promote CDr or tape releases… LOL


13.) Besides France, from what part in the world you wanna witness a UG metal scene?

Since I try to make new contacts and find labels, distros or bands in each and every countries (Thanx to Metal-archives) I realized there’s an underground scene in almost every country, as long as the peoples aren’t oo fucking poor or the education isn’t too strict (Is KAS cool, Corix? Lol) there’s always a little something happening… So what could I answeer, Corix Von Bacula? I found cool activists in South America, South east Asia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Australia… I kinda prefer the South American scene because they have a real underground state of mind and play Death metal the old way.


14.) Your current top 5 metal bands?

I’ll answer with my all times Death metal top five, the current top five doesn’t stop changing and will be over in few months…
MORBID ANGEL: “Altars of madness” and “Covenant”
PESTILENCE: Two first albums
DEATH: Many of the albums before “Sounds of perseverance”
ENTOMBED: “Left hand path”
CARCASS: Some albums depending on the mood


15.) That's it bro, thanx for answering this shit! Feel free to promote Nihilistic Holocaust here and your message to the UG people out there.

Thanx for the interview! Your shit doesn’t smell so bad, so it wasn’t a problem ;-)  Maybe it’s because you don’t wear a mustache and made many friends in KSA? Ah Ah
I’m currently heavily into trades! So if you play in a Death metal, Brutal death, Grindcore or Thrash metal band and would like some underground support in France or near Europe contact me! I move my ass to spread the underground gangrene! I have various CDr, tapes and pro CDs to trade, so get in touch now!;; http://site.voilà.fr/NIHILISTIC

Otherwize, needless to be too mentally raped by the mass-medias of the Internet, the goal is to remain yourself in putridity, to keep on evolving and progressing without raping the initial core of the underground. DEATH METAL ETERNAL!!!