Intro : Here is Never Ending Hate's interview with this very nice and supportive guy G. S. from NHILISTIC HOLOCAUST webzine and webmaster of many cool extreme metal sites. I really like the way he support the extreme metal scene. After read the interview below, especially bands & labels, I suggest you contact him right away !


Please introduce yourself, your crew / staff and biography about the zine.

Hailz indonesian bastard! My name is G. S., I'm into the extreme metal scene since about 8 years. NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST's crew has always been composed of myself mostly, but since a few months I've got the help of Gautier Roscoet (DEAD CIRCKUS Records/ vocalist in GLAUCOMA) and Seb (drummer in GERBE OF LIFE) for some reviews. Plus Lord Puke from THE WAY OF FORCE obscure distro did an intie for me and Syukhri Ishak offered a good amount of reviews of Asiatic bands taking form of an Asian Extreme Metal scene report. Jean Pazola from the IN EXTREMIS radioshow passed me a cool amount of nice inties also! I may also collaborate with some friends (the guy who did the INITIUM paper zine, or the current DISGUST's bassist) for some more reviews!   

Who got the idea using the name NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST and why did you choose to use the name ?

When I created the fanzine, I wanted something really obscure and Underground as my goal was to support Real Death metal at this time (Death metal was in a bad health around 1998 as the "Extreme" releases were mostly composed of boring melodic Death metal or cheezy athmospheric Black metal la CRADLE OF FILTH).
I was a lot into reading very old paper fanzines that procured me feelings and knowledges of a Underground time I hadn't got the opportunity to know (got it from old tape trading friends) and some bands like NIHILIST, MORGOTH, MERCILESS, BEHERIT's demos days seemed weird and Raw/ Underground and obscure as Fuck. I had the feeling they were playing something special that wasn't present (for most of the bands) in the scene around 1998... Searching for something totally Underground and primal, I thought about something with the name of the band NIHILIST ( later called ENTOMBED when UNLEASHED vocalist was kicked out, but their style and music was all the same than on ENTOMBED's "Left hand path" masterpiece)... and HOLOCAUSTO is the name of BEHERIT's vocalist, as you might know... So came to my mind the name NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST, emerging from two of the most obscure and underground monickers (for me at least!) at this time.

Do you got a printed zine ? Many cool zine are releasing some compilation Cds / cassettes. What about NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST ?

At the beginning my zine was only a printed fanzine, I didn't know anything about the Internet scene. I released 3 paper issues... then stoped it for a year and a half as painting grew more and more on me, it was more a depressive passage in my life and Rebellion and aggression weren't the main feelings. Then I started again the zine as a webzine as it's a lot easier than paper zines, you only have to update and send emails to everybody ("Hailz! The site is updated, check it Brutal bitch fuckers!) and everythings works... But I started again doing a more simple paper fanzine with the content of the NIHILISTIC webzine as the Internet readers read only what they want or interest them (The web is a big fast food!) while when you get a paper fanzine you mostly read everythings as you can take it to the W.C, in the train... and most of the times you've paid to get the zine. So it give more support to the interviewed bands to run a paper version of the webzine!
I'm running a CDr compilation now: EL GRINDING MAFIOZOS, but it's sold separately from the zine!

What is your main purpose which made you wanna start the webzine ? Is there any special message or reason ?

The main reason was boredom! lol... I had nothing more to do on the bands' websites as when you're satisfied when the website and as bands haven't got news everyweeks. And as I got a cool amount of stuffs and contacts with good bands from here and there, I started doing more reviews and new inties while adding on the site almost all the reviews and interviews I did since 1995. I think it's a nice result. As you can see, there's no real deep reason. I did it to support metal and to give my view of extreme music.

You also well known as a webmaster in many extreme metal websites such Gerbe Of Life, Death Metal Godz, and tons more. How did you make that ? Did you offer yourself to make a website for them ? or they asked you to ? Do you do that for free or you got "rates" ? Did you ever take some web design course / school ?

It was an opportunity for me to do these websites for all these good bands. I mean I wanted to do websites, but to do shitsites with your profile and a photo of your dog merely sucks to me! So I started working on all these sites for Free. It was not done all at the same time as you may imagine, the things came little by little... I didn't make the bands pay as I'm not a professional, I did websites for bands I really enjoy and activists I support and can stand behind for months! I try not to promise anything but to act so that there's no confusion and no deception, and I'm quite free with sites layouts and stuffs as I know these bands (GERBE OF LIFE, ENCABULOS, DISGUST, TORMENT...) quite well so I've got a coherent vision of the band's state of mind and stuffs... I couldn't asked them money for doing the websites because as you may know, most of the underground bands hardly find enough money to get instruments, to pay for the studio, to get a decent rehearsal place, to send promos... I get free CDs and stuffs and I can do what please me so that's cool! And all the more when it's done for free, one can not urge you to update this shit or to change it whenever he wants to!
I'm a student into Computers and how to do softwares, but it's not about doing websites... It's mostly self learnt stuffs... You watch the websites done by others and you try to do the same, plus you add your own ideas... and peoples advices are always good to be checked out! I learnt a lot searching in HTML and Javascript specialized forums, it's the best way to find what's in your head and could ask hours and hours of mental storms!

How you made decision on which band that you're going to interview ? Are there any special classifications ?

More than most of the bands I interview are bands I enjoy. I did a few objective interviews to support some Ok bands, but the problem with this kind of inties is you don't really know what to ask them... The easier solution is to interview the bands you really enjoy or that caught you attention, even if it can seem not very "Cool!". But I always interview Underground bands, would be useless to try to do an IMMORTAL intie (if you can contact them!) while 100 webzines have got the intie of the same band on their site! There are always enjoyable and unknown bands that deserve more support in comparision to some big bands that get too much in my opinion (even if there music is good!).

Please tell us how do you reviewed records material , do you find some difficulties in reviewing some records? If your friend is in a band and he send you his promo and you don't like the promo's metal music, what do you going to write about the album ? Have this ever happened ? How'd you deal with such case ?

I'm more and more objective and descriptive in my reviews. 80% of my reviews are composed of comparisons with other bands, a few ideas of what the stuff inspires me... the remaining 20% are composed of my opinion or/ and which kind of metallers can enjoy the stuff reviewed. Some records are a bit problematic to review, a few  stuffs I receive sucks so much (truth hurts!) that I have got to say it's cruelly shitting or has got nothing to do an a CD. (Most of the time, it's Noise/ Goreshit or funnygrind bands...). If a friend sends me something I really don't like? I'll be descriptive, notice some influences and say it's really not for me! To crush bands in reviews isn't usefull as we all haven't got the same tastes... On the other hand, if a friend of yours can't deal with your sincere opinion, this is not a real friend but just a "little" friend, if you see what I mean! These things ever happened, but it wasn't with friends but guys I knew... some years ago I told the guys of a Black metal band from my Area were Posers and should start playing another style of music (they are playing Black metal since some years, and have released some CDs)... they found me during an IMMORTAL/ ANGEL CORPSE gig and wanted to break my nose... but everythings occured Ok.

How you support the extreme metal underground bands / labels / scene? Do you find many difficulties in supporting the extreme metal scene?

I support the scene by doing websites for free, spreading thousands of flyers, doing a zine, a comp CDr and soon a little distro. What more could I do?? The difficulties were present at the beginning when I had not a lot of contacts, but now it's more efficient and fast! The only problems are time and money, as the ideas will always come like an everflowing stream (or like a neverending hate! lol ).

What do you do on your leisure time ?

Leisure time = websites, masturbation, Metal, Emails/ Classical mails, Watching TV, paintings...

Please tell us your top 5 old school death metal bands. What have been you listening to lately ? Tell us the last 5 Cds you bought..

Yeah! MORGOTH, PESTILENCE, ENTOMBED (1st one only, for the old school!), GRAVE (2 first CDs) and DEATH's two first LPs!!
Lately, I have been listening to ENTOMBED's "Wolverine Blues" CD and "Hollowman" MCD as it's what's in my background Internet surfings most of the time + lots of bands I checked out on the web. Just got a cool promo of EMBALMING THEATRE (Cool Grind la GENERAL SURGERY/ old CARCASS from Switzerland), the forthcoming (yet unreleased) ENCABULOS/ RANDOM VIOLENCE is good! + these bands: ANANDA, BYATIS; BLOCKHEADS, BLOODY SIGN...

I didn't bought a lot of releases this year as I received a good amount of promos with the webzines, and get some cool stuffs for trades with GERBE OF LIFE's promo/ EL GRINDING MAFIOZOS comp CDr.

I bought the following CDs: YYRKOON (Good old school Heavy metal from France with Death and Black touches), SCARVE (Great original Brutal death from France, I don't like too much their label...), OUTCAST (average Trip hop, but it was sold for 2 $US only...), plus two CDs I haven't had the time to listen to: KING's X ="Dogman" and EMBBEDED = CD'2001.

In your opinion, what does a cool webzine gotta have inside their site?

A webzine can be cool on several points of view, it can be a thousands of informative reviews, a well done and attractive layout, crude and sincere reviews... It depends on the high lines the zine has fixed itself, but a bit of personality and ideas are always welcome!


What do you think about the Nu Metal genre these days ? Do you into that type of music ?

I'm not against Nu Metal as there are some interesting bands. It's true it's very well known and exposed nowadays, but the same exactly happened some years ago with Heavy metal, Death metal, Black metal... I'm not really into Nu metal.

Tell us more about the France's extreme metal scene.

More and more growing and interesting! Some years ago the french scene was quite boring with a lot of very average bands offering nothing more than unprofessional and badly played/ produced everheard before midplaced Death metal.
I like the following current french bands: BYATIS, DISGUST, GERBE OF LIFE (of course!!), ANANDA, NOSTROMO, SOLEKHAN, FATE... and some cool bands like BLOCKHEADS, INHUMATE, KABBAL. There are a lots of more, so it's you to search in underground zines and obscure distros to find it!

Do you know something about the Indonesian extreme metal scene ?

Yes! I know N.H.P.S.D.P (Neverending Hate's promotional services and distribution's possibilities... Ah! ah!). seriously speaking I traded links with a cool amount of webzines and bands. Asked for promos from bands but never received anything...

What are your near future plans for the webzine ?

NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST is now also a label, I've just released a comp CDr called EL GRINDING MAFIOZOS with mostly only bands I like! (And it's not very easy to fullfill a 70 minutes CDs with bands that make you thrill!). So I'm doing the promo of this Do It Yourself item (not very easy as CDr aren't easy to sell).
I'm thinking about releasing and Ep, but it costs a lot and nothing is concrete so I'll tell you nothing more!
About the webzine, a good amount of new reviews is done, waiting for some new interviews to do a good update and to send thousands more Spams!!

Anything else you wanna say ? comments ? last words ?

Thanks you for this more than cool interview (the 4th one since the beginning of the zine!) It gives another vision of the thing!
Brutallers, if you want to discover Thrilling Brutal bands, check out my comp CDr EL GRINDING MAFIOZOS, I'm Ok for trades so don't hesitate to fullfill my mailbox: with your sexual menaces!
Check the website if you can: