TRENCHROT (Usa) Dragged down to hell Demo tape out now!

Death metal the old school way.

The first demo of TRENCHROT is now available on tape.
Expect old school Death metal mostly influenced by the old European genre(s).

Listening you could occur to think about: Fast old PESTILENCE (The demos or "Consuming impulse"),
heavy and doomier old ASPHYX, tremolo ridden early DISMEMBER, D-beat crusty CARNAGE, touches of BOLT THROWER,
with scorched vocals closer to Van Drunen and a cool powerful (But no buzzsaw) production.
There are good old school vibes, hot energies, and something natural we could simply call "Old school".


This takes the form of a black tape, with sticker, and a pro color cover.
Available against 2 Euros + postage from this webshop: