NO ONE WANTS YOUR DEMOS? Spread it for free...

If you have a dead stock of CDr demos or something else, if no one wants it,
if you don't know what to do with it...
I can help you to spread it to more listeners!

I will open a new distro section with items given for FREE.
I will send these demos in orders, so it will cost me nothing.

It can be a very simple release, a CDr with a simple piece of paper (Logo, tracklist),
it's not a problem, we're in the deep underground and it will be given for free anyway.

I already give bonus demos in most of orders,
but it would also appear on my webshop with the price "0 euros".
I can easily spread death metal, brutal death, grindcore, doom...

No need to pay expensive shipping, if you send something
do it without cases. (I'm located in France)

Mail me if interested: