NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST/ Available releases:

-INFECTED PRIEST (Fin)/ HUMAN TARGET (Fin) Split tape. Evil death metal grind/
Old school death with a bizarre touch.

-OLDSKULL (Fra) The defeat of humanity Tape. Old school death in the spirit of the early 90's,
with ancient atmospheres, heaviness, and accelerations.

-OSSUAIRE (Fra) Mortes fables Tape. Darkened death metal with doomy influences..

-SILURE (Fra)/ FERETRO (Chile) Split tape. Obscure death / Old school death.


VISCERAL CIRCUITRY/ Available releases:

-KOURISTUS (Fin) Demo 2022, Demo 2019 & Teurastamo Pro CDr. Grindcore

-VAYRON (Fra) Demo 2022 Tape. Old school death metal with remains of old brutal death
(Ex members of Silure)

-EXTINCTION AGENDA (Usa) Inter Arma silent Leges Tape. Ripping old school thrash
with influences of old death metal and blackened riffs.

-TRAUMASPHERE (FRA) Voidcall Demo Pro CDr. Dark and twisted death metal
with old school roots. Rerelease of old demo.

-SZYNHOD GLAUKHOM (Fra) "I" Pro CDr. Dark ambiant/ old school industrial/ noise chaos
and introspective subterranean contemplation. Recorded during the first confinement,
in an end of the world state of mind.



NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST Compilation tape. Label sampler resuming the last 10 years of releases.
Death metal, old school death, death doom, and a bit of black metal.

PENTHOS (Uk) Lifeless haze Demo tape. Old school death metal/ thrash with a technical twist.

GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra) ECTOPLASMIC REVELATIONS Demo tape. Industrial/ Brutal death/ Breakcore.

GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra) Vampires and gorgeous throats Tape. Old school industrial/ Breakcore/ Extreme metal


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List updated march 2024