RAMMER: "Incinerator" Out now!

Fucking shit! Good old school metal strikes one more time!
Coming straight from the most Beer injected fields of CANADA, the second Demo of RAMMER is now
re-released on a tape format with few live bonus tracks.

RAMMER plays a catchy nice burning hot mix between some old NWOBHM vibes and thrashing metal the old way!
The whole assorted with screamed vocals to make it sound more 'modern'.

The tracks are well composed with a good burning red feeling tasting like real metal from the Past! But without sounding old or asleep!
Some of these riffs are catchy as a well rounded pack of beer and will haunt your deceased brain until the next Beer fiesta!

Have a look what these famous pornstars have to say about it:
-Jenna Jameson: "I play RAMMER before each new session, it warms me up and I feel crazy like good old Mötley Crue..."

-Nathaniel/ MUTILATING PROCESS Zine: "Cool as fuck! RAMMER really seems to be a sincere band!"

-Briana Banks: "I asked for RAMMER as a musical background for my next film, but the producer refused coz it was too dawn HOT!
He said to be afraid of convulsive over-urges..."

- Nikki Nova: "I stopped listening to TOKYO BLADE when I discovered "Incinerator"! Since then I can't stop playing
this good old tape that rematerialized my youth of alcoholic junkie...'

Don't be the last one to order this tape, it's strictly limited to 1000 hand numbered copies!
Prices: 3 euros (postpaid): France
4 Euros (postpaid): World.
For this price you'll have few covers for free, so that you can bother your 'newschool metal' friends
with heavy tapes and good old metal!